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The Returned

The Returned (2012)

In a small French mountain town where everyone knows each other, the dead begin to inexplicably return as if their death never happened. Forcing the townsfolk to confront their difficult pas... Read all In a small French mountain town where everyone knows each other, the dead begin to inexplicably return as if their death never happened. Forcing the townsfolk to confront their difficult past as they seek to understand this phenomenon. In a small French mountain town where everyone knows each other, the dead begin to inexplicably return as if their death never happened. Forcing the townsfolk to confront their difficult past as they seek to understand this phenomenon.

  • Fabrice Gobert
  • Anne Consigny
  • Clotilde Hesme
  • Frédéric Pierrot
  • 67 User reviews
  • 35 Critic reviews
  • 5 wins & 7 nominations total

Episodes 16

Les Revenants: Season 2 (German Blu-Ray/DVD Trailer)

  • Claire Séguret

Clotilde Hesme

  • Simon Delaitre

Yara Pilartz

  • Sandrine Sabatini …
  • Madame Costa

Jérôme Kircher

  • Père Jean-François
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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The Returned

Did you know

  • Trivia Besides the 2004 film in which the show is based on, the plot is very similar to the Brazilian novel "Incidente em Antares" (Incident in Antares) by Erico Verissimo , which was published in 1971. A mini-series based on the book, Antares Incident (1994) , was released in Brazil in 1994.
  • Connections Featured in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life: Summer (2016)

User reviews 67

  • Smillas_sister
  • Jul 8, 2013
  • How many seasons does The Returned have? Powered by Alexa
  • October 31, 2013 (United States)
  • Les revenants official site
  • Official site
  • Haute Savoie Alps, France
  • Haut et Court
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 52 minutes

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The Returned (2012)

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les revenants theatre

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Home > The Returned > Season 1

The Returned (2012)

The Returned

What to know

Critics Consensus

A pleasant change from typically gory zombie shows, The Returned is a must-see oddity that's both smart and sure to disturb. Read critic reviews

Where to watch The Returned: Season 1

Buy The Returned: Season 1 on Vudu, Apple TV.

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Air date: Nov 26, 2012

In a small mountain community, two local people - teenager Camille, and Simon - who both died years earlier, suddenly re-appear at their homes.

Simon approaches Adèle, but Thomas finds out about his "return"; Camille is unable to fit back in to her family.

Air date: Dec 3, 2012

Camille invents a new identity for herself as "cousin Alice"; Adèle finally accepts that Simon has returned.

Camille's new identity as Alice is a success; Lena's scar continues to grow, as her energy wans.

5. Serge and Toni

Air date: Dec 10, 2012

After coming out into the open, the dead seem unable to resume their normal lives.

A power cut hits the town and Pierre forms a community around Camille.

Air date: Dec 17, 2012

Various clans begin to emerge In the town's ever-more-chaotic environment.

8. The Horde

Relations become strained between the living and the dead.

The Returned: Season 1   Photos

Tv season info.

  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Horror
  • Network: CANALPL
  • Premiere Date: Nov 26, 2012

Cast & Crew

Yara Pilartz

Jenna Thiam

Frédéric Pierrot

Anne Consigny

Jean-Francois Sivadier

Pierre Tissier

Pierre Perrier

Simon Delaitre

Clotilde Hesme

Adèle Werther

Samir Guesmi

Céline Sallette

Julie Meyer

Swann Nambotin

Louis Levanski `Victor'

Alix Poisson

Guillaume Gouix

Grégory Gadebois

Ana Girardot

Lucy Clairsene

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Weekly Binge: The Returned

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Critic Reviews for The Returned: Season 1

Audience reviews for the returned: season 1.

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les revenants theatre

One of the best single seasons of television I have ever seen. Season 1 is a masterpiece. It's as close to perfect as you can get in a full season of TV. Season 2 is great as well, It just leans a bit more into weirdness (in a good way) leaving a lot open to interpretation which might not be everyone's cup of tea. Can't recommend this show enough.

This show has such great reviews I went in with far too high of expectations. Les Revenants is beautifully filmed TV series with excellent visuals, and overall good acting, but there is little substance beneath the style. It is like the creators had a lot of ideas for cinematically striking scenes and put them all in a blender. I enjoyed it until about halfway through, when I started to realize the series was going nowhere. The character development was stagnating. Each episode introduced new puzzling elements that were never resolved, and often not even mentioned again. By the end what was billed as "not your average zombie show" had devolved into exactly that, with a creepy demon-zombie-leader causing havoc with no justification. I believe shows can be character-driven, or plot-driven, or even theme-driven (though this one is hard to pull off), but they can't be "none of the above." Les Revenants is... cinematography driven? At least, that's the strongest aspect of the show. It has neither well-developed characters, nor a satisfying plot, nor anything in particular to say. Unfortunately, good cinematography alone does not make for a good show.

An original take on the undead, which gets progressively creepier and more interesting

Destept la inceput dar nu prea stie ce sa faca la final

Super entertaining! Great sceneries, scenario is quit good and grasping ! Loved it!

Most horrible show i saw in recent times. All the characters are constipated and logic is thrown out the window. Avoid such shows.

Intriguing to start with but ends up being lots of random weirdness that is never explained. Not worth starting.

Fucking hell. I think the first series is the best tv show of all time. It's beautiful and interesting and so sad. There's never been anything made like it and I don't think there ever will be again. It's perfect mystery. Stop at the end of series 1 though and just accept you'll have questions unsolved. And why not eh? What the hell is the universe after all....?

Really good looking show and scenery, such a creepy vibe. Found the ending a bit meh but the build up was pretty decent. The soundtrack is top notch.

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The Returned (Les Revenants)

Revitalizing the undead, french style.

Camille (Yara Pilartz), in Episode 1 of <em>The Returned,</em> before joining the ranks of the undead.

The zombie – once the domain of cult-movie fans – has only recently become a mainstay of popular culture. In the past decade, much has changed thanks to TV shows that garner record ratings, offering everything from the apocalyptic scenario of The Walking Dead (2010-) to rom-zom-coms like Santa Clarita Diet (2017-19). And now prequels, the ultimate sign of commercial success, are popping up.

Some critics have linked the theme’s popularity to post-9/11 anxieties about unseen threats to Western civilization, and it’s true that peaks in the popularity of zombies throughout history clearly coincide with what is happening in society. Some scholars have even labeled the zombie a “barometer of cultural anxiety.” In the 1950s, alien body snatchers crystallized fears of Communist infiltration and invasion. George A. Romero’s classic 1968 movie Night of the Living Dead ends with Ben, an African-American character, being killed by a mob that mistakenly identifies him as a resurrected monster, offering powerful social commentary at a time of race riots and general unrest in the United States.

Perhaps the most original of all recent TV versions of the zombie is the French show The Returned ( Les Revenants ), a 16-episode show with two seasons released in 2012 and 2015. This inventive series effectively reconfigures everything we associate with zombies. The word “zombie” inevitably conjures up images of shuffling, brain-dead figures on the prowl for human flesh, but there is none of that in The Returned . Instead, many of the deceased inhabitants of a small town in the French Alps begin to inexplicably reappear.

Each episode focuses on one revived individual, providing his or her backstory and showing the consequences of this strange event on the living. In some cases, the returned are not warmly welcomed. The brooding Simon, a young man who committed suicide on his wedding day 12 years earlier, seeks out his fiancée, only to find that she has not only moved on but has also remarried.

While the show does not have the gratuitous gore generally found in zombie media, it is not without its disturbing moments, such as the flashback to the senseless murder of a young boy, Victor, during a home invasion. Then there is the school bus plummeting off a mountain road that opens the first season and haunts the town well before one of the fatalities comes back from the dead four years later.

Director Fabrice Gobert’s supernatural series featuring sentient undead characters has enough nods to the zombie genre to remind us that it fits into that tradition, such as the characters being voraciously hungry when they reappear. In the first episode, the mother of Camille, one of the victims of the bus crash, walks downstairs and sees the fridge door open and close as Camille, her dead daughter, makes herself a sandwich. She does not speak, but her face speaks volumes. We see grief etched on her features, surprise at seeing her long-mourned daughter, fear that she is imagining it and finally a desire to believe, whatever the cause. All the while, Camille is chatting without pause about being hungry and finding her way home.

The show’s setting is used to great effect: mountains and a huge dam loom, as if to underscore the powerlessness of humans to change their destinies. Gobert filmed the show in almost entirely natural light, with many scenes shot at twilight. While a third and concluding season was never made, there are enough clues to enable the viewer to piece together a personal interpretation of the paranormal events. The lack of a neat finale seems appropriate since little is black or white in life – or death.

The most radical change in this French revamping of the zombie is that the living, rather than the enigmatic undead, are the most dangerous and destructive characters. Indeed, the show might be read as a subtle yet powerful parable of multiculturalism. Over the two seasons, many locals harbor suspicions about and increasingly militate against the incomers. It is not difficult to see the returning dead as a metaphor for immigrants seeking acceptance while facing hostility and prejudice from some elements in their host communities. This message resonates with wider debates within the European Union during the period when the show was shot and screened – and still does today.

  • French TV show

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Forget the explanation and embrace the emotion of The Returned ’s season finale

It became apparent at the midpoint of season two: With the revenants still in hiding and the living in various states of distress, it was suddenly very, very important to the characters of The Returned that they not be left alone. The sentiment is all over “ Virgil ”, and the notion of isolation as the ultimate level of hell only intensified as the final episodes rolled out. Milan got a watery form of solitary confinement. Julie found herself living by herself in an abandoned hospital wing. Victor had a nightmare of being alone on the seashore, his guardian angel tending to someone else. Pierre was the last living member of The Circle ; The Circle’s actions left several children orphaned.

Loneliness is the scariest monster under The Returned ’s bed, and it’s also a fundamental component of the show’s grieving process. To survive is to be left alone. The characters can choose to be with others who’ve also been left behind (and often do), but not without first accepting that they’re on their own.

And if you can embrace this aspect of the show’s vision, then you can accept the somewhat nonsensical explanation “Les Revenants” offers for why the dead have risen: Victor did it. Blessed with a second sight, but cursed with an inability to intervene, le petit garçon watched over the town from the Lewansky’s second story for 35 years. Until: Unforeseen calamity struck. When Mr. Lewansky collapsed in his home, Victor was there. We already knew that his hospitalization coincided with the strange occurrences within the town; “Les Revenants” reveals that the hospitalization was one of those strange occurrences. Fearing that he’d been left alone for good, Victor prayed that Mr. Lewansky would return—and he brought the spirits of all the town’s other unfortunates back with him.

On the one hand: This big finale reveal weakens the mystique of the series. It offers concrete, conclusive evidence for why the dead came back to life, and robs the mass resurrection of far-reaching significance. If you’re watching The Returned from the “no answers, please” perspective, or taking a Pierre-like “answers, please—but they better be apocalyptic” view, this is pretty disappointing. You’ve been waiting two years to find out that this whole TV show happened because an immortal elementary schooler made a wish to save his adoptive father.

But what “Les Revenants” reminded me of was the feeling I had when I first watched “ Camille ” in the fall of 2013, when The Returned looked like a more intimate rejoinder to other zombie apocalypse series, by way of “The Monkey’s Paw.” To know Victor caused all this undercuts some of the things I loved about that first season (which, full disclosure, I was much more enthusiastic about than this second season), but it also brings things full circle to the “Be careful what you wish for” vibe of the opening episodes. Think back to Sandrine in that very first scene at The Helping Hand, where Constance Dollé makes it seem like she’d give anything to see Audrey again. Then think about what Sandrine actually gave in order to be reunited with her daughter, in a tableau that comes as close as this show ever has to straight-up Night Of The Living Dead reenactment .

Judging a whole series for the sins of its last episode is an unfortunate symptom of modern TV fandom; it wasn’t that long ago that a series finale was just another episode in a show’s run. I don’t know if “Les Revenants” will be the last hour of The Returned , but it certainly feels that way. What I do know is I’d hate to see the reputation of the show tarnished because some viewers object to the second season’s “that meddling kid” resolution. And I understand those objections! I even voiced them a few paragraphs ago!

It’d be a shame for that to happen because “Les Revenants” isn’t all about that reveal, either. “Les Revenants” feels like a finale because it’s so good at putting a fine point on what had kind of become a big jumble of storylines throughout season two. It feels conclusive in all the right and most satisfying ways, delivering emotional blow after emotional blow, as characters either say farewell to one another or greet the next phase of their lives. For the revenants, that means an acceptance of being part of the crowd, as little clusters of the dead emerge throughout the crowd to claim their own. Though Camille must leave her family, she’ll never truly walk alone—as illustrated when the crowd parts to show her holding hands with Virgil. There’s tremendous power in physical contact in “Les Revenants,” be it that full-bodied embrace Julie gives to Victor when he finds her in the cell, or Lucy planting a kiss of gratitude on Alcide. Even something as simple as Adèle taking the hand of the cave-dwelling revenant packs a punch.

There are plot mechanics that must be served in the finale, but it’s not at the expense of emotion. There’s such feeling present when the Segurets let go of Camille (all over again); foregoing the Segurets’ tears, Berg’s goodbye with Etienne is a marvelously understated echo of that scene in the woods. “I need you,” says the son. His father reaches out, touching Berg’s face with his right hand. “I don’t know who you are,” he replies. “You should forget me.” He won’t: Memory is how the revenants stay alive when they’re not revenants.

Even some of the expository material reaps emotional rewards. When Camille checks the abrasion near her collarbone, it’s mentioned that the wound is caused by being away from other revenants. That explains what was happening to Audrey and Toni while they were in Helping Hand captivity; it also explains what’s going on with Serge near the end of “Les Revenants.” He won’t be joining the others in the woods—he’s chosen to stay in the tunnels and atone, a red badge of courage marking the consequences of his decision.

And even with the biggest question of the series answered, “Les Revenants” lets some mysteries be. Victor and Lucy are locked into some sort of yin-and-yang relationship, the true nature of which remains unclear. She arrived in town 36 years ago looking for him, and their scenes in the finale are charged with a grave understanding only they share. Swann Nambotin and Ana Girardot won’t be able to play ageless clairvoyants forever, but if a third season of The Returned comes to pass, I can see their characters still having some sort of connection to the story. After all, even in his seaside reverie with Julie and Ophélie, Victor can still sense Nathan, who, if Victor’s words to Julie are any indication, may one day perpetuate the cycle depicted in The Returned ’s two seasons.

Should that happen, “Les Revenants” makes it feel like Nathan would only do it by choice. That’s the real revelation of the finale: Not that Victor caused the return, but that he chose to cause it. He was always at the scene of a tragedy by choice, just as he chooses to change his and Julie’s fates, and just as the revenants choose to be with their own kind (or wither away on their own). Adèle chooses to trust Simon, and they’re both rewarded with the matrimonial moment they never got 10 years ago. Earlier in the episode, Etienne expresses regret for not choosing to listen to Victor’s warning about the dam; that regret resounds through his last words to Victor at the edge of the sinkhole: “If you want, you can change things.” This is the ending The Returned is giving us (for the time being, at least)—we can chose to not let it shatter our affection for a one-of-a-kind TV work.

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The Returned

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les revenants theatre

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Jeremy renner is ready to return to ‘mayor of kingstown’ one year after snowplow accident, breaking news.

TCA: Sundance Channel Picks Up Season 2 Of French Drama ‘The Returned’, Renews ‘Writers’ Room’

By Nellie Andreeva

Nellie Andreeva

Co-Editor-in-Chief, TV

More Stories By Nellie

  • ‘Bunk’d’ To End With Season 7 On Disney Channel; Final Installment’s Episode Order Expanded
  • 2024 TV Development: Selling Frenzy Amid Contraction, Compressed Pilot Season Post-Strike
  • ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest’ Adds L.L. Cool J & Cardi B To Lineup — Update

Canal Plus’s The Returned ( Les Revenants ) is probably the hottest global drama format at the moment. The stylish zombie series, a breakout hit in France and number of international territories, just won an International Emmy for Best Drama series and has a high-profile remake in the works at A&E with Carlton Cuse. Now Sundance Channel , which had acquired the first eight-episode season of the series, launching it this past Halloween, has picked up The Returned ‘s upcoming second season, which is about to go into production, in a deal with Zodiak Rights. It will debut in the US in late 2014. “ The Returned has proven to be an incredible addition to our slate,” said Sundance president Sarah Barnett. “We were delighted with the overwhelming critical and fan response to the series and we expect that season two will continue to seduce and chill audiences.” Created by Fabrice Gobert, Les Revenants was inspired by the 2004 feature film by the same name directed by Robin Campillo. It is set in an idyllic French mountain town where a seemingly random collection of people find themselves in a state of confusion as they attempt to return to their homes without realizing that they have been dead for several years. ABC’s similarly themed drama Resurrection premieres on March 9.

Sundance Channel also announced the renewal of its half-hour non-fiction series The Writers’ Room for a six-episode second season to premiere in the spring. In it, screenwriter Jim Rash goes inside the writers’ rooms of hit television shows. Season 2 will feature  Sons of Anarchy (Kurt Sutter, Charles Murray, Mike Daniels, Katey Sagal), House of Cards , Pretty Little Liars (I. Marlene King, Oliver Goldstick, Joseph Dougherty, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell), “ The Good Wife ” (Robert King, Michelle King, Ted Humphrey, Julianna Margulies), Scandal (Shonda Rhimes, Mark Wilding, Matt Byrne, Jenna Bans, Heather Mitchell, and Kerry Washington), and a special episode about the growing trend of comic book and graphic novel adaptations in TV which will highlight popular series such as The Walking Dead and Smallville . The Writers’ Room is produced by Relativity Television, with Tom Forman and Aliyah Silverstein executive producing.

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2023 u.s. total crossing $9b, led by universal; ‘wonka’ tops final frame.

les revenants theatre

‘Color Purple’ Actress-Stuntwoman Carrie Bernans Injured In Alleged NYC Hit & Run

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Review: In ‘The Returned,’ the Dead Return as if Nothing Happened

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les revenants theatre

By Alessandra Stanley

  • March 8, 2015

Be careful what you wish for. That’s the message of “ The Returned ,” a spooky series that debuts on Monday on A&E about dead people who suddenly come back to life for no apparent reason and with no memory of having been absent.

The first episode introduces Camille (India Ennenga), a teenager who died in a school bus accident. Four years later, Camille saunters back into her house, opens the fridge, and makes herself a sandwich. Her mother (Tandi Wright), who had been lighting candles in Camille’s room only moments before, discovers her dead daughter alive in the kitchen, sulky as ever and evidently quite hungry.

This is a ghost story for grown-ups, focused less on the dead than the people who are suddenly confronted with lost loved ones years and even decades after they have died. When the impossible happens, parents, lovers and siblings experience rolling waves of shock, euphoria, suspicion and dread.

The A&E version is an American adaptation of a French series, “Les Revenants,” and it is in itself a creepy apparition: It’s almost identical to the original.

And while neither series is at all funny, the A&E one will be inadvertently amusing to anyone who has seen the original, which is available with subtitles on Netflix.

That was set in a small, isolated town in the French mountains. This one is a similarly woody mountain area in Washington State. Many of the actors resemble their French counterparts or at least share with them a certain continental je ne sais quoi. (Almost everyone is thin in Caldwell, Wash., and men and women dress with casual flair.)

The creators seem so scared of not living up to the French version that they have replicated “Les Revenants,” almost word for word and scene for scene, with the same characters, conversations and crises. Both shows are chillingly enigmatic, but the American one is more timid about it — afraid, perhaps, of the French one’s s shadow.

And one mark of originality on television these days is, oddly enough, unfaithful imitation. So many American shows are copies of foreign ones. The best adaptations riff a little, reimagining not just the setting but also the show’s sensibility.

“Homeland,” on Showtime, was adapted from the Israeli show, “Prisoners of War,” and refigured the American version around a new character, a bipolar C.I.A. analyst played by Claire Danes. “The Slap,” is an NBC version of an Australian series by the same name, but it surrounds the central conflict with typically American class rifts and tribal loyalties.

There are small differences in the first episode of “The Returned” and “Les Revenants,” but they are minor and seem to have more to do with expedience than creativity.

The French series was moody and almost maddeningly elliptical — things were not explained immediately, and plenty of things were never explained. “The Returned” gives viewers a few shortcuts.

In one scene, a young man who returns from the dead finds his former fiancée looking at herself in the mirror. In “Les Revenants,” the beautiful, dark-haired woman wore a cream-colored lace dress; viewers discovered only later that it was her wedding dress, the one she was about to wear to marry another man. In “The Returned,” the beautiful, dark-haired woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is in a black dress and she is placing a frilly white wisp of netting on the top of her head — there is no mistaking it for anything other than a bridal veil.

Some of the changes merely reflect cultural differences. In the French version, a doctor makes house calls and takes a public bus to get to her patient’s house, two things that are almost unheard-of in the United States. In the American version, the doctor drives to work and sees patients in a clinic.

But despite those accommodations to the American way of life, the creators seem intent on recreating as much of the original’s atmosphere and style. In the French version, Simon is a sensitive, pale young man with dark curls who dresses in a black suit and a white shirt like a 19th-century Romantic poet — or the writer Bernard-Henri Lévy. The American Simon (Mat Vairo) looks exactly like him.

Possibly because it works so hard to mimic the original’s gloomy restraint, “The Returned” feels strained. It’s not at all like “Resurrection,” an ABC series that also presented dead people who return to their old lives, only to turn those of their relatives and friends upside down. (The ABC show was based on a novel, “The Returned,” that was not the source for “Les Revenants” or its American adaptation.) That show has so far lasted two seasons and was as brash, colorful and loud as any network drama, a nighttime soap with lots of dramatic music and end-of-episode twists that nevertheless lost traction.

“The Returned” is much more cool, cerebral and unsettling, but it is at best a ghostly reflection of “Les Revenants.”

The Returned

A&E, Monday nights at 10, Eastern and Pacific times; 9, Central time.

Produced by A+E Studios and FremantleMedia North America in association with Haut et Court TV SAS for A&E Network. Based on the French series adapted by Fabrice Gobert and inspired by the film “Les Revenants,” directed by Robin Campillo; Carlton Cuse, Raelle Tucker, Thom Beers, Craig Cegielski and Stefanie Berk, executive producers.

WITH: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Rowan Blackshaw), Mark Pellegrino (Jack Winship), Jeremy Sisto (Peter Lattimore), India Ennenga (Camille Winship), Sandrine Holt (Julie Han), Agnes Bruckner (Nikki Banks), Sophie Lowe (Lena Winship), Tandi Wright (Claire Winship), Mat Vairo (Simon Moran), Kevin Alejandro (Sheriff Tommy Solano), Dylan Kingwell (Victor), Aaron Douglas (Tony Darrow), Dakota Guppy (Chloe Blackshaw), Leah Gibson (Lucy McCabe), Michelle Forbes (Helen Goddard), Rhys Ward (Adam Darrow) and Terry Chen (Mark Bao).

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Not sure what to watch next we can help..

How do you make a movie about the Holocaust? With “The Zone of Interest,” Jonathan Glazer is just the latest director to confront the problem .

The Peanuts special is the most overtly Christian TV holiday classic. But it’s more Jewish in spirit than you may think, our critic writes .

The story of the Oompa-Loompas in Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”  is rooted in colonialism. In the movie prequel “Wonka,” the filmmakers address the issue head-on .

​​The Emmy-winning writer Cord Jefferson drew on personal experience for his movie “American Fiction,”  a layered sendup of race and hypocrisy in the book and film worlds.

When “Chicken Run” was released in theaters in June 2000, audiences and critics alike were charmed. Why did it take so long for a sequel to be made ?

If you are overwhelmed by the endless options, don’t despair — we put together the best offerings   on Netflix , Max , Disney+ , Amazon Prime  and Hulu  to make choosing your next binge a little easier.

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Opera on Video

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  • DMITRY KORCHAK Playlist 57 great video clips

FULL DMITRY KORCHAK Playlist 57 great video clips


Information on the Performance

  • Work Title: DMITRY KORCHAK Playlist   
  • Composer: various   
  • Libretto: various     Libretto Text, Libretto Index
  • Venue & Opera Company: various  
  • Recorded: various
  • Type: Staged Opera Live
  • Singers: Dmitry Korchak
  • Conductor: various   
  • Orchestra: various  
  • Stage Director:   
  • Costume Designer:   

Information about the Recording

  • Published by: OoV   
  • Date Published: 2023   
  • Format: Streaming
  • Quality Video: 3 Audio: 3
  • Subtitles: nosubs   
  • Video Recording from: YouTube      FULL VIDEO


Dmitry Korchak (born February 19, 1979 in Elektrostal/Moscow Oblast) is a Russian tenor and conductor.

Korchak received his musical education at the Moscow Choral Academy. In 2004 he won prizes at the “Francisco Viñas” International Singing Competition in Barcelona and at the Plácido Domingo Operalia International Competition in Los Angeles.

As a singer he has appeared at La Scala in Milan, the Vienna State Opera, the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden, the Paris Opera Bastille, London’s Covent Garden and New York’s Carnegie Hall. He has collaborated with artists such as Daniel Barenboim, Riccardo Chailly, Plácido Domingo, Lorin Maazel, Zubin Mehta and Kent Nagano.

From 2017 to 2020, Dmitry Korchak was Principal Guest Conductor at the Novosibirsk Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where he directed his own festival, and Guest Conductor at the Mikhailovsky Theater in Saint Petersburg.

Korchak has made several guest appearances at the Kissinger Sommer, the Salzburg Festival and the Rossini Festival in Pesaro, where he also worked as a conductor. Korchak also worked with the Bavarian Radio Orchestra and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Comment ( 1 )

Thank you for this, he’s brilliant!


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News from non-English countries

les revenants theatre

"They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at children single near Moscow - there is a casualty


Highlights: In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges. One child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently. It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

les revenants theatre

In Russia, in the city of Elektrostal (Moscow region), during demonstrations, Rosgvardia soldiers began shooting at spectators with children from machine guns with blank cartridges.

So far, one injured child is known.

This was reported by the local Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU.

"Small children were clutching their heads screaming and falling to the ground. Not without injuries. The child received serious damage from a rebounded cartridge case," the report said.

One of the witnesses to the incident posted a video. It was her child who was shot by the Russian Guards. In the video, a child can be heard crying and screaming violently.

After the woman realized that her child had been wounded, she called her husband and doctor.

Meanwhile, Russian occupier Ivan Alekseev in the war in Ukraine after a drunken quarrel killed his colleague and tried to cover up the crime, saying it was the work of "Ukrainian saboteurs."

It is also interesting that Russia recently arranged a solemn farewell to Vladimir Shestakov, convicted for the murder of a child, who became a mercenary of PMC "Wagner" and was liquidated in the war in Ukraine.

  • The suspect in the murder of a military volunteer was released from custody
  • They will teach "patriotism": Russians in the occupied territories launch cadet classes
  • Russia has created another training ground near Mariupol: how many soldiers are in the city

Source: tsn

All news articles on 2023-08-20

How FrankenSAM's "hybrid" air defense systems work in Ukraine: the editor-in-chief of Defense Express told the details 2023-12-28T18:43:33.857Z

Record in borrowing: households have borrowed almost BGN 700 million. in November - Economy 2023-12-28T18:43:22.090Z

This is what the weather will be like for New Year's Eve in Argentina 2023-12-28T18:43:10.416Z

Five people in Germany charged with collecting 250,000 euros in donations to Islamic State 2023-12-28T18:42:58.739Z

Gabrovo sends 2023 on December 30 - Society 2023-12-28T18:34:11.348Z

'No entry' on these routes in Delhi on New Year's Eve, know the route before exiting 2023-12-28T18:33:59.211Z

Meteorological Department warns of dense fog in Delhi and Haryana for next five days 2023-12-28T18:33:46.468Z

Every nation has its own unique way of life inspired by culture: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat 2023-12-28T18:33:34.705Z

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: BJP gears up for 'Dangal' in South, party's focus is on 84 seats 2023-12-28T18:33:22.872Z

Fog affects flight services, 60 flights diverted at Delhi airport in last three days 2023-12-28T18:33:10.969Z

The Prosecutor's Office launched a case for the hashkod of the machines from the local vote - Court and Prosecutor's Office 2023-12-28T18:22:58.766Z

Milen Keremedchiev on Schengen by land: By 2025 we will not break Austria's opinion - Politics 2023-12-28T18:13:33.410Z

Iranian Foreign Minister: Operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" was carried out by an independent decision and action by "Hamas" 2023-12-28T18:13:21.631Z

UNICEF: The number of children killed in the West Bank in 2023 is "unprecedented" 2023-12-28T18:13:10.004Z

How many Ukrainian conscripts are in captivity of the Russian Federation: activist's data 2023-12-28T18:12:58.486Z

Due to the actions of the Russians, an environmental disaster may occur near Melitopol 2023-12-28T18:04:07.549Z

SSI drain scheme revealed - Criminal 2023-12-28T18:03:55.428Z

Putin to Xi Jinping: The war in Ukraine will last five years, but Russia will win - Russia 2023-12-28T18:03:44.255Z

Dutch Army Commander-in-Chief: Prepare for war with Russia, ensure civilians stock up on food and water 2023-12-28T18:03:21.326Z

Director of GDBOP: In 2025 the border Bulgaria-Turkey will be the busiest in the world - Criminal 2023-12-28T18:03:10.030Z

"They fell to the ground with screams": Russian Guards fired at children single near Moscow - there is a casualty News/Politics 2023-08-20T20:58:57.477Z

Powerful explosion in Makhachkala could have caused the fall of a Russian missile – media (photos, video) News/Politics 2023-08-16T09:58:30.402Z

The moment of the explosion in Moscow was broadcast on the rowing championship: video News/Politics 2023-08-11T12:06:55.387Z

Moscow region attacked by drones: Vnukovo airport suspended work (video) News/Politics 2023-07-04T06:18:46.954Z

8-Year-Old Boy Killed in Russian Strike on Western Ukraine News/Politics 2023-08-11T14:26:57.994Z

They were going to reconnaissance the territory: border guards "landed" the occupiers' UAVs near Avdiivka News/Politics 2023-08-08T13:05:30.066Z

In Crimea, the occupier shot a contract soldier from Moscow: details News/Politics 2023-08-13T09:17:01.858Z

The hypermarket destroyed to the ground is still smoking: new details of Russia's powerful attack on Odesa (video) News/Politics 2023-08-14T11:38:57.345Z

Russia faces the biggest drone assault on its own territory since the start of the invasion of Ukraine News/Politics 2023-08-30T19:20:25.125Z

Why and how China dominates the rare earth minerals and technology sector - Asia News/Politics 2023-12-28T06:23:13.905Z

Ethiopian Prime Minister receives Hemedti in Addis Ababa News/Politics 2023-12-28T12:05:12.394Z

IRGC retracts statements regarding "Al-Aqsa flood" as revenge for Qassem Soleimani News/Politics 2023-12-28T08:14:26.282Z

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw stones during the assault of the Russians: what is the reason News/Politics 2023-12-27T22:22:44.136Z

Hemedti arrives in Ethiopia after postponement of Djibouti meeting with Burhan News/Politics 2023-12-28T10:14:26.692Z

From cricketer to conman: 25-year-old boy duped Rishabh Pant of over Rs <>.<> crore News/Politics 2023-12-28T04:52:49.504Z

"We don't have enough penalty battalions!": the military reacted sharply to Lubinets' statement News/Politics 2023-12-27T21:22:55.615Z

The very rich got richer in 2023, according to Bloomberg News/Politics 2023-12-28T02:53:32.908Z

Father Boyan Saraev died - Society News/Politics 2023-12-28T05:33:12.084Z

British intelligence analyzed the destruction of "Novocherkassk" in Crimea News/Politics 2023-12-28T10:43:29.082Z

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Popular Locations

  • Albuquerque
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Featured Reviews for Home Theater & Automation Installers in Elektrostal'

What is a home media designer, questions to ask home media designers or home automation companies:, find home theater & automation companies near me on houzz, how do i find a local home automation & home media professional in elektrostal'.

  • Reach out to the pro(s) you want, then share your vision to get the ball rolling.
  • Request and compare quotes, then hire the Home Automation & Home Media professional that perfectly fits your project and budget limits.

What services do Home Automation & Home Media companies provide in Elektrostal'?

  • Home Automation
  • Home Security Companies & Installation
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How many Home Automation & Home Media professionals are in Elektrostal'?

How to install a home theater system in your home.

To set up a home theater system in your home, it’s best to get help from a professional home theater installation company.

  • Find a Reliable Company, for example on this Houzz page.
  • Get in touch with the company and schedule a meeting. Talk to them about what you want and how much you can spend.
  • The experts from the company will create a unique plan for your home theater based on your space and preferences.
  • Work together to select the right equipment, like speakers, a TV or projector, a receiver, and more.
  • The company will take care of the installation process. They will set up everything properly and make sure it all works correctly.
  • Once everything is installed, they will do calibration and testing to get the best sound and picture quality.

By getting help from a professional in Elektrostal', you can have a great home theater system without the hassle of setting it up yourself.

Does home automation add value?

Home automation can bring many benefits and add value to your home in Elektrostal'.

  • Easy Control: you can easily control things like lights, temperature, and security using your smartphone or voice commands.
  • Energy Savings: you save energy by monitoring and adjusting usage, leading to lower energy bills.
  • Enhanced Security: advanced security features, letting you monitor and control your home’s security even when you’re away.
  • Personalization: customize the system to fit your needs and preferences, controlling what matters most to you.
  • Increased Home Value: make your property more attractive to potential buyers and increase its value in the real estate market.

In summary, home automation offers easy control, energy savings, enhanced security, personalization, increased home value, and an improved lifestyle. It’s a smart investment that makes daily living easier and more efficient.


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les revenants theatre

  • Culture et loisirs

Tarbes. Théâtre des nouveautés : Les provinciaux débarquent en ville

Destination Paris

La programmation de Tarbes en scènes s’est poursuivie au théâtre des nouveautés avec "La cagnotte" de la compagnie La Bigarrure.

Tout commence par un groupe de bourgeois de province venu s’encanailler à Paris. Suite à une erreur de la police, nos héros finissent en prison. Après, leur évasion, ils se retrouvent sans le sou, recherchés par la police en plein Mardi gras. À partir de là, ils devront tout tenter pour laver leur honneur et rentrer chez eux en un seul morceau.

Au premier abord, "La cagnotte" semble être un vaudeville comme les autres. Néanmoins, la touche de la compagnie La bigarrure apporte quelque chose de nouveau. Il y a la musique bien sûr. Entraînante et de circonstance, elle correspond bien à l’histoire.

Et puis, il y a le jeu des comédiens. Chacun apporte une touche personnelle à l’histoire originale d’Eugène Labiche. Le décor, la précision, l’alchimie entre les comédiens apporte à ce classique une part de modernité.

les revenants theatre

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les revenants theatre

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Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’s Finale Was Remade in Clone Wars-Style Animation By Fans

"you underestimate my power.".

Michael Cripe

Star Wars: Episode 3 — Revenge of the Sith's closing moments have been recreated in the style of The Clone Wars animated series thanks to a team of dedicated fans.

The aptly named Star Wars YouTube channel Hello There shared their animated version of the final 15 minutes of the third prequel film recently, and it includes the emergence of Darth Vader, the birth of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa, and perhaps most importantly, the final battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. It’s so well done that it looks more like a long-lost Clone Wars episode instead of an unofficial project.

CLONE WARS: BATTLE OF THE HEROES https://t.co/dNNAnAV2LG — HELLO THERE (@HelloThere_YT) December 30, 2023

Most fan-favorite moments make the cut, and there are even a few extra clips added in to help cement that animated feel. However, while lightsabers clash on Mustafar, we do not get to see things like the fight between Yoda and Palpatine back on Coruscant. Another change is the voices, which seem to strive for a mix between the live-action and animated versions of the characters.

Hello There didn’t quite drop this all out of the blue. For years, the channel has dropped trailers and behind-the-scenes progress updates to let viewers know when to expect a Clone Wars take on Revenge of the Sith. After lots of waiting and a few delays, the project finally made its way to the public just days before 2024 arrived.

“Witness the epic showdown between Anakin and Obi-wan in the style ‘The Clone Wars,’” Hello There said in the description of the video. “After years of hard work and dedication, I am proud to present this reimagination of the iconic scene. Thank you everyone who supported us throughout this journey! You have all been so patient and encouraging and we could not have done it without each and every one of you!”

It took more than one person to bring the Battle of the Heroes to life. Included in the lineup are animators like Ben Johnson alongside re-recording mixer Byron Childs, mixer consultant Rafael Castano Marin, lead sound designer Nicholas Pawlenko, supervising sound editor Mike Pierluissi, score producer Luke Truan, and assisstant composers Madison Debrock, Truman McCaw, and Chris Valencia.

For more, check out the fan mock-up of a The Mandalorian video game and what you can expect from Star Wars in 2024.

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