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Schriever GHOST program elevates Airmen and Guardian resiliency

Colorado springs, co, united states, story by senior airman alexus wilcox  , space base delta 1.

ghost team schriever

SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – The 21st Medical Group, Guardian Holistic Operational Support Team (GHOST) at Schriever Air Force Base supports Airmen and Guardians through resiliency resources. The mission of GHOST, formerly known as the Space Team for Airmen Resilience (STAR), is to provide mission-readiness physical, spiritual and psychological support to Airmen and Guardians through reliable and accessible embedded engagement at the unit level. “Being this close to the mission and having an understanding of what Guardians need in terms of resource has been a huge advantage,” U.S. Space Force Tech. Sgt. Walker Jean-Philippe, 21st MDG, GHOST operational support flight chief. “We’ve been able to positively impact the barriers to care by simply meeting Guardians in the work space.” “STAR, now GHOST was originally envisioned by Gen. John “Jay” Raymond to address harmful coping mechanisms related to operational stressors experienced by space operators along the four pillars of comprehensive fitness: mental, physical, social and spiritual,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Raymond Clydesdale, U.S. Space Force deputy command surgeon. This USSF program includes a physical therapist, flight physician assistant, clinical psychologist, clinical social worker, mental health technician, chaplain and a religious affairs Airman. The GHOST team currently supports Space Delta 8 - Satellite Communications and Navigational Warfare and Space Delta 9 - Orbital Warfare along with the 3rd Space Experimental Squadron. This unique team is the first embedded team in the USSF. Additionally, USSF seeks to provide embedded teams to Deltas at each installation and is negotiating with the Air Force Medical Service on developing and resourcing more embedded teams. “GHOST is designed to be a ‘permanent’ embedded operational support; whereas traditional medical group operational support teams are ‘transient’ embedded operational support by moving between an installation’s units every few months,” said Clydesdale. This means that Airmen and Guardians can have direct and consistent support as well as team of individuals that have a deeper understanding of their mission and responsibilities. “The concept of embedding medics or chaplains within operational units is not new, just new to space operators,” said Clydesdale. “The role of the flight surgeon developed shortly after humans began flying so that physicians could experience the rigors of hazardous environments to better understand their flying patient population, to develop trust and rapport with that same population, and to optimize pilot performance for mission success. GHOST strives for the same among the Guardian population.” Although there are other base resources that address the four pillars of comprehensive fitness, they do not exist in an operationally secure environment as GHOST does. Prior to the name change, 66 of 100 Guardians in the STAR pilot program noted in an internal survey they would not have used the base services if the STAR mission did not exist. “Historically, military members have had a fear of going to mental health out of concern for reprisal or possibly losing clearances,” said U.S. Space Force Maj. Lauren Taylor, DEL 8, 2nd Space Operations Squadron director of operations. “Garrison support for GHOST ensures people understand that taking care of health and welfare is a priority.” Ultimately, GHOST allows Airmen and Guardians to live a more balanced life by having immediate access to care and eliminate the process of scheduling and waiting for an appointment to be available. “As the general public has rightly focused more attention to mental health issues over the past several decades, garrison support for GHOST is important to show the military can innovate and adapt to the issues its members are struggling with today,” said U.S. Space Force Capt. Collin Dart, DEL 8, 2nd Space Operations Squadron assistant director of sustainment. Currently, there are ongoing discussions at different levels of leadership to figure out a way to expand the same resources GHOST provides to all of the deltas that have a need for them.


Public domain  .

This work, Schriever GHOST program elevates Airmen and Guardian resiliency , by SSgt Alexus Wilcox , identified by DVIDS , must comply with the restrictions shown on https://www.dvidshub.net/about/copyright .


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Accelerating Change for Rapid Global Mobility: Delivering Joint Force Success in the High-End Fight

ghost team schriever

ARLINGTON, VA | March 27, 2021 — The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce a new entry in its Mitchell Forum short paper series, “ Accelerating Change for Rapid Global Mobility: Delivering Joint Force Success in the High-End Fight ” by General Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, USAF, Commander, Air Mobility Command.

Rapid Global Mobility underpins joint force global power projection. It is integral to joint force success across the competition continuum. Without a credible, interoperable mobility force capable of projecting and sustaining joint force combat power at strategically relevant speed, scale, and distance, the United States cannot compete in the modern world. To meet this requirement, Air Mobility Command is shifting focus to high-end adversaries, maximizing full-spectrum readiness across its core missions while expanding joint force capability and interoperability, and modernizing for the future battlespace. By accelerating the advancement of Rapid Global Mobility capabilities, Air Mobility Command is transitioning from an enabler to an indispensable maneuver force, ensuring the joint force can compete, deter, and win across the competition continuum both today and in the future.

The Forum presents innovative concepts and thought-provoking insight from aerospace experts here in the United States and across the globe. To afford publishing opportunities for thoughtful perspectives, the Forum provides high visibility to writing efforts spanning issues from technology and operational concepts to defense policy and strategy.

For media inquiries, email our publications team at [email protected]

Copies of all Forum Papers can be downloaded at https://www.mitchellaerospacepower.org/publications


ghost team schriever

Directed by 

Writing credits  , cast (in credits order)  , produced by , music by , cinematography by , editing by , casting by , production design by , art direction by , costume design by , makeup department , production management , second unit director or assistant director , art department , sound department , special effects by , visual effects by , stunts , camera and electrical department , animation department , editorial department , location management , music department , script and continuity department , additional crew , thanks .

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Back from the dead: Ghost in SM Monotype

Art by Tikitik

Art by Tikitik .


During ORAS, Ghost was one of the most unviable types in the metagame along with Ice and Rock. Ever since new additions in SM were introduced, Ghost has adapted to the metagame, and therefore it became a notable threat. New Pokémon such as Mimikyu and Alolan Marowak were introduced, and Mega Sableye was unbanned, causing Ghost to become a viable type.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of using a Ghost team.

  • Ghost-types have access to a variety of status moves, most notably Will-O-Wisp.
  • Ghost hits almost every type neutrally.
  • Ghost-types are immune to Normal and Fighting attacks.
  • Ghost has access to unspinnable hazards, making it a nice anti-meta type.
  • Ghost has only two weaknesses, one of them being itself.
  • Ghost teams can run two archetypes, Trick Room and balance.
  • Ghost teams are very restricted in teambuilding. All Ghost teams require a Stealth Rock setter, Mimikyu, Mega Sableye, and Gengar, leaving only two teamslots for variety.
  • Ghost teams are easily ripped apart by wallbreakers such as Choice Band Excadrill and Mega Charizard Y.
  • Ghost teams are dependent on Swords Dance Alolan Marowak to break through defensive threats such as Toxapex.
  • Ghost teams rely on Mega Sableye and Dhelmise to keep hazards off of the field.

Back in ORAS, Ghost was not a viable type. Using Ghost meant that one was playing a type without any wallbreakers and hazard control. After Mega Sableye was banned, Ghost's viability went downhill. Without Mega Sableye, it lost hazard control and a great utility Pokémon and easily got worn down by hazard stacking teams because of the switches they forced. Due to this, regular Sableye was used in place of its Mega Evolution. Although it was inferior, it could stop hazard setters with Taunt and could stallbreak using Will-O-Wisp and Recover. This caused Sableye to be a staple on ORAS Ghost. Ghost in ORAS was even more restricted than in SM, and a standard team included Gengar, Jellicent, Sableye, Golurk, Chandelure, and maybe Doublade in the last slot.


New additions.

Let's take a look at some new additions Ghost received in SM and how they influence Ghost teams.

Alolan Marowak

Gen 7 brought a new wallbreaker to the table: Alolan Marowak. Access to Stealth Rock allows it to support its team by reliably setting up entry hazards. Lightning Rod allows it to deal with Electric-type threats, most notably Tapu Koko, by blocking their STAB attacks and Volt Switch. Back in ORAS, Golurk was the only Stealth Rocker, and it was used frequently because of its physical presence and Ground coverage. Alolan Marowak is considered a superior Golurk because of its additional Fire coverage and wallbreaking potential.

Because of its Fairy typing, Mimikyu greatly loosens up the Dark matchup for Ghost. Back in ORAS, Ghost relied on Gengar's Focus Blast and regular Sableye's neutrality to take on Dark, which were both unreliable. Play Rough 2HKOes most Dark-type Pokémon. Although Mimikyu is very weak, Swords Dance makes up for its low base Attack, and Disguise allows it to check many Pokémon such as Z-Belly Drum Azumarill, Dragonite, Mega Charizard X, and opposing Mimikyu. Mimikyu's offensive presence, coverage, and ability make it a staple on Ghost teams.

Dhelmise is the only Ghost-type Pokémon with Rapid Spin. It can take advantage of Trick Room with its low Speed and its high Attack. Grass coverage along with pseudo-Steel STAB allows it to deal with Ground-, Water-, and Fairy-type Pokémon nicely.

Decidueye, similarly to Dhelmise, is also a Ghost / Grass Pokémon with hazard removal and can trap Pokémon with Spirit Shackle. At the beginning of the generation, many people used Decidueye with Defog and U-turn so that it could remove hazards and then pivot out to Gengar. Although it may seem attractive, Decidueye lacks coverage and is very passive outside of being a Defogger.

Offensive Pokémon

  • Gengar @ Choice Scarf
  • Ability: Cursed Body
  • EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
  • Timid Nature
  • - Sludge Wave
  • - Shadow Ball
  • - Focus Blast
  • Gengar @ Choice Specs
  • - Thunderbolt
  • Gengar @ Life Orb

Boasting a huge Special Attack stat along with being fairly fast, Gengar's role on Ghost teams is serving as a wonderful special attacker while easily being one of the most diverse Pokémon on the type. While holding a Choice Scarf, Gengar can outspeed opposing Scarfed Pokémon such as Excadrill and Tapu Bulu while also revenge killing faster threats such as Tapu Koko. Being very flexible, Gengar is able to hold many items, such as a Choice Scarf, Choice Specs, Life Orb, and even Z-Crystals. Along with being an excellent special attacker, Gengar can remove Toxic Spikes for Jellicent and Mega Sableye or act as a stallbreaker with Taunt. Unfortunately, Gengar is held back by its low defensive stats, so beware of switching it into strong attacks and the threat of Alolan Muk.

  • Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club
  • Ability: Lightning Rod
  • EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 204 Spe
  • Adamant Nature
  • - Fire Punch
  • - Earthquake
  • - Shadow Bone
  • - Stealth Rock
  • Ability: Rock Head
  • EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
  • - Flare Blitz
  • - Swords Dance

Ghost appreciates Alolan Marowak as a teammate because of its ability to set Stealth Rock. Ghost / Fire coverage along with a Thick Club allows it to serve as one of Ghost's best wallbreakers, taking on bulky Pokémon such as Mega Venusaur and Mega Scizor. Despite its high Attack, Marowak lacks bulk, so it cannot take many attacks, and it is fairly slow, so a defensive backbone is much appreciated to support it. If you are using Alolan Marowak as a Trick Room attacker, you may want to use Golurk for Stealth Rock, as unspinnable Rocks help in various matchups. Swords Dance is used to make sweeping under Trick Room easier. Fire Punch is used over Flare Blitz on the Lightning Rod variant, as Flare Blitz wears Marowak down way too quickly.

  • Mimikyu @ Ghostium Z
  • Ability: Disguise
  • EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
  • Jolly Nature
  • - Shadow Claw
  • - Shadow Sneak
  • - Play Rough

Being part Fairy and having Disguise to support its low bulk, Mimikyu is seen as one of the most offensive and dangerous Ghost-types to types that are weak to Fairy coverage. Swords Dance allows it to set up, acting as a late-game cleaner under Disguise, and Shadow Sneak allows Mimikyu to revenge kill faster threats such as Latios, Alolan Raichu, and Victini. Having Disguise allows it to revenge kill sweepers such as Mega Charizard X, Dragonite, Gyarados, and Excadrill. Unlike other Ghost-types, Mimikyu utilizes Z-Crystals quite well, as a +2 Z-Shadow Claw is able to knock out many threats such as Gyarados and Mega Charizard X, as well as severely denting Mega Scizor, Mega Venusaur, and Ferrothorn.

Defensive Pokémon

Mega sableye.

  • Sableye-Mega @ Sablenite
  • Ability: Prankster
  • EVs: 248 HP / 116 Def / 144 SpD
  • Careful Nature
  • - Knock Off
  • - Foul Play
  • - Will-O-Wisp
  • EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 SpD
  • Bold Nature
  • - Calm Mind

Mega Sableye's main role on Ghost teams is to serve as a utility Pokémon. Its high defenses along with Magic Bounce allows it to switch into many hazard setters such as Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Armaldo. A Ghost / Dark typing allows it to take Dark-type attacks without much trouble, and Recover allows it to heal off the damage. Knock Off is able to remove various items, such as Eviolites, Choice items, and Leftovers, weakening the opposing team. As many Ghost Pokémon do, Mega Sableye gets access to Will-O-Wisp, which helps it whittle down foes and cripple physical attackers. A majority of Ghost players use Mega Sableye for utility, but a Calm Mind set can be used with max Defense, though many people consider it inferior.

  • Jellicent @ Leftovers
  • Ability: Water Absorb
  • EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpD / 8 Spe
  • Calm Nature
  • - Taunt / Trick Room

Because of its Water typing and its high special bulk, Jellicent is the premier special wall of Ghost, being able to take hits from the likes of many Fire- and Water-types. Water Absorb allows Jellicent to absorb Water attacks and thus avoid Scald burns, which maintains its durability. Taunt Jellicent takes care of a lot of defensive threats, such as Toxapex, Clefable, Suicune, and Chansey. Partnered with Mega Sableye or even Gourgeist, Jellicent finds itself on balanced Ghost teams, supporting the team with a defensive backbone, or on Trick Room teams, supporting the team with Trick Room.

Other Options

Golurk serves as a reliable lead, having access to Stealth Rock. Though it can hold a Focus Sash to take strong attacks, Alolan Marowak provides more utility and is generally used over Golurk. Golurk is mostly found on Trick Room teams with Stealth Rock, as Alolan Marowak will be carrying Swords Dance over the usual Stealth Rock.

Cofagrigus's job on Ghost teams is to set Trick Room. Because of this, it is mostly found on Trick Room teams as a defensive Trick Room setter with Z-Shadow Ball. Along with Trick Room, Cofagrigus also gets utility moves such as Will-O-Wisp and Toxic Spikes, which allow it to wear down teams with status. Cofagrigus's unique ability in Mummy allows it to counter huge threats such as Mega Lopunny and Mega Pinsir by nullifying their ability. Cofagrigus is rarely seen on Ghost teams because Jellicent outclasses it as a defensive Trick Room setter.

Doublade's main role on Ghost teams is to use its high Defense stat to set up Swords Dance and attack with Shadow Sneak and Iron Head. Doublade isn't seen very often on Ghost teams because many common Pokémon such as Mandibuzz, Tapu Koko, Mega Charizard X and Y, and Mega Sableye all beat it very easily. Doublade helps in specific matchups such as Fairy and Rock where it can use its high Defense and typing in order to switch into the likes of Tapu Bulu and start setting up. Doublade can also check Mega Diancie and Mega Altaria with its high Defenses, although it cannot take an Earth Power from Mega Diancie when chipped.

Dhelmise is the only Rapid Spinner Ghost teams have, which allows them to clear away hazards. Using its huge Attack and low Speed, it can function under Trick Room very nicely. Though it has nice coverage, it fails to take down many defensive threats and is worn down quickly through hazards or status. Dhelmise is usually seen carrying an Assault Vest in order to take strong special attacks. Dhelmise is useless outside of Trick Room, as its low Speed makes it vulnerable to revenge killers.

Hoopa serves as a decent wallbreaker and Trick Room attacker on Ghost teams. Choice Specs along with Psychic coverage allows it to deal with Poison- and Fighting-types, and a Choice Scarf makes up for its poor Speed. Its poor Speed also allows it to fit on Trick Room teams, using its high Special Defense to set up and its high Special Attack to take advantage of it. Hoopa is outclassed as a revenge killer by Gengar because of Gengar's convenient Speed tier and Poison coverage, which allows it to deal with Fairy-type Pokémon.


Gourgeist-XL's main role on Ghost is to take care of physical wallbreakers. Being part Grass makes it more suited to take on Diggersby, Tapu Bulu, and Excadrill while allowing it to absorb Spore and making it immune to Leech Seed. Will-O-Wisp and Synthesis allow Gourgeist-XL to switch in on wallbreakers. Although it is very bulky, Gourgeist-XL is very passive and can be worn down with status or used as Spikes bait. Gourgeist-XL is most often found aside Jellicent and Mega Sableye as part of the defensive core.

Tough Matchups


How to Win?

The Dark matchup is difficult to win for Ghost because of Ghost's general weakness to Dark, not to mention the variety of wallbreakers a Dark team usually has: Life Orb Greninja, Choice Specs Hydreigon, and even opposing Mega Sableye. Mimikyu and Mega Sableye can deal with Dark-types pretty easily, so keep Mimikyu's Disguise active and Mega Sableye healthy. Be careful of when to set up with Mimikyu, as Disguise allows it to handle many Dark-type threats such as Mega Sharpedo or Hydreigon. Golurk can take down a single Dark Pokémon with its Focus Sash and Dynamic Punch in case Mega Sharpedo gets out of hand.

  • Only set up with Mimikyu late-game; it can be revenge killed pretty easily by Mega Sharpedo if you try to set it up early on.
  • Try luring out Alolan Muk with Gengar, and double out to Marowak in order to defeat it.
  • Keep Mega Sableye as healthy as possible. Do not let it stay in on Choice Specs Hydreigon's Draco Meteor, because it hits very hard. Never switch Mega Sableye in on Mega Sharpedo's Crunch, as Mega Sableye is 2HKOed if Mega Sharpedo isn't burned.
  • Try to force Sharpedo into Mega Evolving with Mega Sableye, because at +1 Speed, it is revenge killed by Choice Scarf Gengar.

Mega Lopunny

How to win?

The Normal matchup is hard for Ghost because Mega Pidgeot, Mega Lopunny, and Diggersby all pose huge threats to Ghost with their immense power. Mega Lopunny, Mega Pidgeot, and Diggersby all take advantage of free switches, usually taking down a Pokémon every time it happens. Porygon-Z can set up on Jellicent and can make short work of the team if Scarf Gengar or Mimikyu is already knocked out. Ditto is also able to switch into Gengar's Focus Blast and use Gengar's high power against the team. Choice Scarf Gengar can be used to deal with Mega Lopunny and Pidgeot, and Jellicent can take care of Chansey quite nicely using Taunt.

  • Mega Evolve Sableye safely in order for it to deal with Chansey and Porygon2's status moves and Knock Off their Eviolites, weakening them for Mimikyu and Gengar.
  • Be careful about using Taunt on Chansey with Jellicent, as it may invite a wallbreaker such as Diggersby, Mega Lopunny, or Meloetta in.
  • If Sableye is Mega Evolved, try attacking Chansey with Gengar when it switches in. The Normal user may think you are pivoting into Mega Sableye, and therefore they will send out Mega Lopunny or Pidgeot, allowing Gengar to hit either of those on the double.
  • Do not Trick Gengar's Choice Scarf away when Mega Lopunny or Mega Pidgeot is still active, as you lose out on the opportunity to revenge kill them.

Mega Venusaur

The Poison matchup is very tough for Ghost because of Poison's defensive nature taking advantage of Ghost's lack of wallbreakers outside of Alolan Marowak. After Alolan Marowak is knocked out, Ghost easily loses to Poison. Jellicent, Mimikyu, Gourgeist-XL, and Mega Sableye are stalled out by Toxapex while Gengar loses to Alolan Muk as usual. In order to defeat Poison, you need to keep Alolan Marowak healthy to break Poison's defensive core. In order to do this, you need to keep switching Alolan Marowak out to Jellicent or Mega Sableye to avoid allowing Nihilego, Nidoking, or Gengar to potentially knock it out.

  • Try luring Alolan Muk in with Gengar and sending out Alolan Marowak in order to take down Alolan Muk.
  • Preserve Swords Dance Alolan Marowak so it can break Toxapex, Alolan Muk, and Mega Venusaur.
  • Do not let Mega Sableye or Jellicent stay in on Sludge Bomb, as they will eventually get poisoned and crippled. Furthermore, keep Gengar safe in order to remove Toxic Spikes.

Mega Gyarados

Water is a tough matchup for Ghost because of Mega Sharpedo, Manaphy, Mega Gyarados, and Toxapex. Nothing can switch in on Mega Sharpedo or Gyarados, Mega Gyarados hits through Disguise and hits Mega Sableye with Taunt with its Mold Breaker, making it a huge threat. Aside from those two, Manaphy is able to set up on defensive Pokémon such as Mega Sableye and Jellicent and can break through them with +3 Energy Ball or Scald, thus making short work of Ghost's defensive core. Toxapex is a huge threat because of Haze, which allows it to stall out Mega Sableye and Mimikyu by clearing their boosts.

  • Keep Gengar around in order to remove Toxic Spikes as often as you can. Choice Scarf Gengar can also revenge kill Mega Gyarados, Mega Sharpedo, Manaphy, and Mantine with Thunderbolt.
  • Keep Jellicent healthy in order for it to switch into Swift Swim users and to shut down Toxapex with Taunt.

Sample team

Jellicent @ Leftovers Ability: Cursed Body EVs: 248 HP / 252 SpD / 8 Spe Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Scald - Taunt - Toxic - Recover

Mimikyu @ Ghostium Z Ability: Disguise EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Shadow Claw - Shadow Sneak - Swords Dance - Play Rough

Gengar @ Choice Scarf Ability: Cursed Body EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Shadow Ball - Sludge Wave - Focus Blast - Thunderbolt

Sableye-Mega @ Sablenite Ability: Prankster EVs: 252 HP / 112 Def / 144 SpD Careful Nature - Will-O-Wisp - Knock Off - Foul Play - Recover

Gourgeist-Super @ Leftovers Ability: Frisk EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Impish Nature - Leech Seed - Will-O-Wisp - Seed Bomb - Synthesis

Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club Ability: Lightning Rod EVs: 48 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def / 204 Spe Adamant Nature - Fire Punch - Earthquake - Shadow Bone - Stealth Rock

This team revolves around using Mega Sableye, Gourgeist-XL, and Jellicent as a defensive core and Gengar, Alolan Marowak, and Mimikyu as an offensive core. Mega Sableye is able to bounce back status and Stealth Rock, while Jellicent and Gourgeist-XL are able to take strong attacks coming off of opposing offensive Pokémon. At the same time, Alolan Marowak, Jellicent, and Gourgeist-XL form the Fire / Water / Grass core, giving the team many resistances and a Water and Electric immunity. Choice Scarf Gengar with Thunderbolt is used to revenge kill many faster threats with its perfect coverage, and Thunderbolt is used to hit Water- and Flying-types for super effective damage. Mimikyu with a Ghostium Z is used as a Dark check and a late-game cleaner, while Alolan Marowak absorbs Electric-type attacks and uses its wallbreaking potential to remove any defensive threats that may cause trouble to the team such as Mega Venusaur and Toxapex.

Trick Room Ghost

Trick Room is another Ghost archetype that is based on using slow wallbreakers under Trick Room to bring out their full potential. Many Trick Room Ghost teams have at least two Trick Room setters, namely Mimikyu, Jellicent, or Cofagrigus, and a few Trick Room attackers or wallbreakers that excel under Trick Room. Choice Scarf Gengar is usually used to keep faster threats in check outside of Trick Room, and Mega Sableye is used for utility, as always. Many Trick Room teams run Golurk for Stealth Rock, as Alolan Marowak will be running Swords Dance in order to make sweeping under Trick Room easier. Notable Ghost-type Pokémon that take advantage of Trick Room are Dhelmise, Alolan Marowak, and Hoopa. Trick Room Ghost is the hardest archetype to play due to how hard it is to preserve Trick Room turns and the lack of a complete defensive backbone, leaving the team vulnerable outside of Trick Room.

Here is an example of a Trick Room Ghost team.

Jellicent @ Leftovers Ability: Cursed Body EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD Calm Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Scald - Trick Room - Toxic - Recover

Golurk @ Focus Sash Ability: No Guard EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Dynamic Punch - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Stealth Rock

Mimikyu @ Ghostium Z Ability: Disguise EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpD Brave Nature - Trick Room - Shadow Claw - Swords Dance - Play Rough

Marowak-Alola @ Thick Club Ability: Rock Head EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD Brave Nature - Swords Dance - Flare Blitz - Shadow Bone - Earthquake

Get Out There!

Due to how anti-metagame it is, Ghost is a type that more experienced players use in order to gain leverage on high-tier types like Psychic or even middle-tier types such as Electric and Bug. Despite that, Ghost is still a very restricted type, and it often struggles to run more than one or two builds per archetype. Whether you are new to Monotype or have been playing it for years, playing Ghost takes practice, and practice makes perfect. If you are interested in getting involved with Monotype, find its room on Pokémon Showdown or the Monotype forum on Smogon . Thank you for reading this article and have a nice day.

ghost team schriever

Bayou Lore // Hauntings

By ashlyn verda, staff writer.

Louisiana’s Bayou Region is rich in haunted history. Over generations, locals have passed down dark tales from the bayou, including legendary haunted swamps and plantation ghost stories. As time passes, and stories become more and more embedded in Cajun culture, the line between fact and folklore begins to blur.

One of the most famous hauntings of the Bayou Region is known by students and faculty at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux. Ellender Hall, one of the student residence halls on campus, is known for its strange occurrences. According to Megan Henshaw, the assistant hall director, residents claim the dormitory is haunted by Helen Ellender helerself. A portrait hangs in the entrance of the lobby and students say her eyes follow you.

Henshaw is also the resident assistant on the sixth floor. She says students have reported lights turning on and off, objects moving on their own, footsteps, and scratching noises.

“Some say it’s the ghost of a student who died there in the 1970s,” says Henshaw. “It’s rumored that she fell to her death by jumping out of her sixth-floor window.”

Although many students treat this story as fact, The Nicholls Worth reported that there is no record of anyone’s death or suicide in Ellender Hall.

Not far from Nicholls is the Laurel Valley Plantation and Historic Village. The village contains cabins that can be seen from the road, and is said to be haunted by apparitions dressed in old-fashioned clothing. Visitors have also captured unexplained “floating lights” in their photos, according to volunteer worker Johnny Thibodaux.

Locals are the first to experience these unexplained events. Sometimes, just by taking a shortcut on the way home.

Devil’s Swamp, in Schriever, is appropriately named. An old train track runs across the road, allegedly haunted by the ghosts of buried slaves from Acadia Plantation, as well as the ghosts of people murdered or killed on the railroad tracks.

When cars park or stop over the tracks, they reportedly begin to violently shake. There have also been claims of stalled cars, windows fogging, and handprints appearing on the windows.

Ducros Plantation is also located in Schriever. The property is now privately owned by Richard Bourgeois and Angela Cheramine, who have restored the home. Dating back to 1802, no unusual deaths have been reported, but locals have passed on its ghoulish tale.

“It’s not certain, but there is said to have been a young child who accidentally drowned in a nearby well and listeners can hear cries,” says Cheramine. 

Cheramie says the most common activity reported is inexplicable sounds. When they were restoring the house, carpenters claimed to hear footsteps from the main hall. Richard himself has heard a strange dragging noise on the upper gallery.

Some supernatural experiences happen a little too close to home for locals.

Coteau Road, located in Houma, is known by locals for having apparitions that wander the fields at night. More common sightings happen around metal sheds that can be seen from the road.

The metal sheds and surrounding property belong to the grandfather of Houma resident Glynn Prestenbach. The road is very curvy in some areas and Prestenbach says many people have been injured or killed. Over the years, he has helped repair fences up and down Coteau Road, but has never seen anything unusual.

“We have lived on Coteau road all my life and I will be the first to say it is haunted,” says Amber Bourgeois. “I have witnessed a man, a little boy, and a lady walking across the street. It doesn’t scare me though, they don’t seem to mess with anyone.”

Located near the bottom of Houma and isolated from civilization, a historic ridge lies southwest of Bayou Dularge near Lake Decade.

Mauvais Bois Ridge, is the source of nightmares that have been passed down by generations of United Houma Nation families. Mauvais Bois, named after a French term for “bad woods,” has been haunted since Vincent Gombi, Jean Lafitte’s battle companion, discovered the ridge. According to Nicholls State University Louisiana History Professor, Steve Michot, Gombi was trying to find a route near the Mississippi River during the Battle of New Orleans.

“American Indians living on the ridge helped Gombi sink a British ship called the Josephine,” says Michot. “They cut down cypress trees from the woods so a barricade could be formed and the British could not cross Bayou Penchant.”

To this day, it is said that the dead rise from the sunken Josephine and continue to linger over the land.

Further down the bayou lies Bayou Sale Road, a long, curvy, and deserted road connecting Dulac to Cocodrie. Also known as LA-57, it is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Southern Louisiana.

Locals are familiar with the stories of a man on the side of the road looking for a ride. According to the locals, when cars slows down to pick him up, he either disappears or the driver notices that he is somehow transparent. The legend also claims that if a driver stops to pick up the ghost, they will receive treasures and good luck in return.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve heard strange stories about Bayou Sale Road. I’ve traveled down the road many times and personally, I haven’t seen any ghost,” says Houma native Kate Planchet. “But it is a dangerous place and I get a bad feeling when I have to drive it by myself.”

Local legends about hauntings are often passed down from generation to generation and have become a part of the Bayou Region culture. Although it has become difficult to determine folklore from fact, there is no denying that locals are interested in the unexplained. Many of these locations can be accessed for free and seen from the road, but simply stopping by and talking to the locals is where the real adventure begins.

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  1. Schriever GHOST program elevates Airmen and Guardian resiliency

    SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. - The 21st Medical Group, Guardian Holistic Operational Support Team (GHOST) at Schriever Air Force Base supports Airmen and Guardians through resiliency...

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    By Senior Airman Alexus Wilcox | Peterson-Schriever Garrison public affairs SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — The 21st Medical Group, Guardian Holistic Operational Support Team (GHOST) at Schriever…

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    Schriever Space Force Base is located approximately 10 miles east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. After announcing in early 1981 that a military space systems control facility would be built, Falcon Air Force Station became home to that facility, the Consolidated Space Operations Center. Beginning in 1987, operational functions began ...

  4. Peterson & Schriever SFB

    Referred to as a "legacy unit" of the 310th Space Wing, the last remaining space wing in the Department of the Air Force, the 428th EWF works alongside the U.S. Space Force's 4th Electromagnetic Warfare Squadron in a total force integration readiness partnership to train, equip, mobilize and employ space electromagnetic warfare ...

  5. Schriever members complete challenge > Schriever Space Force Base

    Thirty-eight Team Schriever members completed a grueling Team Cohesion Challenge Friday.The TCC, a collaborative event sponsored by Recharge for Resiliency, the Single Airman Initiative, and GORUCK (a small, grassroots company selected specifically for its, The official website for the Schriever Space Force Base

  6. Schriever SFB celebrates 25 years > Space Operations Command (SpOC

    U.S. Air Force Col. Randy Combs, Space Base Delta 1 vice commander - Schriever, gives a speech during the 25th anniversary of the base's renaming on Schriever Space Force Base on June 21, 2023. The speech took place next to the site where a Team Schriever time capsule was buried. The capsule is scheduled to be dug up in 25 years.

  7. Schriever SFB celebrates 25 years

    Schriever Space Force Base held a ceremony June 21, 2023, to celebrate both the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking for Falcon Air Force Station and the 25th anniversary of the renaming of the installation to Schriever Air Force Base, which in 2021 was renamed to Schriever Space Force Base.

  8. Gen. Bernard A. Schriever

    Schriever retired as a general in 1966, and passed away in 2005. His legacy to the Air Force is its unrivaled ability to quickly and efficiently develop and use the latest science and technology in the execution of its air and space missions. His leadership in space and missiles ensured American strength throughout the Cold War, and he helped ...

  9. 'Don't Give Up' campaign inspires P-S GAR Airmen

    Brief interactions with Team Schriever personnel prior to their work day beginning plays a vital role in their psyche as they work to complete the mission, Leigh said. "It takes a village to raise a child and I have the same mindset when it comes to caring for Airmen," Leigh said. "My hope is [this] will encourage others to reach out if ...

  10. Accelerating Change for Rapid Global Mobility: Delivering Joint Force

    Schriever Spacepower Series. Nuclear Deterrence Series. Annual Spacepower Security Forum ... Tech. Sgt. John Rodriguez, 321st Contingency Response Squadron security team, provides security with a Ghost Robotics Vision 60 prototype at a simulated austere base during the Advanced Battle Management System exercise on Nellis Air Force Base, Nev ...

  11. Peterson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain cultivate a new identity

    PETERSON SPACE FORCE BASE, Colo. -Schriever Air Force Base, Peterson Air Force Base and Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station received new names during the renaming ceremony at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, July 26, 2021.

  12. PDF Schriever Space History

    June 5, 1998 Falcon Air Force Base was renamed Schriever Air Force Base in honor of General Bernard A. Schriever, the former commander of Air Force Systems Command and a pioneer in developing USAF missile and space systems. January 1, 2000 Operating Location B (OL-B) of the 3d Space Operations Squadron inactivated at Wahiawa, Hawaii.

  13. Team Schriever recognizes 30 years of space superiority

    Sgt. Darrell Harrison, 1002nd Space Systems Support Squadron, manages data systems monitoring the flight of satellites at Falcon Air Force Station, Colorado, which would eventually become Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado. The 50th SW is recognizing 30 years of being the primary operators of the United States Air Force's space mission.

  14. Schriever Wargame 2023 concludes

    MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. -- Under the leadership of Space Training and Readiness Command's (STARCOM) Space Delta 10, the sixteenth iteration of Schriever Wargame concluded March 31, marking the 25th anniversary since the wargame team initiated operations in 1998. Set in the future, Schriever Wargame 2023 (SW 23) explored critical space and cyberspace issues within a multi-domain ...

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    Christensen said the 50th Space Wing leadership hopes to create, develop and maintain a culture of teamwork with Team Schriever. "While Team 8-Ball's accomplishment is something that started when Lt. Col. Hogan and the previous 1st SOPS Commander, Lt. Col. [Mark] Bigley, took command, it is part of a base-wide culture and is a true example ...

  16. Heroes And Leaders: Bernard Schriever

    The Bomber Pilot Who Rocketed the Air Force into Space. Bernard Schriever is considered the father of the U.S. space and missile program. He was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1910 but immigrated to Texas with his mother in 1917. He attended Texas A&M and then joined the Army and became a pilot. His first operational tour was in 1933 at March ...

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    Directed by Oliver Irving ... (directed by) Writing Credits Cast (in credits order) Produced by Music by Joe Hastings ... composer Cinematography by Timothy Naylor ... (cinematography by) Editing by Oliver Irving ... (edited by) Casting By Stephanie Holbrook Production Design by Art Direction by Alina Smirnova Costume Design by Hannah Kittell

  19. Schriever recognizes African American Space Operators

    On Feb. 24 at Schriever Air Force Base, Colorado, five African Americans from Space Delta 9 built a crew from scratch to perform the 1st Space Operations Squadron's orbital warfare mission. The mission of 1st SOPS is to characterize spacecraft in geosynchronous orbit and provide space-based space domain awareness.

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    Let's take a look at the pros and cons of using a Ghost team. Pros. Ghost-types have access to a variety of status moves, most notably Will-O-Wisp. Ghost hits almost every type neutrally. Ghost-types are immune to Normal and Fighting attacks. Ghost has access to unspinnable hazards, making it a nice anti-meta type. Ghost has only two weaknesses ...

  21. Peterson SFB Newcomers Information > Peterson and Schriever Space Force

    The Finance Office is located in Building 350, Suite 2009. Schriever SFB is every Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. The Finance Office is located in Building 210, Suite 146A. For more information on 21st CPTS click here. A U.S. post office is operated on Peterson Space Force Base in Bldg. 1466.

  22. Bayou Lore // Hauntings

    Devil's Swamp, in Schriever, is appropriately named. An old train track runs across the road, allegedly haunted by the ghosts of buried slaves from Acadia Plantation, as well as the ghosts of people murdered or killed on the railroad tracks. When cars park or stop over the tracks, they reportedly begin to violently shake.


    #Activision #CallofDuty #ModernWarfare2SHEPHERD BETRAYS TASK FORCE 141 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "Against Our Own" CutsceneScereBro: • Twitter: http...