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Brand: Outremer 55

catamaran mer

And like all Outremer’s, the 55 is built like a rock, with solid fiberglass hulls. The Outremer 55 was honored in 2000 as the Cruising World “Best Cruising Multihull.” This boat is a real performance voyager, a true sailing machine for a serious cruiser to knock off plenty of 200 plus mile days. If you are about performance and comfort underway, the Outremer 55, represents very good value for a yacht of her size.

These Gerard Danson-designed Outremers built in the early 2000’s are respected and sought after world voyaging catamarans. Their formula for success is simple: narrow hulls, strong and simple construction, powerful sailplans, daggerboards for windward performance, and low maintenance exteriors and interiors.

Features engines with propeller shafts (vs. saildrives), skegs to protect the props and rudders and allow for beaching, anodized spars vs. painted spars, no exterior wood (except a few trim pieces in the cockpit), and substantial bridgedeck clearance.

The Outremer 55 Light is in the same vision of the 55 Standard with 60cm less on the beam.

Succeeded by the 55S which is faster and boasts a 35% larger interior.

There are no catamarans currently for sale by owner of this brand.

Please see our catamarans for sale by owner page for a full listing of other currently available models.

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catamaran mer

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Sailing around the world on a catamaran

Setting off around the world in a multihull, perhaps aboard a catamaran… It’s a dream come true! On the trade winds route, in the Atlantic, the Pacific or the Indian Ocean… Let’s discover together, in this article written with Bénédicte, owner of an Outremer 55, the most beautiful round the world stopovers not to be missed.

catamaran mer

It was the expedition of the Portuguese explorer Magellan in the 16th century that led to the first circumnavigation of the globe under sail. Setting off with five ships in search of a passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the navigator discovered what would later be known as the Strait of Magellan. The explorer’s reduced squadron continued sailing from east to west around the world, and a single ship completed the circumnavigation. Three years later, he returned to his starting point in Spain and achieved the feat of the first circumnavigation by sailboat.

Even today, sailing around the world is a dream come true. Fortunately for us sailors, today’s conditions are very different and the adventure is much more accessible! It’s now possible to set off on a trip around the world fully equipped. Whatever corner of the globe you find yourself in, you can take advantage of the best instruments to help you navigate and guide you. You’ll also have the luxury of staying connected, so you can check the weather forecast, keep in touch with your loved ones and, above all, stay safe.

catamaran mer

Among multihull owners, Bénédicte Hélies can testify to this! She has been on two round-the-world catamaran voyages with her husband and children, and this is not the first time:

For her first voyage – aboard the Outremer 51 #39 named Moby, the family chose to follow the trade winds. Bénédicte, Loïc, Victor, Arthur and Anna headed for the world’s most famous ports of call, to discover 32 countries and 121 islands. All this in three years and 50,000 nautical miles aboard their catamaran on three oceans: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian.

For their second circumnavigation under sail, this time aboard Saga – l’Outremer 55 #1, the crew is this time opting for new stop-off points, which were not part of the first itinerary. Still sailing from east to west, the family made stops off the beaten track, which they later recounted in the blog Le voyage de Saga .

At the heart of this second adventure, Bénédicte agreed to help us write this article, sharing her best tips for a great catamaran voyage.

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Ports of call on a round-the-world sail, on the trade winds route

The Trade Winds route is the classic itinerary followed by most ocean-going catamarans. It promises crews the chance to sail around the world pushed by the wind, downwind, as long as they follow the rhythm of the seasons. It’s possible to sail a catamaran from east to west, crossing three oceans and stopping off at some fantastic destinations.

Leaving Europe, the yachts and their crews generally start by making a transatlantic crossing to the West Indies. They then sail through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean, where they make several stopovers. They then sail, usually via the Torres Strait, to Indonesia and then the Indian Ocean.

From here, there are two ways to reach Europe: via the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean, or around the Cape of Good Hope to the Atlantic. With this second option, crews then generally cross the South Atlantic, followed by a final transatlantic crossing from west to east, in the northern hemisphere.

The first Atlantic legs, from Europe to the West Indies

You will probably start your journey from the Atlantic coast or the Mediterranean Sea. After crossing the Bay of Biscay or the Strait of Gibraltar, you’ll head for the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Here, you can make your first wonderful discoveries, among friendly people who are used to the passage of voyaging yachts. These destinations are renowned for their sailing sports!

Some crews then stop off in Senegal, where they can also drop off humanitarian supplies taken on board in France. It’s not just a great cruise, it’s also an opportunity to help others…

Then it’s off to the West Indies. After your first transatlantic ocean crossing lasting several weeks, you’ll be able to envisage shorter crossings, between numerous islands that are well worth the diversions. From north to south: the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Saint-Martin, Saint-Barthélemy, Antigua, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, Saint Lucia, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago… All these destinations promise a sunny end to the year, as well as particularly pleasant sailing conditions. You’re sure to enjoy some exotic experiences!

If you have a little time before passing through the Panama Canal, you could consider sailing to the ABC islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, off the coast of Venezuela, which are ideal for water sports. The Cartagena region of Colombia may also be worth a visit.

Finally, before crossing the Panama Canal, the San Blas are a particularly popular destination for tour-dumondist sailors: highly renowned for sailing, the archipelago offers the chance to sail from islet to islet in idyllic landscapes…

In the Pacific Ocean, from the Panama Canal to Australia

After passing through the Panama Canal, you’ll continue to be amazed. A multitude of magnificent destinations await you in the largest ocean on our planet: the Pacific.

After exploring the Pacific coasts of Panama and Costa Rica, the Galapagos archipelago in Ecuador is a comfortable stopover before the trans-Pacific. From there, you can head for the Marquesas Islands and sail through the enormous territory that is French Polynesia, to discover all its riches!

Following in the footsteps of many other sailors, you can stop off in the Tuamotu archipelago, the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands or, even further afield, the Austral Islands. A word of advice: allow plenty of time to get there, as the distances are great and the destinations are all magnificent… The programme is packed: discover the islands and pearl farming, snorkelling, diving and underwater fishing.

catamaran mer

Bénédicte and her family chose to visit the Gambier archipelago: “In Polynesia, to get off the beaten track, we chose to head for the Gambier archipelago. Getting there from Panama is demanding: nearly 3 weeks at sea, at less downwind than usual, on a beam. But with a 55-foot catamaran like ours, that’s no problem. The Gambier archipelago alone is a concentration of the best of the Marquesas, the Tuamotus and the Leeward Islands. As in the Tuamotus, there are motus and a magnificent coral reef with a rich underwater fauna. We had a wonderful time, both underwater and on land! There’s a very strong culture here, with very warm values of sharing and hospitality. It’s easy to make contact, especially when it comes to bartering for the fruit and vegetables that grow in the inhabitants’ gardens, just like in the Marquesas Islands. As in the Leeward Islands, you can enjoy lovely walks and hikes in the forest, along well-kept gardens, with magnificent views from the summits. You can also visit pearl farms producing some of the finest pearls in the Pacific.”

Many yachtsmen are won over by French Polynesia. Arriving at the furthest point on the globe from France, they often feel they have found the most beautiful place on earth and sometimes decide to call it a day. However, further down the road, there are so many other wonderful destinations to explore on a catamaran!

As you continue westwards, still in the South Pacific, you’ll discover other countries and peoples that are well worth a stop. In the Cook Islands, the Samoan archipelago, Tonga and Wallis and Futuna, your sails will take you to magical places, where you’ll come into contact with people who are, once again, very welcoming. In Fiji, you’ll enjoy traditional villages and numerous spots perfect for water sports. The stopover in Vanuatu should also provide you with some unique experiences…

catamaran mer

On the subject of New Zealand, Bénédicte confides: “Everyone thinks that it can only be visited by van, but it’s a well-kept secret that it can also be visited by sail! It offers three exceptional sailing basins, each with dozens of safe anchorages, splendid panoramas, magnificent walks and easy access to supplies. Not to mention the restaurants and vineyards!”

Finally, New Caledonia and Australia are also good stopping-off points before leaving the Pacific: as well as a change of scenery, you’ll find everything you need to maintain and refuel your catamaran before continuing your journey.

From the Torres Strait to the western Indian Ocean

While some yachts opt to sail around Australia, most take the Coral Sea and Torres Strait to reach the Indian Ocean. Explore Papua and the Raja Ampat archipelago, East Timor and the Komodo dragons, Borneo and the orang-utans, or enjoy cultural adventures and idleness in the world’s largest archipelago: Indonesia!

Some crews choose to sail all the way back to Thailand, sometimes leaving their boat in the town of Krabi for a while.

One of the little-known destinations on our westward journey is the small Australian archipelago of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands: a stopover in the Indian Ocean that Bénédicte describes as “very interesting from every point of view” . She remembers an excellent anchorage, a magnificent stretch of water for wingfoiling, a pleasant and friendly beach, and some great snorkelling sessions. On the neighbouring islet, which is inhabited, there are also plenty of opportunities for cultural visits! After that, the journey continues, sailing across the Indian Ocean to Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles or Reunion Island. For Bénédicte, Mauritius should be much more than just a stopover: “It’s the traditional stopover on a crossing of the Indian Ocean, where the boats think about stopping off, content to stay in Port Louis. It’s true that it’s a nice stopover, with the Caudan marina, its large open shopping arcade, its museums, its lively market, its restaurants… But Mauritius can also be visited by sail! On two occasions, with both Saga and Moby, we sailed around Mauritius, stopping at various anchorages: on the east coast, at Trou d’Eau Douce – which gives access to Ile aux Cerfs, Mangénie islet, Mahébourg – an old colonial town – and Blue Bay marine park; on the west coast, at Rivière Noire – which gives access to Gorges park – and Tamarin, with its surf beach and magnificent sunsets. Finally, to the north, Grand Baie and the surrounding area offer lively, beautiful beaches and several other pleasant little anchorages.”

catamaran mer

As well as this well-known destination, the yachtswoman recommends visiting other territories in the Indian Ocean: “The Chagos Islands, for example, are a nature reserve teeming with birds and fish! There are thousands of coconut crabs, frigate birds, dolphins and dolphinfish in the inner lagoon, as well as a wealth of underwater life. You can spend a maximum of three weeks here, with permission. And it’s a privilege to witness such a wild and abundant nature”. The deserted archipelago of Saint-Brandon is also well worth a visit: “It’s a well-known destination for yachtsmen from Mauritius and Reunion, where you’re guaranteed a change of scenery! It’s a semi-enclosed atoll made up of dozens of islets of varying sizes, renowned for its seabed and fishing. When it comes to board sports, it’s paradise: there are exceptional kitesurfing and wingfoil spots, wild beaches with rare shrubs and thousands of birds.”

n the end, Rodrigues is a small island with an old-fashioned, tranquil atmosphere, which the traveller still recommends: “We spent ten fantastic days sailing there. The island is very welcoming and offers two anchorages: in town, at Port Mathurin, and at Port Sud-Est. The first offers a very pleasant stopover with a market and small restaurants. The second is a spectacular anchorage on the inner edges of the channel, with direct access to the lagoon and ideal spots for wingfoil and kitesurfing.”

Bénédicte insists that, for her, the Indian Ocean’s great cruising destinations are poorly known and largely underestimated. For her, the Indian Ocean is an “exceptional sailing destination on a catamaran”.

catamaran mer

After visiting these destinations, it’s already time for your final stopovers in the Indian Ocean. Depending on the stopover points you have chosen and whether or not you wish to use the Mozambique Channel, you will make a stopover in Madagascar or Tanzania, or head straight for South Africa.

This country will be a compulsory stopover – but also a very pleasant one! – before your second Atlantic crossing: the stopover in Cape Town will allow you to prepare the boat for one of the last ocean crossings, in a port where everything is easily accessible. Here, you can wait comfortably for the right “weather window” to cross…

Sailing back to Europe from South Africa

You will cross the South Atlantic Ocean from east to west. On this occasion, you may make a stop on the territory of Saint Helena. But where to next?

In the Western Atlantic, before returning to Europe, you may be tempted to make the same stops as on your first passage. But if you want to see more, your round-the-world catamaran trip could be the perfect opportunity to visit some new destinations! Brazil, the Bahamas, Bermuda and the United States, for example, are still waiting for you.

Finally, for your last ocean crossing, the return Atlantic crossing, you will undoubtedly stop off in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores. There’s no doubt you’ll meet other crews who, like you, have sailed around the world in a catamaran. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to look back together at all these beautiful stages…

catamaran mer

Gone are the days of the great explorations. You probably won’t have the chance to discover unexplored lands by sailing around the world on a catamaran these days. On the other hand, by choosing stopovers off the beaten track, you’re sure to feel like an adventurer! Just what you need to make your round-the-world sailing experience unforgettable…

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catamaran mer

Why sail around the world in a catamaran rather than a monohull?

Sailing around the world is a dream come true: you discover the world to the rhythm of the wind and the stopovers, exploring new destinations every day as you sail. If you’re just starting to read this article, you’re probably nurturing this project. Are you planning to sail around the globe? Then the choice of ship for your next voyage is crucial.

catamaran mer

The Importance of Defining Success

In the Autumn of 2023, I ran a ‘Webinars for Women’ mini-series on transatlantic preparations. The first session was titled: “How to approach transatlantic preparation.” As I zoomed out of the nitty gritty of canned food recipes, spare parts inventories, and preventative sail repair and took a broader look at the framework for a successful crossing, I homed in on what I think the first and most important step is: defining your goal.

catamaran mer

Sailing in the Bahamas : unforgettable stopovers

The Bahamas Islands are a dream destination to explore under sail! In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, the archipelago offers the chance to enjoy sailing through splendid scenery, pleasant places to stop off and memorable activities. In this article, the Outremer team tells you what they consider to be the essential stages of a catamaran cruise in the Bahamas.

catamaran mer

Top 10 Cruising Catamaran Manufacturers: For Families, Comfort and Performance!

catamaran mer

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Cruising steadily and relaxing without a care in the world may sound like a fantastic idea. However, you need the right boat and the right support from the builder. I believe that catamarans are the way to go, but which brand should you go with? Today I have chosen a little bit different perspective on how to evaluate the best catamaran brands.

Leopard, Nautitech, and Catana are some of the best cruising catamaran manufacturers. They offer safe and easy to handle cats with impressive speeds. Leopard boasts the best family-friendly vessels, Antares is environment friendly, and Nautitech offers impressive performance.

If you’re ready to buy yourself a high-end cruising catamaran, read on. Prepare yourself to spend some money and land the life of your dreams. Pack your sunscreen, lean back, and relax—adventure is on its way!

If you are on the hunt for a catamaran (just as I am), I would recommend you check out my other articles, and maybe they can help you find the boat that suits your needs the best.

  • Best catamarans under $200k
  • Best catamarans under $100k
  • Best catamarans for blue water solo sailing
  • Best catamarans under 50ft
  • Best catamarans under 30ft

Table of Contents

1. Best for Families: Leopard Catamarans

catamaran mer

As a fine example of build quality, we have the Leopard 48 , which has an excellent design and great handling. The brand is also known for pushing the standards of catamarans well past industry norms.

Leopard catamarans are known for being very sturdy and great oceangoing vessels

This sturdiness and high build quality have made leopard a somewhat pricier alternative than, let’s say, lagoon. But as we have come to learn the recent years (with bulkhead problems on the Lagoons), this price increase is probably something that you will save in the long run anyway.

catamaran mer

Looking at the Leopard 42 above, we can see that comfort and space are offered in plenty; there are also other versions, but the most common is for the owner to make their own modifications suiting their specific needs.

2. Best Racing-Cruising Experience: Outremer

Even though Outremers haven’t built nearly as many cats as Leopard they definitely have managed to build a reputation equally as strong. Outremer, even though low in production numbers, comes in 2nd place in this poll of the best catamaran brand.

When you first look at Outremer’s website , you’ll see the words:

“Ultimate Blue Water Cruiser” outremer.com

For many this is true, for those of you who follow the youtube channel La Vagabond, they have an Outremer 45 and beautifully showcase how this vessel operates in all types of conditions.

Outremer is famous for continually improving and producing high-performance cruising catamarans in the ranges of 45 to 55ft. This can be seen by their after sales reputation which is said to be next to none.

Outremer also has an interesting perspective on being environmentally friendly, just read this quote from outremer’s commercial director:

“If you can sail at 5kts, you can sail 95% of the time” Matthieu Rougevin-Baville

Slow windspeed sailing is a priority for Outremer, this means less motoring, less noise, less pollution and opens up for better electric propulsion alternatives?

3. Best Customer Experience: Lagoon

Online shopping for catamarans can be complicated, but when it comes to Lagoon , they make sure you can easily navigate to find the right boat for you. The front page advertises their newest additions along with an educational blog.

“[You should get an] Early 2000s Lagoon. We own a 2001 Lagoon 470. Incredible boat” Jacob, Lagoon 470 owner

When you go shopping, Lagoon reminds you that delivery may be difficult due to the recent pandemic. However, they are committed to making sure you’re still able to enjoy your experience. Their cat variety is nice, but the features are even better.

Lagoon even has something called Club Lagoon, which provides extra benefits, including privileged events and personalized meetings. The main goal of Lagoon is to establish a friendly experience with its buyers. It’s quite clear that Lagoon sees you as more than just a customer. 

Lagoon has come in some bad weather for the bulkhead issues of the L450, but to be fair this is only one model of many ever produced. Lagoon still stands as one of the top catamaran manufactures in the world.

They make sure that you feel comfortable and prove they care about you, not just your money. So, if you’re ready for a friendly experience, go with Lagoon!

4. Best Overall Experience: Fountaine Pajot

Fountaine Pajot states that their boats are designed for the best living space to provide comfort to help you enjoy the cruising experience the right way.

“ Fountaine Pajot – been living aboard our Astrea for 6 months and love it. Easy living, fun to sail, rides well. “ Jay, poll respondant

With features such as sunbathing areas, well-designed kitchens, comfortable cabins, Italian-style bathrooms, and more, this brand clearly focuses on making sure you get the best experience. So, if you’re looking to sit back and let the boat speak for itself, get a Fountaine Pajot. Remember that your comfort is their number one priority. 

5. Best Reviews: Catana Catamarans

Much like the Nautitech, Catana designs their cat with a somewhat more open and “unprotected” helm oftentimes seen in racing, this allows for great visibility but can be stressful on the crew during long passages.

Catana remains one of the fastest production catamarans out there and you got to love their slogan:

“Performance by Nature” Catana.com

Everywhere you look, on Youtube, websites, or talking to owners, almost all of them love the Catana, some might not favor the helm position (but usually those are people who haven’t actually sailed a Catana) but all love the general feel and look of the boat.

The Catana is one the highest praised catamarans that I have researched but for some reason this doesn’t reflect in the poll.

6. Best Performance: Nautitech

Nautitech has a variety of catamarans such as the 40 Open, the 46 Open, the 46 Fly, the 54, and the 47 Power.

The 46 Open has a reputation for its unique experience with great safety and luxurious interiors. As for the 46 Fly, it’s best known for its revolutionary flybridge on a sailing cat.

“ Nautitech 46. Simple to sail. Great safety. Easy docking single handed. Fabulous access to engines water maker. Calorifier. Fast boat if kept light. “ Alan, poll respondant

According to their website , Nautitech is known as a brand that keeps in touch with the living at sea experience, all while providing immense comfort.

Nautitech was the first to create the idea of “open living” onboard by combining the saloon and cockpit into a large and functional living space. After all, their catchphrase on the opening page is “elevate your dreams.” 

While they focus on comfort, the might behind it all sets it apart from other companies. With 200 employees producing 80 boats per year, you would almost assume the quality wouldn’t be as good. That’s where you’d be wrong. It operates at the perfect speed so you and your friends or family can enjoy ocean life.

So, if you want a catamaran with comfort and exciting history, get ready to sail with Nautitech. 

7. Best Semi-Custom: Privilege Catamarans

Make no misstake these are not bad boats, but they are somewhat more rare to be seen and as such numbers will always lean towards the more common brands.

If you know what you want it’s a pretty high likelihood that privilege will be able to construct it for you, the brand is known as the midway between custom and production cats. Bringing benefits from both worlds into its own genre of boats.

The list of customizations is impressive and I would be surprised if you didn’t find what you were looking for, just remember, with custom boats comes custom problems , so maybe with semi-custom boats, you get semi-custom problems?

In some ways, this model is the opposite of let’s say Lagoon 380, which has hundreds of identical vessels and a large community of people around it.

Privileges are usually not the fastest cats out there, but if you are prepared to give up a little bit of speed you will most definitely enjoy sailing in great comfort on this masterpiece.

8. Best For Environment: Antares Catamarans

When it comes to vacations, you want to relax, but you still need to focus on safety, and Antares takes that cruising aspect seriously. If you decide to buy a catamaran from Antares (here´s a buyers guide ), you will find that they recommend you “get to know” your boat.

“ As far as actual cruising cats I love my Manta and getting a solid blue water boat under $300k is amazing. But I’ve been on a Antares. Wow. “ Jim, poll respondant

Antares is known for building blue-water capable vessels that are sturdy and excellent for liveaboards.

With a brand new design that focuses not only on space and comfort but also on bringing modern technology onboard and making it environmentally friendly, it’s clear that Antares wants the best experience for its cruisers and for the planet.

They redesigned the electrical system to create a diesel hybrid so you can cruise without having to worry about running low on battery power, all while doing your part in protecting the planet.

Something that is all too common on cruising cats is their poorly sized battery and electrical system making cruisers more often than necessary rely on the genset. With 1800w of solar panels, this is no longer an issue.

A few of their great features include a lightweight cherry wood interior, Corecell construction, and superior steering. This company clearly stands for comfort, relaxation, and safety.

Bonus Boat: Most Popular For Coastal Sailing, Gemini Catamarans

For nearly three decades, their Gemini 105mc has been the most popular catamaran ever built (measured by number of units sold).

According to the website , the Gemini 105mc surprises newcomers with its legendary performance. I would take this with a grain of salt, or two, or maybe a bucket full.

Although Geminis aren’t as beautiful or fast as the other cats on this list, they are much cheaper and smaller . Some Geminis even fit inside a regular monohull slip which will save you tons of money in marina fees.

These are no bluewater I-am-going-to-sail-the-world type of boats, but they are perfect for coastal and inshore cruising whether it be a weekend or full-on liveaboard.

When it comes to their new catamaran line-up, they have the Hull 1227, Hull 004, Hull 012, Hull 106, and the Hull 1223. While the prices may still be high, they offer discounts, and they recently announced they’d have price drops.

The popular Gemini 105mc that has been a legacy since 1981. It’s spacious, light, and airy .

Another interesting model is the Gemini Legacy 35 . While it’s not as popular as the Gemini 105mc, it still has some unique features.

They also have the Gemini Freestyle 37 , which is best known for its flexibility. It can be tailored as a basic family catamaran, day-charter boat, or for single-handed sailing . It also has a low starting price and can be tailored to suit all of your needs for the perfect cruising vacation.

In addition, they have the Gemini Freestyle 399 Power . It’s essentially a power version of the Gemini Freestyle 37. This new catamaran includes several storage areas, comfortable cabins, a vanity unit, a lounge area with seating for up to six people, and air conditioning. 

This would be the perfect catamaran for a group of friends or family on a weekend sail.

Bonus Boat: Best Affordability, Manta

This fantastic brand has eight different models that range from coastal to offshore cruising.

Mantas are one of my favorite boats, but as soon as they show up for sale, they are gone.

There is also a Manta owners club which doesn’t seem to be very active at the moment as far as I can tell.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, the best cruising catamaran brands focus on comfort just as much as they focus on safety. With luxurious experiences and tons of opportunities to relax while also experiencing the adventure of a lifetime, who wouldn’t want to cruise away?

Here are Some of My Favorite Catamaran Cruising Resources

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you hopefully start your sailing adventures. Here are some resources that I use as a sailor that I hope you’ll also find helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you do decide to use any of them, I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the exact things that I use and recommend to everyone, even my own family. Sailboats: If you’re looking for the best boat to suit your needs, I would recommend a catamaran. If you’re interested, I can show you the differences between catamarans and other types of sailboats .

Books:  For getting started, I really like  Cruising catamarans made easy . It is actually a textbook from the American sailing association; it is used to get a cruising catamaran certification. There are some other great books, and I have compiled a list of books about cruising catamarans that you will find useful.

Communication:  Being out on adventures, whether it be sailing or climbing mountains, good communications are essential to being safe. I recommend two things Google fi (incredibly simple cellular data all over the world) and Garmin inreach mini (for text and voice in remote areas without cell coverage)

Sailing courses: Online sailing courses are great for beginners starting out their sailing career; it’s an efficient way of learning the basics of navigation, throttle controls, and maritime safety. I suggest starting with two free courses from NauticEd .

To see all my most up-to-date recommendations,  check out this resource  that I made for you!

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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Sailing is probably the most gear-intensive activity I've ever done; there are so many decisions to be made about what gear to buy now, for tomorrow, and what to definitely never buy. The gear on...

6 Best Trailerable Trimarans For Bluewater and Coastal Sailing

Having a boat costs a lot of money, even when you are not using it, marina fees, etc. And once it is in the water most sailors never go very far from their "home marina" and sailing will be somewhat...



An 18.28 m by 9m catamaran, 8 tons displacement. Z2015 was designed by Mer Agitée’s and Mer Forte’s teams using former floats and foils from an ORMA trimaran and a 23 m shortened mast, from an IMOCA, with a sail area of 190m². Powered by 2 x 300 hp Suzuki outboard motors, this CE approved hybrid platform-sail and power- can embark 12 people in its offshore version and 32 for coastal sailing.

catamaran mer


​ “The idea around this platform stemmed from a request made by our partners and sponsors: to offer a reception area as close as possible to the racing yachts in the marinas and to follow them at sea. It is indeed more and more difficult to offer our staff and/or clients and partners the possibility to sail on the IMOCA 60s and other racing boats such as the Ultimes or Multi 50s. The idea is to give the opportunity to follow the training sessions and other events, race starts and arrivals, on a comfortable platform that could follow the rhythm of these boats thanks to almost matching performance instead of simply watching them disappear beyond the horizon. Such a tool didn’t exist.  To achieve those targets, Mer Forte has designed a structure using former floats and foils from an ORMA trimaran and put up a shortened mast from an IMOCA. With 2 double cabins, a spacious galley and satellite transmission, she can do anything!”

Z - 03.jpg


You're message have been sent

Nous contacter

Merci pour votre envoi !

LOGO AMC CAPE GRACE 2024-01-01.jpg


Le plus bel endroit sur terre, c'est en mer.

ANCRE NOIRE_Plan de travail 1.png

Au départ des ports de Saint-Raphaël et de Hyères, évadez-vous le temps d’une sortie en mer  à bord d'un de nos  maxi-catamarans et prenez le large avec nous vers les plus beaux  endroits de la région Sud  !

AMC Cape Grace  vous propose des sorties en mer en catamaran collectives en saison, d'avril  à fin septembre, ainsi que des sorties en mer privatisées pour tous vos événements privés ou professionnels entre Marseille et Monaco.

Des moments d'exception à vivre en solo, en famille, entre amis ou entre collaborateurs !


AMC - Felicita_-52.jpg

SORTIE   JOURNéE lève tard

Destination :

Esterel, Cap Roux, Ile d'Or

11H00 - 17H00 

Inclus dans le tarif :

6 heures de balade en mer, 2 ou 3 pauses baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

130 € / pers

(tarifs réduits

pour les enfants)

AMC-800 avec voiles 2.jpg

sORTIE        new   au gré du ve nt

Là où le vent nous mène

9H30 - 17H30 

8 heures de balade en mer, 2 ou 3 pauses baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

140 € / pers

AMC CAPE GRACE - Photo 1 by Ben Lamotte 2023.jpg

SORTIE          new brunch en mer

Calanques de l'Esterel

6 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et brunch servis à bord, open bar softs. 

110 € / pers



Baie de Saint-Raphaël


1 heure de balade en mer, apéritif servi à bord,  vue du feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 

30 € / pers



Esterel & Iles de Lérins de Cannes

AMC - Felicita_-5.jpg


Les plus beaux sites du littoral 

9H30 - 12H30 

3h de balade en mer, visite guidée du littoral Raphaëlois, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs.

59 € / pers

po ur les enfants)



Ile d'Or

19H30 - 21H30 

2 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, vue du coucher de soleil, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs. 



Ile d'Or ou Baie d'Agay  

19H30 - 23H00 

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif, repas servis à bord, vue du  feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 

99 € / pers

FELICITA INTERIEUR By Polissons Prod_-4.jpg


​ Destination :

Les 3 Caps (Camarat, Taillat, Lardier)



Dramont, Ile d'Or, Baie d'Agay , Anthéor

14H00 - 18H00 

4 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord, open bar softs. 

69 € / pers



19H30 - 23H00

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade,  coucher de soleil,   apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 

95 € / pers

p our les enfants)


Catamaran Iladora - AMC CAPE GRACE avec voiles.jpg


Fort de Brégançon &  Porquerolles

9H00 - 17H00 



Littoral  Hyérois au gré du vent

3 heures 30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et brunch servi à bord, open bar softs. 



Fort de  Brégançon ou Porquerolles

3h30 de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif et repas servis à bord, open bar softs. 



Les plus beaux sites du littoral hyérois

9H00 - 12H00 

3   heures de balade en mer, visite guidée du littoral hyérois,  pause baignade, apéritif, open bar softs.


SORTIE          new   Apéro EN MER

Littoral hyérois

17H30 - 19H00 

1 heure 30 de balade en mer

avec apéritif servi à bord et open bar softs. 

35 € / pers

Soirée dîner feu d'artifice en mer


Presqu'île de Giens

20H00 - 23H30 

3h30 de balade en mer, pause baignade, apéritif, repas servis à bord, feu d'artifice, open bar softs. 


Fort de Brégançon ou Porquerolles

4 heures de balade en mer, 1 pause baignade, apéritif servi à bord,

open bar softs. 



Donnez de l’ampleur à vos évènements privés et professionnels en privatisant nos maxi-catamarans le temps d’une journée, d’une demi-journée ou d’une soirée en mer à destination des plus beaux endroits du littoral méditerranéen. de marseille à monaco, embarquez vos convives dans l'expérience unique amc cape grace .

AMC-800 avec voiles 2.jpg

A QUAI OU EN CROISIERE Vivez une expérience unique dans un cadre d’exception : la mer …  de quoi créer des souvenirs inoubliables !

ICONE BATEAU NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

DES NAVIRES PREMIUM 4 maxi-catamarans premium et “Made in France” équipés pour une organisation optimale de tous vos événements privés ou professionnels.

MER NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

AGENCEMENT MODULABLE DES NAVIRES Choisissiez l’agencement de chaque bateau en fonction de vos besoins.

BOUTEILLE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

TRAITEUR DE QUALITE Nous possédons notre propre traiteur qui nous permet de vous proposer des menus adaptés à tous vos événements et de veiller à la qualité des services de A à Z.

BOUEE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

CAPACITE D'ACCUEIL Jusqu’à 600 passagers tous bateaux confondus.

CAPITAINE NOIR_Plan de travail 1.png

UNE EQUIPE  PROFESSIONNELLE 20 personnels navigants qualifiés sous pavillon français.


ANIMATIONS A BORD Sur demande, une large proposition de prestataires (activités, animations) et équipements (vidéoprojecteur, micro, écran TV … ).

Faites sensation en offrant  à vos convives un cadre original et une expérience insolite qu’ils ne seront pas prêts d’oublier .

catamaran mer

Silent Yachts

Creators of the world’s first series produced, solar-powered electric yachts.

Unlimited Range

Noiseless cruising, zero emission, minimal maintenance, pioneering solar powered yachting since 2009.

Silent yacht with solar panels on the roof in crystal clear water

The Original Solar Yacht

As the original inventors of series produced solar-electric yachts, we pioneered this innovative approach. Our first model, the Silent 64, was launched to the market in 2016, several years before any other shipyard considered the possibility of going electric.

Silent yacht with solar panels on the roof sailing at high speed

Leading Technology

Our founders began to research alternative energy sources to power yachts during the mid 1990s. Today, the technology of our in-house developed solar-electric drivetrain has been perfected and is multiple generations ahead in terms of reliability, performance and efficiency.

historic yacht with solar panels on the roof

Historical Track-Record

In 2009, the Solarwave 46 was launched as our first prototype of a fully solar-electric, self-sufficient ocean-going catamaran. Since then, our electric yachts have cruised many 10.000s of nautical miles, performing flawlessly during a variety of weather conditions.

self-sufficient yacht with solar panels on the roof

Enabling Self-Sufficiency

What differentiates a Silent is the unprecedented level of autonomy provided by our yachts. Being able to produce your own energy enables a fully self-sufficient lifestyle on board. Travel the oceans sustainably while making them your infinite playground.

Solar-paneled yacht navigating the seas using solar energy

The award-winning entry to solar-electric yachts.

80 feet yacht with solar panels on the roof

Timeless design meets state-of-the-art technology.

120 feet luxury yacht with solar panels on the roof

120 Explorer

The boldest expression of solar powered yachting yet.

What Makes Us Unique

yacht with solar panels on the roof anchored in a bay of tuquoise water

The tranquility on board of our yachts is unique. A lack of noise, fumes and vibrations create a deep connection with the sea. Luxury and sustainability finally merged into a holistic experience, working hand in hand with nature by minimizing the impact on the marine environment without compromising comfort.

graphic of the connections between solar panels, batteries and motors of an electric yacht

For optimal performance and efficiency, our solar-electric drivetrain integrates seamlessly with all onboard systems. Compared to fossil fuelled powertrains of motoryachts, electric powertrains have very few moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance, maximum reliability and significantly lower running costs.

Electric yacht sailing across the open waters with solar energy

The ability to recharge your own batteries with the sun marks a new era of freedom. Depending on cruising speeds and weather conditions, a Silent has virtually unlimited range, enabling you to live a fully self-sufficient lifestyle on board. Unbound by the limitations of fossil fuels, you are free to explore the horizons.

graph of solar panels, batteries and motor

The technology powering our yachts today has been pioneered by our founders almost three decades ago. Continuous upgrading and steady optimization of the entire system are some of the key reasons our in-house developed solar-electric drivetrain offers a comprehensive portfolio of assurances and warranties.

A couple driving an electric tender

Powered by an advanced jet propulsion system, the fully electric Tender Series perfectly complements the experience on board of our catamarans. Following the same philosophy as our electric yachts, it was developed with a strong focus on being spacious, lightweight and efficient.

Two men driving an electric speed boat

As a new breed of Silent, the Speed 28 combines futuristic design with blistering pace. Her high-performance drivetrain is supported by triple foils and embedded solar cells on the hardtop. Advanced hydrodynamics and latest AI management make for a stable ride which always remains comfortable.

Why Silent Yachts

A sensible approach to yachting which works in self-sufficient harmony with nature and creates a completely new experience on board.

catamaran mer

New Silent Drivetrain

catamaran mer

Tech shorts 2023

catamaran mer

Electric power event on the water

catamaran mer

Shipyard tour Italy by Michael & Heike

catamaran mer

What is the range of a solar electric yacht?

catamaran mer

Where are Silent yachts built?

“The Tesla of the seas! An amazing founding couple, a highly innovative product as well as a really cool story behind it. Furthermore, a lot of love and attention has been invested into every single detail – truly impressive!” Frank Thelen / TV Personality, Founder, Angel Investor & Disruption Expert
While the present has brought us the dawn of smart cars, I strongly believe the future will bring us solar powered smart boats – and I definitely want to be at the frontline of that journey. Michael Jost / Former Head of Group Strategy of Volkswagen Group
The idea of sailing while charging your own battery is super powerful to me – solar powered sailing is the perfect love story! Jochen Rudat / Former Tesla Central Europa Director, Advisory Board Silent Group
Elon Musk single handedly forced an entire industry to go electric, as a matter of fact if they don’t all go electric now they will soon die. I would like to see the same thing happening for boating. You are not just selling boats – you are the actual leading edge of a crucial and much overdue revolution to sustainable transport!” Klaus Obermeyer / Emmy Award Winner
I am completely excited about solar catamarans. I knew before they are great but now I truly believe this is the future. After so many boats I’ve seen in over 18 years with Boote Exclusiv, this yacht truly blew my mind. Such a silent and peaceful cruising experience – just the way it should be. Martin Hager / Editor in Chief for Boote Exclusiv - Yachts

store products; water toys, Seabob, Flite, Scubajet, Awake

Recommended water toys, accessories and products to enhance every Silent voyage:

multihull award winner 2022

shipping telegraph logo@2x

  • Photo credit: Incat Crowther
  • Cruise & Ferry news , Shipyard news

Incat Crowther Delivers High-speed Catamaran “Miss Outre-Mer”

  • by Shipping Telegraph

The digital shipbuilder Incat Crowther has delivered a new 36-metre custom built passenger to the Guadeloupe-based operator CTM Deher under the name “Miss Outre-Mer”.

The digital shipbuilding process saw CTM Deher and Incat Crowther work closely together to deliver the complete digital ship design before physical construction began at PT Kim Seah Shipyard in Indonesia.

In addition to the design aspects, Incat Crowther supported the operator with shipbuilder selection, commercial framework and due diligence, interior design and construction oversight of the project.

The new 316-seat passenger ferry has been designed to safely and efficiently service CTM Deher’s passenger and tourism routes in the French West Indies, expecting to commence on the route between Trois-Rivières and Les Saintes in Guadeloupe as from late 2023.

The vessel has several large cargo and luggage racks, whilst overhead gantries have also been installed to assist with the movement of large, heavy luggage trolleys.

The main deck seats 221 passengers and provides space for four wheelchairs while featuring a kiosk, TV screens and Wi-Fi for entertainment, as well as six bathrooms. The upper deck can transport up to 143 passengers, including 48 people in exterior seats.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 knots, Miss Outre-Mer is powered by twin MTU 12V4000 main engines and will have a service speed of 25 knots.

Antoine Deher, from CTM Deher, said: “The delivery of Miss Outre-Mer is an important milestone for our company and Incat Crowther’s digital shipbuilding process meant we were able to provide our input and work with Incat Crowther’s team of naval architects every step of the way.”

He also adds that “Miss Outre-Mer will provide our guests with an unrivalled customer experience. The vessel has been tailored completely to our needs and high standards and will allow us to expand our service offering during the busy peak tourist season.”

“Our digital shipbuilding solution brings the digital design, build and delivery stages of a ship build into one cohesive process from conception through to final delivery. In delivering Miss Outre-Mer, this included Incat Crowther providing an assigned representative on site at PT Kim Seah Shipyard in Indonesia to oversee the construction of this vessel,” noted Brett Crowther, chief executive of Incat Crowther.

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Danish icebreakers “Danbjoern” and “Isbjoern” sold for recycling

Hong kong convention enter into force, nyk sends end-of-life bulk carrier for green recycling to bangladesh, share this article, related news.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen signs newbuild deals, secures four new options

Wallenius Wilhelmsen signs newbuild deals, secures four new options

QatarEnergy inks charter deal with Nakilat for 25 LNG Carriers

QatarEnergy inks charter deal with Nakilat for 25 LNG Carriers

Louxor Catamaran Agence d'excursion en mer Port Gamargue 30200

06 95 57 35 83


catamaran mer

Louxor Catamaran agence d'excursion en mer Port camargue

Louxor Catamaran Agence d'excursion en mer Port camargue

Location catamaran avec ou sans skipper Port camargue

catamaran mer

Embarquement Immédiat

"Embarquer pour le rêve, l'inoubliable, le luxe , et venez contempler la beauté de notre littoral

à bord de Louxor Catamaran."

À son bord, nous vous proposons une multitude de croisières et d'excursions en mer , de journées de détente, de découverte.

Louxor Catamaran a été conçu pour la plaisance de haut vol , avec deux moteurs, une immense voilure de 117m2 .

Au départ de Port Camargue , nous vous emmènerons vers un paysage historique, parfois certes façonné par l'homme, au détour de la plage de l'Espiguette , nous prenons la direction de son phare à l'est , pour un détour par Aigues Mortes ,

la  Grande Motte et Palavas les flots

Nous proposons également des excursions en mer , vers des destinations somptueuses, comme les calanques de Marseille ou la côte catalane pour des durées de plusieurs jours.

Vous aurez également le plaisir de privatiser ce catamaran pour fêter en toute intimité, vos évènements familiaux, mariage, baptême ou enterrement de jeunes filles.

Pour vous accompagner, ce multicoque, véritable hôtel restaurant flottant, peut accueillir

jusqu'à 12 personnes et profiter d'une vue intérieure à 360 degrés , d'une plancha extérieure et de nombreux autres services.

Pour régaler vos papilles, nous servons de la haute gastronomie , en partenariat avec une grande cheffe du restaurant " La Morue" de Montpellier

Dans tous les cas, nous restons à votre disposition, pour d'emblématiques excursions en mer

Réservez vite vos futures vacances

à Bord de Louxor Catamaran.

Louxor Catamaran Agence d'excursion en mer Port Camargue

Port Camargue

30240  Port Camargue,

Email :  [email protected] Tél : 06 95 57 35 83

Vue sur la mer

Je ne suis pas allé partout, mais cette fois c'est sur ma liste

Suivez nous sur nos réseaux sociaux

Coucher de soleil sur la plage

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Multihull of the year

  • All the magazines

Multihull Cup - The Gunboat 66 Coco de Mer wins at last!

Avatar de Emmanuel van Deth

Article published on 29/08/2022

By Emmanuel van Deth

published in n°185 sept. / oct.

Multihulls World #185

Relegated to the second step of the podium in 3 out of the 4 previous editions, the Morrelli & Melvin design has finally won this year’s edition of the Multihull Cup. The event, held in Mallorca, out of Port Adriano, brings together perfectly prepared catamarans led by experienced crews. 

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We will keep you posted on new articles on this subject.

Tim Thubron, the tactician on Coco de Mer , was absolutely delighted: “ We are all very happy, of course, as this is our first major victory in the Multihull Cup, having previously come second - the owner of the Gunboat 66 is delighted. The weather was a bit of a challenge at times with light airs, but we had three good races ”. Two other catamarans, that are also no strangers to the event, completed the podium: R-Six , an HH66, and Allegra , an 85-foot Nigel Irens design.

Tags : 

  • Gunboat 66 , 
  • Multihull Cup , 

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Alegria 67 - A Jacuzzi at La Grande-Motte?

Alegria 67 - A Jacuzzi at La Grande-Motte?

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  • Discover Gunboat and their Gunboat 66

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Gunboat 66 catamaran CoCo de Mer capsizes at Round the Island Race

Gunboat 66 catamaran CoCo de Mer capsizes at Round the Island Race

A photographer has captured the moment a 20-metre Gunboat 66 sailing catamaran named CoCo de Mer capsized during the Round the Island race on 1 July off the Isle of Wight, England. 

The competing yacht was carrying 14 crewmembers and a dog at the time of the incident, and it is understood that she was rounding a mark upwind off the coast of Bembridge when she unexpectedly heeled at a 90-degree angle.

An eyewitness account reports that "those on deck were literally grabbing anything they could to stop themselves from falling" while the pair of hulls continued to lift "until the mast splashed down onto the sea".

A passing six-metre RIB was the first respondent, followed by a support rib for the competing yacht Gladiator and a Border Force cutter. All passengers were safely brought into boats, including a crew member who remained on the port hull that was above the water.

First responders took floating debris into their boats, and fifty minutes after the initial incident the mast snapped and the yacht capsized entirely. Three crewmembers suffered from the effects of cold water immersion and were transferred to Bembridge RNLI lifeboat station for further medical attention.

John Keyworth, lifeboat operations manager of Royal National Lifeboat Institution Bembridge, confirmed that the yacht was removed the day after the incident and taken to a shipyard for repairs. She is expected to be fully operational after the repairs are completed.

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Beaches in moscow.

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catamaran mer

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catamaran mer

2. Lake Beloye (Vologda Oblast)

catamaran mer

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catamaran mer

4. Klyazminskoye Reservoir

catamaran mer

5. Nudist Beach in Strogino

6. shore house.

  • Levoberezhny Beach
  • Meshherskoye
  • Klyazminskoye Reservoir
  • Lake Beloye (Vologda Oblast)
  • Shore House


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  3. Aquador 35 ST

  4. 1 décembre 2023

  5. Catamaran Alize

  6. Catamaran F16 Viper


  1. Outremer

    The Ultimate Blue-water Cruising Catamaran. Outremer [utʀ əmε: ʀ] draws its origins from blue-water cruising and etymologically from the color Outremer, a deep shade of blue reminiscent of its native coast, the Mediterranean Sea. Sailing catamaran manufacturer, Outremer, has built over the past 37 years, catamaran sailboats of industry ...

  2. Ocean catamaran, Outremer 55

    The Outremer 55, a 55-foot liveaboard catamaran, is easy to maneuver, whether short-handed or even solo. It offers living spaces, circulation, light and ventilation that set new standards. 54.9 ft. 13.9/ 18.5 t. 27.2 ft. 172 m² (upwind) Download the brochure.

  3. Outremer Catamaran boats for sale

    2015 Outremer 5X. US$1,474,896. ↓ Price Drop. US $11,541/mo. Yachts Unlimited | Martinique, Martinique. Request Info. Find Outremer Catamaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of Outremer boats to choose from.

  4. Outremer boats for sale

    This boat builder presents a variety of hull types: catamaran. These hull variations are commonly employed for cherished and time-honored boating pursuits like overnight cruising, day cruising, sailing and watersports. Outremer equips models listed with inboard and inboard/outboard drive power options, available with diesel propulsion systems.

  5. Outremer 55 Catamarans For Sale By Owner

    Brand: Outremer 55. And like all Outremer's, the 55 is built like a rock, with solid fiberglass hulls. The Outremer 55 was honored in 2000 as the Cruising World "Best Cruising Multihull.". This boat is a real performance voyager, a true sailing machine for a serious cruiser to knock off plenty of 200 plus mile days.

  6. Safest catamarans for blue water cruising

    A catamaran is the result of the choices made by a team, but we don't compromise with family safety for such ambitious projects! The Outremer concept: safe performance catamarans for a stress-free journey. Our ocean-going catamarans have long hulls capable of taking all the necessary equipment. An irreproachable reliability to bring peace of ...

  7. Sailing around the world on a catamaran

    For her first voyage - aboard the Outremer 51 #39 named Moby, the family chose to follow the trade winds. Bénédicte, Loïc, Victor, Arthur and Anna headed for the world's most famous ports of call, to discover 32 countries and 121 islands. All this in three years and 50,000 nautical miles aboard their catamaran on three oceans: the ...

  8. Sail Catamaran boats for sale

    Built by a wide variety of yacht makers, there are currently 1,818 catamaran yachts for sale on YachtWorld, with 476 new vessels for sale, and 1,342 used and custom yachts listed. These vessels are all listed by professional yacht brokerages and new boat dealers, mainly in the following countries: United States, France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

  9. Catamaran boats for sale

    What Catamaran model is the best? Some of the best-known Catamaran models currently listed include: Diamond Yachts P55 Power Catamaran, 24, 38, Axcell 650 and Bamba 50. Specialized yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages on YachtWorld have a diverse selection of Catamaran models for sale, with listings spanning from 1987 year models to 2025.

  10. Top 10 Cruising Catamaran Manufacturers: For Families, Comfort and

    Today I have chosen a little bit different perspective on how to evaluate the best catamaran brands. Leopard, Nautitech, and Catana are some of the best cruising catamaran manufacturers. They offer safe and easy to handle cats with impressive speeds. Leopard boasts the best family-friendly vessels, Antares is environment friendly, and Nautitech ...


    MER AGITÉE'S HYBRID MULTIHULL. An 18.28 m by 9m catamaran, 8 tons displacement. Z2015 was designed by Mer Agitée's and Mer Forte's teams using former floats and foils from an ORMA trimaran and a 23 m shortened mast, from an IMOCA, with a sail area of 190m². Powered by 2 x 300 hp Suzuki outboard motors, this CE approved hybrid platform ...


    AMC Cape Grace vous propose des croisières en mer d'exception en maxi-catamaran vers les plus beaux endroits de la région PACA : les îles de Lérins de Cannes, l'île d'Or, les 3 Caps, les îles d'Hyères, Port-Cros, Porquerolles... ! Sorties en mer journée, demi-journée, visite guidée, coucher de soleil, soirée dîner, feu d'artifice et plus encore.

  13. ® OFFICIAL Silent Yachts

    In 2009, the Solarwave 46 was launched as our first prototype of a fully solar-electric, self-sufficient ocean-going catamaran. Since then, our electric yachts have cruised many 10.000s of nautical miles, performing flawlessly during a variety of weather conditions.

  14. Incat Crowther Delivers High-speed Catamaran "Miss Outre-Mer"

    Capable of reaching speeds of up to 28 knots, Miss Outre-Mer is powered by twin MTU 12V4000 main engines and will have a service speed of 25 knots. Antoine Deher, from CTM Deher, said: "The delivery of Miss Outre-Mer is an important milestone for our company and Incat Crowther's digital shipbuilding process meant we were able to provide our ...

  15. Excursions En Mer

    Embarquement Immédiat "Embarquer pour le rêve, l'inoubliable, le luxe, et venez contempler la beauté de notre littoral. à bord de Louxor Catamaran.". À son bord, nous vous proposons une multitude de croisières et d'excursions en mer, de journées de détente, de découverte.. Louxor Catamaran a été conçu pour la plaisance de haut vol, avec deux moteurs, une immense voilure de 117m2.

  16. Multihull Cup

    Tim Thubron, the tactician on Coco de Mer, was absolutely delighted: "We are all very happy, of course, as this is our first major victory in the Multihull Cup, having previously come second - the owner of the Gunboat 66 is delighted.The weather was a bit of a challenge at times with light airs, but we had three good races".Two other catamarans, that are also no strangers to the event ...

  17. Gunboat 66 catamaran CoCo de Mer capsizes at Round the Island Race

    26 July 2023 • Written by Katia Damborsky. A photographer has captured the moment a 20-metre Gunboat 66 sailing catamaran named CoCo de Mer capsized during the Round the Island race on 1 July off the Isle of Wight, England. The competing yacht was carrying 14 crewmembers and a dog at the time of the incident, and it is understood that she was ...

  18. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2024)

    Explore the scenic and historic attractions of Moscow from the water with the best boat tours and cruises. Enjoy the views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the Sparrow Hills on a relaxing or informative boat ride. Or, spice up your trip with some water sports and activities in Moscow. Find out more on Tripadvisor.

  19. THE 5 BEST Moscow Beaches (Updated 2024)

    Hotels near Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory Hotels near Russian Academy of Theatre Arts Hotels near Institute for the Economy in Transition Hotels near Gnesins Russian Academy of Music Hotels near Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS) Hotels near Turo Moskovskiy Universitet, NOU Hotels near Maxim Gorky Literature Institute Hotels near Moscow State University of Railway ...

  20. Driving in Moscow at Night 4K with Music

    Lets have some fun and enjoy a beautiful night in Moscow! One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Roads are not so busy so we can enjoy this summer ni...

  21. F2 2020 Autodrom Moscow

    Here's an F2 onboard lap at the Autodrom Moscow in Moscow, Russia. This hotlap is driven in Assetto Corsa with Robert Shwartzman in the F2 2020 car, using th...