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How to Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard That's Not Working

Troubleshooting tips to get you typing again

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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This article provides troubleshooting tips to get your keyboard going again in no time.

Reasons an HP Laptop Keyboard Won't Work

There may be several reasons your HP keyboard won't work, including:

  • A locked keyboard.
  • Outdated or corrupted drivers.
  • Interference from other connected keyboards.
  • Dirty keys.
  • A damaged keyboard.

How to Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard

These troubleshooting steps start from easiest and most likely to work to the hardest and least likely to solve the problem.

Restart your computer . Occasionally, errors can happen in drivers, firmware, or software that will clear out when you restart your computer. Once you've restarted, check your keyboard to see if it is responding.

Unlock your keyboard. Some HP laptops have a shortcut that will allow you to lock your keyboard to prevent unwanted touches. Unfortunately, it's easy to trigger this shortcut accidentally, so even if you don't think you've locked the keyboard, press and hold the right Shift key for 8 seconds. Doing this should unlock the keyboard so it will begin responding again.

Remove and turn off any external keyboards connected to your laptop. If you're using an external keyboard with your laptop, it might not recognize the built-in keyboard. Try disconnecting from any external keyboards and powering them down completely so they don't automatically reconnect (as they might if they use Bluetooth connections).

Turn off Cortana . Despite being useful, Cortana can sometimes interfere with other functions on your laptop. Try disabling it to see if it gets your keyboard working again.

Clean your keyboard . You spend a lot of time at your computer. And you shove it in your laptop or bag and carry it everywhere. It's to be expected the keyboard is going to get dirty, and this can cause problems. Give it a good clean and then see if it starts working again.

Run Windows Troubleshooter . Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in tool that might be able to diagnose and repair whatever is causing your keyboard to be unresponsive. Run the troubleshooter, and work through any suggestions it returns.

Update your drivers . Outdated or corrupted drivers could prevent your keyboard from connecting and responding. Update the driver, restart the computer, and then test the keyboard again to see if it's working again.

Check your keyboard language settings . If you can, check your keyboard settings to make sure you're using the correct settings for the keyboard that's installed.

  • Go to Start > Settings > Time & Language .
  • Select Region & language and make sure English is selected.
  • If it is not, choose Options and select US .

Try an external keyboard . This won't fix the problem, but if you can connect and use an external keyboard, then you can narrow down the problem quickly to either the built-in keyboard's connection or the keyboard itself.

Disable other input methods . The windows Collaborative Translation Framework (CtfMon.exe) is designed to allow multiple input types, including a keyboard, touch, and stylus. However, it can also interfere with your keyboard. Try disabling ctfmon.exe to see if that might make your system default back to the keyboard.

Know When to Seek Repair

If you've tried the steps above and none of them worked, then it might be time to call in the professionals, or at the very least, someone who feels more confident about digging around inside your laptop's case. If you're unsure who to turn to next, read How Do I Get My Computer Fixed? for some quick tips on what to do next.

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HP Spectre x360 Keyboard Not Working After Update? Fixes Here

Ever had your HP laptop keyboard call it quits suddenly after a random Windows update? I’ve been in those shoes too, it’s mega frustrating! You go to type and bam – nothing happens. No response at all. So why does it happen? Well, the updates kinda screw up the existing keyboard software drivers. But don’t panic, it’s usually an easy fix! The short fix is to roll back the problematic update or reinstall the keyboard drivers . That should get your typing flow back in a few mins. Read on as I show ya step-by-step how I got my HP keyboard operational again after run-ins with those pesky Windows patches.

HP Spectre x360 Keyboard Not Working After Update

Why the Keyboard of Spectre x360 isn’t Working after Windows Update?

There could be a few reasons why your Spectre x360 keyboard stops working after a Windows update:

Driver conflicts: Windows updates often include driver updates which may sometimes clash with existing drivers on your laptop. This conflict can cause various problems like a non-working keyboard.

Firmware issues: Faulty firmware updates released through Windows Update have also been known to disable keyboard functionality.

Power management bugs: Sometimes Windows updates introduce new power management features that end up disrupting communication between the laptop’s keyboard and motherboard.

Incompatible applications: If an update triggers compatibility issues with certain third-party apps controlling your keyboard, it could lead to a malfunction.

So in a nutshell, Windows updates tend to mess with existing drivers, firmware, applications or p ower management – all crucial for proper keyboard operation.

Being automated, these updates cannot mimic the intricacies of manual installation. Hence the unintended consequences sometimes.

Thankfully, there are some quick troubleshooting steps you can try to get your keyboard up. 

Troubleshooting Techniques to Get the Spectre x360 Keyboard Working Again

If your Spectre x360 keyboard has stopped working after a Windows update, don’t panic. There are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get it back up and running again:

Perform Basic Checks First

Before getting into complex solutions, do these simple checks first:

  • Restart your laptop – This can resolve temporary software glitches causing keyboard issues.
  • Check if Tablet Mode is enabled and disable it – The onscreen keyboard in the tablet overrides the physical one.
  • Tilt the entire laptop towards you and retry typing – This re-establishes the connection if disrupted.

If these basic steps don’t work, let’s look at some more advanced troubleshooting techniques:

Software Solutions

Way 1 – Update the Keyboard Drivers

Keyboard drivers act as an interface between the physical keyboard hardware and the operating system. Updating to the latest drivers can solve compatibility issues introduced by Windows updates.

Follow these steps:

Step 1 – Open Device Manager

To open Device Manager, there are several ways:

  • Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Press Windows Key + X and select Device Manager .
  • Search for Device Manager in the Start menu and open it.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Step 2 – Expand the Keyboards section:

  • Once Device Manager opens, you’ll see a list of all connected devices categorized by type.
  • Locate the Keyboards section and click on the arrow next to it to expand it.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Step 3 – Right-click on the HP Integrated Keyboard Device and select Update driver:

  • Look for the entry named HP Integrated Keyboard Device . This may be slightly different depending on your specific HP model.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Right-click on the entry and select Update driver from the context menu.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Step 4 – Choose Search automatically for updated driver software:

  • If newer drivers are available, Windows will download and install them for you.
  • If no drivers are found, Windows will notify you.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Way 2 – Uninstall and reinstall the keyboard drivers:

If updating drivers didn’t help, try uninstalling the existing drivers completely and reinstalling fresh copies:

  • Step 1 – Follow steps 1-3 from Update the keyboard drivers .
  • Step 2 – Select Uninstall device instead of Update driver .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 3 – Restart the computer. Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers.

Way 3 – Set BIOS to Default Settings

Your machine’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) handles communication between the OS and hardware. Resetting to default values can eliminate any corrupted settings:

Step1  – Press F10 to open the BIOS settings:

Restart your PC and repeatedly press the F10 key to enter the BIOS.

Step 2  – Press F5 to load the default settings:

Once you’re in the BIOS settings, you’ll see a variety of menus and options. The specific layout and options will vary depending on your BIOS version and manufacturer.

After getting into there, press F5 to change the settings to Default

Step 3 – Press F10 to accept the changes and restart:

After changing the settings to default, press F10 to save the changes.

Once you save and exit, your computer will restart with the default BIOS settings applied.

Way 4 – Disable Intel Integrated Sensor Solution:

This software controller is known to cause conflicts with certain laptop keyboards:

  • Step 1 – Open Device Manager.
  • Step 2 – Expand the System Devices section.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 3 – Right-click on the Intel Integrated Sensor Solution and select Disable device .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 4 – Restart the computer.

Run HP PC Hardware Diagnostics

This is HP’s built-in diagnostics tool to detect hardware issues like keyboard failure:

  • Step 1 – Turn on the computer and immediately press the F2 key repeatedly until you see the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI screen.
  • Step 2 – Select “Component Tests” and then “Keyboard.”
  • Step 3 – Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.

Uninstall Recent Windows Updates

If you believe a particular Windows update is responsible for your keyboard woes, uninstall it:

  • Step 1 – Press the Windows and I keys to launch Settings. 
  • Step 2 – Go to Windows Update and then Update History .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 3 – Click on Uninstall updates .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 4 – Select the update you suspect is causing the problem and click Uninstall .

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • Step 5 – Restart the computer.

The above fixes should help resolve a majority of post-Windows Update keyboard problems on the Spectre x360.

However, if you still face issues, it’s best to consult HP customer support for further assistance. Hardware issues requiring component replacement are better handled by the service center directly.

Now let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions about this problem:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hp spectre keyboard stop working randomly.

Apart from Windows updates, Spectre keyboards can stop randomly due to faulty drivers, incompatible apps, dust/dirt damage, or simply mechanical wear and tear over time.

How do I troubleshoot HP laptop keyboard not working?

Start with basic steps like restarting the laptop or checking for tablet mode. Then update drivers, uninstall recent Windows updates, run hardware diagnostics or reset BIOS. If issues persist, seek help from HP support.

Why does my HP laptop keyboard type the wrong characters?

Incorrect character input generally occurs when keyboard regional settings do not match the physical keyboard layout or due to faulty drivers. You can try changing keyboard settings or reinstalling drivers.

How to fix the HP Spectre x360 keyboard backlight not working?

Disable the Intel Integrated Sensor Solution driver and check if the backlight starts working. Also try updating device drivers, resetting BIOS to default, or toggling backlight key combinations like FN + Backspace or FN + F3/F4.

Is the HP Spectre x360 keyboard waterproof?

No, the Spectre x360 uses a standard laptop keyboard which can get damaged upon contact with water or any other liquid spillage. Special precautions need to be taken to keep it dry and clean.

In Conclusion…

Getting a non-responsive keyboard after installing Windows updates can be annoying, but is rarely permanent. In most cases, it boils down to an incompatible driver or simple software glitch that can be rectified easily.

Start troubleshooting by going through the solutions mentioned above one by one until your Spectre x360 keyboard starts working again. This includes steps like updating keyboard drivers, uninstalling faulty Windows updates, running hardware diagnostics, or resetting BIOS.

However, if all else fails, consult an HP repair expert directly to identify and fix the underlying hardware issue, which could require replacing a malfunctioning keyboard.

And going ahead, to minimize these keyboard problems make sure your system has all the critical hardware drivers up to date and avoid beta releases of Windows updates.

Here’s wishing your Spectre x360 keyboard never stops working and ruins your writing flow!

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[SOLVED]   HP Spectre Laptop x360 keyboard and mouse only works for first few seconds on boot-up.

  • Thread starter lockmc
  • Start date Sep 9, 2020
  • Electronics
  • Computer Peripherals
  • Sep 9, 2020

I turn the laptop on and the lights on the keyboard flash. I can enter the BIOS but after that, keyboard and mouse don't work. So it works on the boot screen and that's it. In Windows, same thing - keyboard and mouse doesn't work (I can use the touch screen). I did connect an external and there was a bit red X on the touchpad. I reinstalled some drivers and updated everything and then next reboot, it actually worked. But has stopped since. If I boot into recovery mode, I can use the mouse but the keyboard doesn't work. Not sure if it is hardware or software. I would initially think Windows drivers, but the fact that I can enter BIOS but not use it after entering the BIOS makes me think it's not driver related. Any ideas?  


  • Oct 9, 2020

There's a range of them - https://www.google.com/search?sourc...?}&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7LENP_enAU477AU477 "I'm struggling to see why reinstalling windows will help, if BIOS doesn't even work correctly. " "I can enter the BIOS but after that, keyboard and mouse don't work. So it works on the boot screen and that's it. " It might be loading bios, but can't load windows. So there's something wrong - either with your OS drive or with Windows. You might need to remove the OS drive. It needs to be checked to see if it's OK - put it in a PC (not as the OS drive though)

  • Oct 8, 2020

What make and model laptop? How old? Can you reinstall Windows? You might need to remove the OS drive. It needs to be checked to see if it's OK - put it in a PC (not as the OS drive though)  

Make and model is in the title. Probably about 4 years old. I'm struggling to see why reinstalling windows will help, if BIOS doesn't even work correctly.  


Did you actually take it apart and re-seat the connections? Do external keyboard work OK? Try doing a BIOS update?  

hang-the-9 said: Did you actually take it apart and re-seat the connections? Do external keyboard work OK? Try doing a BIOS update? Click to expand...

There's a range of them - https://www.google.com/search?sourc...?}&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&rlz=1I7LENP_enAU477AU477 "I'm struggling to see why reinstalling windows will help, if BIOS doesn't even work correctly. " "I can enter the BIOS but after that, keyboard and mouse don't work. So it works on the boot screen and that's it. " It might be loading bios, but can't load windows. So there's something wrong - either with your OS drive or with Windows. You might need to remove the OS drive. It needs to be checked to see if it's OK - put it in a PC (not as the OS drive though)  

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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Welcome to Software and Drivers for

Hp spectre x360 - 13-w023dx.

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Scott Larson @scottrlarson

Posted: May 30, 2019

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Keyboard & Touchpad not working after screen replacement

I have a HP Spectre x360 - 13-4105dx. This is a convertible laptop. So when it is flipped into tablet mode, my assumption is that it disables the keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard and mouse was working before I did any work on the unit. This model had a cracked screen and so I replaced it with a new model.

I disassembled the unit and removed the logic board from the case to get at the screen along with all the other components. Then I replaced the screen and put everything back.

The mouse and keyboard work when in bios, but not in Windows 10. The HP support department suggested that Windows 10 should be refreshed but im not so sure that is going to fix the problem.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Or does anyone have any idea when I could do to fix this? I removed and refreshed the sensor drivers in device manager, but that did not fix it. I searched windows for any tool that I could use to re-calibrate the drivers for the sensors for the convertible aspect of this modem but could not find anything.

Is this a good question?

I am hoping you can help. I have literally done everything on this same problem except remove the chip you are talking about. I have an HP pavilion x360. I have looked for that chip and cannot find it. I see your pic but it is a different model than mine. I replaced my screen about a month ago… then a couple weeks later my keyboard stopped working. I replaced the keyboard… now it works in bios but not in windows. I am so very frustrated. Do you think removing the chip will work? If so can you help me know where to find it in this model please!

Feb 11, 2021 by Helpmefixit

If it is a different model then I probably can't help as I wouldn't know where the chip is located. And you wouldn't want to start removing random chips unless you know for sure it's the accelerometer chip. Do you have the full model number?

Feb 11, 2021 by James Perriton

I have the same problem , i need remove the chip but i don't know what is. The model is HP Pavilion x360 - 15-dq1071cl. Some one know the chip?

Feb 13, 2021 by Hector Santiago

Same issue however Keyboard and mouse off as it seems stuck in tablet mode tried to disable Intel Integrated Sensor made no difference done registry hack in Immersion section still no keyboard and mouse. Told windows to only use desktop mode no difference. This model is HP X360 14-DH it does have a very small crack top right corner of the digitiser however touch works fine and even if I disable touch same result no keyboard or mousepad. Have done every this suggested even factory restore using the HP cloud utility.

I am pretty sure it is the sensor that cuts out keyboard and mouse while in tablet mode and its stuck no matter what I do in desktop mode. Be nice if HP actually solved issue to the end. What I would love to know is all devices need to be disabled to totally stop the tablet mode the intel sensor does not do it in this case or it may do but keeps the keyboard and pad in tablet mode off. They both work in bios and DOS so it is something in windows as they stop as soon as you boot into windows

Aug 9, 2022 by Martin

I had the same problem, However I was able to fix ine by plugging in an external mouse and turning the computer off, then I turned it on and it was fixed so give that a try first.

Nov 1, 2022 by dez

Show 2 more comments

Posted: Jun 5, 2019

The result on this was I needed to disable the integrated sensor. But so far no response from hp as to why this has to happen with a screen replacement. The Unit now does not detect and disable the keyboard and touch pad when the laptop is in tablet mode.

Was this answer helpful?


Hi Scott, how can we disable the integrated sensor?

Oct 5, 2020 by Iad 1

Yeah, can you please elaborate on how to disable the integrated sensor? This solution is not helpful if we don't know how you did this.

Jan 11, 2022 by Tracy M.

I tried to disable it with all my original programs, apps and files but didn't work, then I hard reset the laptop but nothing. I was about to open the screen to transplant the chip (mention down DPS Repair) but I tried first to disable "Intel Integrated Sensor Solution" and worked. Keyboard and pad work with no problem. Thank you Tracy M.

Hp Pavillon x360 Convertible 15-cr0xxx/ Windows 11 Home 64-bit os

Jun 30, 2022 by ls4a

The integrated sensor is a driver that shows up in the device manager under system devices. Sorry for the late response on this.

Dec 8, 2022 by Scott Larson

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Tracy M. @fixitchix

fix (IT) chix LLC

Posted: Jan 11, 2022

After some more research I found that you can disable the integrated sensor here - Device Manager > System Devices > Intel Integrated Sensor Solution - right click and disable computer. Then restart computer. After changing out my screen on an HP x360 now touchscreen, keyboard and mouse works.


It's ALIVE! This fix actually worked. Thank you thank you thank you ....

Jul 18, 2022 by Not Myself

Tip: Keep these steps handy. A Windows update just reset it on mine.

Sep 12, 2022 by Not Myself

this worked for me too. you rock. thank you.

actually, more specifically, my 12 year old daughter will now be able to play minecraft again, so this elevates you to god status in her eyes

Oct 15, 2022 by Lawrence Moon

You are a god in my ten year old son's eyes as well. Thank you sooooo much for posting this solution.

Mar 9, 2023 by Daniel Tweddell

I think it's because of windows 11 and hp customer care also said this to go back to 10. but going back to 10 also didn't solve

May 3, 2023 by Shaveta Arora

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

James Perriton @palanjam

Posted: Nov 30, 2020

The accepted answer doesn’t actually fix the root of the issue. The problem is these models have a bad gyro/accelerometer chip. By removing the chip the laptop will no longer register any orientation data and the keyboard and mouse will always work in any position. This may have the side affect that HP was originally trying to avoid where you might now hit keys on the keyboard when it’s in tablet mode but better than not having a working keyboard at all when in laptop mode. To fix just remove U28 from the motherboard.

Block Image


I seem to have the same question.

Mine is model 13-4103dx which is slightly different than the picture.

Can't find U28 anywhere. Is there any way to locate it?

Feb 19, 2021 by Not Myself

I also did a complete screen assembly change on that exact model 4103dx. I had the same issue with the sensors not working properly in Windows. Customer was !#^&@@ and had to buy them a new one over it. If your a tech DO NOT try to fix yourself. Send it to HP or better yet, Stay FAR FAR away from HP products. They make junk.

Mar 3, 2021 by Jimmy Walbert

Thx it works for my HP Spectre x360 G2

Mar 6, 2022 by BYPASS

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

DPC Repair @dpcrepair

Posted: Mar 31, 2022

After an EXTREMELY long search for one of my clients, I've managed to solve this issue and I hope this can work for you as well: In the new screen assembly I had bought to replace the broken screen, specifically the x360 models, they are supposed to have a chip INSIDE the screen at the top that the broken screen does have. Opening up the new screen carefully, I was able to see that no such chip existed and that there was a floating cable specifically for the chip. after transplanting the old chip into the new screen and plugging it all back in, the keyboard and touchpad were able to work as they should!

I don't have a clear explanation as to why the chips need to be with their original computer, but it seems like the only way to have the whole computer working correctly without disabling any drivers. I recommend caution opening up the new screen as they are glued and incorrectly opening it could damage it, but adding the chip in is a fairly simple process. I wish you all the best.


Hi, Can you provide a photo of where this ship is and what it looks like?

Mar 31, 2022 by Tracy M.

Exact same issue here, worked on this thing for 2 weeks and over a dozen different OS installs. This ebay seller passing off OEM New assembly is going to get roasted. Pulled it apart, used cables and no g-sensor board. After a quick transplant we're back on track.

Apr 19, 2022 by Chuck Behler

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Lee Sheedy @leesheedy

Posted: Aug 31, 2023

Hi All , Managed to find another workaround.

I would recommend firstly attempting @fixitchix (Tracey M)'s Repair comment .

The issue is with the device being stuck in Tablet Mode; which disables the keyboard and mouse (I am still unable to fix the touch issues) .

You may need to place the old screen (original) on the device temporarily and start the computer. Then WITHOUT removing the battery, replace the screen with the new one and restart the computer. Touchpad and Keyboard should now work.

Head to Settings>Display>Advanced Display Settings>Display Resolution and set it to "Landscape".

Hope this helps :)

Opening Device Manager and uninstalling "HID compliant touch screen" and restarting the computer fixed the touch issues!

If this fixed your issues: Leave us a review if this helped!

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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Shift keys not working on Windows 10, HP Spectre x360. all other keys work

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the keyboard drivers and restarting the laptop. Sticky keys is off. Troubleshooting settings did not work either.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for the reply. It was a sudden change, I can't think of any change that occurred prior.

Okay, tried running in clean boot, nothing seemed to change in that environment

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HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) review: The new best laptop

The HP Spectre x360 never fails to win

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Hp spectre x360 14 (2024) pricing and availability, display and keyboard, performance, should you buy the hp spectre x360 14 (2024).

Ever since I reviewed the 2023 model of the HP Spectre x360 13.5 , just a few months ago, it's been at the top of our best laptops list . Indeed, it's always a constant battle between HP and Lenovo's Yoga 9i for that spot. But now, the HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) is here, and it comes with a new chassis, new internals, and more.

What's really cool is that those new internals actually unlock new potential. In previous generations, new PCs could do the same things that their predecessors could, just marginally faster. With the NPU that's built into Intel's Core Ultra processors, the HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) can handle on-device AI tasks. These can range from Windows Studio Effects that blur your background on your webcam and such, to creating new backgrounds for images.

Intel didn't stop at an NPU either. It boosted integrated graphics by a lot.

Of course, this stuff isn't unique to the Spectre x360 14, but HP does always manage to put together one of the best total packages, with a beautiful 14-inch OLED display and a best-in-class keyboard.

About this review: HP sent us the Spectre x360 14 for review. It did not have any input on this article's contents.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

HP Spectre x360 14 (2024)

HP's latest flagship convertible features an overhauled chassis, and along with a best-in-class keyboard and beautiful OLED display, it packs the new capabilities of Intel Core Ultra. That means that there's a serious performance upgrade with this generation with a big boost in graphics and on-device AI.

  • Boosted graphics performance
  • Great webcam
  • Best-in-class keyboard
  • OLED display
  • Intel Core Ultra is a winner
  • HP continues to tone down design
  • It's not a Dragonfly

The HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) is available now, starting at $1,649.99. While that might seem a little pricey, there are no low-end SKUs here. That price gets you an Intel Core Ultra 7, 16GB RAM, a 1TB SSD, and an OLED display. The unit that HP sent me comes in at $1,969.99, and it boosts those specs to 32GB RAM and a 2TB SSD.

HP continues to pull it back

I've reviewed every Spectre x360 since 2016. I've seen the display aspect ratio evolve from 16:9 to 3:2 and then back down to 16:10. I've seen new colors introduced, like Dark Ash Silver and Poseidon Blue. I've praised HP for killing off the Natural Silver color, only to see it revived the next year. Most notably, I've watched as the overall design got flashier and prettier, only for it to be toned down.

Back in 2021, HP was all in on gem-cut edges and accent colors. Those sharp corners have been softened over the last couple of generations, but with the new chassis for 2024, the accent colors are gone as well. In the 2023 model, a subtle accent remained, with silver strips around the touchpad, the hinge, and the frame. If you showed me this laptop three years ago, I'd guess it was the new Envy x360, because that stand-out design was one of the things that held the Spectre x360 out above its competition.

We can probably depart from Memory Lane now. The HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) comes in three colors: Nightfall Black, Slate Blue, and Sahara Silver. The unit that HP sent me is Slate Blue, but Sahara Silver is the new one. Personally, I'm a big fan of it, and I'm including some shots from my briefing in the galleries.

The chassis generally has harder corners than its predecessor did, but it maintains the flat rear corners that it's had since 2019. As we've seen since 2020, the back-left corner has a 3.5mm audio jack, and the back-right corner has a Thunderbolt port. These are strategically placed, because the angle makes them work well no matter what orientation you're using this convertible in. It also helps to prevent cables from getting in your way.

On the right side, there's another Thunderbolt port, and on the left, there's a USB Type-A port, something that many other companies have removed from premium laptops.

HP continues to make some of the most beautiful laptops on the market.

Overall, the design is great. HP continues to build some of the most beautiful laptops on the market. The premium metal build is something that you'll feel good about carrying around, and even better about using next to Mac users with their basic old aluminum designs.

Plus, the webcam is improved even more

The HP Spectre x360 14 comes with a 14-inch 16:10 display. You'd think that's obvious given that it's in the name, but over the last few generations, it's bounced between '13.5' and '14' branding for a 13.5-inch 3:2 display, so this is actually new. Aside from Microsoft's Surface PCs , HP was one of the few OEMs hanging onto 3:2 displays, but I'm pretty happy with 16:10 on a machine like this. I think it made the right choice.

The display is 2.8K OLED with a dynamic refresh rate of up to 120Hz. The colors are vibrant and the animations are smooth. I'll talk more about gaming in the performance section, but games looked beautiful on this thing. From my testing, it supports 100% sRGB, 92% NTSC, 95% Adobe RGB, and 100% P3, which is all what you'd expect from a solid OLED display.

Also in my testing, the black level stayed at 0.01 no matter what the brightness was set to. That means that the contrast ratio increases throughout.

HP has packed an all-new 9MP webcam in the top bezel, and as I've said for the last two or three years, if you want the best quality laptop webcam, you should buy HP. This camera can now record 4K.

It's also packed with features. There's an app called HP Enhanced Lighting that basically turns your screen into a ring light. With Windows Studio Effects and the NPU included with Intel Core Ultra, you can also do things like blur your background, change your gaze so it looks like you're watching the camera, and use automatic framing so the camera follows you around. And with all of that extra resolution, there's plenty of room for the field of view to follow you.

To be clear, some of these features have appeared on Intel-powered PCs before, but they've never been very good. They'd tax the system so much that things would just break.

HP continues to offer a best-in-class keyboard experience. The Spectre x360 feels comfortable and accurate to type on, and the keys don't wobble at all.

One welcome addition with this year's model is a haptic touchpad. It's pretty solid too. I've not had any issues with drag-and-drop functionality like I've seen on some lower-end touchpads.

Intel Core Ultra is the generational improvement you didn't know you needed

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this review, this isn't a regular old spec bump. If you buy a PC with an Intel Core Ultra, you'll actually be able to do things with your PC that you couldn't do before, and developers really haven't tapped the possibilities just yet.

First of all, Core Ultra comes with a Neural Processing Unit, or NPU, which is for AI tasks. Right now, you can use this by activating Windows Studio Effects, and you can actually see when the NPU is in use in the Task Manager.

The new HP Spectre x360 is an upgrade that actually allows you to do more with your PC than you could before.

It's not perfect, and Windows Studio Effects is one of the few things you can actually do to take advantage of the NPU right now. Windows Copilot runs in the cloud, but Microsoft is going to be adding logic for it to run on-device if your hardware can handle it. Adobe has a new denoise feature in Lightroom Classic, but for now, that runs on the GPU, so the experience is pretty bad.

But developers are working on supporting this. Audacity just announced noise cancelation, automatic transcription, and more. You see, AI isn't just about chatbots. These features can work to improve pretty much anything across the board if it's implemented intelligently.

And then there are Intel's new integrated Arc graphics. The last time we've seen a real improvement in integrated graphics was with 11th-gen 'Tiger Lake', when Intel introduced Iris Xe. Once again, Intel is promising 1080p gaming at 60fps, and it more or less delivers. My biggest testimonial is that when I install a game, I'm confident that it will work.

When I reviewed the Acer Swift Go 14, which has the same chip, I played a lot of Forza Horizon 5 , among other things. This time I went heavier and played Battlefield V . You're not going to get the ray tracing that you would with an RTX laptop, but Arc can still offer an impressive gameplay experience.

When you install a game on Intel Core Ultra, you can feel confident that you'll be able to play it with integrated graphics.

While Intel is once again pushing gaming on integrated graphics, you should think of it as a casual gaming experience. You can play pretty much any game you want, but if your primary use case is gaming, you should still get dedicated graphics.

As you can see from the benchmark scores, there are some major, major improvements over last year's Spectre x360 13.5. One of the reasons that there's such a big difference in performance is that HP elected to use U-series processors in its premium laptops, while Dell and Lenovo used the 28W P-series in their XPS 13 Plus and Yoga 9i, respectively. On top of that, Meteor Lake is just that big of an upgrade.

Battery life isn't super impressive, although that's not too surprising given the increased wattage being pumped through the CPU gen over gen. Still, it's good enough. On average, using the power slider set to balanced and the default setting in MyHP, I found I'd get an average of between six and seven hours with a regular workload, meaning mostly working through the browser.

And yes, HP does have its own power settings in its own app. It's annoying, because Windows does have a power slider built into it. Ironically, when HP launched the Dragonfly Pro , it and AMD talked a lot about systems being intelligent enough to know when you need more power and when you don't, and that the user should never have to touch the power slider. Giving people an extra, hidden power slider is a bad choice, considering that if all you do is turn the Windows power slider to the max, you'll get subpar performance when compared to the competition.

You should buy the HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) if:

  • You want the best experience you can get in a laptop
  • You do a lot of photo editing, maybe with some video editing mixed in
  • You want something you can use for work, but also do some gaming on
  • You're on a lot of calls and care about webcam quality

You should NOT buy the HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) if:

  • You could benefit from 5G or a privacy display
  • You're a heavy gamer
  • You don't need the best of the best

The HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) is the best laptop you can buy right now; however, you might have noticed that one of the cons is that it's not a Dragonfly. Here's what I mean by that. The HP Dragonfly G4 is winning right now. It's the product that I, and other reviewers, carry with me. And yes, we do ask each other which laptop we're carrying that day.

The Dragonfly is a business laptop, which is why I don't recommend it to everyone, but it's just so good . It's ultra-light, packs 5G connectivity, and some models come with a privacy display. HP hasn't made a non-convertible Spectre in over five years, so there's just no consumer equivalent to the Dragonfly. My question is always, why not?

But I digress. The HP Spectre x360 14 has by far the most power we've seen in a 14-inch convertible so far, whether it be from the CPU, GPU, or even the new NPU. The chip unlocks actual new features that you haven't been able to use before, and there will be more on the way. On top of that, it's got a best-in-class keyboard and a beautiful OLED display. If you want the best a consumer laptop can offer, you go Spectre x360.

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HP Spectre x360 14 review: they did it again

Mark Coppock

“The HP Spectre x360 14 is the prettiest, smartest, and fastest convertible 2-in-1 you can buy.”
  • Attractive aesthetic
  • Very good productivity performance
  • Good to great battery life
  • Excellent haptic touchpad
  • Superb 120Hz OLED display
  • Superior audio quality
  • No discrete GPU option
  • A bit expensive

The HP Spectre x360 has, for many years, maintained a top spot for me as one of the best laptops. But over time, the design hasn’t changed all that much, with multiple years of small CPU bumps. All that’s changed with the new Spectre x360 14, though.

Specs and configurations

Design and ports, keyboard and touchpad, ai everywhere, performance, an excellent oled display and much-improved audio, meaningful improvements add up to a superior 2-in-1.

I was able to conduct an early review of the laptop, which made its debut at CES 2024 . Sporting a slightly larger display, a smoother aesthetic, and a new haptic feedback touchpad, there’s nothing here but improvements. Everything considered, HP’s Spectre x360 14 is going to be hard to beat in 2024.

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  • HP Envy x360 13 vs. Dell XPS 13: the best tiny laptop?
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Pricing is still being finalized, but as of the writing of this review, the Spectre x360 14’s starting price is $1,650. Presumably, that’s for the entry-level configuration of an Intel Core Ultra 5 125H CPU, 16GB of RAM , and a 512GB SSD. My review configuration with a Core Ultra 7 155H, 32GB of RAM , and a 2TB SSD is $1,970, which would be a very reasonable price for a heavily upgraded machine.

These prices are subject to change when the laptop starts rolling out, but unless they drop considerably, the Spectre x360 14 is solidly in premium laptop territory.

From a distance, the Spectre x360 14 looks a lot like its predecessor. Up close, though, it’s a different story. The notched display corners remain, with one housing a Thunderbolt 4 port and the other a 3.5mm audio jack, retaining the Spectre’s most iconic — and convenient — design element.

But the chassis edges have been smoothed out and now carry the same color as the rest of the chassis, specifically Nightfall black, Slate blue, or Sahara silver. Those changes create a more minimalist aesthetic that I find even more attractive than the previous generation. You won’t mistake the Spectre x360 14 for a MacBook Pro , but I think it looks just as good. The Spectre also looks great with the display open, with thin speaker grills flanking a spacious, off-color keyboard with bold lettering and a large haptic touchpad that takes up the available space on the palm rest.

The Spectre x360 14 also retains the line’s usual excellent build quality, with no bending, flexing, or twisting in the CNC-machined lid and chassis. The hinge isn’t quite as smooth as Apple’s or the dual-clutch version Dell uses on its XPS laptops , but then the Spectre x360 14 is a convertible 2-in-1 and requires a different mechanism to support the full 360-degree rotation.

Speaking of that, the bottom display bezel is larger to accommodate a 2-in-1’s flexibility, giving the Spectre a slightly less modern appearance.

Interestingly, despite boasting a display that’s half an inch larger, the new model is only slightly wider than the previous model. It’s equally deep and thin, and it weighs just a few ounces more. That makes it just as portable while offering significantly more screen real estate. The MacBook Pro 14 is around the same width and depth, but it’s thinner and heavier. That makes the MacBook Pro feel denser in hand.

Connectivity is OK for a 14-inch laptop, with a pair of Thunderbolt 4 ports and a single USB-A port to go with a 3.5mm audio jack. Some 14-inch laptops , like the MacBook Pro 14, also include an HDMI port, and the new Spectre drops the microSD card reader that was in the previous model. That’s disappointing. Wireless connectivity, though, is an improvement thanks to the laptop’s Meteor Lake chipset, with Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 to go with Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3.

The Spectre x360 14’s keyboard has large keycaps and plenty of key spacing, and the switches are light and clicky. They feel less snappy than past versions, though, so I wasn’t quite as enamored with them. Apple’s Magic Keyboard remains the best, and I’d rank Dell’s XPS keyboard ahead of this one as well. It’s still a very good keyboard, just not as good as I remember.

In a move that’s just starting to gain momentum industrywide, HP has finally included a haptic touchpad on the Spectre. I’ve used a few haptic touchpads on other Windows laptops , and none have been as good as Apple’s Force Touch version. They’ve been less responsive with their fabricated clicks, and some have had issues holding onto clicks too long, causing an unnatural feel and inadvertent screen interactions.

The Spectre x360 14’s implementation, though, is almost as good as Apple’s. Surprisingly, it’s larger than the touchpad on the MacBook Pro 14, and it feels just as natural. In this regard, the Spectre is the first Windows laptop that rivals Apple. The only thing missing from HP’s touchpad is Apple’s Force Click feature, which provides a convenient means to quickly access additional functionality.

Of course, the Spectre x360 14 is a convertible 2-in-1, so it also has a touch display with active pen support. That sets it apart from any MacBook, and I miss it when using an Apple machine. HP’s pen support is excellent, and if you like to draw or take notes, then the Spectre x360 14 is a great platform — assuming you don’t mind holding onto a tablet that weighs more than 3 pounds.

AI is one of the hot topics of 2024 , and much is being made of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) integrated into Meteor Lake to speed up various AI tasks. To date, just how AI will be used in our day-to-day computing hasn’t been fully explained, but HP gives a hint in its press materials, where it talks a good deal about how AI has improved several key aspects of the Spectre’s performance.

To begin with, HP has always offered some of the highest-resolution webcams, and they’ve bumped up the Spectre x360 14’s version from 5MP to 9MP with built-in, hardware-enabled lowlight adjustments. More than that, though, HP also touts AI-reduced power usage when Windows Studio Effects is utilized for better background blurring and automatic framing. The webcam and associated software worked well, but I couldn’t say it’s better than other non-AI incarnations.

The Spectre x360 14 also uses the NPU to drive its user presence-sensing technology. Thanks to the infrared camera that also supports Windows 11 Hello facial recognition, the Spectre can lock the laptop and put it to sleep when the user walks away and unlock and wake the laptop when the user returns. The screen can also dim when the user looks away from it.

AI is further used to enhance how performance, fan noise, and heat are optimized based on open apps, the Spectre’s physical placement, and how much battery life remains. HP even mentions AI in the context of automatically adjusting the display’s refresh rate from 48Hz to 120Hz.

It’s unclear how AI makes these features better than they’ve been on earlier models, but presumably, things are smoother and more responsive. That’s not something I could test, however.

HP also gives some other examples of how the NPU can be utilized, including faster generative AI performance in GIMP’s Stable Diffusion function and AI video editing using the Adobe Premiere Pro beta.

Perhaps most interesting was a reference to “Superpower,” a personal AI assistant that runs on the NPU and can perform actions like managing action items from a meeting, summarizing a topic, writing an email, and other tasks. I couldn’t test that functionality either, but clearly, AI will impact our computing in some unforeseen ways.

AI aside, Meteor Lake is also supposed to provide faster performance and better efficiency with a new architecture involving technical details that are beyond the scope of this review. I tested the Spectre with the Core Ultra 7 155H, a 28-watt CPU with 16 cores (six Performance, eight Efficient, and two Low Power Efficient) and 22 threads running at up to 4.8GHz. The laptop can also be configured with the Core Ultra 5 125H with 14 cores (four Performance, eight Efficient, and two LP Efficient) and 18 threads running at up to 4.5GHz.

Specs and architectures aside, my Spectre x360 14 review unit provided CPU-intensive performance that falls somewhere in between the 28-watt, 12-core Core i7-1360P and the 45-watt, 14-core Core i7-13700H. Looking at our database, the Spectre performs more closely to the Lenovo Yoga 9i Gen 8 with the Core i7-1360P than the Asus Zenbook 14X OLED with the Core i7-13700H. That is, it was around as fast as the Yoga in multi-core processes while being slower than both in single-core tasks. Notably, Apple’s M3 processor provides around the same multi-core performance, again with faster single-core performance.

I also ran the PugetBench Premiere Pro benchmark, which runs in a live version of Adobe’s Premiere Pro and can use the GPU to speed up various processes. I wouldn’t normally run that benchmark on this class of laptops , but I wanted to see how the Intel Arc graphics performed. On Meteor Lake, Arc is Intel’s newest integrated graphics, utilizing eight Intel Xe GPU cores and promising faster performance than the previous Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Unfortunately, the Spectre didn’t perform well, hitting just 258 in the benchmark. We haven’t run this version of PugetBench on any laptops with Intel Iris graphics, but the Acer Swift X 14 with a Core i7-13700H and the entry-level Nvidia RTX 4050 discrete GPU managed a score of 545. That’s right, the Spectre was just half as fast. Consider that the fastest laptop we’ve tested is the MacBook Pro 14 with the M3 Max, which managed a score of 889.

It’s still early, and it’s entirely possible that firmware updates will improve things. So far, though, Meteor Lake isn’t shaking up laptop performance — the Spectre x360 14 is a strong performer for demanding productivity use and unsuitable for anything but light creative work. It’s fast enough, just not a game-changer.

Note that I didn’t test gaming on the Spectre x360 14. My editor, Luke Larsen, covered gaming in his overview of Meteor Lake in the Acer Swift Go 14 . I did run the 3DMark Time Spy, though, where the Intel Arc graphics hit a score that’s improved over Intel Iris Xe, but less than half that of the RTX 4050.

That result and Luke’s experience means that while you can game a little better on the Spectre than on the previous model, the difference won’t be significant. The laptop’s going to let you run older titles, and you’ll need to turn the graphics all the way down if you want to run any modern games.

It’s also worth noting that HP doesn’t sell an option with discrete graphics. GPUs have always been a weakness of the Spectre series of laptops , and that’s also true here. Now that the Spectre x360 is in the 14-inch category, its lack of an option for something like an RTX 4050 is more apparent. Look at the new Dell XPS 14 , for example.

The next important question regarding Meteor Lake is battery life. Efficiency is the architecture’s stated goal, so I expected the Spectre x360 14 to achieve more longevity. The Spectre x360 14 has a 68-watt-hour battery, which is about average for 14-inch laptops , and it has a power-hungry 2.8K OLED display. So, there are factors to consider beyond the CPU by itself.

Considering everything, I’m at a loss to say whether the Core Ultra 7 155H is a particularly efficient processor. The Spectre hit eight hours in our web-browsing test and 18 hours in our video-looping test. The former is about average, while the latter is well above average. The previous-generation Spectre x360 13.5 with an OLED display and a lower-power 15-watt Intel Core i7-1255U hit 10 hours in the web-browsing test and 14 hours in the video-looping test. That machine wasn’t nearly as fast, however. And then we need to consider Apple’s MacBook Pro 14, which lasts closer to 18 hours in both tests with a very fast CPU and a mini-LED display.

We’ll have to wait to test more Meteor Lake laptops to draw meaningful conclusions. For now, suffice it to say that the Spectre x360 14 might last a full day of work, depending on how you’re using it. But I can’t say for sure.

There’s not much to say about the Spectre x360 14’s 2.8K OLED display that hasn’t been said about so many similar displays in the past. It looks incredible out of the box, with bright, dynamic colors and inky blacks. Watching high dynamic range ( HDR ) video is a treat, and it’s even better with content from Disney+ that supports the IMAX technology built into the Spectre. That provides unique aspect ratios and enhanced sound, and it works well.

My colorimeter agreed. The OLED panel is bright enough at 391 nits, well above our 300-nit threshold for working in bright indoor conditions. Blacks were perfectly black, with incredible contrast that’s beyond meaningful measurement. Colors were wide at 100% of sRGB, 97% of AdobeRGB, and 100% of DCI-P3, with excellent accuracy at a Delta-E of 0.68 (anything less than 1.0 is indistinguishable to the human eye).

In short, the display is sharp enough and offers superb image quality. It’s suitable for every kind of user, whether for productivity, creativity, or media consumption.

The Spectre x360 14 also features quad speakers with Poly audio tuning, including two upward-firing tweeters and two front-firing woofers. My standard for great audio has been Apple’s MacBook Pros, which use six speakers and force-cancelling subwoofers to produce loud, dynamic, and deep audio that no other laptop can match.

I can happily say that the Spectre comes surprisingly close, with plenty of distortion-free volume, crystal clear mids and highs, and more bass than any other 14-inch Windows laptop I’ve tested. It may not be quite as good as the MacBook Pro, but the Spectre pumps out excellent sound that will stop you from reaching for a pair of headphones .

There may be questions regarding the Meteor Lake chipset’s performance and efficiency, but that’s not to say that the Spectre x360 14 is a poor performer. It’s plenty fast for all but demanding creators and offers good to great battery life. Its display and audio are excellent, and the new design is attractive and functional.

There’s a lot to like about the Spectre x360 14, so I’m giving it a near-perfect rating as the best convertible 2-in-1 I’ve used. Perhaps HP will better tune the Meteor Lake chipset for improved performance and efficiency. And I question the real value of all the AI discussed in the marketing materials. But as it is, I can give the Spectre my strongest recommendation.

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Mark Coppock

The rollout of Intel's highly anticipated discrete GPUs has been slow and confusing. But today, they just scored a big win with the announcement that HP's most premium laptop, the Spectre x360 16, will be sold with Intel's Arc instead of Nvidia's RTX graphics.

The new Spectre x360 16 comes with an option for an Arc A370M on board, in addition to an option for Iris Xe graphics for the $1,650 base configuration. The Arc A370M comes with 4GB of GDDR6 dedicated memory. That is on top of the 16GB or 32GB of onboard device RAM, as well as the up to 2TB NVMe solid-state drive on the device.

The 2-in-1 laptop is a flexible format that can work as a standard clamshell machine while offering optional (or primary) tablet functionality. Although not typically targeted at gaming, there are some 2-in-1s that do a good job of it, so if you want to game in your off hours, or want a portable laptop and tablet that can also play games, then buying the best 2-in-1 for gaming will set you up nicely.

There are a few types of 2-in-1s to pick from, including the detachable tablet, the 360-degree convertible, and the pull-forward design, but regardless of the type, the result is a laptop that doesn't constrain. Here are some 2-in-1 laptops that are great for gaming, as well as everything else.

It’s not often we see collectors' laptops like the Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition. Announced at CES 2022, it’s an updated version of the already-released Zenbook 14X OLED, fit with new 12th-gen Intel processors and a more robust build -- but hardware isn’t what makes the Space Edition special.

The machine is inspired by Asus’s own P6300, which launched into space in 1997 and managed to stay outside the atmosphere for 600 days without any defects. It’s an homage, a celebration, and a retrospective on how far laptops have come.

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HP Pen not working anymore with my spectre x360.

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XDA Developers

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs Dell XPS 16 (2024): Convertible versatility or raw power?

Hp spectre x360 16 (2024).

Great for more casual users

HP's Spectre x360 16 for 2024 has a more traditional keyboard and touchpad setup, built into a versatile and premium convertible chassis. It lacks some of the high-end performance hardware available in the XPS 16, but it has its own share of perks that should make it more appealing to casual PC users just dipping their toes into specialized work.

  • 9MP webcam, quad speakers, Wi-Fi 7
  • Versatile and premium convertible design
  • More traditional keyboard and touchpad
  • Not as many high-end performance options
  • No 4K display

Dell XPS 16

The right choice for power users

The XPS 16 (2024) generally costs more than the Spectre x360, but it's the more futuristic choice for those who crave power. It has many more performance hardware options, it has a 4K OLED display, and its futuristic design is unlike most other Windows laptops (for better or for worse). If you're a power user, this is the way to go.

  • More performance hardware options, larger battery
  • Up to a 4K OLED display
  • Quad speakers, microSD card reader
  • Webcam is only 1080p
  • Generally costs more than the Spectre x360
  • Not everyone likes the touch functions and gapless keyboard

HP and Dell have both been busy showing off new hardware at CES 2024, and we have now seen a refreshed 16-inch HP Spectre x360 and a brand new XPS 16 model from Dell for 2024 . Whereas the Spectre x360 16 is a refresh, Dell's 16-inch XPS is a first, essentially replacing the XPS 17 that has been on the market for years.

These two laptops share a lot despite one being a convertible with 360-degree hinges and the other a clamshell with standard notebook design. They both have Intel's new Core Ultra processors (CPU) , they're available with discrete GPUs, and they have some impressive 16-inch displays.

I've put together this comparison to help you weigh the similarities and differences between these two great laptops . They don't come cheap, and you'll want to be sure you're spending on the right device. Is the Spectre x360 16 or the XPS 16 the right laptop for you?

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): Price, specs, & availability

HP's Spectre x360 16, announced at CES 2024, is already available to buy at HP's website. It's expected that sales will branch out over time to third-party retailers, but for now, HP is your best bet. Models are customizable, with prices starting at about $1,600 for an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, integrated Intel Arc graphics, 16GB of RAM, 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD, and QHD+ touch display.

Taking the configuration all the way to a Core Ultra 7 155H CPU with discrete Nvidia RTX 4050 Laptop GPU, 32GB of RAM, and 2TB SSD bumps the price up to about $2,170. It's important to note that the 2.8K OLED display is not available with the discrete RTX GPU. A model with the same CPU, integrated Arc graphics, 32GB of RAM, 2TB SSD, and the OLED screen costs about $2,100.

The XPS 16, set to replace the XPS 17, is expected to start at a lower price than its predecessor.

Dell's XPS 16 is expected to start at about $1,900, presumably for a model with Intel Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, Intel Arc integrated GPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and 16.3-inch FHD+ non-touch display.

Dell's spec sheet lists up to a Core Ultra 9 185H CPU, 64GB of RAM, 4TB SSD, discrete Nvidia RTX 4070 Laptop GPU, and UHD+ OLED display. It's not yet clear how much this high-end model will cost. Dell says the XPS 16, along with its XPS 13 and XPS 14 siblings, will be "available soon."

Here's a closer look at the specs available in these awesome 16-inch laptops , as provided by each manufacturer.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): Convertible or clamshell?

Dell revamped its entire XPS lineup for 2024, and the XPS 13, 14, and 16 now all resemble the futuristic XPS 13 Plus that Dell offered for a few years (now folded into the "standard" XPS 13 model). That means there's no longer a visible touchpad, with the haptic sensors hidden below a seamless glass palmrest. The function row above the keyboard is also touch, and the entire laptop is made from CNC machined aluminum. It's not a 2-in-1 like the Spectre x360, but that won't matter for people who don't enjoy using their laptop as a tablet.

The Spectre x360 16 for 2024 isn't as big of an overhaul as the 14-inch model, coming at you with the same 16:10 display aspect ratio as its predecessor. HP removed most of the remaining accenting for this generation, and it's available in Nightfall Black and Slate Blue colors for the all-metal chassis. It doesn't look like the new Sahara Silver, available for the 14-inch model, has made it over to the larger laptop.

Physical dimensions are nearly the same across the Spectre and XPS, and in both cases you're getting a sleek 16-inch device in a chassis that measures closer to 14 inches. The footprint is nearly identical, and thickness goes in favor of the XPS by about 0.04 inches. As for weight, the Spectre x360 comes in at about a half-pound less to start than the XPS 16.

Both laptops feature quad-speaker setups with top-firing speakers flanking the keyboard. The Spectre x360 features DTS:X Ultra and Poly Studio tuning, while Dell's 10W total output has Dolby Atmos, Waves MaxxAudio Pro, and Waves Nx 3D tuning. Either laptop will deliver an outstanding audio experience.

Webcams have never been the strong suit of the XPS line, and that seems to be holding true for the new 16-inch model. It has just a 1080p webcam with IR sensor for facial recognition. HP has gone all-out with the Spectre cam, bumping it to 9MP with IR for human presence detection capabilities. If you often find yourself involved in video conferences, the Spectre x360 should be the better choice.

Port selection is similarly modern across the two laptops. The Spectre x360 16 has two Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.1 for video out, as well as USB-A 3.2 (Gen 2) and a 3.5mm audio jack. The XPS 16 has no native video out, but it adds a third Thunderbolt 4 port. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack and a UHS-II microSD card reader. Your workflow will likely determine which laptop makes the most sense. As for wireless connectivity, both laptops are available with Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 for reliable and speedy connections.

Choosing a laptop based on design alone will likely come down to whether or not you can make use of a convertible design. Being able to rotate the Spectre x360's display around for tent, stand, and tablet modes will benefit many people, while others won't want to spend money on the convertible hinges and extra design elements.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): Haptic touchpads, comfy keyboards

The XPS 16's keyboard has 1mm key travel, which is the same as the last generation of XPS models. HP doesn't specify the key travel in the new models, but if it's like older siblings it should be slightly more than 1mm. Not everyone was a fan of Dell's nearly gapless keyboard in the XPS 13 Plus, and if you prefer more chiclet-style keys, you should stick with the Spectre x360.

Dell's move to a touch function row also won't be for everyone, but it is undeniably cool and futuristic. The XPS 16 has a very clean look thanks to the lack of function keys and the seamless glass touchpad. It looks like it's part of the palmrest, using haptics instead of any moving parts on the surface. The Spectre x360 16 also has a haptic glass touchpad, though it has a clear boundary against the palmrest.

Choosing a laptop based solely on the keyboard and touchpad will come down to personal preference. Some people will love the seamless look of the XPS, while others will prefer the more traditional design of the Spectre x360.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): OLED displays in both PCs

Each laptop is available with two displays. Looking at the HP Spectre x360 first, its 16-inch touchscreen comes in 2.8K OLED with 120Hz variable refresh rate, 0.2ms response time, anti-reflective finish, VESA True Black HDR 400, and 100% DCI-P3 color. The other option has a QHD+ resolution with 120Hz variable refresh rate, IPS panel, and 100% sRGB color. The difference between the two screens is about $150 when configured on HP's website.

Dell's displays are sized at 16.3 inches. The more affordable option has an FHD+ resolution, 500 nits brightness, Dolby Vision, anti-glare finish, 100% sRGB color, and a variable 120Hz refresh rate. It does not have touch functionality. The more expensive option has a much higher UHD+ resolution with an OLED panel, 400 nits brightness, 100% DCI-P3 color, Dolby Vision, touch functionality, and anti-reflective finish.

I appreciate that both laptops have a "basic" display and a higher-res display with an OLED panel. You can save money (and boost battery life) by skipping OLED, but it's also there with excellent color reproduction for those who are getting into specialized work.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): XPS 16 has more hardware options

We've yet to get our hands on the 16-inch Spectre x360 and XPS 16 to test performance first-hand, but we can look at the promised hardware available in each laptop. Both PCs are sporting Intel's new Core Ultra chips, which open up a bunch of brand-new possibilities.

Core Ultra chips come with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to handle AI tasks, and developers are only just starting to tap into the potential. In our review of the Spectre x360 14 (2024) , XDA Editor-in-Chief noted that "the new Spectre x360 is an upgrade that actually allows you to do more with your PC than you could before." That holds true for any laptop with these chips.

Intel's new Core Ultra CPUs allow you to do more on your Windows laptop.

The Spectre x360 16 is available only with the Core Ultra 7 155H CPU, whereas the XPS 16 comes with the Core Ultra 7 155H, Core Ultra 7 165H, and the Core Ultra 9 185H.

These processors also come packing new integrated Intel Arc graphics, with Intel promising 1080p gaming at 60FPS. HP has an optional discrete Nvidia RTX 4050 Laptop GPU, while Dell offers the RTX 4050, RTX 4060, and RTX 4070 Laptop GPUs. You can get more RAM and storage in the XPS 16, making it overall the better choice for power users. The larger 99.5Wh battery (compared to 83Wh in the Spectre) should also help balance power demands.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs. Dell XPS 16 (2024): Which is right for you?

The convertible Spectre x360 16 is a more versatile option, though it won't match the high-end XPS performance that power users crave. The XPS 16 is Dell's flagship workhorse, and it comes with the hardware to back it up. The Spectre x360 is no slouch, especially with the RTX 4050 Laptop GPU, but it simply doesn't have as many configuration options.

Considering you can pick up the Spectre x360 16 for about $300 less than the XPS 16 to start, the boosted 9MP webcam, more traditional keyboard and touchpad, broader port variety, and convertible functionality only look more appealing. It should be a better choice for more casual users who want a laptop that can pretty much do it all. Have a look at more of the best HP laptops to compare models.

HP's convertible Spectre x360 16 for 2024 is the more versatile choice that should suit more people. It's not as powerful as the XPS 16, but casual users can focus on the outstanding 9MP webcam, quad-speaker setup, and comfy keyboard and touchpad. It also generally costs less than the XPS 16.

If you're a power user looking for a futuristic laptop with robust performance capabilities, the XPS 16 should be your first choice. The gapless keyboard, seamless haptic touchpad, and touch function row won't be for everyone, but the expanded configuration options will appeal to those getting into specialized work.

The XPS 16 is a beautiful laptop, but it lacks convertible functionality. That won't matter to everyone, but if you enjoy using your PC as a tablet some of the time, the Spectre will be a better choice. Stick with the XPS 16 to maximize performance, but watch out for sky-high prices as you add hardware. Check out more of the best Dell laptops to see how the XPS 16 stacks up.

The XPS 16 for 2024 is made for power users, coming at you with a wide range of performance hardware and larger 99.5Wh battery. It costs more than the Spectre x360 and lacks convertible versatility, but it makes up for it in raw power. Just watch out for the futuristic keyboard and touchpad, which won't be to everyone's liking.

HP Spectre x360 16 (2024) vs Dell XPS 16 (2024): Convertible versatility or raw power?


Account information.

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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CES 2024: HP’s New 2-in-1 Laptops Offer AI Features

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Image of Megan Crouse

Today at CES 2024, HP announced new laptops for professional, consumer and gaming use. The HP Spectre x360 line of 2-in-1 laptops for professional or consumer use now come with AI enhancements, and HP has announced new peripherals. The AI features in the Spectre x360 line are mostly cosmetic, such as transcription and video polishing for meetings. HP also released its Series 5 monitors in 24-, 27- and 32- inch sizes.

In addition, HP announced the OMEN Transcend 14 Gaming Laptop PC , with the assertion that it is the “coolest and lightest” gaming laptop of its size available in the world.

HP introduces Spectre x360 laptops

HP’s newest offerings applicable to business use are the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC in 14-inch ( Figure A ) and 16-inch models. Both laptops can use up to a 2.8K OLED screen, include 9 MP cameras for calls and have an NPU for processing AI workloads.

The 14-inch HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC in its laptop configuration.

The HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC line has Intel Core Ultra5 processors and can include an optional NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPU. Calls and video are adjusted automatically by Windows Studio for enhancements, such as automatic framing and background blur, which are handled by the NPU.

SEE: Dell’s new XPS laptops show off one of the trends at CES 2024: Dedicated buttons for Microsoft’s generative AI assistant, Copilot for Windows. (TechRepublic)

“We believe that the best innovations are also the most personal ones,” wrote Samuel Chang, senior vice president and division president of personal systems consumer solutions at HP Inc., in a press release . “New technologies from HP deliver solutions that allow us to be more personalized than ever, taking advantage of game-changing innovations like AI that will alter the way that technology moves us forward.”

The Spectre x360 line is available at HP.com or BestBuy.com globally now. The 14-inch model starts at $1,499.99, while the 16-inch model starts at $1,599.99.

New peripherals work with the HP Spectre x360 line

The following peripherals were revealed at CES alongside the HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop PC line:

  • Poly Voyager Free 20 wireless, noise-filtering earbuds. Coming in May 2024 for $149.
  • HP 960 ergonomic, split wireless keyboard with programmable keys. This keyboard is expected to be available in April on HP.com for $119.
  • HP 690 rechargeable wireless mouse with Qi charging and programmable buttons. Available now on HP.com for $59.99.
  • HP 430 programmable wireless keypad. Available now on HP.com for $49.99.
  • HP USB-C Travel Hub G3, which adds one USB-C port, two USB-A ports and an HDMI port. Coming late February on HP.com for $69.99.
  • HP 400 backlit wired keyboard. Available now on HP.com for $49.99.

HP Series 5 monitors offer more screen space

HP announced its Series 5 monitors at CES 2024, offering 24-, 27- and 32- inch screens for people looking for larger displays. The HP Series 5 monitors connect to other devices through HDMI ports; plus, these monitors offer a 1500:1 contrast ratio and 100Hz refresh rates.

The HP Series 5 monitors are expected to be available in spring 2024. HP has not yet released pricing.

HP debuts ultra-light OMEN Transcend 14-inch gaming laptop PC

The 14-inch OMEN Transcend gaming laptop PC ( Figure B ) weighs just 3.5 pounds. Its IMAX Enhanced Certified 2.8K 120Hz VRR OLED display is suitable for high-performance gaming or for creative work such as digital painting and graphic design. The most high-performance version runs on an Intel Core Ultra 9 185H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU. Cooling is achieved through a pressurized zone using a vapor chamber for direct heat dissipation through rear vents.

HP's OMEN Transcend 14-inch gaming laptop PC.

The Intel and NVIDIA processors enable onboard AI to offer tools for work, such as:

  • Live transcript and real-time captions during meetings.
  • A record function for transcribing audio.
  • AI-generated notes.

The OMEN Transcend Gaming Laptop PC 14-inch model is available for preorder now, starting at $1,499.99. The 16-inch model with up to the newest Intel processors and up to OLED displays will be available January 10, starting at $1,899.99.

Competitors to HP’s Spectre x360 and OMEN Transcend 14 laptops

The HP Spectre x360’s directly competes against the Dell XPS 13 , the MacBook Pro, the Lenovo Flex 14 and the ASUS VivoBook Flip.

The OMEN Transcend 14 laptops’ weight make them stand out. They go head-to-head with other gaming laptops like the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14.

Note: TechRepublic is covering CES 2024 remotely.

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วันจันทร์ - วันศุกร์ 8.30 – 17.30 น.

( ยกเว้นวันหยุดราชการ )

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

  • รถเข็นของฉัน
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  • แล็ปท็อปส่วนบุคคล

HP Spectre x360 14-inch 2-in-1 Laptop 14-eu0010TU

HP Spectre x360 14-inch 2-in-1 Laptop 14-eu0010TU - 14-inch - Slate blue aluminum (9Q4D6PA)

  • bvseo_sdk, p_sdk, 3.2.1
  • CLOUD, getAggregateRating, 0.05ms
  • bvseo-msg: Deprecated Functionality: Creation of dynamic property Reviews::$seo_url is deprecated in /usr/share/nginx/html/releases_th/202401160601/vendor/bazaarvoice/bazaarvoice-magento2-ext/lib/Bazaarvoice/bvseosdk.php on line 369;

Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 processor

Windows 11 home single language.

  • 32 GB LPDDR5 RAM
  • 1 TB PCIe® Gen4 NVMe™ TLC M.2 SSD Hard drive
  • 14-inch OLED, Touchscreen

Intel® Arc™ Graphics

  • Fingerprint reader, Touchscreen, Backlit Keyboard

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

*These computations are estimates. Minimum spend and other fees may apply. ดูเพิ่มเติม

HP Spectre x360 14-inch 2-in-1 Laptop 14-eu0010TU - 14-inch - Slate blue aluminum (9Q4D6PA)

  • 3 Years Onsite Warranty ประกอบด้วย
  • HP 2 years Accidental Damage Protection with 3 day Onsite HW Support forNB with 2 years Warranty ฿820.00

hp spectre x360 keyboard not working




hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

แผนการผ่อนชำระ: สั่งซื้อขั้นต่ำ:

3 เดือน 3,000 บาทขึ้นไป

3,4,5 เดือน 4,000 บาทขึ้นไป

3,4,6,10 เดือน 5,000 บาทขึ้นไป


hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

Online Banking เก็บเงินปลายทาง ฝากเงินสด/เช็ค

Elevate your productivity with the HP Spectre x360 14" 2-in-1 Laptop PC. Easily switch between laptop and tablet, and experience the power of built-in AI technology with the latest Intel® Processor[1] and advanced collaboration technology that adapts to your way of working—all in a responsibly made laptop.

Go further with built-in AI technology

Built-in AI technology, seamless phone connectivity, and advanced security—the HP Spectre lets you do more.

Crush every ask and task faster than ever before

Do far more, faster, on an Intel® Evo™ Platform powered by the latest Intel® Processor.

Intelligent collaboration tools that adapt to you

Show up with a 9MP camera[2], night mode, appearance filters, and AI noise reduction for seamless connectivity.

Sustainably designed

EPEAT® Gold[3] and ENERGY STAR® certified and manufacturing using recycled materials[4,5,6].

Get a fresh perspective

From a rejuvenated start menu, to new ways to connect to your favorite people, news, games, and content—windows 11 is the place to think, express, and create in a natural way., oled display, with display technology that lights each pixel separately, you'll get deeper blacks for richer contrast, enhanced color depth, and more power efficiency than traditional led screens., ocean-bound plastic, built with the environment in mind, our laptop design includes sustainable materials like ocean-bound plastic in the speaker enclosure., keyboard keycaps contain post-consumer recycled plastic, we're bringing a more sustainable design to our keyboards by using keycaps made with post-consumer recycled plastic., thoughtfully designed, built with the environment in mind, our laptop design includes sustainable materials like recycled aluminum., exceptional experience, anywhere, the intel® evo™ platform brings together the perfect combination of performance, responsiveness, battery life and stunning visuals in a new class of laptops. these designs are verified by intel for an exceptional laptop experience, anywhere., battery life for long days, extend your day into the night with up to 15 hours and 30 minutes of battery life. longer battery life means you can keep going beyond your day without recharging., all-in-one keyboard, control your privacy, security and multimedia with the touch of a button. with all your hotkeys in one area, seamlessly navigate with no distractions., thunderbolt™ 4 with usb4™ type-c®, the latest thunderbolt™ solution lets you power your device or connect up to two 4k displays with a single cable and blazing 40gbps signaling rate., pcie ssd storage, boot up in seconds with lightning fast speed with up to 1 tb pcie ssd storage., backlit keyboard, keep going even in dimly lit rooms or aboard red-eye flights. with an illuminated keyboard, you can type comfortably in more environments., ข้อมูลจำเพาะ.


Operating system

Intel® core™ ultra 7 155h (up to 4.8 ghz with intel® turbo boost technology, 24 mb l3 cache, 16 cores, 22 threads), 1 usb type-a 10gbps signaling rate (hp sleep and charge); 1 headphone/microphone combo; 2 thunderbolt™ 4 with usb type-c® 40gbps signaling rate (usb power delivery, displayport™ 2.1, hp sleep and charge).

35.6 cm (14") diagonal 2.8K touch display

Memory and storage

32 GB memory; 1 TB SSD storage



Processor footnote, [6] multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. intel’s numbering, branding and/or naming is not a measurement of higher performance. [7] intel® turbo boost performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. see http://www.intel.com/technology/turboboost/ for more information., processor family, intel® integrated soc, ฟอร์มแฟคเตอร์, แล็บท็อปขนาดมาตรฐาน, หน่วยความจำ, 32 gb lpddr5x-6400 mhz ram (onboard), memory note, transfer rates up to 6400 mt/s., internal storage, 1 tb pcie® gen4 nvme™ tlc m.2 ssd, storage type, cloud service, 25 gb dropbox storage for 12 months, cloud service footnote.

  • [1] 25 GB of free Dropbox storage for 12 months from date of registration. For complete details and terms of use, including cancellation policies, visit the Dropbox website at https://www.dropbox.com/help/space/hp-promotion. Internet service required and not included.

External I/O ports footnote

  • [19] For best results with HP Sleep and Charge, use a USB charging protocol standard cable or cable adapter with an external device.

Audio features

Dts:x® ultra; quad speakers; hp audio boost; poly studio, hp wide vision 9mp ir camerawith camera shutter, temporal noise reduction and integrated dual array digital microphones, accelerometer; ai chip; ecompass; gyroscope; ir thermal sensor, hp rechargeable mpp2.0 tilt pen, fingerprint reader, fingerprint reader, pointing device, haptic touchpad, full-size, backlit, slate blue keyboard, intel® wi-fi 7 be200 (2x2) and bluetooth® 5.4 wireless card, wireless note, modern standby (connected); hp extended range wireless lan; hp dynamic range technology, power supply type, 65 w usb type-c® power adapter, battery type, 4-cell,68 whli-ionpolymer, battery life video playback, up to 17 hours, energy efficiency compliance, epeat® gold registered, สิ่งแวดล้อม, ocean-bound plastic in speaker enclosure(s) and bezel; keyboard keycaps and scissors contain post-consumer recycled plastic; recycled metal in cover, keyboard frame, base, hinge cap(s), drop jaw and keyboard supporting plate, environmental specification footnote number, [39] percentage of ocean-bound plastic contained in each component varies by product.<br/>[40] laptops manufactured with recycled metal material in product cover. percentage of recycled metal varies by product.<br/>[41] keyboard components contain post-consumer recycled plastic. percentage of post consumer recycled contained in each component varies by product., dimensions without stand (w x d x h), 31.37 x 22.04 x 1.69 cm, product color, slate blue aluminum, product design, sandblasted finish, security management, all-in-one keyboard; trusted platform module (discrete tpm) support, software footnote.

  • [2] Internet access required and not included. McAfee is pre-installed on your PC and an account is required for activation. Subscription renewal required after trial period. VPN feature is not available in India, China, Syria or North Korea. McAfee is not compatible with Windows 11 in S mode. You'll need to permanently switch out of S mode. There's no charge to switch out of S mode, but you won't be able to turn it back on.

Software - Productivity & finance footnote

  • [24] Must activate within 180 days of Windows activation.

3 Years Onsite Warranty


ช้อปกับ HP Online Store เพื่อรับส่วนลดภาษีเงินได้บุคคลธรรมดา วันนี้ – 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2567

  • เพื่อช่วยกระตุ้นเศรษฐกิจ สามารถขอลดหย่อนภาษีเงินได้บุคคลธรรมดาสูงสุด 50,000 บาท สำหรับการซื้อสินค้าและบริการที่เข้าเกณฑ์ ตั้งแต่วันที่ 1 มกราคม 2567 ถึงวันที่ 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2567 ซึ่งรองรับโดยใบกำกับภาษีอิเล็กทรอนิกส์หรือใบเสร็จรับเงินอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ (E-tax invoices หรือ E-receipts.)
  • ข้อกำหนดการใช้งาน:
  • ใช้ได้กับสินค้าในสต๊อกและพร้อมส่งเท่านั้น
  • การแก้ไขใบกำกับภาษี: โปรดติดต่อและแจ้งทีมสนับสนุนลูกค้า HP Online Store ของเราภายใน 5 วันนับจากวันที่ซื้อ
  • ระยะเวลา 1 มกราคม 2567 - 13 กุมภาพันธ์ 2567

ใช้โค้ด HPTH23 ลด 3%* ทั้งร้าน

  • รับส่วนลด 3% พร้อมส่วนลดสูงสุด 3,000 บาท
  • ใช้รหัสเมื่อชำระเงินเพื่อแลก
  • โปรโมชั่นสิ้นสุดวันที่ 30 เมษายน 2567 หรือจนกว่าสินค้าจะหมด


  • CLOUD, getReviews, 0.05ms

สอบถามเพิม่ เตม

ไดรเวอร์ คู่มือ & การสนับสนุน

  • [1] Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering, branding and/or naming is not a measurement of higher performance.
  • [2] Camera resolution refers to the image sensor active pixels. The actual image capture pixels depend on the app and/or aspect ratio selected.
  • [3] Based on U.S. EPEAT® registration according to IEEE 1680.1-2018 EPEAT®. EPEAT® status varies by country. Visit www.epeat.net for more information.
  • Not all features are available in all editions or versions of Windows. Systems may require upgraded and/or separately purchased hardware, drivers and/or software to take full advantage of Windows functionality. See http://www.microsoft.com.


  • [3] MobileMark 25 Battery life will vary depending on various factors including product model, configuration, loaded applications, features, use, wireless functionality, and power management settings. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. See https://bapco.com/products/mobilemark-25/ for additional details.
  • [5] Recharges your battery up to 50% within 45 minutes when the system is off (using “shut down” command). Recommended for use with the HP adapter provided with the notebook, not recommended with a smaller capacity battery charger. After charging has reached 50% capacity, charging speed will return to normal speed. Charging time may vary +/-10% due to System tolerance. Available on select HP products. See http://store.hp.com for a full list of product features.
  • [6] Multi-core is designed to improve performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel’s numbering, branding and/or naming is not a measurement of higher performance.
  • [7] Intel® Turbo Boost performance varies depending on hardware, software and overall system configuration. See http://www.intel.com/technology/turboboost/ for more information.
  • [10] Battery life tested by HP using continuous FHD video playback, 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, 150 nits brightness, system audio level at 17% as image default, player audio level at 100%, played full-screen from local storage, headphone attached or through speaker (if no audio jack port), wireless on but not connected. Actual battery life will vary depending on configuration and maximum capacity will naturally decrease with time and usage.
  • [18] Percent of active plus nonactive viewing area to active viewing area plus border. Measure with lid vertical to the desk.
  • [23] Actual battery Watt-hours (Wh) will vary from design capacity. Battery capacity will naturally decrease with shelf life, time, usage, environment, temperature, system configuration, loaded apps, features, power management settings and other factors.
  • [37] Weight and system dimensions may fluctuate due to configuration and manufacturing variances.
  • [39] Percentage of ocean-bound plastic contained in each component varies by product.
  • [40] Laptops manufactured with recycled metal material in product cover. Percentage of recycled metal varies by product.
  • [41] Keyboard components contain post-consumer recycled plastic. Percentage of post consumer recycled contained in each component varies by product.
  • [45] The Flicker-free capability is eliminating screen flickering through integrating DC-dimming LED backlights or LED emissions. OLED panel is functional with DC-DIMMING when above 100nits.
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hp spectre x360 keyboard not working

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    The keyboard on my Hp Spectre x360 is not working properly since today. A few keys are working, but the majority of them are not. I have tried to recover the computer completely and wiped the harddrive so I'm guessing it is a hardware problem. I tried resetting the BIOS to default settings as well and I have pretty much tried every option I've ...

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    If the Startup Menu screen does not open, the integrated keyboard hardware is not working. The integrated keyboard needs to be serviced or replaced. To continue using the notebook, connect a USB wired keyboard to a USB port, and then restart the computer. ... Not all HP notebooks have a backlit keyboard. To confirm whether your notebook has a ...

  3. How to Fix an HP Laptop Keyboard That's Not Working

    Check your keyboard language settings. If you can, check your keyboard settings to make sure you're using the correct settings for the keyboard that's installed. Go to Start > Settings > Time & Language. Select Region & language and make sure English is selected. If it is not, choose Options and select US. Try an external keyboard.

  4. Fix HP Keyboard, Mouse or Touchpad Not Working for Laptops and

    A Microsoft troubleshooter solution is a .diagcab file, which may contain a single fix or multiple fixes for one or a series of issues. Once downloaded, click to launch the troubleshooter. Learn how to fix keyboard, mouse, touchpad problems and related issues for HP laptops and computers with our automated support tools and Virtual Chat Agent.

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    HP x360 Notebook PCs - Enabling or disabling the keyboard. ... To disable the keyboard on an x360 notebook, place the computer in stand mode, tent mode, or tablet mode. Additional support options. Try one of our automated tools or diagnostics. Ask a question on our HP Support Community page.

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    Check the information on compatibility, upgrade, and available fixes from HP and Microsoft. Windows 11 Support Center. Troubleshooting guide and online help for your HP Spectre x360 - 13t-aw000 CTO.

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    Before starting this guide, please be sure to review the Troubleshooting page for extra information on the keyboard. Please note that this guide is specific to the HP Spectre x360 15-bl012dx. *It is not required to remove the display assembly for this repair, however it makes the repair a bit easier.

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    The short fix is to roll back the problematic update or reinstall the keyboard drivers. That should get your typing flow back in a few mins. Read on as I show ya step-by-step how I got my HP keyboard operational again after run-ins with those pesky Windows patches. HP Spectre x360 Keyboard

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    I turn the laptop on and the lights on the keyboard flash. I can enter the BIOS but after that, keyboard and mouse don't work. So it works on the boot screen and that's it. In Windows, same thing - keyboard and mouse doesn't work (I can use the touch screen). I did connect an external and there was a bit red X on the touchpad.

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    Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP Spectre x360 - 13-w023dx. This is HP's official website to download the correct drivers free of cost for Windows and Mac.

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    1. Right click on the Task bar and select Show Touch Keyboard Button. 2. Open the Keyboard and close it ( just to check if its working). 2. Next click on Action center (or Win + A) and select Tablet Mode. 3. Once you are in Tablet mode, again Right click on the Task bar and select Show Touch Keyboard Button.

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    I have a HP Spectre x360 - 13-4105dx. This is a convertible laptop. So when it is flipped into tablet mode, my assumption is that it disables the keyboard and touchpad. The keyboard and mouse was working before I did any work on the unit. This model had a cracked screen and so I replaced it with a new model.

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    Open Settings. Select Update & Security. Select Troubleshoot from the left pane. For keyboard not working after update problem, select Keyboard from the troubleshooter list. Click on Run the Troubleshooter. '. Method 2: Disable Sticky Keys feature. Press Windows Key + S and enter control panel. Now select Control Panel from the list.

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    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11. Product name : HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 Laptop 16-f0xxx. Webcam stuck with shutter and the camera's shutter key is not functioning and has a light indicating that it is always toggled and is unresponsive when pressed. This started after the Windows 11 update that also updated the BIOS.

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    HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) pricing and availability . The HP Spectre x360 14 (2024) is available now, starting at $1,649.99. While that might seem a little pricey, there are no low-end SKUs here.

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    The HP Spectre x360 14 is a meaningful upgrade to an already excellent convertible 2-in-1. With Intel Meteor Lake and AI, it represents a new class of laptop.

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    CES 2024 AI @ WORK Tech Science Life Social Good Entertainment Deals Shopping Travel. Search. ... As a keyboard snob, take it from me when I say the HP Spectre x360 14 has the best keyboard on the ...

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    New member. 01-16-2024 07:46 PM. Product: HP Spectre x360 - 15t-df100 CTO. I have two HP pens and none of them are working anymore with my spectre x360 (I guess after Windows 11 update). I tried checking for driver updates but it doesn't list Windows 11. Pen batteries are new and I've also tried uninstalling the keyboard drivers.

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    Elevate your productivity with the HP Spectre x360 14" 2-in-1 Laptop PC. Easily switch between laptop and tablet, and experience the power of built-in AI technology with the latest Intel® Processor[1] and advanced collaboration technology that adapts to your way of working—all in a responsibly made laptop. Go further with built-in AI technology