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a cat catamaran

eXploder AD3 is A-Class sailing catamaran – one of the fastest singlehanded sailing boats on the water. The eXploder A-Class cats have been in production since 2013 and in that time won a staggering 6 World Championship titles and 15 Continental titles Since it’s conception the eXploder platform has been improved over and over again. The focus behind the current boat has been aerodynamics. Optimised hulls and foils / rudders / daggers are constantly being tested and improved.


Tweaked and tested foils are not only incredibly fast, but also easy to control. This is a race-winning combination. When a customer buys a new boat, it is always provided with the latest, fastest, tested foils / rudders / daggers.

a cat catamaran


Hulls, beams, double-layered trampoline, hull-beam connections – all these parts are optimised for drag reduction. Together with D3 Applied Technologies we’ve ran countless tests and CFD simulations to try to understand where the biggest efficiency gain lies. This is not a hydro story anymore, it’s a flying object! Also the whole package is designed to be very clean and as visually appealing as possible.


All the foil trimming systems are clean and easy to operate on any course, allowing on the fly trimming, including rudder differential in either displacement of foiling mode.

All boat elements are designed to be durable, failure-free and easy to operate and manufactured using the latest in material and technology


The eXploder AD3 is provided with all needed systems and even trim markings making initial boat set-up intuitive. To go out on the water, everything what is needed is to put a mast on, insert foils / rudders in their slots, hoist a sail and attach a Cunningham and a mainsheet.


In our business the only way to determine performance is through results. The eXploder AD3 has won 6 World and 15 Continental titles in the last 7 years.


“The AD3 2020 model is the result of over a decade of learning, testing, failing, succeeding at times, and overall, developing these boats. With the previous platform we made some compromises from a design perspective, enabling us to build test boats over the years with different board and beam locations. It has been a very successful platform, widely used by the majority of the class. However, in the last couple of years we have been considering changing the daggerboard cases, but in order to respect our philosophy, that would require a new platform. So last year we tested a few systems on the 2019 AD3 (carbon traveller car, rudder differential, etc), and prepared the grounds to design a new model in 2020.

You have limited opportunities to design a new platform, and in most projects, new ideas sometimes fade away in the design process as we face boatbuilding realities (materials, tooling, custom hardware, etc). On this model we were given plenty of freedom in terms of shapes and surfacing, and for once this was maintained until the end. The aero-package of an upwind-foiler is one of the main drivers of performance, and this boat is very clean in that aspect.

We took the opportunity to update the foils (Z42) and the rudder elevators. We not only changed the rondure and planform but also the family of foil sections following the most recent design tool developments. As of rudder lift control, we can sail now with a more extreme rudder differential. Righting moment is the horsepower of any boat, so this is a huge performance gain, particularly upwind.

The rest was our typical process of designing a racing boat: countless design iterations, CFD for aero and hydrodynamics, VPP iterations to update polars etc From a hydro point of view, this hull is designed as a foiler, so we ended up reducing the volume, rocker and freeboard of the hulls. Interestingly, we managed to reduce drag at lower speeds (2 hull downwind and non-foiling upwind).

The bar was set as high as it gets with it’s predecessor but we are 100% confident that the AD3 is another step towards the ultimate performance. “

F1x A-class foiling catamaran

World champion, lighter = better, craftsmanship, meet the foiling f1x a-class catamaran.

This is the ultimate singlehanded foiling catamaran of the moment: ultramodern, incredibly fast, very agile, extremely strong and feather-light, in an aerodynamic and ergonomic design. The perfect total package, packed in 1 foiling catamaran. This is the world’s coolest boat for singlehanded races and the winner of several A-cat world championships and many other sailing races.

The 2020-F1x A-cat is exactly the same foiling catamaran that made Mischa Heemskerk Vice-World Champion at the Herveybay Worlds 2018 in Australia and World Champion at Weymouth 2019. All our foiling F1x A-class catamarans come straight, ready to race and ‘Mischa-tuned’ from our factory.

Unique design enables top performances

The F1x A-class foiling catamaran is the ultimate reflection of our current design language. The aerodynamic design accentuates the performance qualities of this super fast foiling racing boat. The sophisticated deck plan provides clear control and minimal air resistance.

Foils The rudders and daggerboard foils used on the F1x A-class foiling catamarans are produced with the highest quality carbon pre-preg fibers. The foils are cured in our own Autoclave . Our winning foil design was created in close cooperation with Glenn Ashby and the designers of AC Team New Zealand .

Construction The F1x A-cat is manufactured entirely according to the carbon pre-preg/ Nomex production method, and cured in our Autoclave. This technology is the same as used in the aerospace industry and within other foiling boats like for example, the America’s Cup.

Design The design of the F1x foiling A-class catamaran was completely conceived by the DNA design team and made at DNA’s own yard. In the DNA design team Pieterjan Dwarshuis, Mischa Heemskerk and the renowned Dutch industrial design engineer Rudo Enserink worked closely together to create the perfect foiling A-class catamaran.

We build your new foiling boat!

Technical details.

The F1x A-class foiling catamaran has a number of unique features that improve performance. For example:

  • Semi ridged trampoline. Gives extra torsional stiffness to the boat and increases its aerodynamic characteristics.
  • Patented main-sheet-wheel-system. For more direct and faster trim of the main sail.
  • Aerodynamically placed traveller car.
  • Flexible daggerboard casings. For minimal water absorption in floating mode.
  • Aerodynamically shaped ‘beams’.
  • Adjustable T-rudders. Foiling with rudder differential is possible.


LOA: 5.49 m BOA: 2.30 m Max. draught: 1.20 m Sail area: 13.94 m Total weight: ca. 53 kg Top speed: 31 kn Extra: All measurements according to IACA Class regulations.

Buy a champion's boat!

Are you excited to buy a F1x A-class foiling catamaran from DNA Performance Sailing? Please fill in our contact form:

Yes, I want a F1x A-cat!

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a cat catamaran


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a cat catamaran

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Inside the Class: A Cats

  • By Dave Reed
  • Updated: February 19, 2017

If you want to geek out on high-tech singlehanded catamarans this week, the place to be is St. Petersburg, Florida’s tiny Spa Beach where nearly 40 A Class catamarans and their tweaking-obsessed owners have encamped for the Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta this weekend. Scattered across the grass park next to the beach are generations of these sexy high-performance catamarans, each of them on display like antique car show. Want to know more about any one of them? Just go ahead and ask. The cool cats love to talk cat sailing.

The divide among the newer “foilers” and “floaters” as the traditional A cats are now called, is almost equal here at the NOOD Regatta. Drawn to these singlehanders are like minded sailors that simply like to sail fast and challenge themselves with a platform that will reward no matter the condition require skill across all conditions.

This includes guys like Matthew Keenan, of Highlands, N.J., who joined the ranks of the foilers last year. While most A-cat sailors here likely cut their teeth as floaters, Keenan, who is winning the class after two days of racing, went straight to a foiler. “I did a lot of sailing in my earlier years (in the early 2000s) and then I kind of stopped,” says Keenan, a tugboat captain. “I went to school and did a lot of kiteboarding and then I saw that foiling developed and thought I need to get a piece of that.”

He picked up a second-hand foiling boat (new foilers can retail for $25,000 and up), and has been a quick study in the art of flight, which requires exhausting physical and mental stamina, especially when winds are light to marginal. When it’s windier, the foilers fly easier, but staying on the boat through high-speed maneuvers remains a constant battle. Capsizing, they’ll tell you is slow. Real slow.

Still, one of the most difficult aspects of racing in the mixed class can be going up against the classics, says Keenan. “Upwind everybody’s pretty much the same speed,” he says. “If the foilers can stay airborne and get going downwind they’re much faster and we can sail relatively the same angle downwind so we pull away pretty quickly. So upwind there about the same but downwind with foiling conditions we can pull away.”

When it’s marginal and choppy, however, it’s hard to get up the course against the floaters. They may be slower, he says, but “they have the best VMG over the course whereas we’re just reaching back and forth just trying to work the boat up on the foils. You can end up sailing in the totally wrong direction for a half mile before you realize it’s not going to pay.”

This absentmindedness and tendency to find oneself well overstood is due to the inadvertent mind control that takes over once aloft. It’s a mental condition described to me by one A Cat devotee this morning: “It’s just so damn fun, I find myself not caring at all about where I finish.”

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a cat catamaran

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Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series Annapolis

Casting Couch Is Top Team at Regatta Series in Annapolis

a cat catamaran

Pressure Mounts At Regatta Series in Annapolis

a cat catamaran

Regatta Series Brings The Big Fleets to Annapolis

Ken Read

The Allure of the IOM

Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series Annapolis

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December 3, 2014 by Sail1Design Editor Leave a Comment

The International A-Class Catamaran (A-Cat) is an ISAF international development class.  It has a length of 18’, a 7.5’ beam, a minimum weight of 165lbs, and 20 square meters of sail (Peter Johnstone).   Power-wise, the A-Cat is among the leaders for its size.  Upwind comfortably at well over 10 knots and downwind over 20 (knots), the A-Cat is one of the quickest boats around.  All major components are carbon fiber allowing it to weigh in less than almost any other boat of its size or smaller, multi or mono-hulled.  Larger than a Laser at nearly the same weight, the A-Cat is easily rigged and launched in less time than it will take to read this article. The rig is a single square top main on a carbon mast with a single trapeze wire.  Sails are usually made out of carbon or Kevlar fiber laminates to maximize stiffness while maintaining its ultra light status.  Hulls are typically (on modern boats) with a carbon skin over a nomex honeycomb core.  All of the current advancements, carbon fiber parts, square top mains and hull design, stems from the developmental nature of the class.  Owners are encouraged to experiment with designs on the boat in an attempt to achieve even more speed.  For these reasons, amongst others, the A-Cat is widely regarded as the fastest single-handed dinghy currently in production. Recently A-Cats have followed the high performance catamaran track and started foiling.  The trickle down effect of technology from the America’s Cup has resulted in the ability to consistently produce high quality, reliable foils that make foiling significantly easier than many other foiling boats (such as the moth). See our full class profile here

Here’s the Class Page:


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a cat catamaran

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a cat catamaran

A-Class Catamaran World Championships 2024

puntala logo .png

Punta Ala, Italy September 7th-14th 2024

a cat catamaran

Warm Up Event! ITA National Regatta - 31st - 1st Sept

Open Championships for both 

Classic and Open Disciplines

Our Sponsors - 

Without these guys, this event would not be possible, please check them out..


PuntAla Camp & Resort 

a cat catamaran

WIP Water Protection

a cat catamaran

Challenger Sails

loghi ciu ciu .png

Ciu Ciu Wines

@media screen and (min-width: 70em){.css-1c47y9x{color:var(--chakra-colors-blue\.brand);}} A Cat Class buy/sell second hands, ads and prices

Launched in 1950, this is a class that aims for the best performance in a single-handed sport catamaran. Often made of carbon, now equipped with foils, the A-Class is the most technologically advanced class for solo racing. It is a very dynamic class and the level of the racers is very (very) high.

The Classe a would be the catamaran equivalent of the foiling Moth : light, technological, extreme, fast and bringing together the best in the discipline.

A Cat Class used

the last A Cat Class ads at the best price

Classe A DNA for sale in Carnac

Classe A DNA for sale in Carnac

Classe A Bimare for sale in Les Sables-d'Olonne

Classe A Bimare for sale in Les Sables-d'Olonne

A-Cat ‘AC Nano’ Platform - innovative A-Class catamaran

A-Cat ‘AC Nano’ Platform - innovative A-Class catamaran

A Cat Class Exploder à vendre à Sopotf

A Cat Class Exploder à vendre à Sopotf

Classe A Bimare for sale in Bourg-des-Comptes

Classe A Bimare for sale in Bourg-des-Comptes

A Cat Class presentation

The model A Cat Class has 2 differents versions : Classe A classic , Classe A foiler .

The A class catamaran, a unique spirit

The A-Class is a single-handed class, the freedom given by the gauge has allowed it to be always at the forefront of technological innovations. The result is a sports catamaran with a magnificent look, impressive and performing around 3 buoys. This open gauge allowed her to be one of the first light sail series to be equipped with foil. The A-Class now flies above the water.

Class A program

It is a boat intended more for regatta sailors than for sailors looking for "calm" rides. There are many shipyards producing A Class boats, including Marstrom, Bimare , Nacra, Addiction, Askell and DNA.

Second hand Class A catamaran

The second-hand A Classes remain quite expensive for recent productions, however, if one is looking for a catamaran for sailing more oriented towards leisure than performance: the bill will be much less expensive.

The entry prices for Class A boats are very low: sometimes 1000$ for old boats, on the other hand, recent Class A boats, those which can perform in championships, are traded for 20000$.

Buying or selling an A Class

This is where it all happens, you can find a lot of A-Class ads on iWannaboat.

Some figures of the A Cat Class catamaran  :

Min price  :

Max price  :

Average price  :

Median price  :

Available boats  :

Launch year  :

Used A Cat Class price table

an image, when javascript is unavailable

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Wider Yachts Is Debuting a 92-Foot Hybrid Catamaran at the Venice Boat Show—Here’s a First Look

The new widercat 92 pairs high-tech hybrid propulsion with an innovative design., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

Meet ‘moonshine,’ a new 119-foot superyacht with an otherworldly interior.

  • A Pristine 1995 Bentley That Starred in ‘The Crown’ Is up for Grabs

Meet Stormy Knight, the Sleek New Batmobile-Style Jet Ski Fit for a Superhero

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WiderCat 92

Wider Yachts will unveil its first catamaran in less than a fortnight.

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  • This Monstrous New 6×4 Camper Truck Is a Luxury Apartment on Wheels
  • Shelby’s New Super Snake Mustang Is an 830 HP Street-Legal Beast

WiderCat 92

With a beam just shy of 40 feet, the cat offers a generous amount of space onboard. The first hull is equipped with one giant owner’s suite, two generous VIP cabins, and one twin, but owners can also opt for a five-cabin layout. This particular owner’s suite covers almost half of the main deck and opens onto a private foredeck lounge. The main deck is also home to a well-equipped galley and a customizable aft cockpit, while the upper deck sports an additional forward cockpit, a sky lounge, and the helm. At the stern, the tender garage can transform into a spacious aft beach club with fold-down bulwarks that increase the amount of waterside space. Wider is widely considered to have started the trend of fold-out platforms for yachts.

Maggi says eight other hulls are under construction at the yard in Fano. Following the unveiling of the first hull in Venice, Wider will release a four-episode web series detailing the evolution of the pioneering multihull. The WiderCat 92’s worldwide debut is scheduled for the Cannes Yachting Festival this September.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

Read More On:

  • Wider Yachts

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Moonshine Superyacht

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Rossinavi Seawolf X Catamaran

Watch: This Sporty Hybrid Catamaran Uses AI for Greener Cruising on the High Seas

magazine cover

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

AUG 14 - 19 Get behind-the-scenes access to this remarkable week honoring automotive brilliance.

Give the Gift of Luxury

Latest Galleries in Marine

Moonshine Superyacht

‘Moonshine’ Superyacht in Photos

Planet Nine Superyacht

11 Fascinating Facts About ‘Planet Nine,’ a 240-Foot Superyacht With a Subterranean Cinema

More from our brands, episode 38: how listening to your customer builds long-term loyalty, anthony edwards’ business team is ‘prepared for this moment’, cannes film festival winners announced (updating live), beloved new york gallery david lewis to close after 11 years, the best yoga mats for any practice, according to instructors.


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Bluegame’s luca santella on america’s cup foiling hydrogen chase cats.

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The Bluegame BGHSV, Bluegame Hydrogen Support Vessel, is the answer to current America's Cup ... [+] champion Team Emirates New Zealand's request for each challenging team to build at least two 10+ meter hydrogen powered foiling chase boats capable of no less than 170 nm range at 25 knots with a top speed of 50 knots. This is the flying boat that will assist the New York Yacht Club American Magic race boat during the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona beginning in August.

From August 22nd through October 27th, all eyes in the sailing world will be focused on Barcelona for the 37th America's Cup sailing race. The oldest international sports competition still going strong, the challenge upholds many traditions. This year, however, competing teams are working with a number of changes, one of which affects design of the chase boats that assist the race boats.

The new protocol was directed by the current champion, Team Emirates New Zealand. It requires each team to build a minimum of two 10+ meter hydrogen fuel cell powered chase boats capable of sustaining a minimum speed of 25 knots for no less than a 180 nautical mile range, and hit a top speed of 50 knots.

With design by Bluegame Head of Project Strategy Luca Santella and nautical engineer Mirko Oprandi, ... [+] and hull design by Philippe Briand, the Bluegame HSV, Hydrogen Support Vessel, greets onlookers with a dramatic bow profile. The boat measures 10.80 meters in length, with a 4.20 meter beam and a weight of 5500 kilograms.

The results are stunning, particularly in the case of the New York Yacht Club's American Magic chase boat designed and built in Italy by Bluegame , the eccentric, nonconformist, trendsetting division of Sanlorenzo Yachts.

Bluegame, founded by Luca Santella in 2005, was tapped by the American Magic team for the build in August of 2022. Putting his 35 years of sailing experience to work, he embraced the challenge. Sailing all of his life and in all of the most important events in the world, he explains that the only event he has not participated in is The America's Cup. An Olympic sailor, with an older brother that shared sailing experiences with him from a very young age, this is a very special race and a very special project for him. Santella states, "These projects keep me alive," referring to the passion and curiosity surrounding innovative new builds like this.

Fortnite Servers Are Down Here s When Chapter 5 Season 3 Begins Updated

Here’s what happens if trump is convicted—as trial goes to jury next week, biden vs trump 2024 election polls trump leads by 2 points latest survey shows.

Santella says he first became curious about these hydrogen foiling catamarans two years ago, imagining flying over the chop, the waves, smoothly and silently. He had never been on one, save for that on a foiling board.

The Bluegame BGHSV composite structures from Gurit Engineering combine with foils structure by Doug ... [+] Schickler and Davide Tagliapietra to create what Santella says is the most technically advanced boat sailing in the world today, achieving a 200 nautical mile range, reaching a top speed of 50 knots., navigating totally emission free.

Captured by the challenge of the project Santella gathered an impressive talent pool, putting himself and Mirko Oprandi on design, Philippe Briand on hull design, and Francis Hueber and Mario Caponnetto on foils design. He then engaged Gurit Engineering for the composite structures, bringing Paolo Manganelli, Harry Gillies Ripoll, and Steve Shaw on board.

To ensure each component was the best it could be, Santella also brought in Edoardo Bianchi to manage composites, Gianni and Paolo Cariboni and Pierluca Bartolotto on mechatronics, Paolo Bertelli for the power training component, and Enrico Dari for R & D, Computer Graphic Technology, and EODev, Energy Observer Developments. Santella also relied on Paolo Dassi as project manager. This highly experienced, well-respected collection of top, cutting-edge talent went to work, creating what Santella envisions will be the finest, most technically advanced chase boat at the race.

Santella tapped Francis Hueber and Mario Caponnetto for foils design, Doug Schickler and Davide ... [+] Tagliapietra on foils structure, and Fabrizio Marabini on flight control, relying on Paolo Bertetti and Enrico Dari for power training, Research and Development, Computer Graphics Technology, and EODev.

An Important Marine Business Component

While these unique craft may be just another interesting part of this epic competition, Santella feels it was a very smart marine business move to include the advanced technology for the chase boats. Foiling will absolutely become a part of mainstream marine design, Santella says, adding that it may take a little longer for the hydrogen propulsion to become popular.

"It is a very delicate and complex matter, and the network is still very, very much at the beginning," Santella states, but adds, "regarding the foils, I am really a fan of it, and looking forward to it. We are already working on a project at Bluegame. We will have a 45-foot foiling catamaran. It won't be a high tech foiling boat like we see in the chase boat, but still it will be a foiling boat."

Santella says that there is a 45-foot foiling catamaran in the works at Bluegame that has already ... [+] sparked a lot of interest. Should someone want their own version of the BGHSV chase boat, Bluegame can certainly build it. The cost will be high, but it will be an extremely high tech, nice looking asset for any superyacht looking for a clean, quiet, fast ride.

Transitioning From Race Course Concept To Day Cruiser

After the excitement of watching these chase boats at the America's Cup, there is bound to be interest generated by their quick, quiet presence. If someone comes up to Santella after the race inquiring about their own personal version of the boat, he says that it would be expensive, but Bluegame would absolutely be able to deliver. "Yes, yes, well ... you see, it's a lot of money, but it can be a very unique toy for really special guys, so why not?"

Santella says that he has already thought about the evolution of the same boat to make it suitable for use with a superyacht. It can be avant garde, high tech eye candy for even the edgiest, most well-equipped superyachts.

With regard to the need for training to assure competent captains, Santella equates driving the foiling HSV with driving a Ferrari. There might be a learning curve, he says, but with minimal instruction and a small practice session an experienced captain can easily fly the boat, especially since flying is controlled 100 percent by software.

"We do practice our captains with our normal boats. I share my knowhow with captains so they can drive safely and so that we can be proud of our boats in their hands," Santella assures. He adds that on the production version, speeds might be limited to 40 knots.

We are moving the technology, the knowhow, the experience on the chase boats into production, giving a sense to the investment in time, money and energy on this project."

Luca Santella, founder and head of product strategy at Bluegame, is looking forward to seeing the ... [+] BGHSV on the water in Barcelona, adding that it has been a fantastic experience, particularly with regard to the elevated quality the passionate team delivered throughout the design and build process.

Looking Ahead To Barcelona

Santella smiles, noting that he is most looking forward to seeing the BGHSVs shine as the best on the water, along with American Magic winning the cup. As far as the race itself, Santella acknowledges that it will be different from the previous race in New Zealand.

"We will see a different sailing compared to the one in New Zealand because New Zealand was very protected seawater, very flat, no waves. Barcelona is very different, so we can have varied conditions, waves, flat water, anything."

American Magic and her BGHSV are ready. The best engineers, the best technicians, the most precise mechanical parts, the complicated software, all have come together to create an very able craft.

Regarding his latest accomplishments on this high tech foiling hydrogen catamaran chase boat, Santella says, "Now I am really proud that my boat can be in the America's Cup."

Kathleen Turner

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  2. Events-date

    editor Tue, 04/30/2024 - 11:00. It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of another A-Cat legend, known to a great many of us. Matthias Dietz was a beloved and gentle character for many years on both the German and European circuits. His immense knowledge of all things, ranging from the 1970's Le Mans Porsche 917 breaking ...

  3. International A-class catamaran

    The A-Class Catamaran, often abbreviated to A-Cat, is a development class sailing catamaran for singlehanded racing. Background. The class was founded during the late 1950s and was part of the 4-tier IYRU (now World Sailing) approach to divide up the sports catamaran sailing scene into 4 separate groups.

  4. International A-Division Catamaran Association

    2025 NZL Worlds Dates announced. OFFICIAL - The 2025 A-Cat Worlds will be held at Manly Sailing Club, North Island, New Zealand. Dates - 8th-16th November 2025. We can now look forward enormously to this event, at the club where no lesser sailor than Russel Coutts is Commodore, so we hope as many as possible can come over join in the party in ...

  5. A-CLASS

    eXploder AD3 is A-Class sailing catamaran - one of the fastest singlehanded sailing boats on the water. The eXploder A-Class cats have been in production since 2013 and in that time won a staggering 6 World Championship titles and 15 Continental titles. Since it's conception the eXploder platform has been improved over and over again.

  6. The 'A' Class Catamaran

    Anyone with an interest in the hi-tech aspects of sailing will probably know something of the 'A' Cat. They are spread worldwide with large fleets in Australia, USA/Canada, throughout Europe and there is even a growing fleet emerging in Argentina. ... At the Catamaran Club on the Isle of Sheppey in 1967, the Tornado won the 'B' class ...

  7. One-Design Class Profile: A-Cat

    The International A-Class Catamaran (A-Cat) is an ISAF international development class. It has a length of 18', a 7.5' beam, a minimum weight of 165lbs, and 20 square meters of sail (Peter Johnstone). Power-wise, the A-Cat is among the leaders for its size. Upwind comfortably at well over 10 knots and downwind over 20 (knots), the A-Cat is ...

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    The official Youtube Channel of the International A Class Catamaran Association (IACA). This channel provides an idea of what sailing this most elegant of catamaran classes actually entails. For ...

  9. F1X Foiling Catamaran

    The 2020-F1x A-cat is exactly the same foiling catamaran that made Mischa Heemskerk Vice-World Champion at the Herveybay Worlds 2018 in Australia and World Champion at Weymouth 2019. All our foiling F1x A-class catamarans come straight, ready to race and 'Mischa-tuned' from our factory.

  10. Inside the Class: A Cats

    Inside the Class: A Cats. The A Class Catamarans have foilers and floaters assembled St. Petersburg for the Helly Hansen NOOD. We catch up with the fastest of the floaters. If you want to geek out ...

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    A-Cat. December 3, 2014 by Sail1Design Editor Leave a Comment. The International A-Class Catamaran (A-Cat) is an ISAF international development class. It has a length of 18', a 7.5' beam, a minimum weight of 165lbs, and 20 square meters of sail (Peter Johnstone). Power-wise, the A-Cat is among the leaders for its size.

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    A-Class Catamaran World Championships. 981 likes · 34 talking about this. The official site for the A-Class Catamaran World Championship events, for current, past and future A-Class Catamaran World Championships

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    The website for the annual International 'A' Class Catamaran World Championships.

  14. Catamaran

    A catamaran ( / ˌkætəməˈræn /) (informally, a "cat") is a watercraft with two parallel hulls of equal size. The distance between a catamaran's hulls imparts resistance to rolling and overturning. Catamarans typically have less hull volume, smaller displacement, and shallower draft (draught) than monohulls of comparable length.

  15. Exploder A-Cat D3 2020 in detail (I)

    Click images for slideshow and orig size. - Exploder D3 2020 A-Cat first impressions When the DNA F1 was launched we labeled it the coolest sailboat ever built. This new Exploder D3 A-Cat might not have the fancy aero of the DNA but is loaded with latest development from the joint effort of Jakub Kopyowicz / Exploder yard and Gonzalo Redondo from D3 Applied Technologies.

  16. A New Breed of Cat: High-Performance Power Catamarans

    Freeman catamarans were fast out of the gate. The original 33 hit a top end of some 55 knots with twin 350-hp outboards. Customers were sold, and demand for larger boats poured in. Freeman expanded, offering a 37 and 42, and earlier this year, the company released a 47-footer with a 13-foot, 2-inch beam.

  17. Class rules

    Class rules. In this section you can find the A-Cat Class rules and measurement guidelines. World Sailing Plaques ( Open link here)

  18. Used A Cat Class catamarans boat for sale, second hand : price/buying

    The A-Class catamaran is a development gauge for sport catamarans. It is the king of single-handed sport catamarans. This catamaran built in carbone fiber is very fast. Now the A Cat has foils and it flyes on the water. Launched in 1950, this is a class that aims for the best performance in a single-handed sport catamaran.

  19. Catamarans Vs. Monohulls: Choosing The Right Boat

    Cat Dancing 101: Basics Of Maneuvering A Catamaran. So you've decided that a catamaran is the right choice for your charter (or your journey down the path to ownership) but you haven't driven one or maybe you're intimidated by one. In some ways, cats are easier to handle - once you learn their secrets. For Starters

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    This is an international group purely for the sale, or for those seeking the sale of 'A' Class Catamarans and their associated parts. Other boats and...

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    Wider Yachts Is Debuting a 92-Foot Hybrid Catamaran at the Venice Boat Show—Here's a First Look ... The cat has a max speed of 14 knots, a cruising speed of 12 knots, and a range of 1,600 ...

  22. The Seawolf X Catamaran Is the First of Its Kind, a Rossinavi Marvel

    Seawolf X is part of the Sea Cat series introduced in 2022 and carries the BluE label that stands for the yard's commitment to more sustainable and ultimately net-zero sailing. This hybrid ...

  23. Buy/Sell

    Complete A-Cat, all included. Long T-rudders modified with exploder 2022 winglets. Rudders and foils painted 2023. ... EUR. Read more about DNA F1 2016 - adjustable and foiling; Flyer II complete. egander Sat, 04/06/2024 - 11:37. Flyer II Class A Catamaran built by Aicher-Egner in 2006, ready for sailing pleasure and competition. Price. 5000 ...

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    22 likes, 0 comments - catsailingnews on May 25, 2024: "F18 Nats 2024. Day 2. Another bullet Festival (6 out of 6) by @pablo.volker & @fede_polimeni . Photo: Real Club Náutico de Valencia".

  25. 2022 World Championships

    For race results, product news, stories etc. Please don't forget pictures with your article. Editor

  26. Bluegame's Luca Santella On America's Cup Foiling Hydrogen Chase Cats

    Regarding his latest accomplishments on this high tech foiling hydrogen catamaran chase boat, Santella says, "Now I am really proud that my boat can be in the America's Cup." Follow me on LinkedIn ...

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    Rules. Only private persons can advertise for free. Ads will automatically be deleted after 3 month. Users that haven't been active for more than 3 month will automatically be deleted. It can only be used for used A-class catamarans boats, platforms, masts, sails or accessories. Sailmakers, mastbuilders, boatbuilders or other companies or ...