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Inside Octopus: Origin story of the 126m superyacht finally revealed

yacht octopus malaga

The barest of details have been revealed about the mysterious  Octopus  over the past 19 years. But with a new owner and on the charter market for the first time, the 126-metre  Lürssen  superyacht is finally ready to reveal her secrets past and present…

One of the best things about flying into the South of France is the view. The brilliant blue coastline is peppered with hundreds of yachts. On this flight, however, just one of the boats below us demands our attention: the 126-metre explorer  Octopus .

yacht octopus malaga

The following day, in the port of Marseille where her new owner’s team is wrapping up a refit before  Octopus  departs for the Galápagos, I finally see her up close. Her navy-blue hull and skyscraper decks are incredibly impressive, while on the inside she is welcoming and warm. Although she has been refitted, her history is palpable. There’s much to learn about  Octopus , and everyone involved in her story is finally ready to talk, after decades of silence.

Why was  Octopus  such a secret? In 1998, strict non-disclosure agreements were issued all around to protect the privacy of her original owner, the late American entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft. “It was the first time I was faced with an NDA,” says  Espen Øino , who has gone on to sign hundreds over the years. “NDAs are strict and long lasting and don’t necessarily pass when the client does,” notes  Jonathan Quinn Barnett , who created  Octopus ’s original interior. “I had deep respect and admiration for Mr Allen, so to be able to say even a few words about  Octopus  now is marvellous.”

yacht octopus malaga

For builder Lürssen, the story started with a bit of detective work. The German shipyard’s sales director, Michael Breman, heard about a mysterious box that was loaded onto Allen’s 60.6-metre Feadship  Méduse , which supposedly contained a scale model of a new vessel.

“I figured out that something was going on and we ought to be involved,” he says. “So I contacted Paul Allen’s broker, [ Fraser’s ] Stuart Larsen, to ask some questions.”

Some time after, during a trip to the South of France, Breman received the go-ahead to submit a bid and arranged for a fax containing the brief to be sent to Øino’s office in Monaco. “Put that into context, this is 1998!” Øino says with a laugh. “Michael was in our office as the fax came in and going through it, we just couldn’t believe the brief, we thought it was totally crazy.”

yacht octopus malaga

The brief called for an industrial-style yacht with the appearance and capability of the Finnish multipurpose icebreaker  Fennica , built in 1993. Luckily, Øino knew the vessel. “I had a photo of  Fennica  from a few years earlier when I visited her while cruising with another client in the fjords,” says the designer. What he went on to sketch in pencil and model for the presentation was a sturdy explorer with two interchangeable options for the bow and the wheelhouse. “What is remarkable is that the original sketches and ideas are so close to what it actually became,” Breman says.

Another key part of the brief was for all toys and tenders, including a helicopter, a submarine and a floatplane, to be carried in a concealed way. So Øino drew a methodical general arrangement that included a two-level 36-metre-long floodable garage opening at the stern. “Launching so many toys over the side of the boat wasn’t the optimum idea and would affect the stability; a lot of heeling would occur,” the designer says.

yacht octopus malaga

Instead, working with the rules that oversee subdivisions inside a ship’s hull – and deal with damage stability calculations – he created one very long and tall compartment on the yacht’s centreline with a floodable dock flanked by rows of smaller garages to store the entire toy inventory of what became known as Project Octopus.

“At Lürssen, we give everything a project name, and my daughter came up with  Octopus ,” says Breman. “Along with Paul’s love for diving, plus the fact that his previous yacht was  Méduse  [“jellyfish” in French], we thought  Octopus  was a perfect project name. Little did we know then that  Octopus  would be her name once completed and delivered.” Øino says. “She was our 15th project enquiry in 1998, and so in my office, she was known as 9815.”

yacht octopus malaga

The proposal Lürssen created with Øino was successful, but the German shipyard soon had to resolve its first quandary – it didn’t have a shed available. “We ended up having to build her with a partner in Kiel,” Breman says. It also had to solve the matter of the explorer’s floodable garage, which had to be approved by class. “After researching multiple alternatives, the first idea that Espen drew was the one that worked the best,” he adds. “Our in-house model department then built a scale model of the garage to demonstrate how it could work. We even tested it by driving a tender in and out.”

Octopus’ s interior, meanwhile, came from a young American designer who had recently relocated from London where he’d worked with  Jon Bannenberg , to Seattle. The owner’s team chose Barnett from a small pool of interior designers to embellish the complex GA of the largest and most advanced explorer yacht ever built at the time.

yacht octopus malaga

“Paul Allen’s team told me the safest route would be to follow the creative direction of the owner’s two previous  Feadship  designs,” the designer says. “I did the opposite!” And the result was what Barnett describes as a “floating laboratory”, a timeless design perfectly suited to a creative genius. Included in the layout were out-of-the-box features such as a fully equipped medical centre, a storm cabin made to keep those who needed it comfortable in bad weather and a professional recording studio. “Back then, no yacht was capable of non-stop circumnavigation, while cutting an album for U2,” he says. Mick Jagger, Usher and Joss Stone are also said to have spent time in the studio – a claim no other superyacht is ever likely to make.

yacht octopus malaga

Barnett took a simple approach to the interior decor. While some walls are painted a neutral colour, others are covered in bee’s wing-figured eucalyptus, and it’s this vast amount of wood panelling that gives the hardy explorer the warm, comfortable feeling of a home. For Allen and Barnett, the walls were just another fun puzzle to solve. “The geometry of the panels is elegant mathematics, something Mr Allen really appreciated,” Barnett says. “The handmade veneer arrived on custom-made grids, which fitted within the yacht’s own uniquely built steel frame spacing.” The walls do not just provide insulation and conceal cableways, but originally held the ever-changing art gallery on each deck. What’s on the walls today are snapshots of  Octopus ’s adventures over the years: panoramas of Patagonian icebergs, portraits of local tribe members in Tahiti and landscapes of Asia’s ancient golden temples.

yacht octopus malaga

An original feature that remains on the yacht to this day is an unusual timekeeping device. Braided stainless-steel shrouds from a sailing vessel are strung on either side of the grand staircase from lower to upper deck, and they function as a clock. “I combined the old tradition of having a central clock on board a ship with my client’s unique passions for modern sculpture, mathematics, art and music,” Barnett explains. “I subcontracted a 102-year-old German specialist clock company to make it, and – I’ll tell you a secret – I used digital audio software from Apple for the tunes. Sorry, Microsoft!” he says with a laugh. “I thought the clock might become a helpful visual cue to help guests find some critical orientation. Every 15 minutes, the strings could play anything from  The Bells of St Mary’s  to Jimi Hendrix!”

yacht octopus malaga

Octopus  was also fitted with an huge amount of onboard electronics. “Of course, the co-founder of Microsoft required more than 54 tonnes of AV and IT equipment on board,” Øino says with a smile. While the bulk of the wiring went to the studio, each cabin was assigned 60 cables for computers, entertainment systems and more, including touchscreens – which in 1998, was an exciting innovation. “They were amazing,” says Øino, “so far ahead of their time.” The touchscreens are still used today by the crew, who also use iPads as infotainment control panels for elements such as lighting and music in guest areas.

When  Octopus  launched in 2003, it was clear she had broken new ground. With diesel-electric propulsion consisting of two ABB electric motors and eight MTU 16V 4000 M50 diesel engines, she was perfectly equipped to travel anywhere in the world. “ Octopus  was always on the go,” Øino says. “Diesel-electric wasn’t commonplace in the early millennium,” he observes, and “ Octopus  was the first yacht with dynamic positioning.”

yacht octopus malaga

The project propelled Lürssen into the large-yacht segment and her designers had a huge career boost. “ Octopus  blew everyone away,” Breman says. “The idea and the design are something unprecedented.” What the first aerial photographs of the yacht could make out were her winged wheelhouse, long swimming pool, two helidecks and hangars and a basketball court. Whereas on the inside, areas such as the dive centre with hyperbaric chamber, 12 cabins and private owner’s deck with its own lift, terrace and spa pool were out of sight.

After a decade of extensive travelling,  Octopus ’s engines had to be overhauled. However, her interior had worn well. “There was nothing that required a major redesign or change,” Barnett says. “All the original architecture, spaces, surfaces and design details still performed exceptionally well. Seeing it made me immensely proud.”

yacht octopus malaga

Although she was well-maintained and in full working order, in 2019 she was sent for a refit at the Lürssen-owned  Blohm+Voss  shipyard to prepare her for the market several months after Allen passed in 2018. She had spent two decades playing host to many parties, concerts, discoveries and expeditions, and the legacy needed to continue.

In 2021, a new owner came along with plans to make her available for select charters. Transforming  Octopus  into the remarkable charter yacht that he envisioned required a few more changes. The owner’s team enlisted Adriana Monk of  Monk Design  to retouch several spaces. Top of the list was replacing the recording studio.

yacht octopus malaga

“Unless you’re really into music, a studio is a niche thing to have,” says Alan Pike, one of two rotational captains. Now in the studio’s prime position – aft on the bridge deck – is a modern bar/ lounge. On either side of the new bar, new guitars hang from the original wall mounts and the grand piano has stayed put. In keeping with the beach bar look Monk created, new bleached oak flooring matches the original weathered teak deck outside.

“The vocal booth is now a DJ booth,” says the captain. “We’ve kept the soundproofing, so this place is perfect for a party, or any kind of dining.” With a new sound system and outdoor lighting, “we can really go for it”. Outdoors, there’s a glass- bottom pool that, at the touch of a button, can be made into an on-water dance floor. There’s also a wood-fired pizza oven, a service bar with a beer tap and three barbecue cooking stations.

On the entertainment deck, the former formal dining room became a wine bar. On the ceiling are scenes from Allen’s 2015 shipwreck dive to the Second World War battleship  Musashi  in the Philippines. “I was granted exclusive access to the ROV footage of the  Musashi  expedition to select shipwreck stills for the backlit ceiling,” Monk says.

yacht octopus malaga

Nearby, the guest observation lounge was, and still is, a firm favourite. “To dine here while cruising is a joy that’s hard to describe,” says Barnett. “I like to think of this area’s design as a mid-century sunken living room.” The feeling is created by two large sofas that snake around the room looking out over the bow. The seats look low, but the view is perfect. The rest of the deck is fun and social, as there’s also a 12-seat 4D cinema, the owner’s chef ’s galley, a table-tennis table, gym, smoothie bar, hair and massage salons and a grand library, complete with an ethanol fireplace.

Soft beige and cream carpets with wave patterns have replaced patterned blue and green rugs, and in addition to the new custom-designed pieces, free-standing items of furniture selected by Monk have helped give the interior a feel that suits  Octopus ’s new charter lifestyle. But it’s nothing dramatic. “We have kept as much as possible true to the original,” the captain says. “I strove to respect the spirit of  Octopus  while capturing the new owner’s lifestyle and vision,” Monk adds. “It was an intense and challenging project.”

yacht octopus malaga

The yacht’s charter schedule was entrusted to  Camper & Nicholsons .  Octopus ’s range of 12,500 nautical miles and true explorer credentials offer a huge scope for charter, and as the ripples prove on the hull’s strong plating, she is more than capable of going the distance. “She can do anything!” says charter marketing manager Gayle Patterson, who has already booked the superyacht on two excursions to Antarctica. The demand has been equal to the yacht’s renown. “We’ve grown our yacht management team to give her the care she deserves,” she adds.

Since  Octopus  was delivered, many more superyachts have adopted technologically forward designs and groundbreaking engineering and have undertaken impressive expeditions. But none have achieved what  Octopus  has. As she continues to move around the world, more people will get the opportunity to step on board. And when they do, perhaps they will feel the undeniable magic that seems to linger. One thing is for sure: wherever  Octopus  carries her guests, it is a journey they will remember for the rest of their lives.

yacht octopus malaga

The Toy Chest

Built to explore,  Octopus  has an incredible fleet that revolves around the cavernous 36-metre internal wet dock where the two main tenders are stored and launched through a giant transom door. Today the main tender is an 18-metre Delta 54, built in carbon with an impressive range of 450nm at 30 knots; the original was  Man-of-War , an 18-metre custom Vikal, later replaced by a 13-metre Hinckley. Sharing that space was a yellow 10-person custom submarine, named  Pagoo . A new Triton 3300/6 will take that spot when it is delivered in early 2023. Most of the other tenders have dedicated garages on either side of the wet dock. They are a 9.3-metre custom Vikal limousine and two 8.7-metre custom Zodiacs, one for diving, the other for guests. Two 5.8-metre Zodiac Milpro MK-V are also available for watersports, as is an array of WaveRunners, jet skis, kayaks, surfboards, wakeboards, kitesurfers, windsurfers and electric foil Fliteboards, plus plenty of diving equipment, The icing on the cake is a remotely controlled submarine (ROV) able to dive to 2,700 metres. To conclude this impressive list,  Octopus  has two helipads and a helicopter hangar for two. Moving forward, helicopters will be chartered as needed.

yacht octopus malaga

The Voyages

Octopus  is one of the most active superyachts ever built. Multiple circumnavigations, the  Northwest Passage , the High Arctic,  Antarctica , Papua New Guinea and Challenger Deep were all on the menu. One of Paul Allen’s passions was naval history. A few missions that offered the opportunity for great discoveries were well publicised, like the discovery of the Japanese warship  Musashi  in the Sibuyan Sea in March 2015 after eight years of intense work. The largest battleship ever built (aside from her sistership) sank in October 1944, but the exact location was unknown.  OctoROV  took the first photos of this lost wreck in a depth of 1,000 metres. Later that year, in August, after two attempts, another expedition recovered the bell of HMS  Hood , sunk by the Germans off Greenland in 1941.

yacht octopus malaga

And it looks like the story will continue.  Octopus , according to BOAT Pro data, has already cruised 9,047 nautical miles since leaving Marseille after her refit in December. In less than three months, she had already crossed the Atlantic and visited Panama including Coiba, Costa Rica and Cocos Island and the Galápagos. This winter, Camper & Nicholsons has announced that she will be heading south to test her ice-class capabilities in the frozen landscapes of Antarctica once again.

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yacht octopus malaga

  • Impressions

yacht octopus malaga

One of the largest and most spectacular examples of a full-fledged yachting and exploration vessel, 126-meter Octopus is equipped with highly sophisticated technology. Espen Øino International designed the striking exterior with a blue and white hull and superstructure, featuring two helipads and a hangar aft. The superyacht is capable of exploration and scientific research voyages requiring months at sea. One of her key features is an integrated dock for both the principal 20-meter guest tender and two submarines for exploring marine life, one of which is remotely controlled for reaching greater depths. Octopus also houses a professional music studio and a grandiose cinema, created by interior designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett.

yacht octopus malaga

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yacht octopus malaga

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Microsoft co-founder docks megayacht in Malaga

  • Microsoft co-founder docks megayacht in Malaga
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yacht octopus malaga

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When late Paul Allen’s 126m Lürssen superyacht Octopus was launched in 2003, she was easily the largest explorer yacht ever built, and one of the biggest yachts outright.

Iconic yachts: On board Paul Allen's 126m Lürssen superyacht Octopus

When the late Paul Allen’s Octopus was launched in 2003, she stood alone in the yachting world. At 126m length, she was easily the largest explorer yacht ever built, and one of the biggest yachts outright. But in many ways, she heralded a new era of owning very large boats – one where science and research were every bit as important as luxury finish, spas and swimming pools.

Allen himself was said to have commented that his yacht was more of a Land Rover than a Bentley. It’s a view that pays homage to capabilities including an ice-class 1A steel hull, hangar space for two helicopters, a battery of tenders, submersibles and remotely operated vehicles plus a comprehensive dive centre including a hyperbaric chamber. But the boat also has a lavish interior.

Octopus was built by Lürssen in Bremen and Kiel with external styling and design work from Espen Øino . He remembers starting work on her back in 1998, when she was the largest project of his career. “It was a very ambitious brief, because none of the tenders, tools, RVs, subs, helicopters could be outside – they should all be concealed,” remembers Øino. “Particularly the very large tender and the sub. We came up with an interesting solution for launching those through the big transom door, and the travel lift.”

The solution was revolutionary for a private yacht. When the transom door folds up it reveals a world straight out of a Bond movie – a high walkway alongside a 36 metre internal wet dock area overhung with big cranes on gantries. Øino chuckles at the memory: “The stern dock is just an amazing space,” he says.

Allen’s motivation for all this was his love of diving for shipwrecks , which has driven Octopus to many remote corners of the oceans. Her 10-person Pagoo submersible was custom built for the boat – there was no alternative at the time. Subsequently, an autonomous unmanned vehicle was added to the arsenal of equipment, capable of scanning the seabed for features of interest for hours before returning to the mothership. She has six tenders and numerous toys besides.

Among the notable missions undertaken by Octopus was the recovery of the ship’s bell of HMS Hood , sunk by the Bismarck in 2,700m off Greenland, and the discovery of the Japanese warship Musashi 1,000m down in the Sibuyan Sea.

For all that, Octopus is a true superyacht, fitted out in luxurious style by Jonathan Barnett . The interior finish includes an antique bronze door from the 1930s, and is said to set a “harmoniously rugged” tone. There’s solid furniture, lots of wood panelling and serious-looking stainless steel handrails.

She boasts an owner’s deck with a private jacuzzi and dining area plus a dedicated owner’s lift. Other features include an observation lounge, beach club, pool (which converts into a dancefloor), gym and spa. Most notably, Octopus is fitted with a large cinema and a fully-equipped recording studio – something that has hosted artists from Mick Jagger and Bono to Usher and Joss Stone. “Mr Allen’s interest in music was enormous and the acoustic quality was nothing less than a shore-based one,” says Øino. “There were 54 tonnes of AV/IT equipment aboard. A very complex boat in many ways. I think he loved it.”

The boat sleeps 26 guests in 13 cabins, as well as 57 crew. She had an extensive refit at Blohm+Voss in 2019 and was one of the biggest sales of 2021.

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yacht octopus malaga

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Vendor voice.

yacht octopus malaga

This article is more than 1 year old

You can now live life like Paul Allen on Microsoft cofounder's luxury yacht for '£1m a week'

Anyone want to start a kickstarter page for a reg reader getaway.

The Microsoft founder who isn't Bill Gates, Paul Allen, died in 2018 of complications from cancer. Since then, his greatest excesses – like a MiG-29 fighter jet – have been up for grabs.

The latest statement of multibillionaire indulgence to be sold is Allen's "explorer class" superyacht – Octopus – which has gone to an anonymous Scandinavian buyer for a cool £200m, The Guardian reports .

Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus, moored at Malaga, Spain

Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus , moored at Malaga, Spain (MikhailBerkut /

The 126-metre Octopus was the largest yacht in the world when it was built for Allen in 2003 with the additional capability of deep sea exploration. He used it to survey the wrecks of the USS Lexington off the Australian coast and HMS Hood in the Straits of Denmark, the latter sunk by the German battleship Bismarck during the Second World War.

The floating mansion has eight decks, 13 guest suites, a private owner's deck, cinema, gym, spa, basketball court, pool that turns into a dancefloor, and don't forget the pizza oven!

But the mod cons do not end there. Oh no. There are also two helicopters, two submarines, seven dinghies, and an SUV, all concealed courtesy of designer Espen Øino. Throw in "54 tonnes of AV/IT equipment," according to Øino, and that's a lot to handle – so there are also quarters for 63 crew.

  • Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's personal MiG-29 fighter jet goes under the hammer
  • It's 2019 so, of course, you can now (kinda) play Pictionary with dead Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's AI bot
  • RIP Paul Allen: Microsoft cofounder billionaire dies at 65 after facing third bout with cancer
  • Paul Allen's research vessel finds wreck of WWII US aircraft carrier

Why do we mention this? Well, the Octopus is to be made available for charter through Mayfair-based yacht broker Camper & Nicholsons. Though a rental price has not yet been set, The Graun reckons the ship could be yours for around £1m a week, going by the example of cosmetics empress Kylie Jenner, who chartered the 91.5-metre yacht Tranquility in 2019 for €1.1m to celebrate her 22nd birthday.

We're thinking that maybe this represents a golden opportunity – someone ought to crowdfund a weeklong holiday for loyal Register readers.

If we're estimating a lower-limit capacity of 77 people (surely many won't protest against sleeping in the crew quarters), add some people doubling up (those guest suites can probably house multiple families), let's conservatively say... heck, 170 people?

yacht octopus malaga

Nearly £6,000 per person. But those getting guest/private suites could perhaps foot much more of the bill.

Hey, it'd beat taking the family to Disney World again, right? Drinking and partying among like-minded individuals for a week until it all breaks down into the inevitable flame war over which Linux distro is the best, open source vs closed source, fandroids vs fanbois, electric cars vs conventional cars, or whatever it is you nerds get inordinately heated about.

Naturally, we won't be starting a crowdfunding project ourselves – we've seen first hand what can happen when things go wrong . We can't also rightly say at which point the Octopus would capsize under the strain.

So go forth, with caution, and work it out among yourselves. It is, we hasten to add, just an idea. ®

The Guardian's report quoted Allen saying about his maritime archaeology in 2011: "It turns out if you go 1,000 ft down in the ocean, it's really dark, and the animals are really strange. But if you put on some Pink Floyd, it's fantastic." Which means that while Allen was behind one of the most brutally successful software companies of all time, at least he was also a man of culture.

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yacht octopus malaga

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yacht octopus malaga

Bill Gates’ mega yacht docks in Spain’s Malaga Port

yacht octopus malaga

MALAGA Port has recently become a hub for high-end maritime activities, hosting a fleet of luxury mega-yachts, including the Wayfinder, the super yacht owned by tech mogul Bill Gates.

The Wayfinder serves as Bill Gates’ support vessel, catering to the needs of his larger yacht, the Aqua, by providing fuel, supplies, spare parts, maintenance staff, and smaller recreational boats.

The Wayfinder can comfortably house a crew of 18 and up to 12 guests. The vessel also boasts a helipad doubling as a pickleball court—a sport that combines paddle, tennis, badminton, and table tennis— plus, it can transport everything from jet skis to scuba diving gear.

But the Wayfinder is not the only luxury craft mooring in Malaga’s bustling harbour at the moment. The capital’s port is also hosting two other mega-yachts formerly owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft – the Tatoosh and the Octopus.

These two yachts have now changed hands to a Nordic magnate and carry a combined estimated worth of approximately €325 million.

The ‘Tatoosh’ stretches over 92 metres, ranking it among the world’s 30 largest yachts. Luxury abounds on this vessel, complete with a helicopter, two smaller auxiliary boats, a cinema, a lobster tank, and a pool with a 1.8-meter depth, among other amenities.

yacht octopus malaga

Meanwhile, since late August, Malaga Port has also welcomed the ‘Octopus,’ currently the eighth largest yacht globally, valued at a whopping €235 million.

Luxury doesn’t end there; the Zenobia yacht, owned by Saudi billionaire Wafic Said, is another upscale vessel currently docked at Malaga Port.

Zenobia, worth around €40 million, boasts a variety of amenities, including a gym, a pool, a cinema, and a library.

  • Spain’s Malaga Port witnesses busy September with increased cruise ship activity
  • MSC Cruises to bring more than 100,000 tourists to Spain’s Malaga this summer

yacht octopus malaga

  • malaga port
  • The Olive Press

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yacht octopus malaga

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yacht octopus malaga

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Two-year-old boy drowns in a swimming pool in Spain: Death is second such tragedy this week after a baby boy fell into a pool in Mallorca

yacht octopus malaga

Cristina Hodgson

Half English, half Spanish animal person. Cristina loves writing about all things fitness, travel and culture, she is also a script writer and novelist. When she's not typing away, you can find her enjoying outdoor sports somewhere off the beaten track in Andalucia. If you have a story get in touch! [email protected]

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Revealed: Spain’s anti-terror operation to keep Taylor Swift and her thousands of fans safe in Madrid

yacht octopus malaga

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yacht octopus malaga

Octopus Expedition Yacht | Antarctica


Octopus Expedition Yacht | Antarctica


The M/Y Octopus superyacht is a trailblazer, redefining what an expedition yacht could be.

Now available for the first time for exclusive charter, she is the perfect luxury launchpad for extraordinary adventures.

Octopus Expedition Yacht | Antarctica



The Northwest Passage, the High Arctic, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea and Challenger Deep -EYOS and the yacht Octopus have a rich history. The EYOS team is proud to have contributed expertise, logistical support, or guidance in these challenging regions during her tenure as a groundbreaking expedition yacht. Now we’re here to help intrepid explorers take Octopus in interesting new directions. Where do you dream of going? What experiences do you imagine? EYOS has the expedition credentials to bring your ‘mission’ to life.

Commissioned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, M/Y Octopus was the largest private yacht ever when it launched in 2003. Today, she remains one of the largest private yachts in the world. Her size, however, is surpassed by the scale of her ambitions. Allen himself famously described her as “less a Bentley than a Range Rover,” because of the state-of-the-art equipment on board.

Now, her 2021 refit preserves her expedition bona fides. She boasts an ice class for polar exploring; two helipads and two helicopter garages. In her garage are 7 tenders including her powerful 54’ Delta ‘tender.’ Discover a fleet of boards, from wake and surfboards, to wind and kite surfers, even electric foil flight boards, for personal forays. And with a glass-bottom observation lounge, and a fully equipped dive center, including an ROV, make the undersea part of every expedition. Her beautiful interiors and superb amenities, with accommodations for up to 12 guests, dial up the quality of life aboard. A stylish new Beach Club opens to the sea. The bridge deck features a heated freshwater swimming pool with a retractable glass floor that raises to deck level for entertaining. Adjacent is a bar, spa pool and an open-air pizza oven.

The Octopus yacht has ranged widely. And now under private charter, she will explore the four corners of the world again.

Key Features of the Octopus Yacht

  • Arguably the most iconic & versatile megayacht in the world
  • Flexible accommodation for 12 guests in 13 cabins
  • Two helipads for remote exploration
  • Entertainment deck with gym, spa, cinema, library and observation lounge
  • Spectacular pool area with multiple bars and dining options
  • Eight decks with dedicated owner’s deck with private elevator
  • Dive centre and hyperbaric chamber
  • Unbeatable toy list including seven tenders, two helipads, a large SUV, electric foils and much more

Gross Tonnage

Octopus Expedition Yacht | Antarctica


  • 4 x 2 seat Yamaha FX140 Waverunners
  • 1 x Stand-up Yamaha Superjet Jet-Ski
  • 2 x 2 Person Hobie Pursuit Kayaks
  • 1 x 1 Person Hobie Pursuit Kayak
  • 1 x 1 Person Epic V5 Kayak
  • 3 x Surf Boards
  • 3 x Beginner to intermediate Windsurfers
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Kite Surfers
  • Towable Toys
  • Inflatable water toys
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • Snorkelling Equipment

yacht octopus malaga



A land of vast ice landscapes, towering glaciers, and abundant wildlife, Antarctica stands as a testament to the raw power and breathtaking serenity of nature.

yacht octopus malaga

South Georgia and The Falklands

Nestled in the southern Atlantic, these remote islands boast an extraordinary variety of wildlife, creating a haven for diverse marine and terrestrial species. Penguin colonies, soaring albatrosses, and an abundance of unique animals define the rich biodiversity of this pristine environment.

Chilean Patagonia

A haven for nature lovers, offering immersive experiences amidst ancient forests, pristine rivers, and secluded national parks.



Hanse Explorer


+1 801 390 7025 | [email protected]

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117 Octopus Yacht Stock Photos & High-Res Pictures

Browse 117 octopus yacht photos and images available, or search for paul allen to find more great photos and pictures.

414ft luxury yacht 'Octopus' owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, is moored to fuel up at Ege Ports in Kusadasi district of Aydin, Turkey on...

yacht octopus malaga

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This is the Dynasty, the first megayacht to overwinter at Malaga's marina for luxury craft

The vessel is valued at an eye-watering 200 million dollars and it will be docked in the city until spring 2024, while it undergoes maintenance.

Ignacio Lillo

Monday, 16 October 2023 | Updated 17/10/2023 11:09h.

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It's name is I Dynasty and it is a 101-metre superyacht that has just anchored at the Port of Malaga and will remain there for the whole winter.

It's the first luxury vessel scheduled to spend the cooler months in the Marqués de Guadiaro basin, the reformed area in the city port for luxury craft and megayachts. The marina was designed and built several years ago to receive large vessels and provide them with the necessary services during the low season, such as high-power electrical connections.

The I Dynasty, with a crew of 30, is scheduled to remain in Malaga throughout the autumn and winter, until the spring of 2024, according to port sources.

Business opportunities

The megayacht will undergo maintenance throughout the winter, for which the concessionaire of the marina, IGY Málaga Marina, is looking for various suppliers in the province which specialise in various technical tasks.

Maintenance required may include sanding, hull painting, welding, electrical, mechanics, carpentry and plumbing. IGY Málaga Marina is creating a database of interested companies, for which they ask anyone interested to contact them directly.

The I Dynasty is a modern megayacht built in 2015 on behalf of Alijan Ibragimov, a billionaire from Kazakhstan. He is the co-founder of the multinational Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation (ENRC) and is involved in diversified natural resources such as mining, processing, energy and logistics. Its owner died in February 2021, reportedly due to Covid-19.

The vessel was built at the Kusch Yachts shipyard in Germany, with interior design by Massari Design. It can accommodate 22 guests in 11 luxury cabins; and 30 crew in another 15 cabins. Among its features, it has a 30-square-metre indoor swimming pool, which also serves as a dock for dinghies and pleasure boats.

The ship is powered by a Rolls-Royce diesel-electric propulsion system, with a top speed of 17 knots, and a cruising speed of 14 knots. It has a range of 6,500 nautical miles (about 12,000 kilometres), making it particularly suitable for journeys between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. It is valued at around 200 million dollars, with maintenance costs estimated at 15 to 20 million dollars a year.

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Rent a boat in Malaga

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Charter Motorboat Málaga PartyBoat Ecoboat Málaga

Málaga PartyBoat - Ecoboat |  (2024)

From €400 per day.

Charter Motorboat Aquamar 20 Málaga

Aquamar - 20 |  (2020)

From €450 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  VORAZ 450 PLUS OPEN Málaga

VORAZ - 450 PLUS OPEN |  (2022)

From €290 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  VORAZ 500 Málaga

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Charter Catamaran LA BELLA VERDE LBV35 Málaga

LA BELLA VERDE - LBV35 |  (2021)

From €600 per day.

Charter Catamaran LBV 35 Málaga

LBV - 35 |  (2021)

Charter Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i Performance Málaga

Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey 36i Performance |  (2008)

From €797 per day.

Charter Sailboat Dufour 40 Málaga

Dufour - 40 |  (2008)

From €1,000 per day.

Charter Motorboat Quicksilver Voraz Málaga

Quicksilver - Voraz | 1 cabin  (2022)

From €300 per day.

Charter Motorboat nautipol nautipol 7mares 8,30 Málaga

nautipol - nautipol 7mares 8,30 | 2 cabins  (2007)

From €506 per day.

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MARETI - 450 CC OPEN | 1 cabin  (2019)

From €250 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  ALESTA MARINE MARLIN Málaga


Charter Catamaran Custom Built CIM 82 Málaga

Custom Built - CIM 82 |  (2004)

From €2,857 per day.

Charter Motorboat Bayliner 3288 fly Málaga

Bayliner - 3288 fly |  (1996)

From €900 per day.

Charter Motorboat BMA X199 Málaga

BMA - X199 |  (2023)

From €420 per day.

Charter Boat without licence  CORSIVA 475 MALAGA Málaga

CORSIVA 475 - MALAGA |  (2019)

Charter Boat without licence  OLBAP TR5 Málaga

OLBAP - TR5 |  (2024)

Charter Motorboat Ranieri Stargate Málaga

Ranieri - Stargate |  (2015)

From €255 per day, yacht rental in malaga with scansail.

Malaga is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in the world, and it's no surprise that people come from all over to experience the thrill of sailing on its stunning coastlines. This gorgeous city is located on the southern coast of Spain in the famous Costa del Sol region. If you’re looking for a destination that has it all, look no further than this vibrant Spanish city. With a yacht rental in Malaga, you can glide along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, sunbathe on some of the best beaches in Europe and experience a vibrant culture that will leave you breathless. While on land you can visit famous historical landmarks like the medieval castle of Gibralfaro or the Moorish fortification of Alcazaba. When you’ve had your fill of history you can visit one of Malaga’s world-class marinas and take in the stunning sight of the sea and city.

If you want to experience a sailing trip like no other, start planning your Malaga yacht rental with Scansail.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Malaga?

The price of a boat charter in Malaga is different based on a number of factors such as the time of year, how many people are on board the vessel and of course, the size and type of vessel you choose. Below are some average prices of a Malaga yacht charter by boat type.

 €4,865/week for 10 people.

€375/day in the high season and €275/day in the low season for 6 people.

€430/day for 12 people.

€8,000/week for 12 people.

€550/day for 2 people.

€4,598/week for 10 people.

What is the best time of year for a boat charter in Malaga?

The best time to embark on a boat charter in Malaga is between May and October when the weather is at its warmest and the precipitation levels are low. The hottest averages are in the summer with 28°C in July and August however, it’s still warm enough to swim in the winter! That’s right, Malaga is warm and sunny year-round and if you want to avoid crowds we recommend visiting in May or September. It will be slightly cooler at around 23°C, but you can still go for a swim and you’ll get better deals on Malaga yacht rentals.

What can I see and do while on a yacht charter in Malaga?

There’s a reason that Malaga is one of Spain’s most sought-after sailing destinations—and that’s because there’s so much to see and do! Whether you want a lazy beach day or a cultural excursion, you’ll find what you’re looking for in this spectacular city. Here are some of our favourite activities to add to your Malaga sailing itinerary.

  • Visit the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro castles: These two ancient fortresses sit atop a hill overlooking Malaga city and offer stunning views of the surrounding area. The Alcazaba was built by the Moorish rulers of Spain in the 11th century, while the Gibralfaro was added later on by the Christian king, Alfonso XI. Visitors can explore the remains of both castles, including their extensive gardens and ramparts.
  • Stroll around El Palo: This traditional fishing village is located just east of Malaga city and makes for a pleasant day trip. Wander around the village's narrow streets, stop for some seafood at one of its many restaurants and enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Sail to Isla de Graciosa: Just off the coast of Malaga is Isla de Graciosa, a small island that makes for a great day trip. While on the island you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.
  • Visit La Concepción botanical gardens: Located just outside of Malaga city centre, these gardens are home to over 5,000 species of plants and flowers from all over the world.
  • Explore Malaga's Old Town: The Old Town is one of the best places to see in Malaga if you're interested in its history and culture. Walk around its winding streets, visit its museums and churches and soak up views of its beautiful architecture.
  • Take a day trip: Head to nearby destinations like Granada, Seville and Ronda. If you have time, you can even visit Gilbraltar!
  • Soak up the sun on one of Malaga’s beaches: Playa de la Malagueta is a popular spot for sunbathing and swimming, while El Palo is ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Other iconic beaches include Playa de los Locos, El Chorro and La Barrosa.
  • Go scuba diving: Try your luck at El Chorrillo de Marbella. This incredible dive spot is full of vibrant colours from the surrounding coral reef and is home to an abundance of unique species such as moray eels, cuttlefish, crabs and barracudas. For more experienced divers, head over to Cala de Mijas and explore its many underwater caves and tunnels. This spectacular spot offers a great opportunity to observe all kinds of marine life up close, including sea bass, moray eels, octopus and much more. You'll even find some amazing wrecks from World War II!

Should I have a skipper on board my private yacht rental in Malaga?

Our large fleet of yacht rentals in Malaga includes both skippered vessels as well as those without a skipper, so you can find the perfect one for your boat trip. Even if you have a licence to sail we always recommend a skippered vessel for a more relaxing and worry-free holiday. Skippers will handle all of the logistics like docking, anchoring and sailing the vessel so you can spend more time with the ones that you love. The best part about having a skipper present is the fact that they are usually locals, so they can give you recommendations and help you see everything on your travel itinerary, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Sail in the capable hands of a skipper and allow them to be your private tour guide around Malaga.

What type of boat should I choose for my Malaga yacht rental?

While browsing the Scansail website, you might be wondering which type of boat you should choose for your yacht rental in Malaga, and the answer to this will depend on the amount of time you plan to be out on the water. For a shorter holiday of less than a week, you shouldn’t need more than a RIB or a motorboat, which are usually chartered by the day. A longer holiday of a week or more will require more amenities and accommodations, such as a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Catamarans and yachts are spacious vessels usually rented by the week, perfect for a longer holiday with family and friends. For people who like sailing for sport, we’d recommend a sailboat. If you’re a novice sailor but still want an authentic sailing experience, a skippered sailboat is a fantastic option.

Find the perfect vessel for your sailing trip in Malaga with Scansail, and have the holiday of a lifetime.

Charter a boat near Málaga

In Málaga, privately owned yachts are available for charter. See other yachts in the area.


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    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has arrived at the Port of Malaga aboard his 126 metre yacht Octopus, which currently occupies 14th place in the list of the largest private boats in the world. The exterior was designed by Espen Oino Naval Architects and built by the German shipbuilders Lurssen, whilst Jonathan Quinn Barnett of Seattle was ...

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    Photo: Salvador de la Rubia Pedraza Currently on a two year around-the-world tour, the 126.2-metre explorer yacht Octopus was spotted yesterday docked in the Port of Málaga, Spain. Built in 2003 by Lürssen, she was designed for extended cruising and exploration in extreme conditions.World-renowned designer and naval architect, Espen Øino, envisaged her striking exterior with a blue and ...

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    Hanse Explorer is a true expedition yacht in every sense. Ice-classed and built to handle the most challenging waters, she is a go-anywhere yacht and a firm favorite of ours. Explore Yacht. From The Northwest Passage, the High Arctic, Antarctica, Papua New Guinea & Challenger Deep, Octopus have taken intrepid explorers worldwide.

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    The I Dynasty, with a crew of 30, is scheduled to remain in Malaga throughout the autumn and winter, until the spring of 2024, according to port sources. Business opportunities The megayacht will undergo maintenance throughout the winter, for which the concessionaire of the marina, IGY Málaga Marina, is looking for various suppliers in the ...

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    Below are some average prices of a Malaga yacht charter by boat type. Sailboat: €4,865/week for 10 people. Motorboat: €375/day in the high season and €275/day in the low season for 6 people. RIB: €430/day for 12 people. ... including sea bass, moray eels, octopus and much more. You'll even find some amazing wrecks from World War II! ...