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  3. Lil Yachty Enlists Playboi Carti, The Alchemist for Lil Boat 3

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  3. Metroboomin & Lil Yachty Play "Lil Boat" On a Lil Yacht!

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  1. Lil Yachty

    Lil Boat 3 is Lil Yachty's fourth studio album and the follow-up to October 2018's Nuthin' 2 Prove.The album is also the final entry in Yachty's Lil Boat trilogy, which began in March 2016

  2. Everything We Know About Lil Yachty's New Album 'Lil Boat 3 ...

    Last November, Yachty wrote a lengthy note on Instagram about his current headspace, creative process, and Lil Boat 3:. Hello to my fans, I just want to let you all know as I get ready to travel ...

  3. Read All The Lyrics To Lil Yachty's New Album 'Lil Boat 3'

    Lil Yachty completes his Lil Boat trilogy today with the release of his new album, Lil Boat 3.The 19-track project is his first release since 2018's Nuthin' 2 Prove, and comes packed with high ...

  4. Lil Boat 3

    Lil Boat 3 is the fourth studio album by American rapper Lil Yachty.It was released on May 29, 2020, by Capitol Records, Motown Records, and Quality Control Music.The album serves as the third and final installment of the Lil Boat series and the sequel to Lil Boat 2.The album was recorded four times over and was described by Yachty as "upbeat" and "heavy-hitting".

  5. Lil Yachty

    Download the album "Lil Boat 3". Out now! Stream:

  6. Lil Yachty :: Lil Boat 3

    The music reflects that colorful energy. In the past, I've been critical of Yachty's tendency to build a massive hardnosed façade ("X-Men" and "DN Freestyle" specifically), but on "Lil Boat 3", the style sounds much more polished and refreshingly unhinged. "Demon Time" and "Westside" display a whirlwind of sound and ...

  7. ‎Lil Boat 3

    The Yachty of Lil Boat 3 is very much the sweet, spacey and lyrically ambitious MC fans fell for over the course of the five full-length projects he's released. This latest edition, whose production comes courtesy of some of Southern rap's most consistently in-demand producers (Earl on the Beat, jetsonmade and Pi'erre Bourne, among others ...

  8. Lil Yachty

    Lil Yachty - "Lil Boat 3.5" (Album) | Stream/Download: Follow our playlist on Spotify: Follow...

  9. ‎Lil Boat 3

    Lil Yachty. HIP-HOP/RAP · 2020. Preview. A few months before the release of Lil Boat 3, Lil Yachty made the decision to stop dyeing his hair the vibrant red that once helped him to stand out in an emergent class of MCs that included 21 Savage, Kodak Black, and Lil Uzi Vert. Some four years after that rookie campaign, now on the third edition ...

  10. Lil Boat 3 by Lil Yachty Reviews and Tracks

    But all the awards go to the producers who managed to add so many varied instrumentals in 'Lil Boat 3'. When Yachty brings out his flow it may not be as bad as we expected. Featured artists bring more joy and variety, especially in the Deluxe version ('Lil Boat 3.5' which contains 27 tracks omg). I felt like the new tracks added in the ...

  11. Lil Yachty Vs. Lil Boat On 'Teenage Emotions'

    Lil Yachty's new album, 'Teenage Emotions', is here, and the project once again puts his dual personalities on full display: Yachty and Boat. Check out the v...

  12. Lil Yachty 'Lil Boat 3' Interview

    06/18/2020. Lil Yachty Gunner Stahl. Lil Yachty is coming for his respect. After not releasing any projects and remaining relatively quiet in 2019, the Sailing Team's captain returned in May ...

  13. Lil Yachty

    The HAPPY Atlanta rapper, Lil Yachty comes this weekend with an album full of intriguing directions and cheesy mixtape production at its lowest of points. His new album, Lil Boat 3, comes with an ominous atmosphere, like a Travis Scott clone that came out with a deformed voice and tried to recreate similar style of beats from scratch.

  14. Listen to Lil Yachty's New Album Lil Boat 3, Featuring Drake, Tyler, A

    Lil Yachty has released his new album Lil Boat 3.The follow-up to 2018's Nuthin' 2 Prove includes "Oprah's Bank Account" (the Atlanta rapper's single with DaBaby and Drake), plus ...

  15. Lil Yachty discography

    Singles. 32. Mixtapes. 3. The discography of American rapper Lil Yachty consists of five studio albums, three mixtapes, one collaborative mixtape, ten extended plays, ten music videos, thirteen guest appearances and thirty-two singles (including eighteen singles as a featured artist).

  16. Lil Yachty

    Listen to Lil Boat 3 by Lil Yachty on Deezer. Top Down, Wock In Stock, Split/Whole Time... Lil Yachty. 2020 | Quality Control Music/Motown Records Lil Boat 3 Lil Yachty | 29-05-2020 Composers: Miles McCollum. Total duration: 53 min. 01. Top Down . Lil Yachty. Lil Boat 3.

  17. Lil Boat (mixtape)

    Lil Boat is the debut commercial mixtape by American rapper Lil Yachty.It was released on March 9, 2016, by Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown.The mixtape's production was primarily provided by TheGoodPerry, along other record producers such as 1Mind, Earl, Digital Nas and Grandfero. Yachty enlisted guest appearances from Young Thug, Quavo and Byou, among others.

  18. Homixide Gang

    [Verse 3: Lil Yachty] What? Bitch, I'm the nigga in town (Mhm) Sippin' on red, it's brown (Mhm) Last nigga played, not found (Mhm) I play me a bitch like a clown (Mhm) What the fuck? They wanna ...

  19. Lil Yachty's Label Concrete Boyz set to release their first ...

    On May 29, 2020, Yachty released his fourth studio album, titled Lil Boat 3, across all DSPs (Digital Streaming Platforms) via Quality Control Music and Motown Records. The 19-track project ...

  20. Critic Reviews for Lil Boat 3

    75. "Lil Boat 3" finds Yachty syncopating and stretching beyond his naturally baritone voice. He sounds more self-aware than ever, channeling his beloved infectious energy as the main driver for the album, rather than his erratic lyrical ability. All this publication's reviews. Read full review.