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Mykonos Catamaran Charter

catamaran rental mykonos

Why settle for the ordinary when you can explore Mykonos from the sea? Our Mykonos Catamaran Charter offers a unique vantage point to witness the island’s stunning landscapes, crystal-clear Greek waters, and hidden coves. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a day out with friends, we provide an unparalleled sailing experience with our Mykonos Yacht Charter. Curious to find out more? Continue reading our blog for insider tips on how to make the most of your sailing catamaran adventure!

Explore Mykonos Island with a Catamaran: Your Guide To Mykonos Top Beaches.

mykonos yacht charter

Sailing into the heart of the Aegean Sea aboard a catamaran in Mykonos unlocks an unparalleled opportunity to experience the island in its full glory. The freedom and flexibility offered by a catamaran rental allow sailors to explore the iconic island at their own pace, uncovering hidden gems and soaking in the stunning landscapes that Mykonos is celebrated for.

Among its most prized attractions are its beaches – from the vibrant energy of Paradise and Super Paradise Beaches, known for their lively parties and crystal-clear waters, to the serene beauty of Ornos Beach and Agios Ioannis, offering a more relaxed atmosphere perfect for families and couples seeking tranquility. Swimming in these crystal waters offers an experience like no other. Psarou Beach is another must-visit, attracting celebrities from around the world with its luxurious amenities and beautiful scenery. For adventurers, Fokos Beach presents a more rugged landscape, providing a perfect spot for a quiet, introspective day at the sea. Each of these beaches showcases the diverse beauty of Mykonos island, making your catamaran adventure truly remarkable.

By setting sail from our base on the nearby island of Paros, adventurers can not only bask in the beauty of Mykonos island but also set their sights on further discoveries, exploring neighboring islands and experiencing the diverse charms of the Cyclades.

Ready to craft your unforgettable Aegean saga?

Start your adventure with us and explore the coastline of Mykonos Island and beyond from the comfort of your catamaran!

Why Choose Mykonos?

catamaran rental mykonos

Mykonos Island, a perfect destination in the Aegean Sea, offers a blend of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture that makes it a premier destination for sailors seeking an unforgettable holiday. Choosing to explore Mykonos Island by chartering a yacht amplifies this experience, providing a unique perspective of the island’s charm. Here are the top reasons to consider a yacht charter for your visit to Mykonos Island.

  • Exceptional Weather: Mykonos boasts an enviable Mediterranean climate, offering sunny skies and pleasant weather. The high season for yachting in Mykonos runs from late June to early September, with the average temperature during these months hovering around 25°C to 28°C. The perfect weather conditions enhance the experience of sailing, making it possible to enjoy the island’s beauty under the warm Greek sun.
  • Breathtaking Sea Views and Coastlines: Sailing around Mykonos on a catamaran offers unobstructed views of crystal-clear waters, rugged coastlines, and stunning beaches that are often inaccessible by land. The sight of the sun setting over the Aegean Sea, as viewed from the deck of a yacht, is an unparalleled experience.
  • Cosmopolitan Vibes: Known for its vibrant nightlife, Mykonos attracts international visitors with its lively beach parties and upscale dining options. Experiencing the island’s cosmopolitan vibe from the exclusivity of a yacht adds a touch of elegance to the vibrant nightlife.
  • Gastronomic Delights: The island is a food lover’s paradise, boasting a plethora of dining options that highlight local ingredients and Greek culinary traditions. On a yacht charter, you can savor these delights on board or dock to explore the island’s famed restaurants.
  • Island-Hopping Opportunities: Chartering a yacht around Mykonos Island opens the door to exploring nearby islands and other destinations, offering a chance for island-hopping adventures. Each island has its charm, from the tranquil beaches of Syros to the traditional architecture of Tinos, providing a rich and varied Aegean experience.

In conclusion, a yacht charter around Mykonos Island is not just a trip; it’s an adventure that promises a plethora of experiences – from gloriously sunny weather, breathtaking sea views, and gourmet dining to the exclusive cosmopolitan vibe and the thrill of island-hopping. Ready to set sail on a catamaran in Mykonos and explore the Aegean Sea like never before?

Contact us today to book your unforgettable sailing experience.

Why Choose a Catamaran?


At Vernicos Yachts, our fleet offers countless options for those looking to charter a yacht around Mykonos Island, with a catamaran prevailing as the preferred choice among seasoned and novice sailors alike. Let’s explore the unique characteristics of a sailing catamaran; what makes it so beautiful, unique, and practical?

  • Stability and Comfort: Catamarans are renowned for their sleek design and stability on the water, thanks to their dual hull design. This makes them an ideal choice for those who may be prone to seasickness or are sailing with young children. The spacious layout ensures a comfortable voyage, with ample room for lounging, dining, and soaking in the sun.
  • Shallow Draft Advantage: The shallow draft of a catamaran makes it perfect for exploring hidden coves and mooring in shallow waters that are inaccessible to deeper keel yachts. This allows you to discover secluded beaches and swim in crystal-clear waters away from crowded spots.
  • Spacious Living Areas: Catamarans offer significantly more space compared to monohull yachts, both above deck and below. This increased space includes larger cabins, en-suite bathrooms, and expansive common areas, making it easier to enjoy both privacy and community onboard. A unique feature of many catamarans is the trampoline netting fitted on the forward end between the bows of the two hulls, providing an exhilarating spot to relax and take in the sun. This net area, often referred to as the ‘net’, offers guests a chance to lie back and feel the sea breeze, while enjoying the mesmerizing sights of the water rushing beneath. It’s a perfect place for sunbathers, thrill-seekers, and anyone looking to be closer to the sea, blending comfort with the adventure of sailing. Being directly over the water, it allows for unparalleled views and an intimate connection with the sea, making it a favorite spot for both adults and children alike.
  • Enhanced Privacy: With the increased beam and twin hull configuration a catamaran provides completely separate cabins on either side but with common living quarters and as a result guests can enjoy enhanced privacy. This separation is especially appreciated when chartering with another family or group, as it allows for independent living whilst still being on the same boat.

With its blend of space and comfort, a catamaran charter stands out as the premier choice for exploring the Aegean Sea’s splendors. Ready to experience the difference for yourself?

Book your catamaran charter with Vernicos Yachts today and set sail on an unforgettable adventure to Mykonos island!

How much does a Mykonos Catamaran Hire Cost?

catamaran rental mykonos

The perception that hiring a boat is solely a privilege for those with higher incomes is gradually changing, as the world of yacht charters becomes more accessible, offering a variety of options to suit different budgets. When planning your dream voyage around the famous island of Mykonos or any other sought-after destination, the overall spending can be influenced by several key factors.

Firstly, the time of the year plays a critical role in yacht charter pricing, with high season typically commanding higher rates due to increased demand. While summer months offer quintessential sailing conditions, opting for shoulder seasons could be a strategic decision to enjoy lower rates.

Secondly , the type of vessel you choose greatly affects your expenditure. Catamarans are celebrated for their stability and spaciousness, making them a favorite amongst families and groups seeking a balance of comfort and adventure. Monohulls offer an authentic sailing experience. A monohull sailboat is designed for those who love the art of sailing, providing the opportunity and the challenge to harness the wind and waves.

Monohull sailboats offer an intimate connection with the sea. Motor Sailers, on the other hand, offer the romance of sailing on a traditional vessel. Motor Yachts are mostly for those prioritizing speed and luxury. These vessels are designed for sleek, efficient travel, allowing you to cover more destinations in less time. Motor yachts provide the ultimate in luxury, with spacious accommodations and a plethora of amenities to ensure a lavish and memorable experience.

Discover the perfect vessel for your next adventure and set sail for Mykonos into the horizon of your choosing.

The decision between selecting the best vessel for your adventure should also consider whether you’re after a bareboat experience, which allows you the freedom to captain the yacht yourself if qualified and burdens you with the responsibility involved, or if you’d rather opt for a skipper, adding to the cost but also to the ease and safety of your trip.

View our crewed catamaran and bareboat catamaran options.

Finally, the duration of the trip is key – longer yacht charters typically provide better value for money in terms of cost per day, as opposed to shorter trips. Additionally, some yacht charters offer all-inclusive packages, which can include meals, drinks, and other amenities, making it easier to budget for your trip.

Understanding how these factors interact will help you tailor your yachting adventure to both your expectations and your budget, ensuring an unforgettable experience without the need to overspend.

Why should the extraordinary experience of yacht charters remain just a dream when it could easily be your next grand adventure?

What Factors Influence The Cost of a Charter Yacht?

Venturing into Mykonos island Greece, with the perfect catamaran, isn’t just about the freedom of the seas—it’s about experiencing moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. At Vernicos Yachts, we are dedicated to making these moments happen for you, seamlessly blending elegance with adventure. Set sail with us and discover a world where the horizons are endless, and the memories are unforgettable.

Catamaran rentals in Mykonos

  • Catamaran rentals

Rental Catamaran LAGOON 500 Mykonos

LAGOON - 500 | 20 people  (2008)

From $240 per day.

Rental Catamaran Fountaine Pajot 45ft Mykonos

Fountaine Pajot - 45ft | 16 people  (2021)

From $2,116 per day.

Rental Catamaran Fountain pajot Bahia 46 Mykonos

Fountain pajot - Bahia 46 | 18 people  (2005)

From $1,683 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 380 Mykonos

Lagoon - 380 | 10 people  (2015)

From $1,283 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 440 Fly Mykonos

Lagoon - 440 Fly | 20 people  (2014)

From $2,244 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 50 Mykonos

Lagoon - Lagoon 50 | 12 people  (2018)

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 38 Mykonos

Lagoon - 38 | 12 people  (2006)

From $1,122 per day.

Rental Catamaran  Lagoon 42 Mykonos

- Lagoon 42 | 8 people  (2023)

From $994 per day.

Rental Catamaran BALI CATAMARANS Bali 4.6 Mykonos

BALI CATAMARANS - Bali 4.6 | 12 people  (2023)

Rental Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.8 Mykonos

Bali - Catana - Bali 4.8 | 10 people  (2020)

From $1,066 per day.

Rental Catamaran LAGOON 42 Mykonos

LAGOON - 42 | 10 people  (2019)

From $1,018 per day.

Rental Catamaran Fountaine Pajot ELBA 45 Mykonos

Fountaine Pajot - ELBA 45 | 12 people  (2020)

Rental Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 42 Mykonos

Lagoon - Lagoon 42 | 8 people  (2020)

From $1,074 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon 40 Mykonos

Lagoon - 40 | 16 people  (2019)

From $1,923 per day.

Rental Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 42 Mykonos

From $898 per day

Rental Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 39 Mykonos

Lagoon - Lagoon 39 | 10 people  (2016)

From $573 per day.

Rental Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 Mykonos

Fountaine Pajot - Saona 47 | 25 people  (2020)

From $544 per day, catamaran rental in mykonos.

Get ready to explore Mykonos, a fantastic place right by the Aegean Sea, part of the Mediterranean. If you're a fan of boats and sailing, you're in for a real treat. Mykonos is like a paradise for water adventures. You can rent catamarans and go on incredible journeys over the water. And guess what? There's a really, really special site here called the Ancient Windmills of Mykonos. It's a spot that's super important and famous because it's a UNESCO World Heritage site. That means it's like a treasure from the past that we can still see today.

And here's something cool – while you're sailing on the big Aegean Sea, you can also take a break and visit this historic place. So, get ready to have an amazing time in Mykonos, where you can sail, explore, and create awesome memories by the sea!

How much does it cost?

When it comes to catamaran rentals in Mykonos, various factors contribute to the pricing. The size of the catamaran, the duration of your rental, and the number of guests in your group play a vital role in determining the cost. On average , catamaran rentals in Mykonos start at $1,890 per day, accommodating up to an average of 9 people. For longer vacations, the weekly price for a catamaran charter is approximately $13,230.

What does this include?

When you rent a boat with Nautal, you can expect a fully equipped vessel with all the necessary safety gear, navigation equipment, and amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience. Our boats are well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Best port or dock to keep your boat

Mykonos New Port : Mykonos New Port is where big ferries come and go. They can give you water and electricity, and sometimes fuel. There are places to eat nearby, but Wi-Fi might not be right at the docks. You could find things to rent from different shops. This port can hold many boats, even ones up to 100 feet long.

Mykonos Marina (Old Port) : Mykonos Marina, also called the Old Port, is in the middle of Mykonos Town. It's smaller than the New Port but still has water, electricity, and some fuel. There are places to eat around, and you might find Wi-Fi nearby. If you need things to rent, just ask around. This marina can take boats up to 80 feet long.

Ornos Bay Marina : Ornos Bay Marina is a more private place for boats and yachts. They have water, electricity, and fuel for you. If you want food, you can walk to Ornos Beach. Wi-Fi could work nearby, and if you need to rent stuff, they might help you out. This marina can handle boats up to 120 feet long.

Where to sail in Mykonos?

  • Delos Island : Take your catamaran to the ancient Delos Island, a UNESCO World Heritage site, to uncover its fascinating history and archaeological treasures.
  • Rhenia Island : Cruise to Rhenia Island to experience its peaceful coves and crystal-clear waters, creating an ideal setting for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Psarou Beach : Anchor near Psarou Beach to immerse yourself in its vibrant atmosphere, indulge in watersports, and savor the delights of beachside restaurants.
  • Super Paradise Beach : Navigate to Super Paradise Beach to revel in its turquoise waters and lively beach parties, offering a unique blend of fun and relaxation.
  • Paradise Beach : Sail towards Paradise Beach, where you can engage in water activities, soak up a laid-back ambiance, and enjoy the offerings of beach clubs.
  • Dragonisi Island : Embark on an adventure to Dragonisi Island, a hidden gem celebrated for its untouched beaches and captivating underwater caves.
  • Ftelia Bay : Seek serenity at Ftelia Bay, a tranquil haven featuring soft sands and a gentle breeze that invite you to unwind.
  • Agios Sostis Beach : Navigate your catamaran to Agios Sostis Beach, a peaceful escape that boasts stunning natural surroundings and a sense of solitude.

What can you see and do in Mykonos?

  • Little Venice : Stroll through the charming streets of Little Venice, a picturesque area known for its colorful houses and stunning sea views.
  • Windmills of Mykonos : Visit the iconic Windmills of Mykonos, an emblem of the island, and take in panoramic vistas of the Aegean Sea.
  • Mykonos Town (Chora) : Explore the lively Mykonos Town with its narrow streets, boutique shops, and vibrant nightlife, creating an exciting blend of culture and entertainment.
  • Panagia Paraportiani Church : Admire the unique architecture of Panagia Paraportiani Church, a striking whitewashed structure that is a prime example of Cycladic design.
  • Mykonos Archaeological Museum : Immerse yourself in history at the Mykonos Archaeological Museum, where ancient artifacts and artworks reveal the island's rich past.
  • Ano Mera Village : Experience the traditional charm of Ano Mera Village, home to the Panagia Tourliani Monastery and authentic Greek tavernas.
  • Agios Ioannis Beach : Relax on Agios Ioannis Beach, famous for its crystal-clear waters and stunning sunsets, creating a serene atmosphere.
  • Elia Beach : Enjoy the sun and sea at Elia Beach, known for its golden sands and various water activities, making it a perfect spot for beachgoers.

Rent a boat with or without a skipper

Many of our boat charters in Mykonos come with the option of sailing with a skipper and/or crew. Although this may come at an extra cost, having a skipper on board can, no doubt, provide you with an even more enjoyable experience! Your skipper can adapt the sailing route so that your voyage best suits the desires of you and the rest of your party.

Additionally, setting sail with a skipper will make your voyage even more comfortable! The skipper will take care of all the technical aspects of sailing, so all you need to do is sit back and relax.

If you would like to take charge of your boat charter in Mykonos, then bareboat charters are the way to go. Enjoy a bareboat charter if you have a license and set sail at your own pace. You need a valid boating license to enjoy a boat this way so check with the boat owner beforehand to see that your license is valid.

When is the best time of year to rent a boat?

The best time to visit and rent a boat in Mykonos is during the high season, from June to August . During this time, the temperatures usually stay between the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit, making it just right for sailing, swimming, and enjoying the sun on the boat.

If you want good weather but fewer people around, you can think about coming in April , May , or October . During those months, the temperatures are in the mid-60s to low 70s Fahrenheit, which is nice for being on a boat and checking out the beautiful coasts of the island.

Charter a catamarans near Mykonos

In Mykonos, privately owned boats are available for charter. See other boats located in the area.

Charter another boat type in Mykonos

Are you interested in other boats besides catamarans in Mykonos? Search for other boats to charter on our website

Catamaran charter in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most famous islands of the Cyclades archipelago. It is the perfect destination for a nautical holiday. Clear skies, warm weather, and thrilling sailing conditions attract sailors from all over the globe. This Greek island boasts a vibrant nightlife scene and stunning glittering stretches of sand. Spend an afternoon exploring the quaint village of Ano Mera. Here you will find remnants of the Gyzi Castle and the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. Pack your snorkeling gear on your catamaran charter in Mykonos to dive among exotic flora and fauna in the azure water of the Aegean Sea.

39 Catamarans to Rent in Mykonos

Lagoon 42 (2020).

Mykonos (Greece) 6 Cabins • 10 Berths • 42 ft

From 3 150 €

Lagoon 42 (2019)

Mykonos (Greece) 4 Cabins • 8 Berths • 42 ft

From 3 420 €

Lagoon 46 (2021)

Mykonos (Greece) 4 Cabins • 8 Berths • 46 ft

From 4 125 €

Saona 47 (2018)

Mykonos (Greece) 5 Cabins • 46 ft

From 3 825 €

Dufour 48 Catamaran (2019)

Mykonos (Greece) 4 Cabins • 8 Berths • 48 ft

From 5 841 €

Bali 4.6 (2021)

Mykonos (Greece) 5 Cabins • 10 Berths • 47 ft

From 4 061 €

Lagoon 450 F (2019)

From 3 800 €

From 3 137 €

Bali 4.6 (2024)

From 4 635 €

Bali 4.8 (2020)

Mykonos (Greece) 6 Cabins • 12 Berths • 49 ft

From 4 963 €

Saba 50 (2019)

Mykonos (Greece) 5 Cabins • 10 Berths • 49 ft

From 14 717 €

Lagoon 52 Fly (2018)

Mykonos (Greece) 5 Cabins • 10 Berths • 52 ft

Suggested itineraries

Our experts and local guides have selected the best anchorages and stopovers for you in the most beautiful sailing areas

Discover Mykonos

Mykonos Horizons: Sailing Escapade

From 2 250 €

Don't miss it in Mykonos

Catamaran charter paros.

From 2 790 €

Catamaran charter Santorini

Catamaran charter naxos.

From 19 000 €

Three Reasons to Charter a Catamaran in Mykonos

Glorious weather.

Sailors from all over the world come to the Cyclades for its beautiful weather and Mykonos is no exception! It experiences year-round sunshine and hot temperatures. Average temperatures during the peak season remain a pleasant 28°C and are perfect conditions for a catamaran charter. Expect the island to be very busy at this time. Meltemi winds, strong northern winds, blow from mid-May to mid-September. These winds can prove to be tough for beginner sailors, yet exciting for those with experience. Caution when swimming during these months, as these winds can cause rough waters. For those looking to avoid the crowds, but want to enjoy fine weather, set sail in early May or late September.

Central Location

Located in the heart of the Cyclades, starting your catamaran charter in Mykonos will allow you to easily access other nearby islands. Spend a few days exploring the cobble stone streets of the town, eating gyros, and visiting the ionic windmills, before embarking to other neighboring islands. Make a day trip out to Delos. Also known as the isle of light, this pristine shoreline is only a 25-minute boat ride away. The entire island has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and according to mythology, it is the birthplace of Apollo. Sail through the Aegean Sea and find yourself on the coast of Santorini, less than 3 hours from port to port. Other must-see destinations of the Cyclades include Naxos, Paros, and Milos.

Festive Atmosphere

Many refer to this island as “the Ibiza of Greece.” Mykonos is known for hosting some of the best parties across Europe. Day and night, you will find an array of people dancing in bars and on beaches. From the moment you step foot off your catamaran charter and on to its sandy shores, you will instantly feel the festive atmosphere present throughout the island. Wander through the lively towns to find the perfect restaurant, club, or bar for you crew. The Greek are also known for being extremely friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask a local for their suggestion!

Touring the Island

This cosmopolitan island has a lot more to offer than just its vibrant nightlife! Spend your mornings lounging in the sun on one of the many glorious beaches or snorkeling in the Aegean Sea. Ornos Beach, only 3 kilometers from the main town, is recommended for those with families and looking for a quiet atmosphere. In the afternoon, fill your days exploring the island and all its hidden treasures. Your boat rental will allow you to quickly and easily get to one town to the next. However, the island is relatively small, so touring by foot it doable! Travel to Ano Mera, a tranquil village only eight kilometers from the heart of Chora. Here you will find the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, a structure that dates back to 1542 and exhibits impressive architecture. Close by you will come across the remnants of the Gyzi Castle, perched on a hill above the town. It was built in order to defend the island from invaders and pirates. Another highlight is the Aegean maritime Museum, which showcases exciting Greek maritime history. Of course, a catamaran charter in Mykonos is not complete without a visit to the famous white-washed windmills. After a long day of touring, make sure to treat yourself to a tasty Greek dish. There is something to satisfy every type of craving! You will find everything thing from high end restaurants to street food vendors scattered across the island.

Arriving to your boat rental

Arrive to your catamaran charter in Mykonos with ease! The island’s airport is located only a short distance away from the center of town and from your boat rental base. Hire a taxi to transport you from the airport directly to the port. For those who prefer to travel by sea, take one of the many ferries accessible from neighboring islands and mainland Greece.

Catamaran Rental in Mykonos with or without skipper

  • Océans Evasion
  • Catamaran Rental

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 500 Mykonos

Catamaran - 15.00m — Lagoon - Lagoon 500  (2008)

From €1,286 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 46 Mykonos

Catamaran - 13.99m — Lagoon - Lagoon 46  (2021)

From €1,329 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 50 Mykonos

Catamaran - 15.54m — Lagoon - Lagoon 50  (2018)

Charter Catamaran LAGOON 500 Mykonos

Catamaran - 15.00m — LAGOON - 500  (2008)

From €214 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 42 Mykonos

Catamaran - 12.80m — Lagoon - Lagoon 42  (2020)

From €957 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot 45ft Mykonos

Catamaran - 13.45m — Fountaine Pajot - 45ft  (2021)

From €1,886 per day.

Charter Catamaran  Lagoon 42 Mykonos

Catamaran - 12.00m — - Lagoon 42  (2023)

From €886 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 42 Mykonos

Catamaran - 13.00m — Lagoon - Lagoon 42  (2020)

From €800 per day.

Charter Catamaran BALI CATAMARANS Bali 4.6 Mykonos

Catamaran - 13.00m — BALI CATAMARANS - Bali 4.6  (2023)

Charter Catamaran LAGOON 42 Mykonos

Catamaran - 12.80m — LAGOON - 42  (2019)

From €907 per day.

Charter Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.8 Mykonos

Catamaran - 14.82m — Bali - Catana - Bali 4.8  (2020)

From €950 per day.

Charter Catamaran LAGOON LAGOON 39 Mykonos

Catamaran - 11.74m — LAGOON - LAGOON 39  (2014)

From €625 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 39 Mykonos

Catamaran - 11.97m — Lagoon - Lagoon 39  (2016)

From €511 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot ELBA 45 Mykonos

Catamaran - 13.45m — Fountaine Pajot - ELBA 45  (2020)

Charter Catamaran Lagoon 40 Mykonos

Catamaran - 12.05m — Lagoon - 40  (2019)

From €1,714 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon 38 Mykonos

Catamaran - 12.00m — Lagoon - 38  (2006)

From €1,000 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon 380 Mykonos

Catamaran - 11.58m — Lagoon - 380  (2015)

From €1,143 per day.

Charter Catamaran TYP France MYK 57 Mykonos

Catamaran - 18.26m — TYP France - MYK 57  (2020)

From €2,500 per day, catamaran rental in mykonos with oceans evasion.

Perhaps one of the most famous islands in Greece, the island of Mykonos sits on the sparkling waters of the Aegean sea, just north of Santorini. While Mykonos is most famous for its vibrant nightlife, it’s so much more than a party island. For tasty cuisine, rich culture, charming architecture and pristine beaches consider a catamaran rental in Mykonos for your next holiday. There are few things more special than sailing around this stunning Greek island. Whether you want to stroll down narrow streets and see whitewashed buildings, party until dawn or simply relax on the beach there’s something for everyone in Mykonos. Get together with a group of your closest loved ones and hop on board a catamaran to start creating unforgettable memories in Mykonos!

How much does a catamaran charter in Mykonos cost?

The price of a catamaran rental in Mykonos will depend on a number of factors such as the time of year, how many people are on board and the year and model of the catamaran that you choose. Of course, the types of amenities or services included on board will also affect the price. The average price of a catamaran charter in Mykonos is about €6,120/week in the high season and €2,157/week in the low season for 10 people.

What is the best time of year to rent a catamaran in Mykonos?

 The best time to embark on a sailing trip in Mykonos would be between May and November with an average temperature of 26°C. Of course, the summer months are the hottest and the most popular for people who are keen on going to the beach or swimming however, this is the high tourist season on the island so it will be more crowded. We recommend that you visit in May or September when the weather will still be warm but it won’t be peak high season, meaning you’ll miss the crowds and you’ll get better deals on Mykonos catamaran charters!

Should I charter a catamaran in Mykonos with or without a skipper?

According to Greek law, you need a licence to sail most vessels including catamarans. If you don’t have a licence to sail but still want to get out on the water, Oceans Evasion makes it easy! We have a large fleet of catamaran rentals in Mykonos which you can charter with or without a skipper. Skippers are licenced professionals who handle all of the logistics on board so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your holiday. Even if you have a licence to sail, having a skipper on board can still be beneficial because they are usually locals and can guide you around the island. Together with your skipper, you can create a customised sailing itinerary so you can see the best of Mykonos on your catamaran charter, including hidden gems. For a personalised sailing holiday, opt for a skippered vessel.

What can you see and do while on a catamaran rental in Mykonos?

Although Mykonos is a relatively small island as far as Greek islands go, it is full of things to see and do. Here’s a list of some of our favourite things to add to your Mykonos sailing itinerary!

  • Hop on board your Mykonos catamaran rental and head over to Delos Island to discover the mythological birthplace of Apollo! Swim in the crystal clear water and see archaeological ruins that will do nothing short of impress you!
  • See the iconic windmills of Kato Mili and when you’re done you can cruise over to Little Venice to catch a glimpse of the sunset over the city.
  • Enjoy the bustling nightlife at Cavo Paradiso, a nightclub which overlooks the city that hosts big crowds of people who come for the amazing DJs and the pool! You can also enjoy a more low-key environment at some of the intimate bars that line the waterfront.
  • Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Hora to see colourful houses and the famous church of Panagia Paraportiani.
  • Sunbathe and relax at beaches like Fokos Bay, Super Paradise Beach, Psarou and Panormos.
  • Cruise over to the Rinia islands to scuba dive and snorkel in the beautiful, turquoise waters.

What should I consider before renting a catamaran in Mykonos?

Catamarans are spacious and stable vessels which are typically rented for a week or more since they include amenities on board such as a cabin, kitchen and bathroom to make your time on board more comfortable. Catamarans are great options for a family or a group of friends seeking a holiday out on the open water and since they are double-hulled, they are great options for people who are normally prone to seasickness, since they don’t sway much on the water. If you’re looking for a vessel that accommodates the needs of all passengers, you can’t go wrong with a catamaran charter!

Rent a catamarans near Mykonos

In Mykonos, privately owned yachts are available to rent. See other yachts in the area.

Rent other types of boats in Mykonos

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Mykonos Private Boat Tour to Rhenia

Premium Catamaran Rentals Mykonos.

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Let's Make your Dream Charter in Mykonos a Reality.

Cruise mykonos with the finest yachts afloat., happy clients say.

catamaran rental mykonos

Perfect Charter for a Large Group in Mykonos

100% recommend booking your charter with this company for your next Mykonos vacation. We took out two of the charter’s boats for a group of roughly 80 people and everyone loved their experience. The planning was easy and the crew was available for anything we needed. The lunch they cook for you onboard was outstanding as well! If you’re looking for a way to get out on the sea and see two islands with excellent swim spots, this is the charter for you!

tripadvisor rating Mykonos boat tour

Just perfect!

We can really recommend this company. The entire process was flawless and uncomplicated, the rented boat was clean and in a very good condition like on the photos. We were a group of 6 people and the skipper showed us some really nice beaches and even made a reservation for us in a great Beach restaurant. We will book the same boat again next year!

catamaran rental mykonos

Great experience in Mykonos with Ferretti 52

We had a greatful experience in Mykonos by renting an yacht for a full day. We were a group of 19 people and we visited two islands, had enjoying great views, swimming and relaxing time on that day. I harmful recommend this company. They offered us a very good option – Ferretti 52:for the budget that we afford and we also had the surprise to find snacks, drinks and fruits on our ⛵. Moreover, the crew was so kind and they pay attention to every need of the group. Thank you, 4yot team! 🙏

catamaran rental mykonos

Relaxing Day!

What a great experience and way to explore the Greek Islands! Our captain and First Mate were attentive to our desires and served an amazing lunch during our day cruise. Can’t recommend Mykonos Motor Yachts enough.

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Catamaran Charter Mykonos Island - Catamaran Rentals

Top-rated yacht charters in mykonos island - preselected yacht rentals:.

Catamaran Lagoon 39 for hire in Tourlos Marina

Catamaran Lagoon 39 for hire in Tourlos Marina

  • Lagoon 39 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Standard safety equipment
  • Yacht Insurance
  • Final cleaning

Cat Lagoon 42 available for charter in Tourlos

Cat Lagoon 42 available for charter in Tourlos

  • Lagoon 42 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Cockpit cushion
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Skipper (food not included)

Catamaran Lagoon 50 for hire in Tourlos Marina

Catamaran Lagoon 50 for hire in Tourlos Marina

  • Lagoon 50 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Charter package (Bed linen, Towels, Outboard engine for dinghy)
  • Damage waiver
  • Service package

Cat Lagoon 46 for charter in Mykonos City

Cat Lagoon 46 for charter in Mykonos City

  • Lagoon 46 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Dinghy with engine
  • Service Package (Bed linen, Towels)
  • Service package (Final cleaning, Kitchen gas)

Catamaran Bali 4.8 available for charter in Tourlos

Catamaran Bali 4.8 available for charter in Tourlos

  • Bali 4.8 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Family package (Air condition, Fishing equipment, Generator, Life jacket junior, Outboard engine for dinghy, Safety net, Snorkeling equipment, Stand up paddle board, Underwater scooter, Watermaker, WiFi)
  • Hostess (food not included)
  • Service Package (Final cleaning, Bed linen, Towels)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for hire in Mykonos City

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for hire in Mykonos City

  • Charter package

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for charter in Tourlos Marina

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for charter in Tourlos Marina

Cat Dufour 48 for rent in Old Port of Mykonos City

Cat Dufour 48 for rent in Old Port of Mykonos City

  • Dufour 48 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Barbeque Grill
  • Skipper and Hostess (food not included)
  • Charter package (Final cleaning, Towels, Kitchen gas, Outboard engine for dinghy, WiFi, Stand up paddle board)

Catamaran Elba 45 for hire in Tourlos

Catamaran Elba 45 for hire in Tourlos

  • Elba 45 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Cat Bali 4.6 for charter in Mykonos City

Cat Bali 4.6 for charter in Mykonos City

  • Bali 4.6 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]

Cat Bali 4.6 for hire in Mykonos City

Cat Bali 4.6 for hire in Mykonos City

  • Outboard engine for dinghy

Catamaran Lagoon 40 for hire in Tourlos

Catamaran Lagoon 40 for hire in Tourlos

  • Lagoon 40 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Comfort package (Final cleaning, Bed linen, Towels, Dinghy with engine)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for rent in Mykonos City

Catamaran Lagoon 42 for rent in Mykonos City

Catamaran Bali 4.6 for charter in Tourlos

Catamaran Bali 4.6 for charter in Tourlos

Catamaran Lagoon 52 available for charter in Mykonos City

Catamaran Lagoon 52 available for charter in Mykonos City

  • Lagoon 52 [Yacht Price incl. Taxes]
  • Rubber Dinghy
  • Mykonos City (14)
  • Tourlos (25)

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Catamaran in Mykonos Rental

25 boats available

Hero image

Catamaran Lagoon 50 · 2018

Marina tourlos, mykonos (town), greece.

  • 5 bathrooms
  • 15.3 m long
  • Captain optional
  • Full batten mainsail

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2019

  • 12.8 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 39 · 2014 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 39 · 2014

  • 2 bathrooms
  • 11.74 m long

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Catamaran Dufour 48 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Dufour 48 · 2023

  • 6 bathrooms
  • 14.7 m long

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 · 2018

  • 13.94 m long

Catamaran Elba 45 · 2020 (0)

Catamaran Elba 45 · 2020

  • 13.45 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 52 · 2018 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 52 · 2018

  • 15.85 m long
  • Crew included

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2017 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2017

Mykonos marina old port, mykonos (town), greece.

  • 4 bathrooms

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2024 (0)

Catamaran Bali 4.6 · 2024

  • 14.28 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 42 · 2023

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Catamaran Dufour 48 · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Dufour 48 · 2019

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2021 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 46 · 2021

  • 13.99 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 420 · 2009 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 420 · 2009

Ornos bay, ornos, greece.

  • 18 max. guests
  • 12.61 m long
  • Captain provided

Free cancellation

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Aura 51 · 2024 (0)

Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Aura 51 · 2024

Agia anna paraga, mykonos (town), greece.

  • 25 max. guests
  • 15.8 m long

Catamaran Lagoon 450 S · 2019 (0)

Catamaran Lagoon 450 S · 2019

  • 13.96 m long

Sailing on a catamaran in Mykonos

Mykonos is a fabulous sailing destination in the Mediterranean. Particularly popular with celebrities and people with money, the island is one of the best destinations for luxury private beaches, glamorous parties and lots of history. A catamaran charter in Mykonos allows you to explore the island at your own pace and in style.

The pros of renting a catamaran in Mykonos

A catamaran rental in Mykonos is the perfect choice for anyone who just wants to relax and escape their everyday worries for a week. There is plenty of space on deck to stretch your legs and sunbathe. Catamarans are generally bigger than other types of boats due to the way they are constructed and standing on two hulls.

Rent a catamaran in Mykonos if you want to enjoy a boat holiday that comes with plenty of flexibility. Catamarans are equipped with a sail as well as an engine. You can choose how you want to move forward depending on the weather conditions and your personal preferences.

Another great thing about a catamaran hire in Mykonos is the fact that catamarans offer more stability than other types of boats and feel a lot less shaky. They are standing on two hulls, so when the wind suddenly picks up you won’t feel it as much as would on a monohull.

Mykonos has plenty of amazing beaches to choose from, including Psarou Beach just south of Mykonos town and Paradise Beach , a popular location for summer parties. A catamaran allows you to easily access these beaches and more as they come with a shallow draft. It could also be a great idea to escape the crowds and explore other Greek islands that are close by, like Delos or Tinos .

The cons of renting a catamaran in Mykonos

Something to keep in mind when chartering a catamaran in Mykonos is the fact that catamarans are relatively big and not the easiest to navigate in narrow spaces. As the marinas are quite busy during the summer months you might not find a spot for mooring - and if you do, you will probably have to pay for all the extra space you’re taking up.

Charter a private luxury catamaran in Mykonos

Known as a fun and glitzy summer holiday destination, a luxury catamaran charter in Mykonos allows you to fit right in with the crowds. And you get more than a basic kitchen - you get all the amenities you could dream of. Some luxury catamarans even come with a jacuzzi or pool on board.

How many people can go on a catamaran in Mykonos?

In general a catamaran in Mykonos can host between 5 to 20 people, although 8-10 people are standard. This makes catamarans here the perfect size for a fun catamaran holiday in Mykonos with your closest friends or with your family.

When is the best time to sail on a catamaran in Mykonos?

The Greek island of Mykonos is blessed with nice weather almost all year round, making it the perfect destination for a catamaran holiday between the months of April and November, although the most popular months for tourists are July and August. If you prefer to sail with fewer crowds and save a bit of money while still enjoying the sun, a catamaran charter in Mykonos in September is the perfect choice.

How much does it cost to rent a catamaran in Mykonos?

A catamaran rental in Mykonos might not be the cheapest option you can find in the Mediterranean, but it certainly is one of the most beautiful ones. Starting from 6.700 EUR per week you can find a catamaran that allows you to sail with your closest friends - and don’t worry, you can always split the cost while enjoying a boat holiday on this exclusive island. While this is still pretty affordable, there are other options that come with a higher price tag and more luxury amenities. You would need to pay around 19.000 EUR for a week in order to rent a luxury catamaran like this in Mykonos . If you have the means to afford it, it’s definitely worth it.

What kind of boat license do I need when renting a catamaran in Mykonos?

Anyone who wants to rent a catamaran in Mykonos should know that they should be in possession of a valid boat license. The Greek authorities are very strict about it and you really don’t want to get caught without one. If you’re an EU-resident your boat license is automatically valid in Greece, if you’re coming from outside of the EU it might not be that easy. Before you embark on your trip ensure that your license fulfills the requirements of a Greek boat license. Also, if your boat license has been issued in a language other than English or Greek you need to have it officially translated to either of these languages before renting a catamaran in Mykonos .

If you don’t have a license or simply don’t want to operate the catamaran by yourself, you can always hire a skipper with Zizoo in addition to your bareboat charter.

The best routes for catamarans in Mykonos

Day 1 - Sail from Mykonos Town to Agios: Start your journey from the main port of Mykonos Town and sail along the western coast of the island. Explore secluded coves and anchor at Agios Ioannis Beach , known for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful views of the nearby island of Delos .

Day 2 - Sail from Agios to Delos and Rhenia Islands : Sail to the nearby Delos Island , an archaeological gem. Explore the ancient ruins and learn about the island's rich history. The island is also known as Apollo’s mythological birthplace. Every Greek deity seems to have their own island referenced as their birthplace. Afterward, head to the nearby Rhenia Island , where you can anchor in a peaceful bay and enjoy snorkeling or swimming in the turquoise waters. You will feel like you have arrived in paradise.

Day 3 - Sail from Delos to the South Coast of Mykonos : Cruise along the southern coast of Mykonos, passing by beautiful beaches such as Psarou, Paradise and Super Paradise . These beaches are famous for their vibrant beach clubs, lively atmosphere and crystal-clear waters. Choose a beach to anchor at and indulge in water activities or simply relax under the sun.

Day 4 - Sail from the South Coast of Mykonos to the North Coast of Mykonos : Head north and sail along the rugged coastline of Mykonos . Visit secluded beaches like Fokos and Paralia Vathia Lagkada , which offer tranquility, clear water and natural beauty. Explore the enchanting sea caves and enjoy snorkeling in the clear waters.

Day 5 - Sail from the North Coast of Mykonos to Tinos : Venture further north to the island of Tinos . This island offers a different atmosphere and a chance to experience Greek island life outside of Mykonos. Explore the charming towns, visit local tavernas and anchor at scenic bays for a peaceful overnight stay. Visiting stunning beaches like Paralia Agios Fokas and Paralia Apigania are a must!

Day 6 - Sail from Tinos to Syros : After exploring the captivating island of Tinos , set sail on your catamaran and head towards the neighboring island of Syros , known for its charming architecture, vibrant culture, and beautiful beaches. As you leave Tinos , enjoy the scenic coastal views and feel the refreshing sea breeze. In Syros you should also check out the scenic beaches.

Day 7 - Sail from Syros to Mykonos Town : Sail back to Mykonos Town , enjoying the coastal views along the way. Spend your final day exploring the narrow streets, iconic windmills, and vibrant nightlife of Mykonos Town . You are finishing your adventure where it started.

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Catamaran Charter Mykonos

VALIUM 55 - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2023
  • Guests : 10
  • Berths : 10
  • Length : 54 ft
  • Boat type : Catamaran

valium52 - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2019
  • Length : 52 ft

WHITE CAPS - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2021
  • Length : 67 ft

EUPHORIA - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Length : 59 ft
  • Boat type : Sailing Yacht

valium62 - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2018
  • Length : 62 ft

life time - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2020
  • Length : 65 ft

Build your own unique trip!

ONEIDA 2 - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2022
  • Length : 50 ft

galux one - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Build year : 2008

VALIUM 67 - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Length : 66 ft

ONEIDA - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Greece 2

  • Guests : 12
  • Berths : 12
  • Length : 95 ft
  • Boat type : Motor Yacht

yakos (2) - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Fr. Riviera & Tyrrhenian Sea 2

  • Build year : 2007
  • Length : 70 ft

dreaming on - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Central america, Belize 2

dreaming on

  • Build year : 2003
  • Length : 47 ft

columbia - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Summer: USA - New England, USA - Florida East Coast, USA - Great Lakes, Northern Europe, Antarctica, Arctic, USA - South East, USA - North East | Winter: Caribbean Virgin Islands (US/BVI), Bahamas, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards, USA - Florida East Coast, Central America, Cuba 2

  • Build year : 2014
  • Length : 141 ft

kuma too - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Caribbean Virgin Islands 2

  • Build year : 2005

the space between - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Florida & Bahamas 2

the space between

  • Build year : 2011
  • Length : 46 ft

KITTIWAKE - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Bahamas 2

  • Length : 48 ft

PENNY JO - Catamaran Charter Mykonos & Boat hire in Bahamas 2

  • Length : 45 ft

On a Mykonos catamaran charter with Borrow a Boat you can explore much of the Cyclades Islands and Aegean Sea within an easy sail. Whatever you want from a Mykonos yacht charter, from its beautiful beaches and excellent food to its vibrant culture, a catamaran charter Mykonos is going to be an unforgettable experience.

The Central Cyclades island of Mykonos has a lot to offer someone on a sailing holiday with lots of excellent sailing destinations within reach. With its own international airport, you can take a direct flight here from many locations in Northern Europe.

Mykonos island is an undoubtably beautiful island with white sandy beaches such as Super Paradise Beach and the seafront around Little Venice among the highlights. For those who seek more than a sandy beach there are several cultural landmarks such as the Panagia Paraportiani church - actually five churches built in the Cyvcladic vernacular on the same spot over the last seven centuries.

As well as the Panagia Paraportiani church you will find many boutiques and restaurants lining Little Venice too. As such there is a mix of attractions for those of different ages, from all night partying to beautiful bays in which to moor, well away from the noise and crowds.

On your Mykonos yacht charter you will likely find your charter yacht in the mid-sized Tourlos Marina, though as well as Tourlos Marina there is the smaller Mikonos Marina with berths capable of taking vessels up to 40m LOA.

From the marina you can set sail to explore nearby island in the Cyclades such as Poros or even Santorini on a longer luxury yacht charter or private boat charter. Perhaps on a private boat charter you can sail as far as the Dodecanese Islands near the coast of Turkey or west into the Saronic Gulf and to explore the Saronic Islands and mainland Greece . On a Mykonos yacht rental all of these sailing destinations are in reach.

Crewed Catamaran Charters from Mykonos

You don’t need to worry about being an experienced sailor or even sailing the boat out of Mykonos with Borrow a Boat! A Mykonos crewed catamaran charter on a motor yacht or sailing catamaran can mean you do as much or as little physically sailing the yacht as you like on your yacht charter holiday.

A skippered yacht charter or will mean that the skipper will be aboard with their own cabin to attend to all your needs. A crewed yacht charter or gulet charter will involve one or two crew on the gulet charter who will cook, sail and make suggestions as to your best destinations on your sailing itinerary. With their local knowledge, even if you’re an experienced sailor you can enjoy a perfect yacht charter holiday.

One of the advantages of a crewed yacht charter sailing vacation is that you can go longer distances from the yacht charter base. The Ionian Islands are within reach on a two week sailing trip, as are most islands on the Aegean Sea.

As to you? You can just enjoy the breezes and views on your luxury yacht charter, or if you fancy learning a bit about sailing, help the skipper or crew to get the boat from A-B.

A Mykonos crewed yacht charter will cost a little more (typically €150 a day for a skipper and €100 per crew member) and it’s the done thing to thank them with a tip at the end of the week.

Bareboat Catamaran Charter From Mykonos

A bareboat yacht charter holiday will mean that you can take the charter yacht out on your own. Generally for vessels up to 20 metres LOA on a sailing license such as an RYA Day Skipper or ASA 104 Bareboat certificate, you will have total responsibility for the yacht.

You will need to think about your itinerary, victualling, possible secondary ports should a marina be full, as well as issues like weather and mooring fees.

On a bareboat catamaran charter you will be asked to pay for insurance in the form of a security deposit to the charter company on departure or through buying charter insurance before you leave the yacht charter base.

Types of Catamarans Available For Rent Or Charter in Mykonos:

When searching a geographical area on Borrow A Boat you can filter by the below charter yacht types. There is also the option to further filter your searches by price, the number of guests, cabins or bathrooms, what year the catamaran was launched, the boat length and the boat manufacturer.

Types of Catamarans Available:

Sailing Catamaran: Luxury catamarans are stable and spacious type of sailing boat, with quick sailing performance, and and have been gaining in popularity in recent years. Better for larger groups, they have lots of room for water toys, and are big enough for a little privacy. A catamaran charter luxury yacht is easy and comfortable for novices not used to heeling and are loved by families due to their extra space when compared to a monohull sailing yacht. Typically far more luxurious than a sailboat, the larger catamarans have en suite toilets and showers in the cabin as well as ample entertaining space in the saloon and on deck.

Motor Catamaran: These motor yacht catamarans are relatively new but have also been gaining in popularity as the two hulls keep the boat more stable when compared to a monohull. The wider beam of these motor boats also mean more deck space and as they don’t have sails or a mast, they have a lot more space on deck than a sailing catamaran rental or monohull. For a luxury catamaran charter, consider taking a crewed catamaran charter sailing vacation with an experienced skipper.

Catamaran Sailing Itineraries From Mykonos

On your Mykonos crewed catamaran boat rental or bareboat charter sailing holiday you can explore the Cyclades Islands and even via the Corinth Canal, on to the Ionian Islands. Here we suggest a 7 day sailing holiday and a 14 day yacht charter holiday on your charter boat:

7 days - Cyclades Islands sailing holiday: On this Mykonos yacht charter you can have a mix of fun and history. As a first island to visit, head SW to the mythical island of Delos, one of the most important islands in Ancient Greek mythology. After a night and day ashore here, set sail for nearby Tinos and then Andros for your next two nights ashore. Heading back SW now, visit Kea, Kynthos and then Paros before returning the charter catamaran to base on Mykonos.

14 days - Santorini and Dodecanese Islands: This is an opportunity to enjoy the best of the Aegean Sea as you head firstly to the Cycladic island of Naxos and then the beautiful island of Santorini. From here you island hop east to the Dodecanese island of Rhodes before pausing on a couple of the smaller islands heading north to Kos. Ikaria and Samos in the Dodecanese will be your next sailing destinations before returning to the Cyclades Islands of Andros and Ermpouli. Spend a final night on the mythical island of Delos before returning your charter yacht to the charter base on Mykonos Island.

Do You Need A Sailing License To Charter A Catamaran In Mykonos?

If you are on a skippered catamaran charter you do not need a license to sail out of Mykonos, you can just turn up at the marina and go.

You do need a sailing license if you are on a bareboat catamaran charter and in some countries such as Greece a day skipper or ICC may not be enough for boats over 45 feet in length, you will need to check with the charter agent but here are some examples of typical sailing qualifications that will allow you to charter in most countries:

International Certificate of Competence: This is issued on request by your European sailing authority and you should automatically qualify with certain national sailing qualifications.

RYA Qualifications: If you have the following qualifications you will typically be able to take a bareboat charter out of Rhodes (but it is worth checking as per above), these include Day Skipper (sail or motor endorsement), Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster.

American Sailing Association (ASA): The ASA 104 Bareboat certificate is commonly accepted but also check as per above

US Sailing: The International Proficiency Certificate is widely accepted and The Bareboat Cruising Certificate is also accepted in many cases.

Frequently asked questions

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

You will typically pay 50% up front on booking the catamaran hire and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company and they can typically send someone from the charter base

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the catamaran before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Bring warm weather and cool weather clothing if it looks like the weather can be cool as well as warm and remember at sea it can be cool in the evenings.

If you want to sail without a skipper then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. If you choose to have a skipper on board your catamaran you won't require licences.


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144 boats available for bareboat or crewed charter

Yachts from professional fleet operators in Mykonos

Free cancellation of reservation without obligations within 4 days

Yacht types available in Mykonos

Catamaran charter

Catamaran charter

Sailboat charter

Sailboat charter

Power boat charter

Power boat charter

Gulets charter

Gulets charter

Most affordable boats for rent in mykonos list of boats sorted by the price per week. starting with the most affordable boats from €970 per week (like ferretti 58/64ft - 1991) going to more premium yachts available in mykonos from €14,500 per week..

Main image -

Ferretti 58/64ft power boat charter (1991)

Morning Cloud -

Rent a boat Camper&Nicholsons 45 (1975) in Ermoupoli

Main image -

Sailboat Oceanis 41.1 (2018) for rent in Mykonos

Main image -

Sun Odyssey 479 sailboat charter (2018)


Rent a boat Bavaria Cruiser 46 - 4 cab. (2014) in Mykonos

Felice -

Sun Odyssey 479 - 4 cab. sailboat charter (2018)


Rent a boat Sun Odyssey 440 (2020) in Mykonos

Main image -

Sailboat Bavaria Cruiser 51 (2015) for rent in Mykonos

Oreo -

Bavaria Cruiser 51 sailboat charter (2015)

Most popular sailboat rentals in mykonos.


Sun Loft 47 - 6 + 1 cab. sailboat charter (2021)

Anatoli -

Rent a boat Dufour 560 GL - 5 + 1 cab. (2015) in Mykonos

Main image -

Sailboat Oceanis 51.1 (2020) for rent in Mykonos


Dufour 560 GL - 5 + 1 cab. sailboat charter (2015)


Rent a boat Bavaria C42 (2024) in Mykonos

Shooting Star -

Sailboat Gianetti Star 65 (2008) for rent in Mykonos

Life Time -

Jeanneau 64 - 4 cab. sailboat charter (2020)

Main image -

Rent a boat Oceanis 51.1 (2024) in Mykonos


Sailboat Oceanis 51.1 - 5 + 1 cab. (2020) for rent in Mykonos

Jacosta -

Alfa 51 sailboat charter (2012)

Popular catamarans charters in mykonos.

Endless Beauty -

Fountaine Pajot Power 44 catamaran charter (2021)

Pi 2 -

Rent a boat Saba 50 (2019) in Mykonos

Danai -

Catamaran Dufour 48 Catamaran - 5 + 2 cab (2023) for rent in Mykonos

Danai -

Dufour Catamaran 48 catamaran charter (2023)


Rent a boat Samana 59 (2021) in Mykonos

Main image -

Catamaran Lagoon 400 (2016) for rent in Mykonos

Main image -

Lagoon 42 catamaran charter (2023)

My Blue Heaven - Green Wave + -

Rent a boat Dufour 48 (2020) in Mykonos


Catamaran Samana 59 (2021) for rent in Mykonos

Greek Beauty' -

Fountaine Pajot New 45 - 4 + 1 cab. catamaran charter (2020)

Mykonos yacht charter options, bareboat charter, crewed yachts, skippered boats, cost of boat rental in mykonos.

The prices for yacht charters in Mykonos are closely tied to the weather and sailing conditions throughout the year. They tend to be at their lowest in December, corresponding to the low season, and reach their peak in August when demand is high and sailing conditions are optimal.

Mykonos Yacht Charters

Mykonos   may be rightfully considered one of the most picturesque  Greek   islands of the   Cyclades archipelago . Being located in the central part of the Aegean Sea basin, the   island   attracts hundreds of sailors every year. Breathtaking  beach   with its incredible coastline, beautiful views of the Aegean Sea ,   and stunning landscapes make this  destination   worth visiting.  Sailing   on a luxurious boat offered by 12 K nots   provides an outstanding opportunity to plunge into the natural beauty of unspoiled sites.  

S ecluded southern beaches welcome everyone who wants to escape the energetic crowds and enjoy peace. Swim in the crystal waters, lie on the beautiful yacht ,  and watch the bright red sun dipping into the water. Or mingle in local friendly communities, taste delicious food ,   and feel the tiniest flavors in multiple sorts of a   famous wine.            

Sailing Conditions in Mykonos

Once visiting the Cyclades Archipelago, the sailors always return there. Constant warm   sun , well-equipped   marina , and ideal sailing conditions steel their hearts forever. On the whole, Cyclades are considered to   be  sailing heaven featuring excellent  conditions  for professionals and newcomers alike . Depending on t he season, the weather conditions  may  vary as sometimes ,   the weather can be changeable, bringing thunderstorms and cooling freshness .  During   the summer months,  the northern     wind   Meltemi   rang es   in force from 5 to 8 blows along the seaside  of Mykonos . Rising the waves up to 3-4 meters, the win d makes you feel like  an     expert   captain   of a powerful  D ufour   boat .    

Mediterranean climate is always associated with favorable sailing conditions.   E xtended sunny periods in  Greece  and the little amount of precipitation force every sailor to start a comfortable trip from island to island. If you find sailing in Mykonos a little bit challenging,   the   12 K nots   school is ready to teach you how to adjust to different   kinds   of winds.       

Best Times for Vacation in Mykonos

Weather conditions are the most crucial factor to take into consideration if you intend to get a valuable sailing experience.   Due to steady winds blowing during spring and summer, the air and water temperature is never extremely high. However, even in this period ,   you may observe multiple white dots of powerful  motorboats   far in the sea. It is advisable to visit Mykonos in the autumn months to avoid crowds of tourists, strong M eltemi, and unpleasant heat. September, October, and November are great options for those who want to enjoy calmness and comfort. The air temperature is about 28 degrees in  the  daytime ,  and  it  may be lower at night.   One more benefit is that the sea is the warmest in September ,   allowing you  to sail and swim all day. As autumn, especially its end, is out of the peak season, traveling to Mykonos becomes more affordable. With 12  K nots ,   you  may take advantage  of   a   discount   on the most prominent vessels.     

If the abundance of tourists does not bother you ,   and you are ready to face  the   8 - force northern wind, come during the summer months. This is the peak season preferred by sailors with profound knowledge and excellent skills. Check the forecast before booking a boat as there are cases when it is not allowed to leave the harbor during July and August. Be sure that you will not spend a  week   or more and   a   huge  budget   on exploring the sea out of the window of your apartment.    

Sailing Difficulty Level

Being called an island of winds, Mykonos always attracts inveterate sailors who have some successful experience of managing a boat.   Steady winds in some periods may appear scary for those whose sailing skills are not good enough.   However, the intermediate level of sailing difficulty can be easily covered by newcomers  in case of choosing the right moment to come .   If you have some doubts about seafaring alone, you may ask 12 K nots   for a professional skipper to accompany you. Besides, well-maintained marinas, secluded   lagoons , and multiple mooring options are created for inexperienced sailors to start practicing in  a  safe environment.  12   K nots  puts your safety in the first place ;  that ’s   why all the boats for rent are well-equipped with necessary appliances. Moreover, you will have to provide the sailing resume for our experts to identify the level of your professionalism. In case of its absence, address the 12 K nots   sailing school to get useful and valuable knowledge.   Or your trip may become a real adventure under the guidance of our dedicated skipper.     

Boat Types for Charters

Mykonos is  an  extremely important charter destination for 12   K nots .   Being surrounded by turquoise clear   water , the island represents one of the   most   adorable places to start the charter. 12 K nots ha s   a huge number of spacious yachts for those who want to embark on a magnificent journey of discovering the majesty of Greece.   To provide every sailor with overwhelming emotions, we have a huge number of available boats for   rental   options. Depending on your desires and taste, you may choose any vessel from the below- listed types :  

  • Sailing   yacht    
  • Catamaran  
  • Powerboat   
  • Gulet    

We offer 140 boats available for   charter   in Mykonos. All of them boast of high   quality, stylish appearance, and reasonable   price .   Contact   the team of professionals  of 12   K nots  to select the boat suitable for your previous experience and sailing skills.   

Other Information About Mykonos Sailing

12 knots recommend being responsible while planning your sailing trip across the Cyclades and gather some important information.   

  • Official language – Greek (English is widely spoken) .    
  • Official currency   –   Euro (EU) .    
  • Passport Requirements – Being a part of   the   Schengen Agreement, Greece does not require US passport holders to get   a   visa. They can enter Greece for touri st and business purposes for a   period of 90 days. For citizens of the European Union ,  a  visa may be required.   
  • Best months to visit – July, August, September .      
  • Average daily cost to visit Mykonos   ­   €119 ($140) per day.  
  • Medical information – check whether your medical insurance cover s   the place you want to enter. If not, you have to purchase supplemented coverage   to protect your  health .   
  • T he  easiest way to get to Mykonos is by air. There is an international  airport   on the island  located  4 km from the     town . The distance from the airport can be easily covered by  a  taxi   or   a car.   

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned information, prepare to book a fantastic sailing trip with 12   K nots .   No matter whether you travel with family, friends, or alone   ­   there   is   always a variety of great sailing options.  You make a wise and worthwhile investment into y our future delight if you rely on   our company.   

catamaran rental mykonos

Mykonos On Board Logo

Sailing is our passion

Mediterranean sun is our love

So lets sail together

Till the sunset

catamaran rental mykonos


Mykonos on Board sailing team offers organized private sailing excursions around Mykonos and the nearby islands of Delos and Rhenia.

Friendly service, professionalism and safety are our priorities! Smiles, happy people, light, sun, sails and gorgeous turquoise waters are some of the images that will captivate you on our yachts or catamaran!

Blue Sky Rhenia Tour (Half day - morning - private)

The tour starts from the southwest side of Mykonos, at Agios Ioannis .

We sail you to the nearby islands of Delos and Rhenia away from the hustle of Mykonos to enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing on their secluded beaches.

Discover the picturesque and beautiful islands of Delos and Rhenia with your partner, family or friends by booking a private half-day excursion.

Additional Info

Sunset safari tour (half day - afternoon - private).

The Aegean Sea makes for a very romantic backdrop to catch the ultimate sunsets. Sip a glass of wine and relax admiring on the continuously transforming sky, lighting up with shades of pink, orange and red with hues of blue scattered in between. This tour follows the route of our basic trips to the islands of Delos and Rhenia or to the famous south beaches of Mykonos .

Your skipper will take you around the most idyllic beaches in order to catch the most breathtaking views.

Taste a delicious Greek meal freshly cooked for you by our experienced chef on board.

Full Day Trip (private)

Take a day off away from the hustle of Mykonos. Our tour starts from the southwest side of Mykonos, in Agios Ioannis .

We sail to the southern part of Mykonos passing by from Ornos , Psarou and Paraga beach until we anchor at the famous Paradise Beach where you can have your first refreshing dive. Then we hoist the sails and head to the nearby islands of Delos and Rhenia .

At Rhenia we will stop at a secluded beach with crystal clear water, grab a pair of goggles to explore underwater life or enjoy a glass of wine while our crew prepares for you a Greek meal.

After that we can visit Delos` archaeological site or extend our stay on another quite spot at Rhenia island. On the way back to the port we can capture amazing views of the sunset.


Atlantic 49.

catamaran rental mykonos

Nautitech 44

catamaran rental mykonos


catamaran rental mykonos

Dolphin Navigation

  • Mykonos, 84600, Cyclades, Greece.

Phone: 6976573018

Email: [email protected]

Luxury Mykonos Cruises

Dolphin Navigation has been specializing in offering luxury Mykonos Cruises in the Cyclades since 2004.

As Featured In

Unforgettable cruises in mykonos.

Dolphin Navigation has been specializing in offering luxury Mykonos cruises in the Cyclades since 2004. Our experienced skippers and crew welcome you to join a variety of memorable Mykonos boat…

Best Price Guarantee

Connect with the local charter specialists for your sailing vacation in Mykonos.

Specialized in Yachts

Enjoy uncompromising privacy on board with unique sailing experiences recommended by local experts.

24/7 Customer Service

Experience the wonder of an exceptional sailing itinerary around the Mykonos island crafted just for you.

Popular Cruises in Mykonos

catamaran rental mykonos

Mykonos Cruise to Delos & Rhenia Island

Mykonos Cruise to Delos, Rhenia Island, Morning

Sailing in Mykonos has never been more exciting. Opt for one of our currently available Mykonos Cruises and pamper yourself with an unforgettable sailing experience around the Aegean.

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Luxury Catamaran Rental in Mykonos

Rent a Catamaran Mykonos

Catamaran Lagoon 38

Rent a Catamaran Mykonos

Catamaran Lagoon 40

Rent a Catamaran Mykonos

Catamaran Lagoon 44

Sail around the island’s best beaches and most picturesque islands. Choose among exclusive yachts and catamarans, and prepare to sail through new adventures

The Best Cruises Offers in Mykonos

Mykonos Cruise Early Booking Offer

Early Booking Offer

We have great news for you who want to plan your vacation early. Book your summer 2024 cruise now and take advantage of…

Mykonos Cruise Last Minute Offer

Last Minute Offer

Haven't you planned your cruise yet? No problem. Dolphin Νavigation offers unique packages even for last minute …

Explore Mykonos, the Island of the Winds Mykonos is the jet-setter of the Cyclades, inviting you to experience its palpable energy, perfect beaches, and pulsating nightlife. Particularly well-known for its overall rich…

Best Sights in Mykonos

Delos Island

Delos Island

Rhenia Island

Rhenia Island

Super Paradise Beach Mykonos

Super Paradise Beach

Choose us for the best mykonos cruises, value for money.

Hop on the best Mykonos sailing tours with luxury boats for a budget. Make sure you get your money’s worth out of your experience.

Leading Expertise

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Let us take care of every detail and craft the perfect sailing tour for you.

Free Transfer

Have a hassle-free sailing experience from the beginning. Find out about our personalized hotel pick-ups and drop-offs.

Safety & Privacy

Luxuriate in a stress-free cruise far from the crowds safely and securely. Prioritize your privacy and entrust our confidentiality.

Premium Services

Fulfill your sailing needs with the utmost professionalism, respect, and care. Enjoy exceptional amenities and services for a perfect sailing experience.

Satisfied Customers

Have a look at our reviews section to see what our customers say about their experience with us.

Find out what People Say about our Mykonos Cruises

Mykonos Cruises

What an experience! Private and luxury touring with this boat was superb. The food was the best meal we ate! Pickup and drop-off included in the tour price. I will sail with these guys again if I ever make my way back to Mykonos.

Mykonos Cruises

This was probably the most magical moment of our trip to Mykonos! We were so excited and in awe of the island. We were picked up from our hotel by a very friendly driver and were taken to the dock where we met our captain and his assistant.

Mykonos Cruises

Excellent!! Due to the covid situation, we were asked to meet by a tavern at the port and we were promptly set sail. We visited the ruins first before taking the boat to a beach which was empty and with clear waters! The captains mastered the windy seas brilliantly. Lunch consisted of pasta, prawns, and salad.

Mykonos Cruises

Brilliant cruise highly recommend to anyone visiting the island. We visited delos were we went for a swim and had lunch and wine. We then sailed through little venice watching the sunset all around great experience.

Latest Insights

Mykonos Town

Best to Do in Mykonos

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Delos Day Trip from Mykonos

Mykonos Yacht Day Trip

Mykonos Yacht Day Trip Guide

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Yacht Itineraries

Yacht rental mykonos luxury yacht rentals mykonos daily & weekly yacht charter in mykonos and greece., yacht rental guide, mykonos yacht rentals, yacht rentals greece, explore just a small selection of our yacht rentals below..

luxury yacht charter Mykonos, day yacht charter Mykonos

Luxury Yacht Charter Mykonos

Luxury yacht charter Mykonos. Enjoy a day yacht charter in Mykonos with luxury services on board. Day yacht charter: 23 guests, Weekly: 8 guests

day yacht rentals Mykonos, yacht rentals Mykonos

Day Yacht Rentals Mykonos

Day Yacht Rentals Mykonos, day private yacht rental Mykonos with Ferretti yacht, ideal for a family or small group of friends. Day yacht rentals: 10 guests

day yacht rentals Mykonos, luxury yacht charter Greece, weekly yacht charter Greece

Luxury Yacht Charter Greece

Luxury yacht for day yacht charter Mykonos and weekly yacht charter Greece. Day yacht rentals: 20 guests, Weekly charters: 10 guests

Superyacht rental Mykonos, superyacht charter Mykonos

Superyacht Rental Mykonos

Superyacht rental Mykonos ideal for yacht party/event with spacious living areas. Day yacht rentals: 24 guests, Weekly charters: 10guests.

luxury yacht rental Mykonos, luxury yacht rentals Mykonos

Luxury Yacht Rental Mykonos

Luxury yacht for day yacht rental Mykonos and weekly luxury yacht rental Cyclades. Day yacht rentals: 12 guests, Weekly rentals: 8 guests.

private yacht rental Mykonos, private yacht rentals Mykonos

Private Yacht Rental Mykonos

Rent private yacht Mykonos. Private yacht is ideal for large group of friends/families. Day yacht rentals: 20 guests, Weekly charters: 8 guests.

Elegant motor yachts, motor yachts Mykonos, charter yachts

Ferretti Yacht Rental Mykonos

Mykonos yacht rental with elegant style Ferretti motor yacht. Exterior deck layout offering spacious relaxation areas. Day Rentals Mykonos: 24 guests

Mykonos yachts, party yachts Mykonos, luxury yachts Paros

Maiora Yacht Rental Mykonos

Luxury yacht rentals with Maiora yacht. Charter Mykonos yacht to Mykonos, Delos, Ios, Santorini, Paros, Naxos. Day: 24 guests, 3-Day: 10 guests

yacht charter Mykonos, charter yachts Mykonos, finest yachts

Princess Yacht Rental Mykonos

Day yacht charter Mykonos with Princess yacht. Private ensuite facilities, A/C, music, SAT, LCD TV. Day Yacht Rentals Mykonos: up to 12 guests.

private yacht rentals Mykonos, yachts Mykonos

Sunseeker Yacht Rental Mykonos

Private yacht rental Mykonos with Sunseeker yacht. Explore the hidden jewels of Mykonos on a day yacht charter. Day Yacht Rentals: 10 guests.

day yacht rentals Mykonos, yacht rental Fairline, rent motor yacht

Fairline Yacht Rental Mykonos

Day yacht rentals Mykonos with Fairline yacht. Explore Mykonos, Delos, Renia on a yacht charter. Mykonos Day Yacht Rentals: 10 guests.

yacht rentals Mykonos, Mykonos yachts, yacht transfer Mykonos Athens

Aicon Yacht Rental Mykonos

Aicon yacht rentals Mykonos, yacht rental for day charter in Mykonos or transfers Athens Mykonos. Day Yacht Rentals: 12 guests.

Boat rental Mykonos, boat charter Mykonos

Boat Rental Cigarette 360 Grouper

Day boat charter Mykonos with Cigarette 360 Grouper. Half-day, full-day rental. Speed boat ideal for island transfers. Day Boat Rentals: 10 guests.

Mykonos day yacht rental, Mykonos yacht rentals, Mykonos yachting

Mykonos Yacht Rental Fairline

Mykonos day yacht rental with Fairline yacht. Ideal for day yacht charter Mykonos. Day yacht rentals: 10 guests, Weekly rentals: 2 guests

rent motor yacht Mykonos, day cruise Mykonos, rent yacht Mykonos

Yacht Rental Princess V65

Princess V65 luxury motor yacht Mykonos, Rent yacht Mykonos for a private cruise with up to 12 guests for day rentals in Mykonos.

rib rental Mykonos, rib transfer Mykonos

Rib Boat Rental Salpa

Rib boat rental Mykonos with Salpa, Soleil 28, 2021 model. Mykonos, Tinos, Naxos, Siros with a 300hp engine. Day Rib Boat Rentals: 9 guests.

day yacht rentals Mykonos, yacht rentals Mykonos

Ferretti 46 Yacht Rental

Yachting Mykonos, yacht rentals for day charter in Mykonos. Rent yacht Mykonos, explore Delos, Rinia, Southern beaches. Day yacht rentals: 12 guests

Yacht Rental Mykonos Athens, island transfers, Greece yachting

Yacht Rental Mykonos Athens

Yacht rental Mykonos Athens, island transfer with Mykonos and Athens located private yacht. Day yacht rentals: 10 guests, Weekly rentals: 4 guests

super yacht charter Mykonos, super yacht events, luxury yachting Greece

Super Yacht Charter Mykonos

Super yacht charter Mykonos measuring 42 m. Sporty open-style super yacht Mykonos ideal for luxury events. Day: 20 guests, Week: 12 guests

private cruise Mykonos, luxury cruise Mykonos, yacht party Mykonos

Luxury Cruise Mykonos

Private cruise Mykonos with luxury yacht  Ferretti 52, ideal for daily yacht charter cruises in Mykonos. Day Yacht Rental: 17 guests, Weekly: 6

yacht hire Mykonos, hire yacht Mykonos, luxury yacht hire Mykonos

Day Yacht Hire Mykonos

Mykonos yacht rental with elegant style open motor yacht, for luxury day yacht hire in Mykonos. Day Yacht Hire: 10 guests, Weekly: 4 guests

superyacht charter Athens, superyacht charter Greece, Yacht Rental Mykonos

Superyacht Charter Athens Greece

Superyacht charter Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, lying Athens (37m). Luxury and comfortable interior spaces highly rated by guests. Weekly: 12 guests

motor yacht Mykonos, motor yacht rentals, Yacht Rental Mykonos

Motor Yacht Rental Mykonos

Mykonos motor yacht rental for day rental or multi-day cruise Mykonos and Cyclades. Private motor yacht rentals in Mykonos. Weekly: 8 guests

sailing yacht Mykonos, sailing yacht rentals, Mykonos yacht rental

Mykonos Sailing Yacht Rental

Sailing yacht for a day yacht rental Mykonos. Private sailing yacht for day sailing in Mykonos. Pure pleasure and relaxation. Day yacht rental: 12 guests

Mykonos yacht rentals, luxury yacht charter Mykonos, Greece yachts

Mykonos Yacht Rentals Greece

Luxury yacht rentals Mykonos, Greece yacht charter. Interior layout sleeps up to 9 guests in 4 rooms ensuring a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Mykonos yacht rental, Astondoa yachts, day yacht charter Mykonos

Mykonos Yacht Rental Astondoa

Luxury boat rental for day or multi-day charter Mykonos. Yacht Astondoa is ideal for a day charter in Mykonos and the surrounding islands.

Mykonos yacht rental, Fjord yacht, rent yacht Mykonos

Rent Mykonos Yacht Fjord

Private yacht rental Mykonos with Fjord yacht. Rent Mykonos yacht for day cruise in Delos, Rhenia Island and the Southern Beaches of Mykonos.

Day cruise Mykonos, Yacht rental

Day Cruise Mykonos

Day Cruise Mykonos. Rent a yacht for day cruises in Mykonos, Delos, Rhenia, Paros, and the nearby islands! Day yacht rental: 20 guests, Weekly: 8 guests

Mykonos yacht rental,, rent motor yacht Mykonos

Rent Motor Yacht Mykonos

Rent Motor Yacht Mykonos. Rent a motor yacht for day cruise in Mykonos, island transfers in Cyclades. Day yacht rental: 8 guests, Weekly: 6 guests

Motor Yacht Charter, Cyclades yacht charter

Motor Yacht Charter Cyclades

Motor Yacht Charter Cyclades. From day charter in Mykonos, Paros to weekly yacht charter in Cyclades islands. Day yacht rental: 18 guests, Weekly: 6 guests

Mykonos yacht rental, rent yacht Mykonos Delos Rhenia, day rental

Rent Yacht Mykonos Delos Rhenia

Rent Yacht Mykonos. Rent a yacht for day cruise in Mykonos, Delos, Rhenia. Rent Mykonos yacht, Delos, Rhenia. Day yacht rental: 8 guests

island hopping Cyclades, island hopping Greek Islands, yacht rental Mykonos

Island Hopping Cyclades

Mykonos island hopping Cyclades, island hopping Greek Islands. Rent Mykonos yacht and explore the Cyclades. Day yacht rental: 12 guests, Weekly: 6

weekly yacht rental Mykonos, Mykonos weekly rental, Cyclades yachting

Weekly Yacht Rental Mykonos

Mykonos weekly yacht rental. Mykonos weekly private cruise Ios, Paros, Santorini, and the famous Cyclades Islands. Weekly Yacht Rental: 6 guests

Luxury Yachting & Services

Luxury yacht rentals in Mykonos for day charter. Speed boats, sailing boats, motor yachts, and superyachts. Choose between the Delos and Renia islands or the southern beaches of Mykonos for your day yacht cruise. Hotel and villa pick up and drop off or any other request can be arranged by our experienced staff. Contact our team to pick the best yacht for your cruise.

Rent a yacht in Mykonos and experience the cosmopolitan island secret spots!

Island Hopping

Island hopping with a luxury yacht rental is probably the best way to discover the Greek Islands. Charter a Mykonos yacht and escape to Paros, Naxos, Milos, Santorini, and other Greek Islands. The distances between the islands are very close, making the island hopping the ideal way to explore Greece. Rent a private yacht and discover the beauties of the Greek Islands.

Yacht Holidays

The cosmopolitan Mykonos is located in the heart of the Cyclades islands and can be combined with islands with untouched beaches of timeless beauty providing unique and revitalizing experiences. Our luxury team and your yacht concierge will be 24/7, covering every need of your yacht holidays in Greece.

Yacht Chefs

Luxury yacht chefs onboard offer unique dishes to our exclusive guests. Traditional Greek dishes, Mediterranean or International cuisine, we cater everything to the last detail! Provisioning and supplies from verified top suppliers, from all over World ensures that you get only the highest quality offering to our yacht quests service that meets only the finest of standards.

Water Sports

Water sports in Mykonos, luxury yacht toys in Mykonos and the Cyclades Islands. All yachts should set sail with some inflatable toys on board. No matter the occasion, family or friends, adventure, leisure, or fun, yacht toys, yacht slides, electrical toys, we provide the best water toys in Mykonos and Cyclades.

  • Yacht Charter Greece

There is no better way to discover Greece than on a luxury yacht charter. In partnership with Finest Yacht Charter, we provide full-service yacht experiences to meet all of your yachting needs. With local knowledge of Greece's most popular destinations and 24/7 yacht concierge service we design a unique itinerary and arrange anything for your guests.

Weekly crewed yacht charter in Greece, the finest destinations in Greece.

Event & Party Yachts

Let our yacht advisors and event planners organize the best yacht party in Mykonos and the Greek Islands. No matter the occasion or the number of guests, we provide the finest solutions for every party or luxury event. In partnership with Finest Luxury Concierge Mykonos, our lifestyle managers will design and execute a world-class yacht party in Mykonos island.

Mykonos Yacht VIP Services

Mykonos yachting VIP services, tender service for superyachts, luxury services. Beach restaurant reservations, VIP reservations to the best club parties in Mykonos, VIP access in private events with famous DJs. Our list of luxury partners provides unmatched VIP services covering your guests' every wish!

Yacht Chauffeur

Experienced drivers chauffeur you in comfort and safety while exploring Mykonos or the Cyclades islands. With excellent knowledge of the areas, they are driving with many years of experience, professional, polite, and discrete, the private drivers are always willing to assist you 24/7 with anything you might need in Mykonos and the Cyclades islands.

From a day yachts rental in Mykonos southern beaches or Delos and Renia islands, a day cruise to Paros, Naxos, Ios, or Tinos, to multi-day cruises and thematic cruises in the Cyclades exploring the beauties of the Greek islands. Tailor-made itineraries, customized to your needs, covering your every wish!

Luxury Partners

Mediterranean Yacht Charter, Mediterranean Yachts

Mediterranean Yacht Charter

Mykonos Concierge, Luxury Concierge Mykonos

Luxury Concierge Mykonos

Mykonos Private Chef, Yacht Chef Mykonos

  • Mykonos Private Chef

Yacht Rental Mykonos

Mykonos partners.

Finest Luxury Concierge Mykonos

  • Mykonos Yacht Charter
  • Mykonos Private Driver
  • Santorini Concierge
  • Boat Rental Mykonos

Greece Partners

  • Greece Concierge
  • Luxury Holidays Greece
  • Greece VIP Services
  • Wellness Retreats Greece
  • Athens Concierge Services

Worldwide Partners

  • Finest Luxury Group
  • Finest Luxury Yachts
  • Iliana Luxury
  • Ibiza Concierge
  • Cyprus Concierge
  • Luxury Yacht Charter Dubai

Luxury Yacht Rentals Mykonos

catamaran rental mykonos

  • CRUISES & Charters
  • Yacht Management


Mykonos Yacht Rentals

Discover memorable destinations in the aegean islands.

MOMENTUM is a Mykonos Yachting Company that specializes in motor boat rentals and yacht charters in Mykonos Island. Our team of Mykonos Luxury Yacht Rentals professionals is passionate about creating the perfect Mykonos yacht rental experience for our summer guests.

Momentum Yachting offers exclusive charter experiences, private daily or weekly cruises, transfers and event hosting.

Defined by our professionalism and attention to detail ,we strive to offer five star service, ensuring unique moments and an unforgettable escape.  


Mykonos yacht rentals, plan the perfect escape with a yacht charter from our exclusive luxury fleet..

ILLYA F, Falcon "92 Yacht

ILLYA F | Falcon “92 Yacht


Princess V55 Yacht-60ft

catamaran rental mykonos


RIB Superonda 29


Yacht Cranchi Mediteranee

ESTE | Cranchi M44 Yacht

catamaran rental mykonos

Aron | Astondoa “53 Yacht


Blondie | Cranchi Z37 Yacht

Choose the yacht suites your style & book your day cruise, yacht day charters.

Experience luxury on the water as you embark on a tailor-made day cruise. From sleek and modern to timeless and elegant, our selection of yachts caters to different styles and preferences. Get ready to soak up the sun, breathe in the sea breeze, and indulge in the finer things in life. With our easy booking process, you can plan your perfect day on the water with just a few clicks. Don't wait, let us help you create an unforgettable yacht experience today.

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Mykonos Daily Cruise to Delos & Rhenia

Step aboard our Rhenia - Delos cruise and discover a world of sparkling seas, secluded beaches, and rich culture! Embark on a journey to the Cycladic Sisters - Mykonos, Delos, and

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South Coast Tour in Mykonos Island

Mykonos South Coast Yacht Day Cruise

Luxury yacht charters.

Luxury Motoryachts, Daily Excursions, Cruises, Events & Party on Board, Wedding on Board.


Luxury yacht charters.

We offer you the best Yachts at your disposal to enjoy the most luxurious Yachting experience in Mykonos & around the Cyclades islands. Cruise around the crystal waters of the Aegean Sea & explore the most beautiful beaches and sheltered coves. With our first-class services, we ensure your vacation will be truly memorable.

The most important thing is that we create memories that last a lifetime!

Celebrate your Special Day on a Luxury Yacht in Mykonos. From wedding proposals, wedding ceremonies, and honeymoon trips to bachelorette parties and birthday celebrations, all special occasions can be organized by our team of experts on board.

Enjoy the real yachting experience through tailor-made cruises and discover the hidden beauties of Mykonos & Cyclades Islands.


yachting & cruises to Cyclades


Fashionable woman models a flowy white dress and sun hat on a luxurious yacht, showcasing a capsule collection of Mediterranean-inspired clothing and accessories.

Styling Your Aegean Cruise: Mykonian Chic and Functional Yacht Wardrobe

Sun-soaked luxury awaits! Embody Aegean sophistication with this style guide tailored for your Momentum Yacht adventure. From Mykonos vibes to versatile elegance, we've got you cov

Friends enjoying wine on a yacht with secluded Mykonos beach in background

Experience Mykonos Beyond the Crowds

Want to ditch the Mykonos tourist trail? This guide reveals secret beaches where you can truly relax, traditional villages with timeless charm, and the incredible, family-run taver

Yacht sailing towards Paros and Syros from Mykonos, Greece, for a luxurious island-hopping adventure.

The Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping from Mykonos

Discover the ultimate freedom of luxury island hopping from Mykonos. Explore must-visit islands, hidden coves, and embark on a yacht adventure in the Greek Cyclades.

We feature a fine selection of professionally crewed Luxury Yacht Rentals and Yacht Charters in Mykonos for every budget. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of yacht services, as well as event planning services, concierge services, all including luxury yacht rentals, yacht charters, party boat rentals, speed boat rentals, yacht weddings, private yacht rentals, motor yacht rentals, for any destination in the Aegean Sea, in the Cyclades, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Kea, Tinos, Syros, Sifnos, Serifos, Ios, and the Dodecanese.

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An unforgettable experience of discovery.

Sail from Mykonos towards unspoiled coves. Chill out on pristine waters. Delicious mediterranean cuisine freshly cooked aboard our catamarans.

A passion above all!

Our catamarans are well-known models for their high sailing efficiency and seaworthiness. Customized with large sunbed areas, they ensure everyone an exhilarating and comfortable sailing experience. Discover the thrill of sailing with us around Mykonos!

Experienced Crew

An unmatched level of service.

Michael, captain and owner of the fleet, has worked extensively both in the Caribbean and the Aegean Sea for 23 years. He was the first to offer daily catamaran cruises on Mykonos.


...we had a brilliant day with Captain Michael and Adam on board this fantastic catamaran. Friendly service, excellent food, plenty of room and time to swim, snorkel and sunbake!

Liz, Melbourne, AU

Amazing trip! Unbelievable food, beautiful spots

Trish, San Diego

A sailing delight

Bradley, Atlanta

Highly Professional Company

Captain Michael

[email protected] Tel. +30 6945029196

Claire (Bookings)

[email protected] Tel. +30 6975581926

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Mykonos South Beaches Cruise

Delos and rhenia island cruise, lagoon 440 fly.

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Get the lowest rates than any online travel agency or booking platform., explore our tours.

catamaran rental mykonos

Best Price Guarantee

As the catamaran owner company we offer the best industry price, avoiding agency commission..

catamaran rental mykonos

Premium Service

Enjoy personalized recommendations, itineraries and services that will truly elevate your experience..

catamaran rental mykonos

Book with flexibility

You’re in control, with flexible cancellation and payment options to satisfy any plan or budget..

catamaran rental mykonos

24/7 Customer Support

Dedicated catamaran advisors are on hand to offer award-winning services that will truly elevate your cruise., catamaran cruises.

catamaran rental mykonos


catamaran rental mykonos

View Our Cruises

Catamaran fleet.

catamaran rental mykonos

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catamaran rental mykonos

Tailormade Catamaran Cruises in Mykonos

Plan my cruise, don't just see mykonos, experience mykonos., get a quote, your words, not ours.

catamaran rental mykonos

David Dysart

Sa, july 2023, catamaran mykonos extraordinary.

This was the Piece de Resistance of a 10 day Greece/Italy tour. An absolute MUST for a family. From Joanne in the office to the skipper of our Private Catamaran, we were treated better than VIP’s. Every request was granted! Responsive and accommodating! The food was authentic, hot and served with style. They watched carefully my parents, children and grandchildren (75 to 9 yrs) to ensure the highest standard of safety while boating and anchored. I would have gladly paid double for these memories. Believe I am not easy to please, but this was truly spectacular service, and quality for the dollar. I highly recommend for a family.

Mykonos Catamaran 5 star review tripadvisor

USA, May 2023

Amazing .

Amazing amazing amazing.!!! We had wonderful time aboard with this company in Mykonos island. The food was delicious and the staff where great. Thanks very much for everything.!!

catamaran rental mykonos

UK, May 2023

I have booked a cruise with this company for my friends and I and they have been so helpful during the booking process, alway answering my questions very promptly and being so accommodating and polite. Honestly very professional people.

catamaran rental mykonos

NG, June 2023

Excellent services.

Customer service was great, Joanna thank you. Very helpful! Great services . Attention to details👍 I fully recommend!

catamaran rental mykonos

Oluwabukola J.

Mykonos boat cruise.

Excellent communication! Many thanks to Joanna for helping us plan this and answering all our questions..xo

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catamaran rental mykonos

Top 10 Beaches in Mykonos

Discover the essence of paradise with our guide to the Top 10 Beaches in Mykonos. Each shore unveils a unique blend of beauty and bliss. #MykonosBeaches

catamaran rental mykonos

A Catamaran Day Tour to Delos and Rhenia Islands

Sail into history and tranquility with our catamaran day tour to Delos and Rhenia Islands. Explore the Delos archaeological site and embrace Rhenia's secluded beauty.

catamaran rental mykonos

The Best Catamaran Tour in Mykonos, Greece

Embark on the ultimate adventure with the best catamaran tour in Mykonos, Greece. Discover unparalleled luxury and scenic beauty. Catamaran Mykonos awaits!

catamaran rental mykonos

Best Places to Propose in Mykonos

Uncover the enchanting locales in Mykonos for the perfect proposal. Explore our guide to the Best Places to Propose in Mykonos and create lasting memories.

catamaran rental mykonos

Best time to Visit Mykonos

Unlocking the Magic of Mykonos: Choosing the Perfect Time to Visit, from Vibrant Summers to Serene Springs and Autumns – Your Ultimate Guide to Island Bliss!

Why Book a Catamaran Cruise in Mykonos?

Sail into Bliss: Discover the Unforgettable Mykonos Catamaran Experience - Your Gateway to Turquoise Waters, Rhenia & Delos Islands, and Endless Adventure!

catamaran rental mykonos

Sailing: A Therapeutic Voyage to Better Mental Health

Sail Away to Serenity: How Sailing, the Healing Power of the Sea, and the Beauty of Nature Combine in a Therapeutic Journey to Improve Your Mental Health

catamaran rental mykonos

Is 1 day enough for Mykonos?

Discover the jet-setter of the Cyclades, and experience its palpable energy, perfect beaches only in a few hours. Here is a comprehensive one-day itinerary in Mykonos that will ensure that you get the most out of your time in Mykonos!

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Catamaran Mykonos cruise to Delos island

A truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Plan my tour.

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2020 - 2022

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Full-Day charters Book Now!

Half-day charters book now, experiences on yacht book now.


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Day Cruise Princess V55

Half Day cRUISE Book Now!

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MULTI-DAY yACHT charters


CD Yachting Mykonos

Mykonos Boat Rental & Yacht Charter

catamaran rental mykonos

Boat Rental Mykonos

5-star rating.

We are proud of ourselve for being a 5-Star Yacht Charter Provider in Mykonos offering the ultimate experience. Captain Christos is paying attention to performance, safety & detail in every boat trip.

No Brokers Fee

Lowest price guaranteed, rented directly by the owners, without brokers or intermediaries. We ensure your boat rental at the best price & a yacht in excellent condition.

Professional Crew

All our crew members are professional. Christos is a captain with an experience for more than 20 years. Our crew is very experienced, with very polite behavior, providing an exciting and friendly atmosphere.

Unique Yachting Moments

See below real Yachting Moments on our Yachts

Book Your Adventure Online Now

Secure your reservation now with just a 200€ prepayment.

Searching Availability...

catamaran rental mykonos

Live the Lush Mykonos Yachting Experience

Discover the world of CD Yachting Mykonos, a 5 Star full-service Yacht Charter Company , specializing in Boat Rental in Mykonos , bespoke experiences, and lifelong adventures.

CD Yachting Mykonos provides Boat Rental & Yacht Charter , offering tailormade Yacht Experiences , for one or more days, designing tours & packages of Boat Rental & Yacht Charter for Full or Half Day Cruises . Worth noting, both Daily & multi-day Mykonos Yacht Charters are tailor-made, planning your route and itinerary to your needs.



Mykonos Yacht Day Charter service promises authentic and memorable experiences in the Green-blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

Full-Day Boat Trips

8-hours private cruise, half-day boat trips, 4,5-hours private cruise, explore our yachts.

Bask a sunshine day full of unprecedented emotions & activities. Luxuriate in a private yacht, specially designed to offer absolute comfort, offering a list of free amenities . 

Enjoy the most beautiful encounter between secret Aegean coves accessible by boat, ideal for snorkeling & play with a SeaBob, and cosmopolitan beaches with glistening bars.

Discover Mykonos' most * Cosmopolitan *,* Instagramming *, * Spectacular * beach spots by boat!


Day Cruise Experiences to Inspire

A scenic Mykonos coastline featuring sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a luxury yacht in the distance.

Mykonos by Yacht: Unveiling Famous Beaches & Secluded Shores

Escape the crowds and discover Mykonos’ most stunning beaches, from vibrant party hot-spots to secluded coves and ancient islands only accessible by yacht.

Women sunbathing, enjoying champagne and fruit on a yacht deck, in Mykonos.

Your Ultimate Luxury Escape: Why a Mykonos Yacht Day Trip is a Must

Ditch the crowds and discover pristine coves on a private Mykonos yacht trip. From personalized itineraries to gourmet meals, this is how you vacation in style.


Enjoy an Unforgettable Cruise to Rhenia & Delos

Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to explore the Greek islands? Look no further than the Authentic Rhenia-Delos Cruise 2023!


Yacht Charter

Enjoy a luxury yacht experience, tailored to your needs, weekly yacht charter.

Mykonos is the leading Yacht Rental & Yacht Charter destination. Get ready this Summer to yacht around Mykonos & Cyclades Islands with your friends and family, and let us take care of all the details for incredible yachting holidays!

Make Lifelong Memories


Give a luxury touch to your special event

Celebrate any kind of special occasion making it a memorable one & live an alternative experience!

From proposals and weddings to honeymoons & special events for friends and family, CD Yachting Mykonos will assist you to get the most out of your Yacht Charter!


We are happy when you are happy.

catamaran rental mykonos

..a fantastic time!

Christos made our vacation! He took us out on his yacht for the day and we had the most wonderful time! We snorkeled, jumped off the yacht, swam, listened to great music, saw beautiful beaches and had a fantastic time! We did not want to leave the yacht and if we would have been in town another day, we would have taken the yacht out again with Christos! He is such a nice man and does everything to make you feel like it is your yacht for the day! If we visit Greece again, we will definitely do this again with Christos!


We will definitely do this trip with CD yachting again next year!

We visit Mykonos every year with some friends and kids. This was the first time we booked Chris and his boat for 2 days. Chris is really adorable, very kind, and helpful. The boat is very luxurious, comfortable and the kids loved it. We will definitely do this trip with CD yachting again next year.

...offered us a unique experience!

We visited Mykonos island in August with a couple of friends. We choose cd yachting for a one-day cruise in the near islands. The skipper and the staff were fantastic and they offered us a unique experience. We would definitely recommend cd yachting for your cruise. entirely different experience...!

Casual, sophisticated, and unpretentious, the CD Yachting experience is highlighted by outstanding service, delicious cuisine, inspired by Cyclades and professionalism, where you’ll rarely meet to another cruise ship. Apparently, this was just another Greek Island cruise, where we think we have cruised in this region many times, but in fact, it was an entirely different experience and it now ranks with the very few truly memorable cruises that we ever had !!!

An excellent choice for daily trips...!

Amazing boat, very beautiful places to visit, excellent captain, kind and professional. An excellent choice for daily trips, special prices!

Tailor-made Request

Rent a boat in Mykonos with or without a licence

  • Yacht charter
  • Rent a boat in Greece with or without a licence

Charter Catamaran BALI CATAMARANS Bali 4.6 Mykonos

BALI 4.6  (2023)

Charter Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.8 Mykonos

Catamaran Bali - Catana Bali 4.8 14.82m  (2020)

From €950 per day.

Charter Sailboat Dufour Dufour 45 Classic Mykonos

Daily & Weekly charters in Mykonos with Dufour 45 Classic!  (2002)

From €440 per day.

Charter Sailboat Atlantic 49 Mykonos

Blueline III  (1993)

From €700 per day.

Charter Motorboat Cranchi 2019 Mykonos

Motorboat Cranchi 2019 450hp  (2019)

From €670 per day.

Charter Motorboat Jeanneau Prestige Fly 58ft Mykonos

Prestige Fly Bridge 58ft  (2013)

From €3,200 per day.

Charter Gulet Gulet 72 Mykonos

Atlantis  (1999)

From €2,970 per day.

Charter Gulet Quarantine Of Delos *SPECIAL OFFER* Mykonos


From €1,000 per day.

Charter RIB 2023 Indigo 20 Rib Boat Mykonos

2023 Indigo 20 Rib boat  (2023)

From €650 per day.

Charter RIB MARVEL 930 30FT Mykonos

Daily boat trips!  (2007)

From €800 per day.

Charter Motor yacht Ferretti 591 Mykonos

FERRETTI 591 M/Y Esperance III Fly Bridge in Mykonos  (2006)

From €2,150 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  2022 Compass 150cc Mykonos

2022 Compas 150cc  (2022)

From €350 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 50 Mykonos

LAGOON 50  (2018)

Charter Catamaran Fountaine Pajot 45ft Mykonos

Fountaine Pajot 45ft  (2021)

From €1,886 per day.

Charter Sailboat Dufour Gib Sea 51 Mykonos

Magic sailing tour  (2006)

From €1,080 per day.

Charter Catamaran Fountain pajot Bahia 46 Mykonos

Fountain pajot Bahia 46  (2005)

From €1,500 per day.

Charter Catamaran Lagoon Lagoon 46 Mykonos

Sail with our Lagoon 46!  (2021)

From €1,329 per day.

Charter Catamaran  Lagoon 42 Mykonos

Catamaran Lagoon 42 12.00m  (2023)

From €886 per day, yacht charter in mykonos.

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades , a group of Greek islands lying south-east of the mainland in the Aegean Sea . Mykonos has earned itself the nickname ' The Island of the Winds ' for good reasons and is a perfect destination for anyone considering taking a sailing holiday and will convince you to book a yacht charter in Mykonos , Greece.

Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek islands in the region and is well-known for its thriving nightlife that attracts artists and stars from all over the world. The main town in Mykonos is also named Mykonos , following the Greek common practice of naming the principal town of an island after the island itself, but is also sometimes referred to as ' Chora ' which literally means 'town' in Greek.

What type of boat is best for Mykonos?

Here's a breakdown of boat types suitable for Mykonos , along with their typical capacity and cabin configurations:

  • Capacity: 2 to 12 passengers.
  • Cabins: Typically none, suitable for day trips.
  • Capacity: 4 to 10 passengers.
  • Cabins: Usually none, ideal for day trips and water sports.

Boat without Licence:

  • Capacity: 2 to 6 passengers.
  • Cabins: No cabins, suitable for short coastal trips.

Motor Yacht:

  • Capacity: 4 to 20+ passengers.
  • Cabins: 1 to 10+ cabins, offering luxurious accommodations.
  • Cabins: 1 to 4 cabins, with extra sleeping space in the saloon.
  • Capacity: 4 to 12+ passengers.
  • Cabins: 2 to 6 cabins, providing ample sleeping space.
  • Capacity: 6 to 20+ passengers.
  • Cabins: 3 to 10+ cabins, often with facilities, offering a luxurious cruising experience.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Mykonos?

Renting a boat in Mykonos varies in cost depending on factors like season, duration, boat type, port, skipper inclusion, and extras like equipment or crew. To get precise pricing, it's best to directly contact the boat owner, detailing your preferences for an accurate quote. Prices vary for different types of boat:

Starting from an average of €600/day in low season and €700/day in high season.

Starting from an average of €1,000/day in low season and €700/day in high season.

Boat without licence

Starting from an average of €180/day in low season and €270/day in high season.

Motor Yacht

Starting from an average of €2,500/day in low season and €3,000/day in high season.

Starting from an average of €300/day in low season and €800/day in high season.

Starting from an average of €1,500/day in low season and €1,750/day in high season.

Starting from an average of €2,970/day in low and high season.

There is a boat rental for every budget and with Click&Boat you will receive a personal adviser who will listen to all of your unique requirements for your boat rental in Mykonos and provide you with a free quotation.

What is included in the cost?

The cost of a yacht charter typically includes the base rental fee, services of a skipper or captain, fuel for the duration of the rental, basic safety equipment, mooring fees, and basic insurance coverage. Additional amenities or services may incur extra charges, so it's essential to review the rental agreement carefully.

What season is the best to charter a boat in Mykonos?

The best time to visit Mykonos is different for everyone. As with the rest of the Mediterranean , the area sees a busy summer period, or 'high-season', where tourists flood the streets and beaches are full. But a boat charter in Mykonos is a great way to avoid the crowds. You can enjoy the views of the island from a different angle, still enjoy the streets in the morning when they are quieter and take your yacht charter to the more secluded beaches to avoid the crowds. The weather is hottest from June to September, and this time of year the waters are heavenly to swim in. May and October are still quite warm too, but you may find that a few shops and restaurants close during this time.

Where to charter a boat in Mykonos?

In Mykonos , you can rent a boat from several ports and marinas:

  • Old Port of Mykonos : Convenient for exploring the town's attractions.
  • New Port of Mykonos : Offers modern facilities and connections to other islands.
  • Ornos Marina: Popular choice for visitors staying in nearby resorts.
  • Agios Ioannis Marina: Tranquil setting near beautiful beaches.
  • Platis Gialos Marina: Convenient access to southern coast exploration.

These ports and marinas provide convenient access to boat rental services, allowing visitors to explore the stunning coastline and nearby islands of Mykonos .

Where to sail in Mykonos?

Mykonos is just one of many beautiful islands in the Cyclades , and you can sail to the others from Mykonos town to see even more incredible landscapes and white sands.

In Mykonos , sailing opens up a world of exploration beyond its shores. This Cycladic island serves as a gateway to a multitude of stunning islands, each boasting their own unique landscapes and white sandy beaches.

Venturing beyond Mykonos , you can set sail for enchanting destinations such as Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Milos, Sifnos, Andros, and Syros . These islands offer diverse experiences, from the dramatic cliffs of Santorini to the charming villages of Paros and the rugged coastline of Milos.

Upon reaching a new marina, you'll find yourself immersed in the rich history and vibrant culture of each island. In Mykonos Town (Chora) , start your getaway, exploring the maze-like streets and whitewashed buildings while escaping the midday sun. Also, don't miss the opportunity to visit the island's iconic lighthouses and the area known as 'Little Venice,' where seafront houses are just next to restaurants and bars.

For shopping enthusiasts, Matoyianni street offers a vibrant array of shops, from traditional boutiques to luxurious retailers. And when it's time to set sail, head to Paradise Beach or Agrari Beach to relax under the Mediterranean sun and enjoy the transparent waters.

In essence, sailing from Mykonos allows you to embark on a journey of discovery, where each island offers its own touch of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and unforgettable experiences.

Renting a boat with or without a skipper?

Boat rental with a skipper:.

  • Expert navigation and local knowledge
  • Relaxation and convenience
  • Instruction and guidance
  • Ideal for novice sailors
  • Stress-free experience

Renting a boat without a skipper:

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Privacy and autonomy
  • Cost savings
  • Sailing experience and personal growth
  • Ideal for experienced sailors

Skippers are your guides both on and off the water. They will take you to see all the places on your travel itinerary, and give you recommendations about other attractions that most tourists won’t know about. Skippers provide a more all-inclusive atmosphere, and together you can customise your sailing adventure. For a unique experience on the water, rent a boat with a skipper in Mykonos!

Good to know

Frequently asked questions about mykonos, how much does it cost to rent a boat in mykonos for a day.

The average cost of renting a boat in Mykonos is around €1,600 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €143 and €14,700 per day.

How much does a skipper cost per day in Mykonos?

The price of a skipper varies depending on the destination and the owner of the boat. In Mykonos, you can expect to pay an average of €168 per day for a skipper.

How many cabins does a boat have in Mykonos?

Boats in Mykonos have an average of 3 cabins. If you travel with a large group, you can book boats with up to 13 cabins.

How many people can fit on a boat in Mykonos?

The maximum capacity for boats in Mykonos is 100 persons. Note that if you rent a boat with skipper, they also count to the number of people.

What types of boats can I rent in Mykonos?

In Mykonos you can rent for example a Motorboat, RIB or even a Motor Yacht.

Charter a boat near Mykonos

In Mykonos, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.

Charter another yacht type in Mykonos

Are you interested in other yachts besides boat in Mykonos? Look up at other yachts to charter on our website

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catamaran rental mykonos

  • Yacht Charter Fleet

Experience the ultimate yacht charter in Greece with 43M Overmarine yacht charter HALARA

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By Anna Ingles   16 May 2024

Offering availability for Greece yacht charters , 141ft (43m) motor yacht charter HALARA is a breathtaking new addition to the Overmarine yacht charter fleet, presented in flawless condition. Boasting a modern, bright interior designed by the renowned Alberto Mancini, super yacht charter HALARA offers sumptuous living areas and accommodations for 10 charter guests.

Throughout the decks onboard crewed yacht charter HALARA, charter guests will find numerous lounging areas perfect for relaxation.

One of the superyacht charter's highlights is the infinity dip pool on the foredeck, providing guests with a sublime swimming experience amidst panoramic ocean vistas for astounding Greece and Mykonos yacht charters . The yacht rental also hosts a serene beach club, complete with a wet bar and cozy seating arranged around a coffee table, for ultimate relaxation by the water.

Overview of the aft deck lounge area onboard private yacht charter HALARA

A standout feature of private yacht charter HALARA is the expansive Owner's cabin located on the main deck. This luxurious cabin features separate his and hers bathrooms and is complemented by a private balcony on the starboard side, offering an idyllic spot for a peaceful breakfast during a yacht charter in Greece or a private retreat away from the yacht's social hubs.

Luxury yacht rental HALARA combines style, performance, and comfort for unforgettable charter vacations

Main salon lounge onboard private yacht charter HALARA, with plush white seating

The lower deck houses the delightful ensuite guest cabins, with a flexible configuration of four double cabins, two of which can be transformed into twins, all outfitted with the latest amenities for a comfortable stay on Greece yacht charters.

Master cabin onboard private yacht charter HALARA, central forward facing berth with wide windows in the background

Equipped with both zero speed and underway stabilizers, motor yacht charter HALARA ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for guests at any speed. Capable of reaching speeds up to 15 knots, she is manned by a proficient crew of nine, dedicated to providing top-tier service throughout your voyage.

Greece yacht charters: At a glance

Greece, a remarkable destination for yacht charters , offers an array of enticing attractions and genuine allure across its islands. With endless sunkissed beaches, captivating ancient sites, and Mediterranean charm, Greece and its surroundings guarantee a memorable experience for East Mediterranean yacht charters .

Whether opting for a yacht charter in Santorini , Crete, or Mykonos, guests are greeted with a plethora of opportunities. They can embark on picturesque treks and cycling adventures along forest trails, uncover the hidden coastlines of Rineia and the Cycladic Windmills , and explore historical marvels such as Ancient Olympia .

A secluded cavern on a beach in Greece

If you're interested in booking a yacht charter in Greece for the summer season, take a look at some sample  Greece yacht charter itineraries  and read our comprehensive  guide to Greece yacht charters  for more ideas on the best things to see and do in the region.

Greece yacht charter itineraries

To book your Greece yacht charter onboard charter yacht HALARA, or an alternative  Overmarine yacht charter , contact your preferred  yacht charter broker  today for availability and more details on  yacht rentals .

Alternatively, find out more about chartering yachts by taking a more in-depth look at  yacht rental costs .

Alternative Greece yacht charters

Latiko yacht charter

44m Benetti 2014

L'Albatros yacht charter

44m Sterling Yachts 1985 / 2022

Grande Amore yacht charter

44m Benetti 2006 / 2020

This is It yacht charter

44m Tecnomar 2024

Lady G II yacht charter

45m Mondo Marine 2003 / 2019

Steel yacht charter

45m Tulza 2011


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Explore the Adriatic on an indulgent Croatia yacht charter with motor yacht KLOBUK


Explore the Adriatic on an indulgent Croatia yacht charter with motor yacht KLOBUK

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Explore the Adriatic on an indulgent Croatia yacht charter with motor yacht KLOBUK

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The Best Hotels in Mykonos, From Design-Forward Boutique Hotels to Sprawling Resorts

By Chadner Navarro

Image may contain Plant Architecture Balcony Building Accessories Bag Handbag Person and Arch

We may earn a commission if you buy something from any affiliate links on our site.

The island of Mykonos represents the epitome of a European summer vacation thanks to its atmospheric Old Town, energetic seaside restaurants, lively beach clubs, and stunning blue waters. And let’s not forget the star sightings and scene-stealing windmills. The best hotels in Mykonos won’t be too far from all of the above. (In fact, the best hotels in Mykonos might just have all of the above!)

But more than their proximity to all the magic this Greek island has to offer, these properties are as diverse as the demographic of travelers who flock here every summer. Whether you’re a party-loving group of friends, a same-sex couple, or multi-generational family, there is a fabulous place to stay on this island.

Vogue ’s Guide to the Best Hotels in Mykonos:

  • For a Hidden Gem: Cali Mykonos
  • For the Fashion Crowd: Kalesma
  • For Immaculate Views: Katikies Mykonos
  • For Design-Forward Minimalism: Domes Noruz Mykonos
  • For Mykonos Regulars: The Wild by Interni
  • For Foodies: Belvedere Hotel Mykonos
  • For an Adults-Only Beach Club: Myconian O

Boheme Mykonos

From a see-and-be-seen spot with a memorable party scene to an outsized resort with a helipad and a sexy hotel with a private beach, the best hotels in Mykonos will come down to your travel style and preference, because it’s the kind of vacation destination that gives you exactly what you want. And given its popularity, Mykonian hoteliers can’t open these hotels fast enough so there’s always more to check out for future trips. But for summer 2024, below are the 10 you’ll want to book.

Cali Mykonos

Image may contain Architecture Balcony Building Chair Furniture and Couch

Only two years old, this tucked-away resort in Kalafati has already developed a major reputation as one of the most exclusive bookings on the island. And why not? All 40 of its suites and villas come with their own private pool; the main one—a 130 meter-long saltwater infinity pool—is the longest on-island, and its signature restaurant serves high-quality Greek food (tougher to find than you’d think in the hotels here). With an impressive collection of amenities, from the spa suites they’re debuting for the 2024 season to the private yachts and boats guests can rent, plus the thoughtful activities they can organize, Cali is genuinely a one-stop-shop for all your Greek island needs.

  • Amenities : Pool, restaurant, private yachts and boats
  • Bonus Tip : Curious about pickleball? Why not discover padel, a similar but totally different racket sport that’s very popular in Europe? Cali is launching padel courts on the property this season.
  • Address : Cali Mykonos

Image may contain Indoors Interior Design Bed Furniture Home Decor Chair Floor Architecture Building and Housing

By Mélanie Nauche

At 76, Grace Jones Is Still The Most Fabulous Beauty Icon We Have

By Hannah Coates

Bella! Naomi! Helena! All of the Models at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

By Hannah Jackson

This 27-unit hotel might be overlooking the yacht-studded Ornos bay, but Kalesma prides itself on being incredibly discreet. Every stay can be a contained experience if you want it to be; the suites are ridiculously spacious with equally roomy outdoor patios that come with infinity pools. There’s a sexiness to the minimalist aesthetic of white textiles, warm wood furniture, and stark stone walls. It’s the kind of place you could enjoy with your partner for the entirety of your stay, only leaving to have meals at the hotel restaurant, which has become a sought-after reservation for everyone in Mykonos. (If you booked one of the kitchen-outfitted villas, the chefs can come to you for meals.) And let’s not forget the fire pit where you can watch some of the best sunsets anywhere.

  • Amenities : A new spa featuring treatments by Dr. Barbara Sturm opens in 2024, plus a restaurant, on-site Greek Orthodox chapel, pool, gym
  • Bonus Tip : Did you know that Kalesma is the only hotel in the world where you’ll find Rick Owens furniture? Clock a few pieces in the lobby.
  • Address : Ornos

Katikies Mykonos

Image may contain Chair Furniture Nature Outdoors Scenery Pool Water Swimming Pool Accessories Bag and Handbag

Does it get more quintessentially Mykonos than a hillside hotel swathed in blue and white? That’s exactly what you get at 32-suite Katikies, where every corner comes with stunning Aegean Sea views, some all the way out to the island of Delos (known as the birthplace of Hercules). If you’re planning on making the most of the island’s party energy, Katikies is well equipped to be your relaxing retreat with its four-treatment-room spa plus two pools, one of which is a tantalizing sand-edge infinity pool. Drinking and dining are also a huge part of the hotel’s footprint, with four different venues, including the poolside Champagne Bar by Fleur de Miraval and a location of Michelin-star Botrini’s from Athens.

  • Amenities : Four restaurants, a Melissa Odabash boutique, concierge service called Katikies Club, two pools, spa
  • Bonus Tip : Not every room here comes with a private pool so if that’s important to you, make sure you request one that does when you book.
  • Address : Agios Ioannis

Domes Noruz Mykonos

Image may contain Architecture Building House Housing Villa Pool Water Swimming Pool Waterfront and Couch

Close to Agios Stefanos beach and not far from Chora, year-old Domes Noruz ticks a lot of the right boxes that make for a great Mykonos stay: sea-facing rooms and suites (many with plunge pools or jacuzzis), lively restaurants and bars serving up vacation-ready cocktails, easy access to the beach, and plenty of sun-soaked communal spaces. And if you’re not the type to abandon your fitness regimen when on vacation, you’ll love the open-air gym, where in addition to yoga and meditation, a personal trainer is available to put together the island workout of your dreams. But to reinforce the slow pace of island life, there’s a relaxing, desert-chic minimalism to the space thanks to a calming palette of 50 shades of beige.

  • Amenities : Restaurant, pool, gym, spa
  • Bonus Tip : To bring in the island’s party energy, Domes hosts a sunset pool party every night, complete with house music and live performances.
  • Address : Agios Stefanos

The Wild by Interni

Image may contain Indoors Interior Design Chair Furniture Home Decor Bed Wood Architecture Building and Hotel

On the southern coast of the island, a trek away from the Old Town, The Wild relishes a more secluded location that might better appeal to Mykonos regulars rather than first-timers. From the team behind the fabulous restaurant Interni, The Wild stuffs 40 bohemian guest rooms into a crescent-shape clifftop where everything faces the sea. Larger suites and villas naturally come with plusher amenities, whether that’s a small private pool or dining room. But even if you don’t spring for one of them, The Wild still offers plenty of creature comforts: access to a private beach, an infinity pool, a charming two-room spa, and two restaurants (a classic taverna and a Greek-Japanese fusion kitchen). And if you’re eager to get off the property, ask the team to set you up with an island-hopping tour to uninhabited Delos and Rhenia.

  • Amenities : Pool, spa, restaurants, access to private beach
  • Bonus Tip : If you want a wild experience, the hotel is launching a sailing excursion aboard a trata , a traditional fisherman's boat native to the Cyclades. With local fishermen, you’ll learn how to fish with nets before heading back to the hotel to savor the fruits of your efforts.
  • Address : Kalafatis

Belvedere Hotel Mykonos

Image may contain Plant Architecture Balcony Building Accessories Bag Handbag Person and Arch

A few dozen rooms, suites, and villas located in seven white-washed buildings scattered on a hill give Belvedere the look and feel of a small Greek village. But there’s nothing small about this property, which for years has been one of Mykonos’ standard bearers when it comes to luxury hospitality. For instance, it’s home to Nobu's first open-air Matsuhisa in the world and the pool club comes with a striking mural by the British artist and designer Luke Edward Hall. Room style delivers that enticing Mykonian aesthetic: white walls, warm wood, and surfaces that curve softly and seductively. But here, you’ll want to spend a lot of time looking out; despite its discreet address, the Belvedere frames some of the best views of Chora.

  • Amenities : Spa, restaurant, pool club, gym
  • Bonus Tip : Don’t forget to order Nobu’s iconic dish, the white fish sashimi with dry miso, which was originally created at Matsuhisa Mykonos before it became the global sensation it is today.
  • Address : School of Fine Arts District

Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge

Image may contain Chair Furniture Indoors Interior Design Plant Desk Table Bed Home Decor Bench and Accessories

Since it opened in 2006, this 32-suite retreat located on the edge of the Old Town not very far from the famous windmills has been one of the most sought-after hotel reservations on the island. And with every season, the experience gets better. If you love to indulge in some self-care, Bill & Coo has the only Valmont Spa in Mykonos. If you want a vibe-y sundowner, there’s no better place for a glass of bubbles than the hotel’s Sunset Lounge, where a DJ sets the mood. And for summer 2024, a new restaurant is scheduled to open, which will focus on sumptuous Greek cooking. And the same exceptional program will be ready to complement whatever comes out of the kitchen.

  • Amenities : Spa, restaurant, pool club, gym, beach
  • Bonus Tip : If you really want to take your Mykonian vacation to the next level, book the three villas here; they can be combined to create the ultimate private hideaway.
  • Address : Megali Ammos Beach

Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort

Image may contain Dining Table Furniture Table Plate Nature Outdoors Scenery Chair Plant Indoors Terrace and Cup

One of the larger high-end hotels on Mykonos with 114 rooms, Santa Marina operates a lot like the chi-chi resort of our dreams. Secreted into a gated community in Ornos Bay, the hotel impresses with scale. And size comes with a laundry list of amenities that many of the other luxury hotels can’t really compete with. There’s a location of Buddha Bar (one of four dining venues), a five-room spa, a kids’ playground, and a beach club. This is the closest you’ll get to a Mykonian five-star hotel that could appeal to every type of traveler. And when you’re worn out, you get to slink back to a room that feels as modern and glamorous as the rest of the property.

  • Amenities : Bar, beach, gym, spa, restaurant, pool
  • Bonus Tip : Santa Marina’s beach might be the best in Mykonos thanks to the sandy beach in a bay protected from the winds.
  • Address : Ornos Bay

Image may contain Pool Water Swimming Pool Architecture Building Hotel Resort House Housing Villa and Outdoors

Since opening in 2022, this stylish hotel near Ornos beach has become a hit with more youthful visitors. Think: friend groups and young couples who love the beach club circuit. Split between two buildings, the 65 rooms and suites come in a wild variety of shapes and sizes: Some are brighter, some feature dark, moodier interior design, some come with partial sea views, larger suites are outfitted with plunge pools. There’s definitely a glitzier, more modern energy to the hotel which is amplified by the dynamic art and design throughout, like the floor-to-ceiling topless sculpture in the restaurant.

  • Amenities : Restaurant, spa, pool, beach, adults-only
  • Bonus Tip : The hotel has offers on-site dining but a fantastic location means you have easy access to equally fabulous seafood restaurants along Ornos Beach
  • Address : Ornos Beach

Mykonos Theoxenia

Image may contain Terrace City Path Chair Furniture Architecture Building House Housing Patio Plant and Tree

The collection of low-lying stone-walled buildings that make up this beautifully designed property was among the first hotels in Mykonos, where the likes of Brigitte Bardot would vacation. This history is so important that it’s protected by the Greek Ministry of Culture. The peerless interiors of this 49-room bolthole screams quiet luxury. Think: light-bathed and airy rooms with sculptural terracotta sconces, cushy sofas upholstered in boucle, and stone floors. And to counter all that stonework, robust landscaping makes Mykonos Theoxenia look incredibly lush. Wellness classes like meditation and yoga are available to guests, but its coveted location will likely inspire exploration; the island’s famous windmills are just next door and the Old Town not much farther.

  • Amenities : Restaurant, bar, pool, spa
  • Bonus Tip: Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but the hotel offers a fun soap-making class you can sign up for so that the sweet scent of the island will linger well after your stay.
  • Address : Kato Mili

Image may contain Architecture Balcony Building Indoors Interior Design Wood Bench Furniture Home Decor and Rug

This 27-room adults-only retreat (that means age 13 and up here), located steps away from Mykonos’ old town, combines modern design with the island's unique natural allure. Imagine cave-like shapes and bunches of prickly succulents setting the scene for sculptural straw chairs, low-lying cabanas orbiting around a kidney-shaped pool, and rooms swathed with sheer, billowing linen textiles. The whole thing creates a languorous atmosphere during the day, when the most action you might be seduced to take on is the walk to the massage hut for a tension-relieving rubdown. More active travelers may also consider a few sun salutations on the outdoor movement deck. As the sun descends, choose to stick around for cocktails at the bar or perhaps a seafood dinner at the on-site restaurant. But don’t dawdle too long: Mykonian nightlife is just minutes away.

  • Amenities : Restaurant, bar, pool, spa, gym
  • Bonus Tip : The cooking class here features produce plucked directly from the property's garden, which is also where you can take a yoga class.
  • Address : Mykonos Town


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    For convenience we have listed the average prices for motor yacht and sailing yacht charters in Mykonos below; For motor yacht rentals in Mykonos, prices can range from $28,922 to $1.6m per week, plus expenses. For luxury sailing yacht rentals in Mykonos, prices can go from $20,852 to $542,164 weekly, plus expenses.

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    Mykonos Yacht Charter & Boat Rental. A private Charter is about freedom and choices. Connect with our local experts and get matched to your ideal yacht, tailored to your preferences. Treat yourself cruising on sparkling turquoise waters of the Cyclades. Expand your horizons with the tranquil beauty of premium destinations in Mykonos.

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    When elegance meets comfort and blends with the new design, our awesome crew, and the endless blue, the Lagoon 380 is made. This 38-foot catamaran blends luxury, security, and high-end aesthetics. Hop on a private catamaran and explore Mykonos. DISCOVER MORE. 10 Guests.

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    CD Yachting Mykonos provides Boat Rental & Yacht Charter, offering tailormade Yacht Experiences, for one or more days, designing tours & packages of Boat Rental & Yacht Charter for Full or Half Day Cruises. Worth noting, both Daily & multi-day Mykonos Yacht Charters are tailor-made, planning your route and itinerary to your needs.

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    How much does it cost to rent a boat in Mykonos for a day? The average cost of renting a boat in Mykonos is around €1,600 per day. Various factors can influence the cost of a boat charter, such as the season, the year the boat was built, and the equipment. The prices can vary between €143 and €14,700 per day.

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    The best deals on yacht charters in Mykonos. Mykonos yacht charter and boat rental. Rent a boat, yacht, sailing boat or catamaran with Mykonos Boat Charter. First of all contact Mykonos Boat Charter via email, WhatsApp or live online chat feature. Get the best deals on boat hire and yacht charters in Mykonos, Delos, Rhenia & Tinos today.

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