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Should your Yacht Be in a Trust? Pros and Cons

trust yachts

There are many ways two own a yacht. The most simple is direct ownership, the same way you’d own a car or other asset.

A yacht is more expensive than a car, and more in line with a house, airplane, or other complex and costly asset. Where wealth preservation, asset protection and privacy are a concern, simple ownership may not be your best option.

Other legal entities can hold assets for you, and a trust or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) are common alternatives to manage those risks. A trust is one of the most popular for very expensive yachts, but is it right for you?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tax, estate, legal entity and other laws vary between countries, and even between states and regions in the same country. Always consult with a lawyer and accountant before making complex financial decisions.

What is a trust?

trust yachts

A trust is a legal entity that has separate and distinct rights. It can act independently, like a corporation or a person, but gives some protections to assets placed in a trust. Often, trusts are used to separate assets financially from an individual’s principal estate. This gives distinct protection from taxes, creditors, and other risks, while also allowing the owner to direct the assets..

Trusts are legal structures created from documents drawn by attorneys and registered with the government. All trusts must have at least one trustee to manage them and meet specific legal filing and reporting requirements.

Parties in a Trust

All trusts have a beneficiary , a trustee , and a trustor or settlor , who puts the assets into the trust. The beneficiary receives the benefits of the trust, whether it’s income or use of assets as defined by the trust. The trustee manages the trust and executes all actions and decisions for it.

A typical example is trust for an inheritance to a minor, who is the beneficiary. An adult trustee manages the trust for the benefit of the child, and the trust provides for the child and protects the assets until they reach a responsible age.

Depending on the structure, the beneficiary of a trust can be the same person who put the assets in initially. The trust’s jurisdiction may permit a beneficiary to serve as a trustee as well.

Types of Trusts

There are several trust options one can use, depending on your needs. Trusts are revocable or irrevocable . The revocable trust allows breaking or amending, changing trustees, and moving assets back out. An irrevocable trust is difficult to end or alter until the conditions of the trust are met (usually the death of the trustor and/or primary beneficiary), and it is impossible for the trust creator to get any assets back in their lifetime.

A living trust is often used to hold assets during the trustor’s lifetime, but other types of revocable trusts can also hold a yacht. Irrevocable trusts for yacht ownership are less common because of the inflexibility of such arrangements.


Why are trusts usually used for?

trust yachts

Though they sound complex, trusts are valuable tools for several personal and financial objectives. The choice of trust and the details of its structure will depend on your exact needs, and some benefits can be combined.

Increasing privacy

An asset owned by a trust adds a certain level of privacy, because the ownership on all documentation and paperwork is the name of the trust, not the individual.

For example, anyone can use free public websites to look up ownership information on a U.S. Coast Guard documented vessel. It lists basic information like the owner’s name and address. But if the owner is a trust, the search shows trust information, not the beneficiary’s private data.

Trust assets are not owned directly by the beneficiary, so they may not need to be reported or disclosed. It depends on the laws and reporting rules in your area, so talk to your trust attorney.

Asset separation and protection

When ownership moves from an individual to a trust, so do associated financial connections and liabilities. It should protect assets in trust from personal creditors and liabilities, and liabilities created by the trust should not pass on to the beneficiary. The trust also ensures that assets can have their own insurance policies and financial instruments with separate limitations from the trustor and beneficiary.

Sometimes, a trust can reduce the overall estate size of the person placing the assets in trust. Since the trust now owns the assets, they move off the trustor’s personal balance sheet for many legitimate financial purposes.

Estate planning to avoid probate

Avoiding probate completely is difficult, but a trust can simplify and speed up the process with proper planning. You can transfer trust assets quickly to new beneficiaries who can enjoy them sooner without a long process.

Easing probate is one of the leading reasons for using trusts. Not only for yachts, but other assets as well.

Tax mitigation

While the laws vary widely from country to country, trusts are often used to lower exposure to certain types of taxes, like estate taxes. Because assets move out of direct individual ownership, they rarely count as part of the larger primary estate. Though the trust may have other tax implications of its own.

The pros of a yacht trust

trust yachts

What differentiates a yacht from a superyacht or a mega yacht?

trust yachts

What are the Fastest Cruising Catamaran on the Market?

trust yachts

Buying a Yacht : The Frequently Asked Questions

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Autopilot Swimming ladder Steering wheel Speed/depth/wind Snorkeling equipment Hot water Battery charger Horse shoe bouy GPS + plotter Gangway Full kitchen equipment Fridge Cockpit table Cockpit speakers Cockpit shower Cockpit cushions Bimini and Sprayhood Bed Linens, pillows, pillow cases, towels and quilts VHF

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trust yachts

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With agents staffing offices 7 days a week, our team is always ready. We are a full service brokerage with a worldwide network. We help buyers find the perfect yacht at the best value, and sellers price, prepare, and sell their vessel in a timely fashion, and maximize their return.

We focus solely on previously owned yachts

Our brokerage represents buyers and sellers in large percentage Bay Area and West Coast boat sales.

1983 45' Norseman 447 CC Cutter

1983 45' Norseman 447 CC Cutter

Emeryville , CA

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1985 33' Mason 33

1985 33' Mason 33

San Rafael , CA

1978 37' Rafiki 37 Cutter

1978 37' Rafiki 37 Cutter

Berkeley , CA

1971 42' Chris-Craft Commander

1971 42' Chris-Craft Commander

2001 56' Navigator Classic


2001 56' Navigator Classic

2005 28' Sea Ray 280 Sundancer


2005 28' Sea Ray 280 Sundancer

Isleton , CA

Our brokers are true yachtsmen

We service the entire world from the west coast.

We have the networks in place to complete the due diligence process and deliver your new yacht anywhere in the world.

Every Rubicon Yachts broker is an experienced yachtsman

And most are USCG licensed Captain with knowledge and experience on a wide range of vessels.

We breathe, eat, sleep, and dream about yachts

Yachting is our way of life and an intense passion that we enjoy sharing with our customers.

Buying and selling with Rubicon

We are experts in buying and selling yachts, and have worked with many of the same clients on both over the years.

Sell Your Yacht with Rubicon

With our reputation for honesty, integrity and intimate knowledge of previously owned power and sail yachts, you will feel confident and at ease with Rubicon Yachts at the helm of your listing. We can help you prepare your yacht for the market and we will help you effectively price your yacht in a manner that maximizes the value of your sale.

trust yachts

Buying A Yacht

Buying a yacht does not have to be a stressful, long, and tedious process. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable yacht brokers will take the time to understand what you are looking for and begin showing you yachts that meet your criteria as quickly as possible. Let us help you make your yacht purchase an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Five locations in California

Rubicon Yachts locations are open 7 days a week.. There is always someone available to show boats, and our docks are always stocked with inventory. Feel free to stop by and meet us.

Rubicon Yachts San Rafael

Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich Owns 16 Yachts And Vessels, 10 More Than Previously Known

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Roman Abramovich.

Documents show that the sanctioned tycoon has a much larger fleet than previously known. At least one of the previously unreported yachts is currently in French territory, putting it at risk of being frozen by authorities.

A trove of leaked documents has revealed several previously unreported assets owned by sanctioned Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich . The files, shared with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and its partners, including Forbes , show that Abramovich owns at least 10 more yachts and vessels through offshore companies and trusts—in addition to six yachts worth at least $1 billion that were already public knowledge.

The documents come from MeritServus, a Cyprus-based corporate services provider used by Russian oligarchs, and were initially shared with The Guardian , which received them from an anonymous third party. According to The Guardian , the files show that Abramovich transferred ownership of 10 offshore trusts with billions of dollars in assets —including the trust that owns his yachts and private jets—to his seven children in early February 2022, just three weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and about a month before Abramovich was sanctioned by the U.K. and EU. An OCCRP investigation using company records and documents in the leak also revealed that Abramovich had invested some $230 million in a large Russian forestry company —whose other shareholders included the Russian government—between 2008 and 2016, before selling his stake for about $110 million one month before the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Forbes identified 10 vessels owned by Abramovich that had not been previously attributed to him, bringing his overall tally to 16. Eight of the ships are small vessels that, according to the leaked documents, are “used to support the operations” of Eclipse , the 533-foot, $427 million megayacht that Abramovich had built in 2010. Eclipse is currently moored in the Turkish port of Bodrum, with three more of Abramovich’s yachts—the 458-foot, $475 million Solaris , the 180-foot, $38 million Halo and the 220-foot, $20 million Garcon —all anchored nearby, along Turkey’s western Mediterranean coast. A representative for Abramovich did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Outside of the eight support vessels, the leaked documents also show that Abramovich owns a 40-foot Bluegame motor boat named Umbra A , valued at roughly $1 million in a 2016 annual report. The most valuable of the previously unreported yachts is the 80-foot Kewpie , worth about $3 million according to yacht valuation experts VesselsValue. The ship is registered in Bermuda and is currently located in the French overseas territory of Saint Barthélemy, more commonly known as St. Barts, where it has been moored since early November. Abramovich is a familiar face in St. Barts: He owns two properties on the island, one of which was frozen by French authorities in April.

That means Kewpie is also at risk of being frozen, because it’s located on French territory and Abramovich is under EU sanctions—unlike the megayachts in Turkey, which has not imposed sanctions on Russian oligarchs. And Kewpie isn’t the only one of Abramovich’s vessels that could be in trouble. His 162-foot, $11 million Sussurro has been moored in La Ciotat on the French Riviera for nearly a year. Yet another yacht, the 164-foot, $30 million Aquamarine , appears to still be in the Netherlands. Aquamarine ’s ultimate owner is a British Virgin Islands-based company that Abramovich transferred to his business associate David Davidovich on February 24, 2022.

Abramovich uses a complex structure of offshore entities for his yachts plus other assets including four jets , six helicopters and luxury villas and estates . His fleet of 16 ships and 10 aircraft—worth a collective $1.6 billion—are owned by several firms registered in offshore havens including Aruba, the British Virgin Islands, the Isle of Man and Jersey, all known for their secrecy and low-tax regimes. The leaked filings, combined with a seizure warrant for two of Abramovich’s jets filed by the U.S. Department of Justice in June, show that all of these assets—except Aquamarine —are ultimately owned by the Cyprus-based Europa Settlement Trust.

Until February 4, 2022, Abramovich was the trust’s only beneficiary. But on that day, two of Abramovich's representatives—David Davidovich and Tatyana Haykin—filed a document that added his seven children as additional beneficiaries. Four days later, Abramovich was removed entirely, leaving the trust and its trove of yachts and jets to his kids. The amendments to the trust appear to have been completed by February 24, the same day Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine.

Despite the changes to his trusts in February, Forbes still counts Abramovich as a billionaire with an estimated net worth of $8.7 billion. While the megayachts and jets are now technically owned by his children, the oligarch still appears to control them: Abramovich flew aboard his Gulfstream G650 from Israel to Istanbul on March 14, before departing for Moscow the next day.

Giacomo Tognini

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FH 1150 Concept Design

Fh 950 fast cruiser.

FH 950 是纯粹的快速巡航游艇设计,驾驶舱空间宽敞,也可用于一日航行或单日赛事。内部配置简洁,有四个睡位。船头部位的舱位宽大,厨房炉具隐藏在驾驶舱,通过导轨拉出使用。

  • 设计 CE A (ocean)
  • 固定复合材料 bowsprit
  • YANMAR 牌 11.0 输出 SD
  • 带炉灶和水斗的厨具设备,收藏在驾驶舱下方
  • Fractional 索具



  • 主帆, 三角帆, 球帆

Sossego由位于荷兰的Gebr. van Enkhuizen船厂制造。Sossego是全铝材质的运动型开放式动力游艇,由Mulder design设计。Sossego性能高超,适合航海,可让乘员享受真正的户外生活。 烹调和娱乐在甲板上下均进行。 Sossego游艇的甲板下设有两套舱室,每套均配备浴室和宽敞的起居沙龙。船员的舱室设在游艇的前部。

FM 90 设计独特,时尚的线条、简洁的外表、低调的形象赋予它优雅外形。 艇长30米的铝制艇身提供多种奢华体验,可搭载8位客人和3名船员。



Sossego 23 sport

Sossego 23 sport 是高性能轻量型的动力游艇, 船速可达44节,能在海上有极致表现,甲板上下配置豪华,能够为船东提供全面奢华的航行体验。

Sossego 22 comfort

Sossego 22 comfort 是具有高性能表现基因的巡航游艇,航速可达36节,是适合家庭和商务用途的小型超级游艇。


根据Lucintel research的资讯, 2009年全球休闲船艇市场规模为 182亿美元。到2015年,规模将达至278亿美元,主要增长来自亚洲和欧洲地区。











我们的团队拥有超过50年的游艇和相关度假休闲产业的专业经验。为了让您对游艇投入做出懂行的考量, 我们的服务从最基本的开始 - 作为个人或是企业为什么要考虑游艇? 游艇能给您带来怎样的益处?

我们的团队采用顾问式的方式来了解客户的需求,并找出独一无二的领肯解决方案 – 从远赴欧洲的奢华水上航行之旅直到购买欧洲一线品牌游艇,甚至于助您推出游艇俱乐部及码头泊位业务。

领肯游艇联手欧洲众多顶级游艇制造厂家和服务商, 助您成功扬帆,破浪前行!


  • 欧洲游艇之旅。领肯安排感兴趣的游艇买主实地参观游艇制造厂家、并体验游艇试驾航行。
  • 游艇购买和租赁。领肯跟据顾客的不同需求安排各类游艇的购买或租赁。
  • 游艇维护保养。领肯代为安排船主在中国或欧洲的码头停泊和保养游艇。
  • 游艇操作培训。领肯安排专家向船主提供个性化的游艇操作培训。


  • 游艇购买和租赁服务。领肯分析客户的需求并提供与之相应的游艇类型,供客户购买或租赁。
  • 游艇保养服务。领肯提供游艇维护服务包括停泊、船员培训和给养物流支持。
  • 游艇俱乐部项目的可行性和推出。对有意投资赢利性游艇项目的企业,领肯提供项目可行性研究;游艇码头设计建造咨询;游艇俱乐部的设计、管理、营运;以及中介与欧洲游艇行业的合作机会。


  • 欧洲顶级游艇品牌,涵盖全系列游艇产品和服务。
  • 对航海这一高尚生活方式的深刻理解及丰富经验。
  • 向个人及公司客户提供游艇购买、租赁、保有的全方位顾问式服务。
  • 助力企业推出游艇项目,以增加自身业务的独特价值及开辟新的营收来源。

Krijn Van Den Brink


荷近平15岁时,就与父亲及其朋友们一起投入到在荷兰举行的一些龙骨帆船赛事。18岁时,他应用在帆船赛事中取得的经验,与荷兰游艇设计公司 Van De Stadt 一起设计并独立制造了22尺的帆船。






石女士在豪华酒店业,汽车行业,奢饰服装及饰品,高端房地产,医疗器械及生物科学等领域拥有丰富的市场经验及渠道资源。她服务,参与运作的品牌有洲际酒店管理集团,RCI,雨果博斯, 阿兰·米恺力,保时捷,索灵等国籍品牌。

石女士毕业于英国索尔福大学,于2000年获得工商管理硕士学位。她现任领肯 – 游艇专家的执行合伙人,现居住于上海。

电话: +86 189 3009 4579

邮箱: [email protected]

  • Heesen movies

Relationships and the importance of trust in yacht building.

trust yachts

Q&A with… Robert Drontmann, Sales Director

So, trust is important in any business relationship. Why is it especially important in superyacht building?

That’s a good question: Trust.

Yacht building is a very long process, usually about three to four years unless people step into one of our spec projects. It’s a complex project with many stakeholders. And the most important thing, which is also the challenge for shipyards, is to keep your promises. This is essential to have a happy owner and a happy owner’s team. Superyachts are an emotional purchase. There’s nothing more personal than emotion. We’re holding something very intimate in our hands . Sometimes, it’s a project that’s even more intimate than a house. So, more than in other businesses, trust is paramount for us.

And how does a company like Heesen build this trust and nurture its relationships with clients?

First and foremost, to build trust, you have to deliver a trustworthy product .

Additionally, it is paramount to have a dedicated after-sales and customer care department that is in constant contact with the fleet, captains, and engineers.

Every yacht in our fleet has a dedicated After-Sales person who looks after them.

This is how you gain the trust of your clients, by making sure that their yacht works like a Swiss watch! We have a 24/7 call centre and the Heesen Flying Squad to support our fleet all around the world.

The third ingredient is the strong sense of belonging in those who operate the yacht. Heesen is no longer a family business, but we still very much feel like a family. Thanks to employee retention, the Heesen faces are very recognisable year after year! To strengthen the sense of belonging, we organise events and seminars, mixing fun and learning moments where we can share our latest technical innovations. It is a two-way communication channel, and we also listen very carefully to the feedback from the field! The boat shows are the easiest moment to get together par excellence. At the Monaco Yacht Show , for instance, we organise a dinner where the world that gravitates around our company is invited. Clients, brokers, designers, captains, and key business partners.

trust yachts

So many of Heesen’s clients are repeat clients. Can you tell me about some of the feedback you’ve received and why they keep choosing Heesen?

The most important thing, of course, is that they love being on board. They love hearing what other people say about their boats. One of our clients said: we’ve got the sexiest boat in the harbour. What kind of a compliment is that? They turned into a repeat client. I think they’re pleased that the whole process has been a pleasant journey. We kept our promises, and the boat is performing well. Part of the reason why people like to come back is that we have very high employee retention. There are clients who build three boats with us. They keep seeing the same people at the shipyard, and that’s extremely reassuring. Once you’re part of the family, you want to maintain that relationship and stick with the family.

Heesen sources the highest quality materials from all over the world. Over the past few years, supply chains have faced significant pressure, as well as working restrictions at the shipyard. How do you go about managing expectations on both sides and keeping relationships smooth?

What’s unique at Heesen is that we control the whole process. So we have everything, all the disciplines, in-house. We even have our own interiors factory for the luxurious areas. We are facing a little bit more challenging time with respect to materials and sourcing of materials. However, we have a very proactive purchasing department that sources for multiple projects at once. So, we are not immediately affected in that sense. In the shipyard, we actually have countdown clocks on the wall, which shows how precise and comfortable we are in our building process. It’s not to put pressure on our workers. It’s another way of showing that we are in control.

trust yachts

Okay, great. And so, one of Heesen’s core values is no Mission Impossible. What do you think this statement symbolises to clients?

We always listen very carefully to our client’s requests. We do our best to try to accommodate their questions and modifications. We have the best welders, the smartest engineers, and the best organisation. You dream it, and we build it. But every modification has an impact. As I said, the huge advantage is that we have the whole process in our own hands. Heesen has all the sources in-house, so we can quickly determine the technical impact, the time impact and the financial impact of a request. And if you combine that with the history of yachts we’ve delivered, we have a very good benchmark and level of experience delivering groundbreaking design and world firsts. We also have the smart custom series, which are based on an existing platform, which is proven to save time on engineering and eventually cost. When I think about the history of Heesen and the yachts we have delivered, such as Octopussy , the fastest yacht in the world at that time – clients can see that we have always been pushing the boundaries with our friends. Now, we’ve built Ultra G , which has a top speed of 37 knots ; it proves we are still comfortable doing that.

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Navigating yacht sustainability: insights from palm beach 2024.

trust yachts

Book-Ends Steakhouse a truly New York-style high end...

trust yachts



Mark Cavendish   Chief Commercial Officer

| Robert Drontmann   Sales Director

Heesen Yachts North America

Thom Conboy   Agent North-America, Mexico, Bahama's & Caribbean

trust yachts

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Hakvoort Shipyard

M/Y Trust emerges as an embodiment of timeless Dutch craftsmanship, showcasing a silhouette dominated by sweeping lines and aluminium superstructure.

Boasting a dynamic appearance within the parameters of timeless design, M/Y Trust is crafted with precision and grandeur, accommodating 10 guests on board in complete luxury and comfort.

Dynamic appearance within the parameters of timeless design

' title=

45.00 m / 147’6″ft

Classic grandeur

Cor D. Rover’s exterior and Felix Buytendijk’s interior compositions converge in a masterful display on M/Y Trust. A traditional nautical atmosphere, reminiscent of elite sailboats, graces her spaces.

Mahogany panels, superb joinery, and whitewashed surfaces, punctuated by hues of the Dutch flag, exude regality. The main deck and bridge brim with entertainment: a state-of-the-art AV system, a cinema area, and two bars promise cruising in the utmost style.

Brochure My Trust (pdf download 2 MB)

General plan My Trust (pdf download 2,5 MB)

' title=

Specifications My Trust

Full description.

M/Y Trust was delivered in 2008 and measures 45 metres with a beam of 8.79 metres and a draft of 2.95 metres.

M/Y Trust features an exterior design by Cor D. Rover and an interior design by Felix Buytendijk. Naval architecture and engineering were undertaken by Diana Yacht Design.

Inside, Trust unveils a realm of luxury, accommodating ten discerning guests with unmatched opulence and supported by a dedicated crew of nine. The owner’s stateroom stands as a testament to this grandeur, featuring a king-sized bed, an elegantly concealed LCD, and an impressive ensuite adorned with a whirlpool bath complete with panoramic sea vistas. Each guest stateroom is a sanctuary in its own right, spacious and refined, finished with evocative historical imagery from the revered Beken of Cowes collection.

Moving to her outdoor spaces, M/Y Trust is a yacht that excels in unparalleled leisure experiences. Alfresco dining on the upper aft deck is a particular highlight, juxtaposed against the richness of a cocktail bar swathed in deep mahogany and accentuated by luxurious cushions. The sun-soaked platform, crowned with a whirlpool and enveloped by a generous seating area, invites serene relaxation.

Further enriching the luxury is an adaptive swim deck, effortlessly accessed either via its twin cascading staircases or through the yacht’s beach club that doubles as an elite fitness centre. In TRUST, every voyage becomes an odyssey of unparalleled splendour.

Where elegance meets power on the open ocean.

trust yachts

  • The Hakvoort Fleet
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  • Events and boatshows
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My Hakvoort

Follow our social media channels for our latest activities and events.

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TWW Yachts has successfully delivered seven superyachts in 12 months – and we’re thrilled!  We’ve managed and overseen the build of some fantastic projects, working with world-class shipyards and partners to make it happen. And we’re prouder still, as nearly all of these seven projects have joined our charter fleet!


What’s our secret.

To celebrate everyone’s tremendous efforts and our rapidly growing portfolio, we are running a cool multimedia campaign “TWW Yachts: Built on Trust” to showcase exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, which we’ll share across all our social media channels. We’ve joined conversations with many key players behind these projects to give you a real glimpse of how to build a successful superyacht.

trust yachts

recent projects

SILVER STAR | Admiral | 55.2m | 499 GT

R.M.F. | Sanlorenzo | 52m | 499 GT

EMERALD | Feadship | 50.4m | 467 GT

ALUNYA | Benetti | 49.9m | 499 GT

GREY | Tankoa | 49.99m | 499 GT


JACQPOT I Riva I 21m I 46.5 GT

behind the build

“We’ll share never-seen-before footage of our recent deliveries! It’s been a pleasure working with Ocean Air Media on our new build campaign,” says Vikki Daras, Head of Marketing at TWW Yachts. “We’ve been working closely with all stakeholders and key players involved in our major projects completed in recent months, and the team has put together some incredible footage to document everyone’s hard work.”

We’d like to extend special thanks to Tankoa, Sanlorenzo, Admiral who opened up their doors, as well as the creative team from Ocean Air Media, who joined us on this new-build tour de force capturing all the key moments. Watch this space!



Silver Star - Ep. 1

Silver Star - Ep. 1

Silver Star - Ep. 2

Silver Star - Ep. 2

Silver Star - Ep. 3

Silver Star - Ep. 3

R.M.F - Refit to charter

R.M.F - Refit to charter

Further information about any of the mentioned new builds is available via TWW Yachts on  [email protected] .

Media related enquiries contact: Vikki Daras at  [email protected] .

trust yachts




[email protected]  

+377 97 77 67 57

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MST currently operates three British-built eleven metre expedition yachts, Bright Star ,  Eastern Star  and  Guiding Star.

Our vessels have been chosen to be practical and reliable boats for long distance sailing in all conditions, but without compromising on comfort and quality. 

We also have a smaller yacht, Orion , which we use for training our Sea Staff. 

All our boats have been thoroughly refitted and upgraded within the last three years and include:

Fully touchscreen Raymarine navigation displays with GPS and instruments 

Active AIS (automatic identification system) to enable other ships to see us at all times - families/friends can also track the vessels online

Blown air heating in all areas


Hot and cold running water

New mattresses in all bunks

All ropes replaced since 2019

All sails less than five years old

Brand new Spinlock 'Deckvest 6D' lifejackets and lifelines (2021) with radio beacons to automatically broadcast the location of a man overboard.

2023 Cowes Small Ships race 07 Oct Parade of Sail 102 - credit ASTO - Courtesy of Max Mudie


Bright Star of Revelation, Morning Star Trust sail training vessel, Westerly Oceanquest

Bright Star of Revelation  is a purpose-built training and expedition yacht.

Length Overall: 10.5m

Draught: 1.5m 

Year built: 1999 

Number of Sea Staff: 2

Max number of Voyage Crew: 6 

Number of sails: 4 

Bright Star was commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1999 and built by well known yacht builder Westerly, based on their successful Oceanquest yacht design. However Bright Star has a completely unique layout inside, with seven single bunks meaning everyone sleeps in comfort in their own personal space. She is also a 'cutter', which means she has two sails at the front, rather than the more usual one sail. For twenty years Bright Star, then known as 'TS Leopold Muller', was operated by the Sea Cadet Corps. 

MST purchased Bright Star at the end of 2018 and after a refit she was brought into use in April 2019.

Bright Star has proved herself a tough and reliable vessel, as well as a comfortable and easy to sail platform for teaching and learning. Bright Star is primarily used for our youth sailing voyages, as well as for RYA training courses. 


EASTERN STAR 18 May 2021 E Solent BVH 49

Eastern Star of Revelation and  Guiding Star of Revelation  are our expedition and racing yachts.

Length Overall: 11.5m

Draught: 2m 

Year built: 1989 & 1996 

Number of Sea Staff: 3

Max number of Voyage Crew: 7

Number of sails: 3 

Eastern Star and Guiding Star are identical Sigma 38s, a classic 'one design' racing yacht. They were designed by renowned British yacht designer David Thomas for the Royal Ocean Racing Club, who wanted a new design of yacht for safe and exciting offshore racing. 125 Sigma 38s were built between 1985 and 1996. Eastern Star was the very last Sigma 38 ever built, by Northshore Yachts at Itchenor, less than five miles from MST's current base in Northney.

MST purchased Eastern Star in October 2020 and she completed a comprehensive professional refit that winter in order to begin sail training voyages in 2021. Guiding Star joined the fleet in January 2022 and begun voyages later the same year after a similarly thorough refit. 

Eastern Star and Guiding Star are fast and sea-kindly boats, with lots to do for everyone. They are primarily used for expeditions, group voyages and for longer events and races in the Summer. 

Other Boats

We sometimes charter additional boats in busy periods to help us offer as many sailing opportunities as possible. We only work with reputable organisations whose boats which are subject to the same high standards and inspection regimes as our own. 

Logo of FLY Yachts featuring stylized, white lettering on a transparent background, emphasizing luxury and modern design.

Gulfstream news

  • December 25, 2023

Fly Yachts: A Symbol of Trust in Yacht Sales

Discovering your dream yacht with fly yachts: unmatched expertise in the world of high-end yachting.

When embarking on the journey of acquiring a yacht, the allure of the open sea coupled with opulent design might be at the forefront of your dreams. Fly Yachts stands as a beacon in this realm, ready to guide you through seas of options to find your perfect match.

trust yachts

The Pursuit of Perfection: How Fly Yachts Curates Your Experience

Your journey with Fly Yachts begins the moment you express a desire for the extraordinary. With a portfolio showcasing the world’s most prestigious vessels, our brokerage embodies not just a service, but a passage to a lifestyle of distinction.

  • The essence of Fly Yachts’ philosophy is interwoven with individuality and attention to detail.
  • Curating a bespoke experience, Fly Yachts understands that each prospective owner has a unique set of desires and requirements.
  • Listening intently, our team of seasoned experts provides insightful guidance, ensuring every subtle nuance of your vision is considered.
  • We articulate both the tangible and intangible benefits of each option without the jargon, aligning closely with your individual context.
  • Beyond finding a yacht that speaks to you aesthetically, we delve into its heritage, craftsmanship , and the intrepid spirit it encapsulates.
  • Harmony with the elements and finesse in design are not mere afterthoughts – they’re intrinsic values that shape our collection.
  • While we specialize in high-end yachts, our narrative is not about the grandiosity but the personal connection and the fulfillment of your yachting aspirations.
  • To ensure a seamless experience, we offer rich insights and testimonials from the worldwide yachting community.
  • Our regular blog snippets and features celebrate the art of yachting , with stories that resonate with enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
  • When you converse with a Fly Yachts team member, it’s not just about a transaction; it’s about embarking on a lifelong voyage of unmatched experiences.

trust yachts

A Beacon of Knowledge: Setting Industry Standards with Fly Yachts

Fly Yachts doesn’t just stay abreast of industry trends – we set them. Our foresight into the yachting domain has rendered us not merely participants but vanguards of innovative practices.

  • We offer valuable insights into yacht preservation, demonstrating our deep understanding of the intricacies of yacht ownership.
  • Every vessel in our collection tells a story of excellence and ingenuity , narrated through our deep-seated expertise.
  • Engage with our content and find yourself enlightened on sustainability practices and the advancement of yachting technology.
  • Our informed evaluations set us apart as a brokerage that prides itself on transparency and ethical standards.
  • We share captivating tales of maritime adventures while showcasing the artistry behind each carefully curated yacht.
  • Through our vibrant community engagement, we bring to light the experiences of acclaimed yachtsmen, designers, and builders.
  • Our award-winning practices reflect the trust and esteem we have garnered within the yachting industry.
  • Recognizing the subtle signs of maritime change, Fly Yachts leads the conversation on future trends.
  • With a library of resources at your disposal, you can immerse yourself in the world of yachting before even stepping aboard.
  • Our consultative approach is tailored to inspire confidence and trust, leaving no question unanswered and no curiosity unexplored.

The Journey Begins: Why Choose Fly Yachts

A vessel from Fly Yachts is not just an asset; it’s a gateway to a new horizon. Our role as brokers transcends the mere selection of yachts; we are ambassadors of a maritime legacy.

  • Ensuring that our clients are well-informed is paramount, as knowledge empowers decision-making.
  • Our meticulous attention to the client experience has cultivated an environment where lasting bonds are formed.
  • Through our narrative, an ethos of passion and precision is vividly conveyed, mirroring the essence of the yachting lifestyle.
  • We are committed to a sustainable future, leading by example with yachts using eco-friendly technologies and practices.
  • Each interaction with us is tailored to be informative, enriching, and free from obfuscation, retaining the joy in the journey towards ownership.
  • Fly Yachts acts not just as a broker but as a custodian of your dreams, treating each inquiry with the respect it deserves.
  • From the roar of the engines to the elegance of the interiors, every aspect is pondered with aesthetics and functionality in mind.
  • The bonds we forge are rooted in authenticity and an enduring commitment to excellence.
  • The Fly Yachts emblem symbolizes a promise of reliability and unmatched proficiency in the world of yacht sales.
  • Embark on your yachting journey with Fly Yachts, and let us unveil the quintessence of luxury, freedom, and adventure for you.

trust yachts

Conclusion: Charting Your Course with Fly Yachts

Fly Yachts stands as a dedicated guide and partner in your quest to find the ideal yacht. Our embrace of tradition, coupled with a fearless approach to innovation, ensures a voyage as timeless as the seas.

  • Talk to a Fly Yachts team member today and embark on a journey that redefines the essence of marine exploration.
  • In the fabric of our brand lies a commitment to quality, sophistication, and an enduring spirit of adventure.
  • We invite you to become part of a narrative that celebrates the pinnacle of maritime craftsmanship and the joy of the open seas.
  • With Fly Yachts, the promise of a serene and majestic sojourn awaits, bridged by trust and an unyielding dedication to our clients’ aspirations.
  • Let your quest for the extraordinary begin with us, as we navigate together towards horizons of unparalleled beauty and grace.

Embark on your voyage with Fly Yachts, where expertise, passion, and trust sail in harmony.

trust yachts

Fly Yachts’ Frequently Asked Questions

What sets fly yachts apart in the yacht sales market.

Fly Yachts stands out due to our commitment to exceptional service, an exclusive inventory of high-quality yachts, and our tailored approach to meeting the unique needs of each client. Our expertise and trust in the market make us a preferred choice for discerning buyers and sellers.

How does Fly Yachts ensure the quality of the yachts they sell?

We perform rigorous inspections and verifications of each yacht’s history, maintenance records, and overall condition. Our quality assurance process ensures that every yacht in our inventory meets our high standards and is ready for seamless ownership transfer.

Can Fly Yachts assist with international yacht sales?

Absolutely. Fly Yachts specializes in international transactions, offering assistance with cross-border documentation, import/export regulations, and global logistics to ensure a smooth and compliant sale or purchase.

What type of yachts does Fly Yachts offer?

Our curated inventory includes a wide range of yachts, from sporty day cruisers to majestic superyachts. We cater to diverse preferences and boating lifestyles, ensuring that our clients find the perfect yacht to suit their tastes and requirements.

What should I consider before purchasing a yacht from Fly Yachts?

Potential buyers should consider their budget, intended use, size requirements, and preferred features. Additionally, we recommend discussing your goals with a Fly Yachts consultant, who can provide expert guidance and present options that align with your interests.

Does Fly Yachts offer after-sales support and services?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive after-sales support, ranging from maintenance and repairs to crew management and refitting services. Our commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the sale.

How does Fly Yachts address the concerns of first-time yacht buyers?

We provide a seamless buying experience by educating first-time purchasers on yacht ownership, helping with financing options, and guiding them through the selection process to ensure their introduction to yachting is enjoyable and stress-free.

What financing options are available through Fly Yachts?

Fly Yachts partners with reputable financial institutions to offer a variety of financing solutions, including loans and leasing arrangements. Our team will work with you to find a financing plan that aligns with your financial strategy.

Is it possible to trade in my current yacht when purchasing a new one?

Yes, we offer a trade-in program that allows you to apply the value of your current yacht towards the purchase of a new one from our inventory, streamlining the upgrade process for you.

How can I schedule a viewing or a sea trial with Fly Yachts?

You can schedule viewings and sea trials by contacting us through our website, via email, or by phone. Our dedicated team will arrange a convenient time for you to experience the yachts that interest you firsthand.

At Fly Yachts, we streamline the experience of finding your perfect maritime companion with a curated selection of  yachts for sale , catering to a range of tastes from the grandeur of luxury yachts to the practicality of center consoles. Our  homepage  serves as the hub for our detailed services, guiding you smoothly through the buying process. Learn more about our values and seasoned expertise on the  About Us  page, which explains what makes us stand out in the yachting community. If a custom vessel is what you seek, our  build a yacht  service offers endless possibilities for personalization. For adventurous spirits, our array of  charter destinations  reveals the potential for unforgettable voyages across the globe. For deeper insights into yachting, our collection of  Compass Articles  provides valuable information and tips. When it comes time to transition from your current yacht, we offer expert guidance on how to  sell your yacht  effectively and efficiently. Beyond the seas, we also extend our offerings to the skies with a select range of  aircraft for sale . Stay current with the latest in yachting and aviation through our  Gulfstream News . And when you have questions or are ready to take the next step in luxury travel, our  contact page  provides an easy way to reach out. Fly Yachts is dedicated to making your journey into yachting and aviation as streamlined and satisfying as possible.

About FLY Yachts

Recent posts.

Fly Yachts - Fly Yachts Yachts For Sale - Fly Yachts Yachts For Charter - Fly Yachts Aircraft For Sale - Fly Yachts Yacht Brokerage -

The Ultimate Yacht Buying Experience: How to Enter the World of the Elite

Fly Yachts - Fly Yachts Yachts For Sale - Fly Yachts Yachts For Charter - Fly Yachts Aircraft For Sale - Fly Yachts Yacht Brokerage -

Seafaring Elegance: The Key to Choosing a Yacht That Mirrors Your Lifestyle

Fly Yachts - Fly Yachts Yachts For Sale - Fly Yachts Yachts For Charter - Fly Yachts Aircraft For Sale - Fly Yachts Yacht Brokerage -

The Vanguard of Luxury: Buying a Yacht That Defines Your Legacy

Logo of FLY Yachts featuring stylized, white lettering on a transparent background, emphasizing luxury and modern design.

Yachting Monthly

  • Digital edition

Yachting Monthly cover

Life-changing sailing with the Scaramouche Sailing Trust

  • Katy Stickland
  • December 28, 2020

With Black Lives Matter hitting the headlines in 2020, Scaramouche Sailing Trust’s Jaydon Owusu and Tyler Harriott wanted to share their experiences of the UK sailing community

An Intro 22 Riot being sailed by students from the Scaramouche Sailing Trust

The Scaramouche Sailing Trust's Intro 22, Riot. Credit: Jon Holt/Scaramouche Sailing Trust

The global issue of racism, institutional or overt, is right at the top of most sporting governing bodies’ agendas.

Discussions range from immediate incidents to the nature of structures within all institutions and the opportunities provided.

Sailing has a unique challenge in many regards. Historically, it is seen as a white, wealthy sport which is difficult to break into and very expensive to progress in.

Two students looking at a chart as part of a lesson on navigation

15-year-olds Jaydon Owusu and Tyler Harriott sail the trust’s Intro 22. Students also have access to dinghies, 420s, Squibs, dragons and training yachts, including the German Frers 45, Scaramouche, many of which the students have restored themselves. Credit: Jon Holt/Scaramouche Sailing Trust

But let’s look at the reality for our Scaramouche Sailing Trust teammates.

Our team is 90% Black and 100% Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME).

We also have many young sailors, so are well placed to share our experiences.

The right advice for the Scaramouche Sailing Trust

After the 2017 Fastnet Race , we decided we would focus on dinghy sailing in 420s and a 29er, and we needed the right advice.

David Franks, the fleet captain of Etchells, who came in to help us, brought in David Bedford, Matt Reid and Martin Evans – all hugely experienced, decorated and established in the sport.

It was initially suggested that integration not separation would be the best course of action, effectively splitting us up and putting us with more experienced crews to gain racing experience.

David Franks cracked the problem.

He identified that this would always make us the weakest link, by virtue of our lack of experience.

A student practicing sailing skills

Keeping sailing skills sharp took some imagination during the COVID-19 pandemic. Credit: Jon Holt/Scaramouche Sailing Trust

Instead, he suggested putting us together and then putting in a good coach.

The enthusiasm of our fellow crewmembers Montel and Camillo was matched by the experience of Matt Reid.

The boys were highly competitive, learning in every race.

But to access the sport competitively is expensive.

David Franks stepped in again, providing them with a fully funded Etchells, year in, year out.

We also have our 45-year-old Intro 22, Riot .

Continues below…

Jon Holt (left) has been named YJA MS Amlin International Sailor of the Decade. Credit: Jon Holt

Jon Holt named International Sailor of the Decade

Jon Holt, the founder of the Scaramouche Sailing Trust, has been named the YJA MS Amlin International Sailor of the…

Montel Fagan-Jordan has secured work experience with Alex Thomson Racing

Montel Fagan-Jordan: A great start to my time at Alex Thomson Racing

In the first of a weekly series for Yachting Monthly, Project Scaramouche's Montel Fagan-Jordan shares his adventures during a work…

Montel Fagan-Jordan sailing with Alex Thomson

Montel Fagan-Jordan: It’s All in the Little Details

Montel Fagan-Jordan learns it is all about the attention to detail during his work placement with Alex Thomson Racing

We knew that our experience winning in dinghies could be years away, but with the right strategy, advice and intellect, winning a race on IRC handicap could be possible.

Riot was an old boat, and the cloud of expense was always going to catch up with us, until North Sails stepped in.

Having already provided sails for our German Frers 45 Scaramouche , the firm agreed to make a complete suit of sails for Riot .

This donation opened our eyes.

Suddenly we were getting a tour of a global company’s factory.

It was inspiring to see jobs we could realistically do in the future, and enjoy.

With the new sails came a renewed justification for working on ‘our boat’.

The sight of us all scraping, filling and fairing over 10 days to make the hull as smooth as possible is a thankless task ‘proper’ sailors know and talk about.

We have finally joined the community – evidenced by the fact that having tried so many combinations of crew and sails, we have finally realised what every sailor knows – a boat will never be truly finished!

Safety barrier

Safety is the biggest barrier, especially if you have parents who have no in-depth knowledge of the sport.

Being a school, safety is also our biggest concern.

Spinlock supplied us with deck vests, buoyancy aids and deck gear several times, and serviced them.

This is a company that wants to promote diversity and, by definition, protect our lives.

Community and Belonging

Institutionally there are, of course, barriers.

It feels like our opportunity to progress in some strands of the sport has passed us by.

To progress to National standards, access to transport and a boat from a young age is needed, which does need to be overcome.

But our BAME sailors have seen what they can do in dinghies and many have followed other routes with bigger boats to achieve life-enhancing outcomes.

Increasing diversity within sailing also has much to do with the social side; feeling ‘at home’ before and after sailing at social events is important.

Lymington Town Sailing Club, and Nick Hopwood have made efforts to break down all of these barriers.

With an active dinghy racing scene, the club provides mass participation as well as high standards.

By enabling a rolling membership, our team have overcome barriers and now feel a sense of belonging.

Our Scaramouche Sailing Trust teammate Jessye is a good example.

His Topper was dug out of a field in Muswell Hill, and then restored by him.

A student with the Scaramouche Sailing Trust sanding wood as part of renovation work on an Intro 22

It took students 10 days to renovate the Intro 22, Riot. Credit: Jon Holt/Scaramouche Sailing Trust

But, he wanted a new challenge.

So in his Topper, at 0600 to be with the tide, he set off on a freezing, drizzly February morning and sailed solo from Gosport to Cowes to Lymington.

Not a National standard bit of sailing, but a personal challenge for him, completed out of sight of everyone.

Until of course he entered the Lymington Town Sailing Club clubhouse to rapturous applause.

Sometimes it’s the small gestures that can build self-esteem.

You can’t analyse participation in sailing without reference to money.

Sailing is expensive.

Sometimes making change needs what Darren Doherty described as ‘heavy lifting’.

He works in Lloyd’s of London’s Dual Group.

As a member of the Lloyd’s Sailing Club he hired the Lloyd’s X55 class yacht Lutine for 2017’s Cowes Week, providing a key breakthrough for Scaramouche helm Montel Fagan-Jordan .

Montel went on to be named the 2017 YJA Young Sailor of the Year, the first Black Afro-Caribbean sailor to achieve this.

Montel Fagan-Jordan went on to complete a placement with Alex Thomson Racing. Credit: Alex Thomson Racing

Whether any of the donations of time, equipment or finance were intended to specifically help young sailors of BAME backgrounds or whether they were intended to help enthusiastic young sailors doesn’t matter – it has achieved that outcome.

When people consider discrimination against the BAME population, maybe they assume sailing has a problem.

Our Scaramouche Sailing Trust teammates are aged from 11 to 20. None of us have ever felt discriminated against; actually it’s the opposite.

We have found the sailing community (of which we are a part) to be positively helping young sailors like us, even if they don’t intend to as their main objective.

The challenge is to get other Black youngsters to try the sport and experience these opportunities.

Many sports could learn from sailing.

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Superyacht My Trust sold by Fraser Yachts and Platinum Marine

Here's a piece of good news as Jan-Jaap Minnema at Fraser Yachts tells me that he has just sold the 45m My Trust to a couple who visited her on the first day of the Monaco Yacht Show last month and immediately fell in love with her. Within days an offer was made, contracts drawn up and sea trials begun.

The deal closed at 11am CET this morning at high seas with 50 knots of wind and waves up to 8 metres! The buyers were represented by Platinum Marine in Vancouver.

Built by the Dutch yard in 2008, My Trust features naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design, styling by Cor D Rover and a classic Felix Buytendijk interior.

She can accommodate up to 14 guests in five cabins. Her cruising speed is 11.3 knots and she has a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

My Trust was asking €23.95 million and she is to be renamed My Trust Fund .

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Restaurant-Yacht Chaika

Ratings and reviews, location and contact.

Pleasantly surprised, service is good so is the food. Great selection of Fusion food, a mixture of Italian, Japanese, European, Asian etc. A pleasantly nice dining experience, highly recommended, a must try!

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to have lunch or dinner again aboard the ship in an atmosphere of high standards of yacht hospitality.

everything was perfect - the food, the service, the desserts were the best, nice atmosphere and the location - magical

Best food, best view in Moscow. absolutely faultless from arrival to finish. Best risotto i had for many years absolutely perfectly cooked. The view on Ukrainian hotel and the white house by night is amazing

Had to wait for the food for 1.5 hours and then another 20 minutes for the check. Finally called for the manager and he offered... a 10% discount as a compensation. Simply pathetic! The food is mediocre at best. Not bad per se, but one... would expect something better considering the prices. There are many places to eat in area that are much better. Avoid this one at all costs. More

Hello, Alexander Your comment is extremely important for us, thank you a lot for it. We are terribly sorry for your time that you`ve spent waiting your order and we have already taken actions to improve quality of our service and it would be realy... More

Food is very expensive,very pretentious, doesn't worth that money. Portions are very small. We ordered ravioli and there were 4! Four raviolis! For almost 15 euros. Then we asked to bring us dessert menu but nothing, they didn't even bothered, so we payed and left... without dessert. Very poor service for that price. More

This is a very good restaurant. The food is really good, maybe the best in Moscow. The service is also good. The view from the restaurant is great. The prices are very high.

I often visit this restaurant and must say it’s one of the best in Moscow in terms of quality and service. Staff really try hard to make sure that you are happy and satisfied. Customer service is a huge problem in Moscow but Chaika sets... a great example for others in the industry! Food is delicious and the menu has lots of options for everyone! Atmosphere is great and view is beautiful on the embankment. Special thanks to German & Oleg! More

Thank you for your feedback! Again aboard the yacht restaurant "Chaika" in accordance with the high standards of yacht hospitality.

Highly recommended, great location in the city center of Moscow with a superb atmosphere. Too many menu choices, though all delicious!

trust yachts

Thx a lot for your review! We are looking forward to see you in our restaurants.

Visited this lovely restaurant with a friend of mine. It was relaxingly warm August evening - so the place on the river seemed like a good idea. We came quite early and the restaurant was not full. The hostesses kindly offered several places to sit... and we chose to sit on the sofas. We had some wine, which was good. We struggled a bit when deciding about the food as few options (scallops) were not available. Fish on ice on display did not look very fresh. To be honest it was an unusually hot August and it is probably understandable that some see food options were not available. However, we did manage to order something and sat waiting and looking onto the river. My long-legged friend struggled sitting at the low sofa and the manager noticed that, offering as a very good, proper table beside the open window. It was nice touch and I was very pleased by their polite observations and immediate reaction to solve the problem. Food was quite good and presentation was perfect. Perhaps I can something about the food, but 1 visit is not enough to criticize or make a definitive opinion. Overall, quality place, which of course, does not come cheap. I would recommend this restaurant without hesitation. More

Good afternoon! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are looking forward to seeing you again, we are sure that you will be delighted with our dishes!

I've been here several times during two business trip in Moscow. The overall quality for both service and food is absolutely top-notch, plus the location is very unique.

Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We are looking forward to visiting again!

Located on a boat at Krasnopresenskaya River Bank this 5 Star Restaurant transforms into a party location due to multiple groups hosting events. Impressive wine selection, Asian and European kitchen...

trust yachts

Thx a lot! We are waiting for you!

It is a nice place to gather specially at the lounge The service and staff very good I like the river view The food is almost like all restaurants in Russia they serve different cuisine. Staring Russian appetizer till Asian dishes Presentation and taste amazing... I consider it overpriced little bit More

Good location. Nice views. Good choice of food and drinks. European and Asian menu. Nice service. Pricey enough.

Had a large group dinner here. Food was above average and service quite good. The real attraction is the view of Moscow from the river on a nice night. Great place for a larger group dinner. More

Hello, John We are really pleased by reading that you and your friends were satisfied by our service, client`s experience is the highest value for us. We will be happy to see you again, come and enjoy some new dishes from our chef and nice... More

The luxurious atmosphere of this place, the view and the location make it quite outstanding. We had dinner here with friends and the dishes were amazing, accompanied by a chilled bottle of Chablis, it really made me feel as if it was a part of... the classic Russian movie. More

RESTAURANT-YACHT CHAIKA, Moscow - Presnensky - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Tripadvisor

  • Service: 4.5
  • Atmosphere: 4.5

Australia earmarks billions for naval infrastructure as BAE wins AUKUS submarine work

British Defence Secretary Shapp and Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence Marles sign a new defence and security cooperation agreement, in Canberra

Make sense of the latest ESG trends affecting companies and governments with the Reuters Sustainable Switch newsletter. Sign up here.

Reporting by Lewis Jackson. Editing by Gerry Doyle

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. , opens new tab

trust yachts

Thomson Reuters

Lewis writes about companies, politics and energy as part of the Breaking News Team in Sydney. He covered months of strikes at some of Australia’s largest gas export facilities and the breakup of financial services firm PwC. Before Reuters he wrote about stocks at Morningstar.

Smoke and fire are seen around high-voltage lines at a site of a Russian missile strike outside Kharkiv

Airbus wins jet orders from two Asian customers of rival Boeing

Airbus clinched orders for 65 jets from two of Boeing's key Asian customers on Thursday, in a win for the European planemaker as its U.S. rival grapples with quality issues after a mid-flight panel blowout on a 737 MAX 9 jet.

Replenished staghorn corals are seen in the waters off Man Nai Island



    trust yachts


    trust yachts


    trust yachts


    trust yachts


    trust yachts


    trust yachts


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    INVENTORY. Autopilot Swimming ladder Steering wheel Speed/depth/wind Snorkeling equipment Hot water Battery charger Horse shoe bouy GPS + plotter

  5. Home

    Sell Your Yacht with Rubicon. With our reputation for honesty, integrity and intimate knowledge of previously owned power and sail yachts, you will feel confident and at ease with Rubicon Yachts at the helm of your listing. We can help you prepare your yacht for the market and we will help you effectively price your yacht in a manner that ...

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  10. TRUST Yachts

    主帆,三角帆,球帆. FH750S是采用玻璃纤维夹层和树脂灌注技术建造的高标准运动舟。. 所有零件都是用母模制造的。. 对附属物给予了特别的关注。. 这个看起来现代的俱乐部船将可分为两个版本。. FH750S版本有一个更大的帆船计划与慷慨的方形顶部主帆,并致力 ...

  11. Relationships and the importance of trust in yacht building

    Every yacht in our fleet has a dedicated After-Sales person who looks after them. This is how you gain the trust of your clients, by making sure that their yacht works like a Swiss watch! We have a 24/7 call centre and the Heesen Flying Squad to support our fleet all around the world.

  12. Take Your Dream to Sea Financing a Yacht Purchase

    A careful plan with the right team can protect your yacht purchase from unforeseen difficulties while also safeguarding other goals. In 2021, yacht brokers saw a surge in participation and interest, driven by recent years' strong wealth creation, cheap capital and a sudden and powerful desire for privacy and isolation.

  13. Transparency and Trust: Key Qualities in a Yacht Brokerage

    Ensure a smooth sailing yacht transaction by selecting a brokerage that embodies transparency and trust, the twin pillars central to any reputable firm. This article emphasizes the critical importance of working with brokers who provide clear and honest information throughout the buying or selling process. Learn how this openness fosters trust, aligns expectations, and builds a solid ...

  14. My Trust

    M/Y Trust was delivered in 2008 and measures 45 metres with a beam of 8.79 metres and a draft of 2.95 metres. M/Y Trust features an exterior design by Cor D. Rover and an interior design by Felix Buytendijk. Naval architecture and engineering were undertaken by Diana Yacht Design. Inside, Trust unveils a realm of luxury, accommodating ten ...

  15. Built on Trust

    TWW Yachts has successfully delivered seven superyachts in 12 months - and we're thrilled! We've managed and overseen the build of some fantastic projects, working with world-class shipyards and partners to make it happen. ... we are running a cool multimedia campaign "TWW Yachts: Built on Trust" to showcase exclusive behind-the ...

  16. Our Boats

    Bright Star of Revelation is a purpose-built training and expedition yacht. Length Overall: 10.5m. Draught: 1.5m. Year built: 1999. Number of Sea Staff: 2. Max number of Voyage Crew: 6. Number of sails: 4. Bright Star was commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1999 and built by well known yacht builder Westerly, based on their successful Oceanquest ...

  17. [4K] Walking Streets Moscow. Moscow-City

    Walking tour around Moscow-City.Thanks for watching!MY GEAR THAT I USEMinimalist Handheld SetupiPhone 11 128GB https://amzn.to/3zfqbboMic for Street https://...

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    15-year-olds Jaydon Owusu and Tyler Harriott sail the trust's Intro 22. Students also have access to dinghies, 420s, Squibs, dragons and training yachts, including the German Frers 45, Scaramouche, many of which the students have restored themselves. Credit: Jon Holt/Scaramouche Sailing Trust. But let's look at the reality for our ...

  20. Superyacht My Trust sold by Fraser Yachts and Platinum Marine

    The buyers were represented by Platinum Marine in Vancouver. Built by the Dutch yard in 2008, My Trust features naval architecture by Diana Yacht Design, styling by Cor D Rover and a classic Felix Buytendijk interior. She can accommodate up to 14 guests in five cabins. Her cruising speed is 11.3 knots and she has a range of 4,500 nautical miles.

  21. Boat tours and river cruises through Moscow: where to take them

    Normally the boats sail between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. although there are also companies that offer night cruises with dinner included. I recommend that you take advantage of the afternoons for a boat tour, when the monuments and museums are closed. Going on a night cruise to see the Moscow city lights is also a very good option.

  22. THE 10 BEST Moscow Boat Rides & Cruises (Updated 2024)

    Explore the scenic and historic attractions of Moscow from the water with the best boat tours and cruises. Enjoy the views of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and the Sparrow Hills on a relaxing or informative boat ride. Or, spice up your trip with some water sports and activities in Moscow. Find out more on Tripadvisor.


    Restaurant-Yacht Chaika. Claimed. Review. Save. Share. 185 reviews #547 of 10,697 Restaurants in Moscow $$$$ Italian Seafood Mediterranean. Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12A Berth International Exhibition, Moscow 123610 Russia +7 495 777-87-88 Website Menu. Closed now : See all hours.

  24. Australia earmarks billions for naval infrastructure as BAE wins AUKUS

    Australia said Thursday it would spend billions on docks, shipyards and factories at home and in Britain for nuclear-powered submarines under the AUKUS security pact, and named Britain's BAE ...