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Boat Winches

We stock boat winches from top manufacturer brands including Lewmar and Barton. Choose from standard manual winches that operate with a winch handle to electric winches that start with the push of a button. We also stock self-tailing winches, including the popular Lewmar Ocean Winch.

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Lewmar Evo Self Tailing Winches - Evo Black Alloy and Chrome

Lewmar Evo Self Tailing Winches

Lewmar Evo Electric Winch Self Tailing - Image

Lewmar Evo Electric Winch Self Tailing

Lewmar Self Tailing Ocean Winch - Image

Lewmar Self Tailing Ocean Winch

Barton Wincher - Image

Barton Wincher

Lewmar Standard Winches - Image

Lewmar Standard Winches

Lofrans 12v Control Box - Image

Lofrans 12v Control Box

Barton Winches - Image

Barton Winches

Lewmar Winch Maintenance Pack - Image

Lewmar Winch Maintenance Pack

Harken Winch Service Kit - New Image

Harken Winch Service Kit

Lewmar Ocean ST30-48, Evo ST/SPT30-50 - Image

Lewmar Ocean ST30-48, Evo ST/SPT30-50

Standard Lewmar Winch Pawl - Small - Image

Standard Lewmar Winch Pawl – Small

Magic Marine Winch Handle Holder - Image

Magic Marine Winch Handle Holder

Lewmar Winch Grease - Image

Lewmar Winch Grease

Lewmar Standard Pawl Spring - Image

Lewmar Standard Pawl Spring

Harken Winch Grease - Image

Harken Winch Grease

Lewmar Pawl Spring 7005 - Image

Lewmar Pawl Spring 7005

Lewmar Ocean Sevice Kit - ST50-65 - Image

Lewmar Ocean Sevice Kit – ST50-65

Lofrans 12v Control Box 4 Terminals - Image

Lofrans 12v Control Box 4 Terminals

Lewmar Ocean STD 6-40,ST14-16,EVO ST15 - Image

Lewmar Ocean STD 6-40,ST14-16,EVO ST15

Lewmar Collet Kit - Image

Lewmar Collet Kit

Trem Winch Handle Pocket - Image

Trem Winch Handle Pocket

Lewmar Stripper Ring - Image

Lewmar Stripper Ring

Lewmar EVO Top Cap And O Ring Kit - Image

Lewmar EVO Top Cap And O Ring Kit

Winch Strap - WINCH STRAP

Winch Strap

Lewmar Winch Jaw Spring and Cup Kit - Image

Lewmar Winch Jaw Spring and Cup Kit

Liqui Moly Marine Winch Grease With PTFE - Image

Liqui Moly Marine Winch Grease With PTFE

Harken Springs for Winch Pawls - HARKEN SPRINGS FOR WINCH PAWLS

Harken Springs for Winch Pawls

Winch Cable with Hook Max 1700kgs - WINCH CABLE WITH HOOK 6M

Winch Cable with Hook Max 1700kgs

Magic Marine Winch Cover - Image

Magic Marine Winch Cover

Maypole Winch Strap & Hook 7M - Image

Maypole Winch Strap & Hook 7M

Lewmar Clutch Spring Kit - Image

Lewmar Clutch Spring Kit

Lewmar Shear Pin 185TT - Image

Lewmar Shear Pin 185TT

Lewmar Pawl Spring 7004 - Image

Lewmar Pawl Spring 7004

Maintenance Kit For Cayman And Kobra - MAINTENANCE KIT FOR CAYMAN AND

Maintenance Kit For Cayman And Kobra

Maintenance Kit for Royal - MAINTENANCE KIT FOR ROYAL

Maintenance Kit for Royal

Lewmar 8 Evo Sport Winch - Image

Lewmar 8 Evo Sport Winch

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If you're looking for used sailing equipment for sale, here's where to find it! Just a few points first though:

1. Please contact the seller directly  - not . We play no part in the transaction - we've done our bit in getting the two of you together!

2. Remember 'Caveat Emptor'!  Which is a Latin phrase with important legal significance -  'Let the buyer beware'!

3.  must make a disclaimer at this point, in as much as this is a free service intended solely to put a seller and a potential buyer in contact.  accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with this free service.

Used Sailing Equipment for Sale (latest listing first):

But if you're looking to sell used boating accessories rather than browse through the list of used sailing equipment, Sellers - click here...

Otherwise, here's the current list of used sailing equipment for sale, newest submissions at the top:

Raymarine Autopilot Linear Drive

  • Seller:  Fred Guptill
  • Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Date:  March 24


Raymarine 12 Volt Type 2 autopilot linear drive. Refurbished. Good working order. Very powerful below-decks autopilot drive unit. For boats up to 44,000 lb displacement. This drive moves the rudder directly by attaching to the Rudder Quadrant or Tiller Arm. Powerful thrust, fast hard-over time and quiet operation. Low backdrive force minimizes the effect on the boat’s steering when the autopilot is in standby.

  • Peak thrust: 480 kg (1,050 lb)
  • Maximum stroke: 400 mm (16")
  • Maximum rudder torque: 14,700 in-lb

This unit was installed in my 36 foot sailboat. It performed flawlessly for 20,000+ sea miles. I had to replace it because a fitting broke. The fitting has since been repaired, so now this unit is surplus to my needs.

Asking C$1100. These drives sell for C$3,000 new.

Lewmar Rotary Sprocket Drive

  • Seller:  Wayne Macfarlane
  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa

Lewmar electric sprocket drive

I have an unused spare Lewmar 89300002 Rotary 1- 4hp 12V 5-8P 9T electric drive motor that would be controlled by the auto pilot for sale. It was purchased brand new and never used or installed, it is still in it's original box. This is the website for the unit

Burke - Bosuns Chair

  • Seller:  Rob
  • Location: Menai, New South Wales, Australia
  • Date:  February 24

Bosun's Chair for sale

Designed for working the mast while underway. The sit-in design offers good support, maneuverability and maximum comfort. Side storage bag, tool holder, padded timber seat, crutch strap, adjustable waist strap. Pick up Menai 2234 Mobile: 0404766679

Cape Horn Windvane Self-Steering System

  • Seller:  Helen
  • Location: Brisbane, Australia

Cape Horn selfsteering for sale

Model: Spray.

Suitable for >40 foot sailing yachts.

Installed on our 44 foot yacht for approx. 2 years and was then uninstalled. Includes extra length horizontal axle and collar adaptor. All parts in excellent condition. 

Please see website for Cape Horn windvane steering systems for full details on installation and how they work. Sailing forums review this system very highly.

AUD $3,500 plus shipping from Brisbane, Australia

Battery Bank 900 Ah

  • Seller:  Stefano
  • Location: Greece

Battery Bank for Sale

I am replacing my lead acid "TRACTION" battery bank with lithium, so this bank is now for sale.

It consists of 12x 2V, 450Ah 'Traction' batteries, designed for daily discharge on forklifts. Not your usual lead battery for sure!

I have it connected 6 in series to get 2 banks of 12V, 450Ah, then connected the 2 in parallel to get 900Ah at 12V. They could be connected all in series to get 450Ah at 24V.

They also come with an automatic Hydration kit that automatically fills all cells with fresh water when needed and a glassed plywood box if required.

The boat is near Athens, so you can either pick up directly there or I can arrange shipping in Europe if you want to negotiate the cost...

Wichard Gyb'Easy Boom Brake

  • Seller:  Ellen
  • Location: East Hampton, NY, USA
  • Date:  January 24

Brand new (still packaged), never used BOOM BRAKE.

Retails for $450. Offered at $120.

Watt & Sea Hydrogenerator

  • Seller:  Glen Shee
  • Location: Florida, USA

Watt & Sea hydrogenerator for sale

New Watt & Sea 600W short leg (610mm) with 4 propellers (280mm/240mm/200mm/high-speed adjustable pitch). Equipment has been used for 2 hours only (I temporarily mounted to my F-27 to measure the output; needed the data for a research project). Output @ 10 knots measured at 40 amps. Cost to buy new: over $8,000. Offered at $4,000. In original box. Location: Florida

Fleming Windvane Self-Steering Gear

  • Seller:  Dolores
  • Location: Gardena, Los Angeles Area, CA, USA

Fleming windvane self-steering gear for sale

Wind Vane Steering Pilot, Self Steering, Built by Fleming. 

Early model, used for 12 ton sailboat.

Includes mounting hardware, but not rods.

Only used on tiller, does not include reel that mounts to steering wheel.

Stainless Steel.

Sell as is.

In person sale only.

Spinlock XTS/2 Double Rope Clutch

  • Seller:  Laura
  • Location: Palm Coast, Florida
  • Date:  December 2023

Spinlock XTS/2 Double Rope Clutch

New in box - Spinlock XTS/2 Double Rope Clutch for lines 5/16" - 9/16" (8mm - 14mm) XTS0814/2

The Spinlock Double XTS Power Clutch is specified as standard equipment on production yachts worldwide and the choice of racing yachts inshore and offshore. This clutch provides reliable all around performance and is designed for mid to higher load line holding.


Rope Range - 8mm - 14mm (5/16" - 9/16") Load - 500kg - 1000kg (1103lb - 2200lb) Max SWL - 1000kg (2200lb) Weight - 1.05kg (2.31lb)

We bought it for our sailboat 38ft Wauquiez Hood, but sold the boat before fitting the Spinlock.

Scanmar International Windvane Self-Steering Gear

  • Seller:  Patti Navilio
  • Location: Saint Thomas, USVI
  • Date:  November 2023

We bought a 2001 Island Packet. The original owners did transatlantic trips from the Virgin Islands to the Mediterranean. We will only be doing local sailing so do not want to store it. I am willing to sell for any reasonable offer.

Barient Winches

  • Seller:  Chris Armbruster
  • Location: Fenton, Michigan, USA

Barient Winches for Sale

3 Barient Winches for $100 or best offer.

Great condition.

At least one is a two speed.

Winches are from a old CNC sailboat that we don't have anymore so no need for these.

Made in the USA.

Price does not include shipping.

Marine Satellite TV

Marine Satellite TV

  • Seller:  Jacob Albano
  • Location: Valencia, Spain

I have a KVH TracVision TV6 Marine Satellite TV that was installed on my boat but never used or activated. We do not not need the satellite TV since we have other services for TV on the boat. Mount and TV Hub included with the sale.

Andersen & Barient Winches

  • Seller:  Stacie Hosier
  • Date:  October 2023

Andersen & Barient Winch

Barient 21 winch, $125 plus $25 shipping.

Andersen 10 winch, $50 plus $20 shipping.

20hp Yanmar 2GM20F Diesel

  • Seller:  ???????
  • Location: Norfolk, Virginia, USA

Norfolk, Virginia

1988 Yanmar 2GM Diesel Asking $3000 20hp 2 to 1 gear New exhaust manifold/elbow 870 hours ***New Yanmar control panel coming*** Very good condition Pick-up Only Location: Norfolk, Virginia Serious Inquiries ONLY contact (757)320-8265

Watt & Sea Cruising Hydrogenerator Tall Leg

  • Seller:  Philippe
  • Location: Redwood City, CA, USA

Hydrogenerator leg for sale

This is a never used long leg for a Watt & Sea cruising hydrogenerator. I purchased it from another sailor who never installed it and converted to a short leg. These are listed for 400 Euros. I'm listing it for $200 (USD) plus shipping. Or make me an offer, please.

Also listed is a Watt & Sea cruising hydrogenerator removable support. This was used for demo'ing Watt and Sea cruising hydrogenerators. Listing for $400 USD, here offered at $200 plus shipping or make me an offer please. 

45lb CQR Anchor & 50m of 10mm Galvainised Chain

45lb CQR Anchor & 50 mtrs of 10mm galvainised chain

  • Seller:  Mark Sykes
  • Location: West Yorkshire, UK

45lb CQR anchor for sale plus 50 meters of 10mm galvanised chain in excellent condition.

May deliver if close enough for a small fee to West Yorkshire area or between Wakefield & Hartlepool otherwise collection, or postage costs will have to be added. 

Gill Mens XL Offshore Foul Weather Jacket and Bibs

Gill Foul Weather Gear for sale

  • Seller:  Harry DeBold
  • Location: Ohio USA

Foul weather jacket and bibs

Gill Offshore yellow and blue color, like new, size XL.

Current West Marine price $375 each for jacket or bibs.

Yanmar Diesel Fuel Filters

  • Seller:  Jeff Conn
  • Location: Baton Rouge, LA USA

Four (4) Yanmar Diesel fuel filters.

Yanmar Part Number 119802-55801.

In boxes and membrane coverings.

Asking $80 and buyer pays for shipping.

Luff Hanked Dacron Staysail

5.5-8 oz Dacron 71 sq.ft. luff-hanked high clewed staysail.

  • Luff 20' 04",
  • Leech 17' 07",
  • Foot 8' 05".
  • 3' tack pendent.

Unused, asking $300, buyer pays for shipping.

27' Aluminium Mast & Whisker Pole 

  • Seller:  Cheryl
  • Location: Madeira Beach, Florida, USA

27' mast, whisker pole and 3 sails - $100 or best offer,

Call 727-317-7716 (Leave message if no answer).

Winch Handles

  • Seller:  Anthony C Giaccio
  • Location: Wayne, New Jersey, USA

Winch Handles for sale

1 Barlow and 1 Barient chrome-plated 10-inch Australian winch handles are for sale.

They were used on a 38-foot sloop and are in excellent condition.

They have ratcheting and locking features.

The value of these handles when new was $152, but the seller is willing to accept the best offer over $51.

Monitor Windvane Self-Steering Gear

  • Seller:  Demnislake
  • Location: Lakeport, California USA
  • Date:  August 2023

Monitor Windvane for sale

Monitor windvane complete, 316 stainless steel with wheel adapter.

Asking $2,500

Miscellaneous Marine Equipment

  • Seller:  Alex
  • Location: Miami, Florida USA

Miscellaneous Marine Equipment

Anchors, Line, chain, outboard motor mount, SS ladder etc

Spinlock Deckvest 150N Lifejacket Harness

  • Seller:  Terry Moore
  • Location: Islesboro, Maine USA

Spinlock Deckvest

I have two Spinlock Deckvest 150 Lifejackets. One is a size 1, the other is a size 2. Both are in Like New condition. I am happy to sell them separately, or as a pair. Price is $275 for one, $250 each if you want both.

I also have two Kong Double elastic tethers from West Marine. They are both in Like New condition. I will sell one for $75, or both for $100.

New Harken Triple Block

  • Seller:  Mike de Martimo
  • Location: Oxnard, California, USA
  • Date:  July 2023

Harken Triple Block

I bought the wrong block and have a new Harken 1556 block for sale.

1/2" Galvanised Turnbuckles

  • Seller:  David Snyder
  • Location: Rushville, Illinois, USA

1/2" galvanized turnbuckles, like new $40/pair.

35 lb CQR Anchor

  • Seller:  Roger Cook
  • Location: Alexandria, Virginia, USA

35 lb CQR anchor for sale. Like new, never used. Price: $300. (Note: new CQR at West Marine lists for $795)

Airmar DST810 Speed Transducer

  • Seller:  James Burdett
  • Location: Vancouver, Canada

Airmar DST810 Speed transducer for sale

This plastic thru-hull NMEA 2000® smart transducer combines precise speed and temperature signals with attitude sensing for heel/trim and pitch/roll data.

This is a new unit but DEPTH reading is inoperative, speed and temperature reading are perfect.

Comes complete with through-hull fitting and blanking plug.

Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkNG Converter Kit

Raymarine SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter Kit for sale

All the necessary components to interface most SeaTalk1 devices to a Raymarine SeaTalkNG network.

Used to interface SeaTalk connectors found on ST40 and ST60+ sailboat instruments with newer SeaTalk NG networks.

$200 on Binnacle

West Marine Boat Buffer

West Marine Boat Buffer for sale

Boat buffer/polisher with bonnet and case.

Good working order

Asking CAD $50 (USD $40, GBP £30)

Yanmar 3GM30 Exhaust Elbow

Exhaust elbow for sale

Straight OEM Yanmar exhaust mixing elbow for Yanmar 3GM30 marine diesel.

Perfect condition, ZERO corrosion as never used with salt water.

Part number 128370-1355. Retails new at USD $690

Asking Canadian Dollars $200 (USD $150, GBP £120)

TackTick Tactical Racing Compass

  • Seller:  Chris
  • Location: Downingtown, PA USA

TackTick Tactical Racing Compass for sale

This is a brand new never used tacktick microcompass with case, cradle, and all documentation in original packaging. Never used and fully functional. Can be used to display heading, tactical heading (for wind shift detection), and countdown timer (for race starts). Solar powered with internal rechargeable battery. Great instrument for racing, knowing immediately if wind shift is backing or veering. Paid $350, they now sell online for more than $600. Selling for $200 + shipping. Cash or Venmo.

Imray Paper Charts

  • Seller:  Rosie Featherstone
  • Location: Leicestershire UK

Vital backup paper charts to support cruises in the Channel, South Coast of England, France, Channel Islands and Northern Spain.

Imray paper charts prove invaluable when passage planning and passage making and are essential backup if the electronics go down.

We found it very difficult to create passage plans using electronics only as the details vary as the scales change.

We have decided to sell our beloved Malo so have the following used charts for sale as a set or individually.

  • Imray 1:825000. C19. Cabo Finistère to Gibraltar
  • Imray. 1:400000. C10. West English Channel passage chart
  • Imray. 1;115000. C8. Dover Strait
  • Imray. 1;300000. C12. Easter English Channel
  • Imray. 1:400000. C10. Western English’s Channel passage chart
  • Imray 1;350000. C48. La Coruna to Porto
  • Imray. 1:80000. C36. Île d Ouessant to Rax de Sein
  • Imray. 1;80000. C37. Raz de Sein to Benidet
  • Imray. 1;80000. C38. Anse de Benodet to Presque île de Quiberon
  • Imray. 1;127000. C42. La Gironde
  • Imray. 1;109400. C41. Les Sables d Olonne to La Gironde
  • Imray 1;109000. C40 Le Croisic to Sables d Olonne

Charts are all used but not torn and are in protective plastic wallets. All are in good condition. £5 per chart plus postage and packing. £50 for the set plus postage and packing.

Lotus Analin Boat Fenders

  • Seller:  Robert
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Date:  June 2023

Dock fenders for sale

Lotus analin 4 ribbed marine 8.5”x 27” boat fender black vinyl bumper dock shield protection new in box.

Various Items of Sailing Gear & Equipment

  • Seller:  Glenn
  • Location: Plymouth, MA, USA

Dyer Dow Sailing Dinghy; Davis Echomaster Radar Reflector; Sailboat Console Cup Holder; MOB Pole; Ibas Emergency Ladder; Fortress FX 37 Anchor; Boat Fender; Lifesling; Bosuns Chair; Harnesses and Jackline; West Marine 7x50 Binoculars; Davis Mark 25 Beam Converger Sextant; Icom SSB IC-M700 with AT-120 Antenna; Guest Anchor Light; 1/2" Anchor Line:-

  • 250' of 1/2" Anchor Line Tagged in 50' Increments;
  • 48' of 1/4" Diameter Anchor Chain;

Class B EPIRB Model ACR/RLB-21; Outboard Motor Mount for 1" Rails.

Mast & Standing Rigging (from Oyster 54)

  • Seller:  Andy Dickson
  • Location:  Henley on Thames, South Oxfordshire, UK
  • Date:  May 2023

Mast for Oyster 54

I have just converted to in-mast furling rig to simplify our Oyster 54 for 2 handed sailing.

The mast I removed is for sale including 4 spreaders and mast step, standing rigging, battened mainsail and sailbag.

This would suit anyone building/refurbishing a 50+ ft yacht. All equipment is in fully functional working order and very good condition.

All items are same age, dating from first launch in 2011, so 12 years old.

All equipment currently held in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Sensible offers invited.

ENO "One Grand Large Gascogne" Boat Oven

  • Seller:  Robert W
  • Location:  Northamptonshire UK

EVO Oven for sale

ENO "One Grand Large Gascogne" Gimballed 2 burner, oven, no grill, no ignition.

Jets for Campingaz.

Excellent condition.

Measurements: 467 H x 504 W x 244 D.

Revere Offshore Liferaft

  • Seller:  Peter Helmetag
  • Location: Riverside, Rhode Island, USA

Revere Offshore Liferaft for sale

Revere 4 Person Off-Shore Life Raft

Recently Re-packed by Life Raft Safety

Expires 1/26 - see invoice for details

Soft Valise

Crewsaver 6-Person Liferaft

  • Seller:  Nick Rapagnani
  • Location: New Jersey, USA
  • Date:  April 2023

Crewsaver 6-Person Liferaft

Crewsaver ISO 9650-1 Ocean Life Raft - 6 Person - Over 24 Hours.

Next Inspection date May 2021. Needs recertification by Authorized Crewsaver service center. Sold AS-IS.

Selling at half price of new.

Like New Condition, never deployed. Just needs recertification.

Asking $1,400 plus shipping.

Lewmar 43ST Winches

Lewmar 43ST Winches

  • Seller:  Keith
  • Location:  Sarasota, Florida USA

These Lewmar 43 self-tailers have aluminum drums, are fully cleaned, lubed and ready to install. 6.5" bases.

Asking $1,500 for both + shipping

941-504-1215 - leave message for call back

Operator Manuals for Universal Engines

Engine manual for sale

  • Seller:  Thom
  • Location: Center Conway, NH USA

Full Service, Parts List and Operators Manuals for Universal M-25XPB, M-35B, M-40B engines. We've repowered so no longer need. Fully Detailed.

  • Service Manual 109 pages
  • Parts List 56 pages
  • Operators Manual 157 pages

in one binder

Rutland Windcharger

  • Seller:  Mike Smith
  • Location: Wells, Somerset, UK

Rutland Windcharger-Model 910-12v

NEW, never been assembled

Asking £500

Gill Yachting Boots

Gill tall yachting boots (blue) EU size 42 - AS NEW

Helly Hanson Thermal Pants

Helly Hanson Hi-Vis thermal/orange pants C48-W33/L32 Detachable braces and hanging pockets Asking £55

AIS Class B & Chartplotter Xinuo HM-5912N

  • Seller:  Marco Keller
  • Location: La Manga del Mar Menor, España

12.1" Colour LCD Display Built In AIS Transponder (VHF Antenna Required) External GPS Antenna 800x600 Resolution 6 Display Modes Memory: 10,000 Waypoints, 200 Routes, 10,000 Marks C-MAP MAX Compatible Interface: 1 x AIS Output Port, 2 x NMEA 0183 Outputs, 3 x NMEA0183 Inputs (Baud rate can be set independently) Power: 12-36vDC

Asking €525

Davis Echomaster Radar Reflector

Davis Echomaster Radar reflector for sale

  • Seller:  Andrew Mason
  • Location: Auburn Alabama, USA
  • Date:  March 2023

Slightly used, but appears brand new.

Side-Power Thruster Upgrade Kit

Side Thruster

  • Seller:  Peter
  • Location: Fort Denaud, Florida, USA

Side-Power Propeller Upgrade Kit SE80/100

Fits SP75-95

New in box with 2 props, all hardware, adapters and zincs.

I've sold my boat have no use for this as it was aboard for spare

Taylor Made Dock Box

  • Seller:  Dave
  • Location: Ashland, Kentucky, USA

Dock Box for sale

Taylor Made fiberglass dock box. Purchased from West Marine.

It measures 50" long, 18" wide, 23" deep.

Dock box is in excellent condition.

Not cracked, scratched or damaged. Always been cared for.

New ones of this size are selling for $699 and up.

Call me on 606-615-3659

Custom Synthetic Teak Decking for Beneteau 311, complete kit, NEW

  • Seller:  Zoltan Sachs
  • Location: Essex, Vermont, USA

For sale is a complete set of factory pre-cut synthetic teak decking for a Beneteau 311 sailboat. I bought it pre-cut and decided to instead replace the two sections that needed it. Paid $700. Looking to recover some of my cost. What's included:

  • Custom New York Style PlasDeck mat-Teak w/Black Lines
  • Off-White Sausage Glue, two tubes
  • Roller to rollout each piece evenly

All NEW, never used, direct from manufacturer. Will ship. Please inquire.

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

Barient winch for sale

2 Barient Self-Tailing Winches, Anodized Aluminum, size 27, in good condition.

Freshwater use only.

$500 Canadian, per unit, shipping not included.

1 Barient winch, size 18, in good condition. Fresh water use only.

$150 Canadian, per unit, shipping not included.

Lewmar Electric Anchor Windlass

Lewmar Electric Anchor Windlass

Lewmar Electric Anchor Windlass, 12 V, Gypsy and Drum, Model H2.

Never used or installed.

Manual and all installation materials included.

Gill Foul Weather Gear

  • Seller:  John
  • Location: Seattle, USA

Gill foul weather gear

Gill foul weather gear: bib and jacket. Both men's large size.

Like new. Never worn. 

Lofran Windlass Royal 8mm

  • Seller:  Jeannette
  • Location: Stock Island, Florida Keys, USA

Lofrans Windlass for sale

Like new. Minimal use.

Located on Stock Island, Florida Keys.

MAXX 700 Watt DC to AC Inverter

  • Seller:  Dennis Woods
  • Location: Canton, Michigan, USA

Inverter for sale

This is a 700 Watt Marine inverter. It tops out at 1400 Watts. It is corrosion and vibration resistant, and is built by VECTOE.

IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED! The little digs in the paint are from being moved around my basement for some years. It has three plugs. My name is Dennis Woods. I live in Canto Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor. 

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Leatherman multitool for sale. early piece.

This advert is located in and around Ipswich, Suffolk

Letherman stainless steel multitool for sale. I believe this is an early example, unused in my tool box and no longer required.

used yacht winches for sale uk


This advert is located in and around Tunbridge, Kent

Really nice pair of rare, vintage sail maker or leather worker's steel sewing needles, both clearly maker marked TJ&S. One measures approx 6.5 inches, the other more like 7.5 inches - ruler shown for...

used yacht winches for sale uk

6 hours ago

Aquq Signal Starboard Navigation Light

This advert is located in and around Hull, East Riding Of Yorkshire

Aqua Signal Starboard Navigation Light. No box, light is new but has slight marks on bottom (where CE label is). Will include spare bulbs

used yacht winches for sale uk

  • Sponsored This advert has no user uploaded images or videos

Yacht fenders used but good

This advert is located in and around Southampton, Hants

TWO yacht fenders for sale. Majoni white/black with attachment rope, model HD3-2 x 75, 75cm long, 20cm width. Holds pressure, good condition. Sidewind blue, model R20N, 50cm long, 14cm width, no rope....

used yacht winches for sale uk

18 hours ago

Aqua Signal Starboard Navigation Light

Aqua Signal Starboard Navigation Light. Box slightly damaged but light is new. Will include at least 2 spare bulbs.

used yacht winches for sale uk

10 days ago

Quick Silver In-line fuel filter

Quick Silver Marine Parts & Accessories - In-line Fuel Filter Part Number: 35 - 816296Q 2 Packaging slightly worn but new item.

used yacht winches for sale uk

11 days ago

Quick Silver Propeller kit

Quick Silver Marine Parts & Accessories - Propeller kit. 11 - 52707A 1 2 available - Price is £15 each New items, surplus to requirements

used yacht winches for sale uk

Quick Silver Start solenoid kit

Quick Silver Marine Parts & Accessories - Start solenoid kit. 89-817109A 2 New, surplus to requirements.

used yacht winches for sale uk

Quick Silver - Propeller Nut/tab washer kit

Quick Silver - Propeller Nut/tab washer kit 11 - 52707Q 1 New, surplus to requirements 2 available. Price is £15 each

used yacht winches for sale uk

Various propeller spares

Various propeller spares including:- Nuts, tabs, washers & propeller inserts. These were originally to fit a Mariner 90 outboard but were surplus to requirements. All new parts

used yacht winches for sale uk

Galvanised Steel Rigging Wire 67m X 5mm

This advert is located in and around Saltash, Cornwall

Galvanised Steel Rigging Wire 67m X 5mm Welcome to come and view Situated in Landrake near Saltash

Small dog lifejacket used for small Westiex

This advert is located in and around North Walsham., Norfolk

Worn once “ pet float by Crewsaver “medium size 30/45cm like new selling as gave up boating under half price

Boat anchor approx 5kg used

This advert is located in and around Workington, Cumbria

Boat anchor approx 5kg for sand/mud, galvanised, approx 1m chain and 20m rope used but good working order

used yacht winches for sale uk

17 days ago

Boat anchor approx 10kg

Boat anchor approx 10kg, good for sand/mud, galvanised, like new with 2m of chain, collection only please

used yacht winches for sale uk

Lowrance X25B depthfinder

Lowrance X25 depth/fish finder with instructions, case, transducer, wiring and mount. Basic but a good starter sounder in excellent condition. Collection only please.

used yacht winches for sale uk

23 metre 10mm dia. Braided Halyard Rope

This advert is located in and around Grantham, Lincolnshire

Twenty three metre of synthetic braided halyard rope. Ten millimetre diameter. Stainless steel eye in one end. Good condition (no fraying).

used yacht winches for sale uk

Sailing Equipment - Jib Sale for sale

Jib sale. A few small marks but material, fittings and stitching good. Wire luff 18ft. (5.5 metre). Foot 9ft 2" (2.8 metre). Buyer to collect.

used yacht winches for sale uk

Kipor IG2000 LPG/Petrol Generator

This advert is located in and around Scunthorpe, N. Lincs

Used but in excellent condition. Low Hours (no more than 25) Petrol /LPG but only ever run on LPG. Max. output power is 2kVA Low noise design,?61-73 dB(A)/7m Advanced inverter technology provides reliable...

used yacht winches for sale uk

5 hours ago

Main Sail for yacht by Owen Sails

This advert is located in and around Dundee, Angus

Main sale by Owen Sails of Benderloch. Approx 10 years old but in very good condition. Dimensions in photo. Mainly used for casual river sailing,

used yacht winches for sale uk

21 days ago

Radar reflector,used good condition

This advert is located in and around Liverpool, Merseyside

Radar reflector, comes with stainless brackets to go on mast , used but good condition . Radar reflector used but good condition ,prefer collection but will post

used yacht winches for sale uk

8 hours ago

Ewincher 2 - Electric Winch Handle


(Details shown apply to the default selection)

Delighted that this makes easy work of hoisting and trimming sails for a couple who were in need of such age assisting equipment. Expensive, but will allow us a few more years afloat, so worth the investment.

Was this helpful to you?   Yes   /   No

2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Product Information

Ewincher 2's extreme power and adjustable speed allow you to perform all possible manoeuvers while sailing: hoisting, sheeting, adjusting sails, furling your genoa, or even hauling a crew member up the mast.

One of the main difficulties for the skipper and crew is the sheer strength that sailing manoeuvres require: hoisting the mainsail, adjusting the genoa, trimming the sails, stowing the genoa. This difficulty is exacerbated by the fact that crew members are rarely well-positioned relative to the winch/handle set. Ewincher 2 is designed to perfectly assist sailing manoeuvres without altering your natural movements: you’ll gain power and speed while remaining in an ideal position, without exerting any effort. It’s waterproof, lightweight, locks into the winch, and has an ergonomic design: all the controls are at your fingertips.

With its standard size, it adapts to all deck layouts. Ewincher 2 can truly be used right out of the box. Thanks to its battery and high-performance motor, you can head out all day without a problem allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasures of sailing.

With its 3 modes of operation, Ewincher 2 is the new crew member that assists you with all manoeuvres on your boat:

  • In assisted mode: Ewincher 2 does the work for you in the winch's 1st or 2nd speed
  • In manual mode: you can use Ewincher 2 like any other winch handle to make adjustments
  • Combined mode: add your own speed to the handle's speed to reach exceptional hauling speeds

Ewincher Features

  • Easy to insert into the winch socket, thanks to its ideal ergonomic design and very lightweight (2.2 kg)
  • Electric assistance is easy to use, with all the controls located on the handgrip, allowing you to keep winching as you normally would, but with the addition of considerable torque (90 Nm) while ensuring precision (0 to 160 rpm). You maintain the feeling of winching while considerably reducing the physical effort involved.
  • You can use the assisted or non-assisted mode, or both at once, to ensure maximum precision all while maintaining the feeling of winching.
  • Precise speed control with variable speed drive.
  • You can use the Ewincher 2 as a manual handle at any time. It’s always in the ideal position to limit your effort.
  • Keep control with the integrated torque limiter that is adjustable via the smartphone app
  • The removable, rechargeable battery lasts a long time, enough for a day sailing and charges at 12V DC or 110/220V in just 1.5 hours
  • Waterproof to IPX6
  • No installation required
  • Supplied with winch handle pocket, security leash, chargers & carry case

Why choose Ewincher 2 rather than an electric winch?

The price of a 40 electric winch is upwards of £2000 (without installation) per winch. In general terms, we prefer to electrify the mainsail winch that enables us to harden the mainsail and go up to the mast easily. It represents approximately a £3000 budget for a single installed electric winch, without any assistance on winches for the genoa sheets or the spinnaker.

With the Ewincher 2 electric winch handle you can electrify all the winches on your boat for significantly less. Ewincher 2 can be used straight away, without any mounting or installation, on all winches . It can also be used to lift the anchor in the case that the windlass fails.


When installing an electric winch on a sailing boat, it is usually necessary to mount the motor gearbox inside the cabin. Depending of the size of the boat, the motor and gearbox can take up valuable space under the cockpit, sometimes making mounting very difficult or even impossible. The electrics for the winch also need to be run and often extra batteries are required to sustain the additional consumption.

With Ewincher 2, the difficulties of installation can be avoided, it can be used right out of the box with ease on all the winches.

Load feedback, feel and risk of damage

Electric winches do not offer you any feel or feedback of load when hoisting or trimming. In other words, we don’t know how much tension we are exerting on the lines which can cause damage.

Ewincher 2 offers powered assistance while offering the full feel and feedback that we are used to when using a standard winch handle. We can feel the intensity of the strain put on the rope, which allows sailors to immediately notice if a problem occurs (for example, a caught rope…).

The speed of an electric winch is not adjustable which means it is difficult to use an electric winch to make fine-tuned adjustments. It is recommended to use a standard winch handle avoid damaging something on the boat.

Ewincher 2 has a progressive hauling speed that can be adjusted from 15 to 80 RPM. This allows a fast speed on initial operation and slower speed when required using the powered assistance.

The maximum torque of electric winches is not adjustable. As such, if you keep pushing the button without paying attention, the winch will keep hauling and can damage the rope or the sail.

Ewincher 2 is equipped with an adjustable torque from 10kg to 32kg of traction on the handle, it allows manoeuvring sailing boats up to 55 feet without damaging anything.

Electric consumption and weight

An electric winch weighs about 12kg to 15kg and can considerably add to the battery consumption on the boat.

Ewincher 2 weighs only 2.2kg and offers a great autonomy thanks to its Lithium Ion battery: more than a day of sailing on a 45ft boat with only one charge. Charging time takes about 1h30 and consumes 6Ah (1.5-2% of a 370Ah battery stock)

Ewincher Specifications

Ewincher - the first connected electric winch handle.

Using your smartphone, you can:

  • Adapt the maximum operating power and torque delivered to the user. All users will therefore be able to adjust the handle according to their strength or the level of effort they do not wish to exceed. Ewincher 2 is so powerful that all users will be able to find the appropriate settings for them. It can also be set to an intermediate level to suit everyone.
  • Visualize all the information related to the use of your handle (state of charge, maximum effort exerted, maximum pW, average pW, duration of use, number of times it was used, Kcal, etc.)

What's in the box

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Winch handle pocket
  • 110-220V AC charger
  • 12V DC converter
  • Security leash
  • 2-year warranty
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used yacht winches for sale uk

For sale

Sail Winches for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites

sail winches for sale

Page updated : 16 Apr 2024, 12:11

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sail winches for sale  CHALFONT ST. GILES

Price: 10 £

Product condition: Used

Barlow lewmar yacht for sale  MALDON

Price: 50 £

Barlow single yacht for sale  MALDON

Price: 45 £

Winchmax winch safety for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

Rope damper must. Designed minimise whip. Moderate price. Free st…~

- Since today

Price: 30 £

Product condition: New

Lewmar yacht sailing for sale  MALDON

Price: 135 £

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Vgeby servo motor for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

The rewinding machine. This cable take. Available for sale. Inner…~

Price: 28 £

Largo winch vol. for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

Price: 5.02 £

Lofrans airon windlass for sale  MALDON

Price: 500 £

Harken 44st winch for sale  MALDON

Price: 625 £

Lewmar single chrome for sale  MALDON

Price: 70 £

Duerer sun shade for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

Duerer sun shade…~

Price: 27 £

Barient lewmar single for sale  MALDON

Price: 55 £

Lewmar bronzed radial for sale  MALDON

Price: 300 £

Marineo winch bit for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

The winch bit. Quick use common,. Good condition. The marine winc…~

Price: 41 £

Tootaci crane pulley for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

M20 crane pulley. Best designpulley block. Hand sale. Pulley syst…~

Price: 22 £

Barton wincher self for sale  MALDON

Price: 13 £

Lewmar harken barlow for sale  MALDON

Price: 175 £

Two speed winches for sale  PLYMOUTH

Price: 160 £

Galeith sailboat winch for sale  Delivered anywhere in UK

Experience winching ease:. Expand your tool. Used. Star socket bi…~

Barlow lewmar similar for sale  MALDON

Price: 180 £

Barient lewmar barlow for sale  MALDON

Price: 260 £

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sail winches for sale

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Gearmatic Carco Paccar 71222 A8054 MASTER PUSH ROD

Gearmatic carco paccar 77650 a855a master control bushing, gearmatic carco paccar 77595 a797 master control filler cap, gearmatic carco paccar 77616 a8053 master push rod, superwinch cable tensioner p/n 5670a, for superwinch models h11/13/15p , new, braden winch cable roller fairlead p/n 81017 for recovery winch, new old stock, nice thompson totable tooling portable utility capstan winch hydraulic clamp on, superwinch roller fairlead p/n 5620a, new, braden winch worm gear, ingersoll rand bep 382-29305 brake band assembly for fa5 air winch -26641, ingersoll rand fa5 brake band assembly for pneumatic air winch #new, ingersoll rand 382-29301 brake band assembly for fa150kgmr air winch -new #2, gearmatic carco paccar b9502 clutch lever, gearmatic carco paccar 78349 50799 106185 oil seal, gearmatic carco paccar 27387 30b freespool spring, gearmatic carco paccar 77534 a19091 master control bushing, pullmaster pipe adapt 1/8 npt x 1/8 fpt airway 5405, p/n 25622. new., capstan braden winch 7" dia drum assembly iron bayonet style, new, p/n 8123, tulsa winch rn65w brake kit, rufnek rn65w, p/n 4449, new old stock, new listing ingersoll rand k5b-a513-47 piston, braden winch cable roller fairlead p/n 81613 for recovery winch, new old stock, custom yachts stainless ss-10 winch & handle ~good used condition, new humvee mile marker winch control used on 10500 psi hydraulic winche 57k3541, tulsa winch kit, oil brake, model 80, p/n 3653-tw, new old stock, gearmatic carco paccar 26173 shim set, clutch carrier, ramsey winch steel roller fairleads rwc251183, gearmatic carco paccar b9501 seal flange (77771 b19002), gearmatic carco paccar 71225 a9546x repair kit - clutch cylinder, gearmatic carco paccar 78348 50793 bearing, gearmatic carco paccar 26117 washer, thrust, gearmatic carco paccar 78997 57552 hydraulic tube (same as cat 8v-7670), gearmatic carco paccar 77535 a19092 lever plug, pullmaster oil seal, p/n 26009. set of 2. new, pullmaster planet gears for models pl4 h25 m25 m50, p/n 20370. new. set of 3, pullmaster friction plates, set of 10, p/n 25952. new, warn industries 30285 hydraulic winch 34570 d2 (not working), ingersoll rand 22033 separator plate lot of 6, gearmatic carco paccar 77697 a9536 relief spring, gearmatic carco paccar 77536 a19158 hose fitting, gearmatic carco paccar b72 clutch lever, gearmatic carco paccar 26102 ring, lathe cut rubber, nos ramsey winch misc parts lot bearings seals gaskets 256022 310800, 1969 braden lu4 pto winch, gearmatic carco paccar 77782 b19019 lever, gearmatic carco paccar 77584 a770 cylinder, braden winch lgu2-10f shifter fork, p/n 101094 new old stock, gearmatic carco paccar 71224 a9545x master control kit, gearmatic carco paccar 77583 a769 rocker arm assy, deals for you.


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    1. Boat winches for sale. Pair of tufnol winches with handle, complete spares or repair , 4.5"in height 3.5"drum diameter . Saltcoats, North Ayrshire. £30. 29 days ago. Discover amazing local deals on Boat winch for sale Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community.

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    US $25,000 Excluding Duty/GST. Unused Boat Winch - Clark & Chapman double drum, double gypsy. Sing - 17hp, 220v, 66amp with slip clutch. Suitability - vessel over 25m. SeaBoats are International Ship Brokers & Yacht Brokers, marketing and selling a wide range of boats and ships, recreational and commercial, new and used, to broad global audiences.

  10. Boat Winch for sale in UK

    Boat winch for sale Rolson heavy duty: 20.00 £ | Boat trailer winch: 15.00 £ | 1200lb 600kg manual: 9.50 £ ... Categories. SEARCH ︎. hydraulic bench heavy duty car dolly sandblaster cabinet media blaster. Boat Winch for sale on UK's largest auction and classifieds sites. Video Games & Consoles. Films & TV. Collectables. Clothes, Shoes ...

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    1 Barlow and 1 Barient chrome-plated 10-inch Australian winch handles are for sale. They were used on a 38-foot sloop and are in excellent condition. They have ratcheting and locking features. The value of these handles when new was $152, but the seller is willing to accept the best offer over $51. Please email Anthony C Giaccio for further ...

  12. Used Chandlery (Boat Supplies), Buy and Sell with zero fees

    New Cl A ssifie d £10 For Sale Yacht fenders used but good. This advert is located in and around Southampton, Hants. TWO yacht fenders for sale. Majoni white/black with attachment rope, model HD3-2 x 75, 75cm long, 20cm width. Holds pressure, good condition. Sidewind blue, model R20N, 50cm long, 14cm width, no rope....

  13. Ewincher 2

    Ewincher 2 is equipped with an adjustable torque from 10kg to 32kg of traction on the handle, it allows manoeuvring sailing boats up to 55 feet without damaging anything. Electric consumption and weight. An electric winch weighs about 12kg to 15kg and can considerably add to the battery consumption on the boat.

  14. Harken Winches For Sale

    Harken Radial 35ST Self Tailing Two Speed Winch. £931.81 £809.95. We stock an excellent range of Harken Winches including the hugely popular Radial and Performa lines. Low prices and fast delivery.

  15. Boat winches

    Jetski trailer winch and strap suitable also for small boat trailers. £35.00 Jet-Tec Performance. Newtownabbey, County Antrim. £35. 7 days ago. 2. BOAT WINCH. MAX-pro manual Boat Winch. Unused of galvanised steel construction with 10 metre long steel hawser. Pulling capacity 1200lb Buyer collect.

  16. Sail Winches for sale in UK

    Sail winches for sale Lewmar winch self: 127.00 £ | Pair canvas winch: 7.50 £ | Barbarossa winches italy: 59.99 £| Categories SEARCH ︎

  17. Used Sailboat Winches

    [NEW] Harken Vertical Motorgear Flange For Proforma Winch 46.2. $150.00 [NEW] Harken Vertical Reduction Gearbox. $250.00 Barient 32 Self-Tailing Winch. $895.00 Quick Winch Model 1100 24V. $1,595.00 [Never Installed] Lewmar 40 Self Tailing Winch ... Boat heaven. Lots of used stuff. Unique, and hard-to-find items. Some of the less reusable items ...

  18. used sailboat selftailing winches for sale

    YACHT WINCHES MADE IN ENGLAND LEWMAR 8102 written on the back NEW. Opens in a new window or tab. Brand New. $799.88. yellowtre-japan (274) 98.8%. or Best Offer. ... New Listing Used Sailboat Herreshoff Nereia 1984 36 feet Liveaboard boat for Sale . Opens in a new window or tab. sail boat cutter sloop florida live aboard. Pre-Owned. $40,000.00 ...

  19. Windlass for sale

    Canal Windlass Aluminium Unpolished Lightweight Canal Lock Key Walsh UK Made. £25.49. Click & Collect (£25.49/Unit) ... 25lb Electric Windlass Anchor Winch Boat Saltwater Wireless Remote Control Winch. £140.38. Free postage. ... MzElettronic EV011 Chain Counter for Windlass for sale online at our nautical ac. £144.76. Free postage.

  20. Industrial Winches for sale

    12v Electric Reversible 2000lb Load 6000 LB Rolling Car Boat Recovery Winch 711. (12) 100% agree - Would recommend. £76.99 New. Toolzone 4 Ton Cable Puller - Hand Winch Turfer Boat Trailer Car Auto Lifting. (8) 87% agree - Would recommend. £29.79 New. 2 Ton Heavy Duty Cable Puller Hand Winch Fencing Turfer for Car Boat Trailer.

  21. Winch For Sale

    Delta Machinery. Deurne, The Netherlands 5753RL. Phone: +31 76 808 0267. View Details. Email Seller Video Chat. == Information in English == Dimensions (LxBxH): 122 x 160 x 107 cm Carco H110B Hydraulic winch to suit Cat D7R / Komatsu D85 or similar size dozer, no controls, no mounts.

  22. Hydraulic Winches for sale

    used hydraulic winch, topping winch, planetary gearbox. £10.50. 2 bids Ending Saturday at 11:36AM BST 2d 13h Collection in person. Grundowinch Cable Pulling Winch Underground Systems KW3000 Op & Parts Manual. £11.95. £3.00 postage. Superwinch Roller Fairlead p/n 5620A, New. £90.88. or Best Offer.