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Animation / The Haunted House: The Secret of the Ghost Ball

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Siblings Hari and Doori live in the haunted Shinbi Apartments. One day, they meet and befriend the goblin who feeds off the magical energy there, Shinbi. Despite his warnings, they steal and eat the goblin taffy, granting them the ability to see ghosts. They agree to help Shinbi drive away ghosts from the apartment, so that it stays occupied and he can continue feeding off the energy generated. Shinbi gives them each a Ghost Ball, allowing them to summon spirits they've defeated to help them.

Using their Ghost Balls, Hari and Doori protect their neighbors and classmates from evil spirits and help ghosts cross over to the other side.

This show was available to watch on Netflix.

This show provides examples of:

  • 13 Is Unlucky : Not nearly as common on the show as Four Is Death , but a couple of ghosts can trace their origins to people who died on the 13th floor of Shinbi Apartment.
  • 2D Visuals, 3D Effects : Not usually, but the Speeding Bus Ghost is computer generated, as are most of the other moving vehicles in that episode.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break : The season finale, in which Shinbi is abducted and nearly sacrificed by Kanglim , takes place on Shinbi's 103rd birthday, interrupting the surprise party the heroes had planned for him.
  • Actually, That's My Assistant : Trying to get the vampire king's ring back from Gaeun, the vampires replace the principal at the school with an old man claiming to be the king of the vampires, Joachim. It's actually Joachim's assistant, Balow. The real Joachim is the young boy pretending to be Doori's friend. The purpose of the ruse was to get the heroes to use up their magic so they would be helpless by the time he chose to reveal himself.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys : Kanglim has quite a following despite being cold and indifferent with no regard for the feelings of the girls who confess to him. Even Hari finds herself attracted to him in spite of disliking him for his personality, and she and her friends acknowledge that he only gets away with treating people as he does because he's attractive.
  • Alliterative Title : Nearly every episode is titled this way.
  • Apartment Complex of Horrors : The series takes place in a new apartment that a family moves into an apartment, which turns out to be filled with ghosts, monsters, and...heroic goblins?
  • The spirit that would eventually become the Wicked Doll Ghost is shown via flashback to have spent several years in this sort of state, trapped inside the teddy bear he wanted to give his daughter, watching as she regularly visited the site of his death, and the only thing he could do was mentally scream for her to please notice that he was still there.
  • Heron also, after he died and his spirit possessed the family's vacuum robot, his mother decided she couldn't bear to live in their old apartment with her memories of him and she moved out. We see the vacuum robot shoved in a trash can as she leaves, with its eyes glowing and the boy trying to call out for her to come back.
  • Animesque : The characters design is resembling to anime, it's because the Korean animation standard are doing such things.
  • As You Know : Hari and Doori's introduction to Shinbi is never actually shown, and instead is explained to the audience via this type of conversation.
  • The deals we see being made with the Shadow Ghost prove to be this as the "something precious to me" he takes in exchange for giving one of Hari's classmates bigger and brighter eyes is her beloved dog and Doori ends up trading away Hari for losing weight.
  • Berserk Button : Shinbi gets incredibly irritated by the Koo kids calling him a dwarf. He also gets very angry at being summoned for frivolous reasons, and not being given the respect he believes he deserves as a powerful magical goblin.
  • Beware the Silly Ones : The Jack-O-Lantern ghost is the spirit of a prankster kid and still retains some of his quirks like goofing around and making puns while fighting, but is still a powerful fire ghost capable of deafeating both Sarah and Hari and Doori's fused ghost and is beaten only when Leon pulled a sneak attack on him.
  • Big Eater : Shinbi and Doori.
  • In the first episode, the Drowned Water Ghost pulls Doori into his bathtub. The camera follows him in and then pulls back, revealing a much larger area inside than should actually exist. Hari goes inside the building's water tank later to face the ghosts, and once she hits the water she ends up in a space several times more spacious than the tank.
  • The Speeding Bus Ghost is much bigger on the inside, forcing Hari to run quite a ways while looking for her brother. She even comments on it.
  • Big Sister Bully : Hari to Doori, sometimes.
  • The Black Pearl Ghost turned out to be Gaeun's loving and protective older sister who became a ghost to protect Gaeun from bullies.
  • Bland-Name Product : In episode 9, Hyunwoo wants a handheld game console, the 5DS , which also happens to look exactly like a Playstation Portable .
  • Blatant Lies : Shinbi gets caught eating Doori's chips and tries to get out of it by insisting that goblins don't eat. This despite one of his defining traits being his Big Eater status.
  • Bully Hunter : Hari hates bullies and ended up gaining Gaeun's friendship standing up for her.
  • Calling Your Attacks : Nearly every instance of Shinbi using magic, as well as many of Kanglim's attacks. Averted with the ghosts that Hari and Doori summon, though.
  • Cool Big Sis : Hari to Doori; while she teases him, it's almost always with affection, she's always supportive when he needs it and she never seems annoyed to have to spend time with him.
  • Shinbi, who was so afraid of ghosts that he recruited two random human children to deal with them in his place, but who is still willing to step up when things get bad .
  • Hyunwoo also. In one notable example, he starts off "The Spine-Chilling Story of the Skeleton Ghost" literally begging for his life from the "ghosts" at a summer camp courage test, but when Hari gets attacked by the Skeleton Ghost he's brave enough to attack it head on in order to save her. He's also willing to pull a You Shall Not Pass! against the minions of the actual devil in the season finale.
  • Creepy Ballet : The Marionette Queen, a ghost who possesses and abducts young girls to join her dance troupe. She turned out to be a girl who died on the way to a ballet performance. Swan Lake is a prominent theme around her.
  • Creepy Doll : The Wicked Doll Ghost is a creepy looking plush bear that also happens to be possessed by the spirit of a dead father who wanted to give the bear to his daughter, and who steals souls in order to remain on Earth.
  • Crystal Dragon Jesus : The religion of the series is presented like this. There's The Master , an all-powerful booming voice and pair of disembodied hands that lives in Fluffy Cloud Heaven . There's Underground Nation , who was banished by The Master to a Fire and Brimstone Hell . Also, there's Shinbi who is a servant of The Master sent to Earth to battle Underground Nation, meaning that goblins are apparently angels.
  • Phantom Torso has the power to reshape peoples' bodies. He'll magically alter your body in any way you want, in exchange for the body and soul of the person you love most, which he uses to try and make a new body for himself.
  • Keyclaws the evil maze ghost was summoned to Shinbi Apartments by a greedy rich man who had to flee the country because of a war and was forced to leave his treasure behind, so he summoned an evil ghost to protect it for him. It's implied that Keyclaws saw to his death before he could return for it. Keyclaws continues to make more deals with mortals, allowing them to challenge him to puzzles and mazes for the treasure. He also cheats worse than a five year old playing Monopoly, and attempts to steal your soul even after you win; the only way to banish Keyclaws is to defeat every challenge and then willingly leave the treasure behind. As Hari points out, the treasure itself is actually just one more trap.
  • Ravanav the hide-and-seek ghost collects souls from mortals in the hope of becoming a human. To do this, it allows humans to summon and challenge it to a game of hide-and-seek, and promises to grant a wish if you can hide from it for one hour. Supposedly at least one person has managed to beat it, but we don't see it happen. It's likely a lie spread by Ravanav itself, as its supernaturally keen senses generally allow it to track anyone within mere minutes, making it unlikely anyone could ever beat it. Also, the wish it supposedly granted for that person was something even Shinbi says he can't do. And, as with Keyclaws, he also attacks to try and eat your soul even if you win.
  • The Drowned Water Ghost is made from a pair of twins, who tried to go swimming in the apartment's water tower and drowned.
  • The Black Pearl Ghost was Gaeun's teenage sister, who fell off a bridge by accident and became a vengeful ghost to protect her little sister from bullies.
  • The No-Face Ghost was a mother whose husband and daughter died in a car accident which also horribly scarred her face. She killed herself to be with her family again, but couldn't find them on the other side and so became an evil ghost.
  • The Marionette Queen was a young girl who died in a plane crash on her way to a ballet performance. Her only desire was to perform Swan Lake , and she started abducting other girls to join her dance troupe.
  • Heron was a sick boy who died when he fell out of bed and accidentally unplugged the machines that were keeping him alive. His wish for a healthy body that could run and play caused him to become a vengeful spirit and he possessed the family's vacuum robot.
  • The Speeding Bus Ghost is formed from the souls of the passengers who died in a bus crash, some of whom are shown to have been children.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything? : Ethra uses a smartphone to communicate with children and asks to meet with them alone so she can attack them... so she's basically the supernatural version of an internet child predator.
  • Double Entendre : When fighting the Phantom Torso, Doori mentions needing to "hit him where it hurts" before summoning the Black Pearl Ghost. She defeats Phantom Torso by using her hair to cover the window, blocking the light from the full moon from reaching him and robbing him of his power... but it's hard not to read a bit more into the fact that Doori chooses a ghost with hair powers to fight a ghost who is completely bald .
  • Dramatic Slip : Hari's legs tend to give out at inopportune times, to a degree that it seems they must be made of balsa wood. This usually ends with her landing in Kanglim's arms. She also gets an inconvenient Twisted Ankle that prevents her from dancing for the Marionette Queen.
  • Eats Babies : Rlim Shaikorth, the white moth ghost, specifically targets children, eats their souls and turns them into eggs for more moth ghosts. Other ghosts usually don't target kids specifically but are more than willing to eat children's souls if they're available.
  • In the episode "The Hair-Raising Tale of the Homunculus", loner Dongjin finds a book on alchemy which explicitly warns that the homunculus will be incredibly jealous toward its creator, and yet is surprised when his little Homjin turns into a psycho Yandere .
  • Hyunwoo is way too quick to mess with ghosts, even with how scared of them he is. He's the one to suggest that Doori make a wish with the Phantom Torso, he's the first to want to seek out Keyclaws' treasure. He also talks everyone into playing Hide-and-Seek with Ravanav, even knowing it will mean putting their souls on the line... because he failed a math test and wants to wish for Ravanav to change it.
  • Fallen Angel : Underground Nation, who is basically Satan . He was an angel, who started gathering power without God's permission, because he believed Humans Are Bastards and wanted to kill them all .
  • Fate Worse than Death : Implied to be the fate of ghosts who are sealed by Kanglim, as opposed to those who are purified and allowed to go on to Heaven by Hari. Naturally, only the most unsympathetic ghosts in the series get this treatment.
  • Four Is Death : Four is practically an Arc Number for the show. The Koo family lives in apartment 444, on the fourth floor of Shinbi Apartments. The maze ghost Keyclaws exists in a pocket dimension between the fourth and fifth floor. The Speeding Bus Ghost, especially, is bus number 4444, which arrives twice a day at exactly 4:44 AM and 4:44 PM.
  • Friendless Background : Gauen. Everyone bullied her except for her sister, but then her sister died after falling off a bridge, and became a ghost whose Knight Templar Parent tendencies drove away anyone else who might have been Gauen's friend, up until Gauen met Hari and Doori.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire : Ian, the vampire prince who defected from his kind because he didn't want to prey on innocent humans.
  • Friend to All Children : Hari seems to have a way with child ghosts once they're calm, being gentle and even hugging them when needed.
  • Underground Nation , after being cast out of Heaven, became ruler of the underworld by forcefully fusing the eight existing demon lords into his own body, which is where his eight extra heads came from. He can become even more powerful by absorbing other ghosts and monsters as well.
  • The Spider Ghost is made from the ghosts of a deceased woman and her son's pet spider, who fused into one after they fell off a balcony together.
  • Good All Along : The Beloved Bride Flower spends its episode worming its tendrils throughout Shinbi Apartment and trapping the tenants inside of creepy egg sacs. It turns out, the ghost found a structural flaw in the building's support beam that was going to cause the building to collapse soon. It was trapping people in order to keep them safe, and using small amounts of energy from their souls in the meantime to grow so that it could reinforce the support beam with its own body. It's purified in the end, but in doing so the heroes are able to spot the problem and repair it before the building can come down.
  • The Hand Is God : " The Master ", a God expy who appears as an enormous light in the sky with a booming voice, with two giant hands that appear when it wants to interact with something.
  • Haunted House : Naturally. The titular haunted house is actually a haunted apartment complex, though: Shinbi Apartments is full of ghosts, and a goblin who feeds on their spiritual energy.
  • Ethra, who possessed a smartphone after it was used to take a picture of the Spooky Painting that held her spirit trapped inside.
  • Heron, the spirit of a sick boy who died longing for a healthy body, and possessed his family's vacuum robot.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Kanglim is aloof and indifferent to other's emotions, but he doesn't hesitate to help when he sees someone in trouble.
  • Knight Templar : Many of the dead spirits who became vengeful ghosts had entirely understandable reasons for wanting to stay on Earth, but have since become so obsessed with hatred and their hunger for souls that they've entirely forgotten their original purpose, and may even act against what they originally wanted.
  • Luminescent Blush : Hari gets this way around Kanglim.
  • Hari, whenever anyone messes with Doori.
  • Also, some of the ghosts are this, taken to the absolute extreme . One notable example is the ghost from The Spectral Sentinel, which is actually Hari and Doori's grandmother, come to save them from an evil ghost that was targeting their family.
  • Minion Master : Several ghosts. Keyclaws has an army of cyclops in its maze to stop people escaping. The Drowned Water Twins can brainwash people with water they've contaminated, and the Skeleton Ghost can do the same with its breath. Homjin can clone itself . Ravanav can call ghosts from inside its own body. Joachim the Vampire King and Ian the true Vampire King also count, naturally. Rlim Shaikorth the white moth turns children's souls into larva minions. Underground Nation has the ability to control other evil ghosts, but prefers to absorb them for power instead.
  • My Greatest Failure : The old man from The Bewitched Bus has one of these. He was a bus driver who was involved in an accident. He was thrown clear and survived with minor injuries, but all of his passengers died when the bus went the rest of the way off the bridge. He blames himself for not being there to open the doors and let them out, and has been chasing after the Speeding Bus Ghost in the hopes of freeing their souls from it.
  • Not So Above It All : Shinbi spends the episode "The Mystifying and Malevolent Maze" berating the humans for their Greed that led them to seek Keyclaw's maze and its treasures. At the end, in the middle of one more lecture, they happen to notice that he swiped a coin from the treasure before they left.
  • Not So Stoic : Kanglim breaks down in episode 24, showing more emotion than he did in all previous episodes combined.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different : They combine a lot of the aspects of eastern and western ghost tropes. Those with powerful grudges become freaky monsters with bizarre powers, similar to eastern ghosts. When put to rest and allowed to pass on, they become see-through versions of their human selves, similar to western ghosts. It also seems to be a catch-all term for supernatural creatures as some ghosts - like the Phantom Torso and Ethra - seem to have always been what they are now. Underground Nation is a Fallen Angel , but also considered a ghost, as is the homunculus Homjin. Notably, however, vampires are NOT ghosts.
  • Our Goblins Are Different : Shinbi the goblin is like a tiny oni, even wielding a kanabo-like tool. He can also grant wishes, and is actually a servant of God sent to Earth specifically to defeat Underground Nation, meaning he's something akin to an angel too.
  • Painful Rhyme : Kanglim's magic spell to banish evil ghosts rhymes the word "without" with "out." The theme song also rhymes "souls" with "souls."
  • Pet the Dog : Episode 15 sees Kanglim by himself seeking after a monster known as the Iron Beast. After watching him behave like a total jerk to everyone up to this point, it's surprising to see him behave with genuine compassion to the people of the town being terrorized by the ghost. He also finally admits his feelings for Hari, which gives him the strength to defeat the monster that, up to that point, had been winning against him.
  • Playing with Fire : Kanglim's signature attack, Signal Fire, uses Paper Talismans enchanted to burst into flames to attack enemies. He can also apply them to his weapon to make it a Flaming Sword .
  • Please, Don't Leave Me : A common response to someone getting to see their now-ghostly relative, including Gaeun with her sister and the Spider Ghost's son.
  • Really 700 Years Old : Joachim, the leader of the vampires in Ian's absence, is over 1,000 years old, despite looking like a child .
  • Red Herring : The episode "Malediction Malfunction" goes out of its way early on to make the audience think the Monster of the Week is inside of a Spooky Painting Mr. Koo bought at the flea market. It's actually in their cleaning robot .
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : Compassionate, high-energy Hari is the red oni to Kanglim's cold, reserved blue oni.
  • Robot War : In "The Malediction Malfunction", Hyunwoo mentions he has a toy robot collection, not because he likes playing with them, but because he believes one of these is going to happen and he wants the robots to think he's one of the good humans .
  • Romantic Vampire Boy : Ian the Friendly Neighborhood Vampire falls in love with Gauen. The title assigned to him at the end of his first episode is "Gauen's Knight, IAN".
  • Sealed Inside a Person-Shaped Can : Underground Nation was defeated by Kanglim's mother, who sealed him inside her own body and then sealed herself to a tree as a last-ditch effort to stop him from destroying the Earth. This is the reason Kanglim is collecting ghosts, to use for a ritual to banish the Big Bad for good.
  • Show Within a Show : Papa Dog , a popular animated show and comic book series which both the Koo kids seem to like.
  • Sleep Cute : Shinbi and Doori cuddling in episode 24. Aww.
  • Black Pearl Ghost, who gets bonus points for also having Prehensile Hair . She spent all the time since her death hiding in her sister's hair in order to protect her.
  • Ethra, the ghost who hides in cell phones. Her face-covering hair conceals the fact that she's also a cyclops whose eye looks like a smartphone screen embedded in her face.
  • Gauen is outwardly cool and reserved, but sweet and loyal once you get to know her.
  • Kanglim turns out to be one as well. Though still somewhat guarded even around Hari, it's shown that he does actually care, but is under too much stress to open up.
  • Temporary Bulk Change : The pig spirit in episode fifteen causes those it infects to constantly be uncontrollably hungry. While this does cause a little weight gain on it's own, once they've reached a certain point it will cause them to suddenly turn from overweight to very obese...before consuming 'them'.
  • Theme Twin Naming : The Drowned Water Ghost was made from two twins, named Jongsoo and Jongmin.
  • Transformation of the Possessed : Ghost possession usually does this. Effects range from eyes changing color, to protruding veins and discolored skin. The Roaming Ghost's possession victim even changes from having an average build, to being obese.
  • Vitriolic Best Friends : Shinbi, Hari, Doori, and Hyunwoo are this. They're always teasing each other and Shinbi frequently steals Hari and Doori's food and otherwise annoys them, but they're always there for each other.
  • Weight Woe : Doori's obsession with losing weight in episode 3, and fretting over not losing any more pounds even after his wish to the Phantom Torso has already left him skin and bones, is disturbingly reminiscent of anorexia nervosa, a real life mental condition in which people believe themselves to be fat and starve themselves, potentially to death, in an attempt to lose weight. And Doori’s an elementary-schooler .
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds : Quite a lot of the ghosts are people who died, and they have pretty tragic reasons on how they got that way.
  • Your Soul Is Mine! : This is what most ghosts want, because absorbing the energy from human souls is what allows them to remain in the living world after their time has expired.
  • Guardian Fairy Michel
  • Hanguk Manhwa Aenimeisyeon of the 2000s
  • Nurse Angel Ririka SOS
  • Creator/Dong Woo Animation
  • Baby Looney Tunes
  • Hanguk Manhwa Aenimeisyeon
  • Hello Jadoo

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the haunted house netflix cartoon characters

Screen Rant

10 best animated haunted house movies to watch before netflix's the house.

From Coraline and Hotel Transylvania to Scooby-Doo and more, find the most memorable animated haunted house movies to see before Netflix's The House.

Premiering on January 14, 2022, the Netflix original miniseries The House is a three-part animated horror-comedy that plays to the sensibilities of the older and younger crowd alike. The stop-motion anthology series follows three distinct stories set in one creepy haunted house, calling to mind some of the most memorable animated horror films of its ilk. Mainly, creepy cartoonish things going bump in the night in one relatively confined indoor location.

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Animated horror fans who've yet to see The House or those awaiting the fate of a potential season 2 would be wise to prepare by checking out the coolest and spookiest animated haunted house movies.

Coraline - Stream On Roku

An absolute paragon of stop-motion animation, the Oscar-nominated  Coraline takes the artistic plaudits that Henry Selick achieved in The Nightmare Before Christmas to a whole new level of excellence. Dakota Fanning stars as Coraline , a lonely and eccentric young girl whisked away into an otherworldly dimension through portals in her strange childhood home.

Aside from the dazzling animation, the movie captures the childlike imagination of Coraline like very few other films, allowing viewers to identify with and relate to Coraline as she encounters one freakish creature after another.

Monster House - Stream On Netflix

Produced by Hollywood legends Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis, Monster House is a pricey computer-animated feature that horror fans of every age ought to tour. The plot concerns a trio of young friends who discover that a freaky neighborhood abode is a living entity with terrifying motives.

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Beyond the state-of-the-art motion-capture animation and genuine thrills and chills for a younger audience, the story is ultimately an uplifting tale of teenage friendship that everyone can glean valuable life lessons from. Moreover, the movie has tons of cool easter eggs relating to Stephen King's books and movies, which gives it a self-reflexive authority that adds to the fun.

ParaNorman - Stream On Netflix

One of the best character-driven haunted house animations, ParaNorman is a terrific tale about a misjudged young boy who comes into his own with newfound confidence. When a strange curse plagues his town of Blithe Hollow, Norman must use his ability to speak to the dead to quell a monstrous onslaught of zombies, witches, ghosts, ghouls. This includes protecting his home and his family's legacy.

Like any great children's film, the stop-motion animated horror movie teaches invaluable life lessons about self-acceptance, overcoming fears, and sacrificing for the greater good. While the story extends to Norman's neighborhood, the scene in which he visits the haunted Penderghast house is a pitch-perfect example of tension, suspense, horror, and comedy.

The Wolf House - Stream On AMC+

The little-known Spanish/German-language film The Wolf House may be the most terrifying animated house movie ever made . The story concerns Maria, a young woman who escapes a German colony and seeks refuge in a mysterious Chilean home. Once there, unspeakable evil ensues.

The avant-garde project took five years to complete, with the painstaking effort visible onscreen through a whirlwind of visual creativity. Surreal and nightmarish as can be, the mixed style of animation is almost identical to that of The House but is far scarier than most horror material geared toward children.

Monsters University - Stream On Disney+

Less of a residential abode than an official college campus, for all intents and purposes, Monsters University is akin to a haunted house movie. The misadventures of Mike and Sully are explored as they come of age in a prequel to Monsters Inc . , providing some of the most impressive 3D animated artwork in some time.

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A grand metaphor for being different, the movie is a rousing reminder for children to accept who they are no matter what others think. With hilarious jokes to appeal to parents and good messaging for the kids, the haunted dorm room scenes are up there with the best of them.

Scooby-Doo Meets The Boo Brothers - Stream On Boomerang

While there have been many worthy haunted houses that Scooby-Doo has frequented over the years, his time on a cursed plantation house in Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers is one of the better examples. A huge part of the appeal is the trio of ghostbusting spirits Scoob and the gang hires to quell the vengeful spirit of Shaggy's deceased uncle.

In addition to paying homage to Ghostbusters  and other amusing horror movie references , the mysterious mansion itself is an eldritch maze of terror littered with bears, apes, headless horsemen, and a Skull Ghost that is sure to raise the hair of young horror fans everywhere.

Hotel Transylvania - Stream On Fubo

Semantics aside, Hotel Transylvania is essentially one large haunted house franchise in which the world's most infamous horror villains play hotelier hosts to the so-called normal people. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, and other classic Universal monsters get to prove how misunderstood they've been in the world for generations.

The franchise does such a good job of subverting stereotypes, bucking convention, and completely reimagines the harrowing horror villains as deeply flawed and fully-rounded characters with just as many petty problems as everyday human beings.

Frankenweenie - Stream On Disney+

From the uniquely inspired mind of visionary Tim Burton, Frankenweenie transcends the haunted house subgenre to become a profoundly moving tale of friendship. Yet the inciting resurrection of Victor's reanimated pet pooch Sparky takes place in a makeshift laboratory in his attic. Before exploring the neighborhood, the claustrophobic tension and suspense inside Victor's house are second to none.

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Adapted from his own 1984 short film of the same name, Burton has a preternatural understanding of what it's like to be an outsider and uses the age-old Frankenstein template to convey a sense of alienation and isolation.

The Addams Family - Stream On Hulu

Adapted from the beloved 1960s sitcom , The Addams Family  computer-animated movie released in 2019 incorporates a lot of campy, kitschy haunted house tropes that are quite amusing for older and younger crowds alike. The moody atmosphere of the Addams abode atop a mountain surrounded by foggy marshland is quite an unsettling sight to behold.

Between the moldering interiors of the decrepit manse, secret tunnels beneath the foundation, hidden surveillance cameras, and more, the movie celebrates the eerie eccentricities of the family rather than castigate them as terrifying, which is the basis of the morbid humor.

The Haunted House: The Secret Of The Cave - N/A To Stream

The first cinematic adaptation of  Shinbi Apartment series, The Haunted House: The Secret of the Cave is a terrific Korean animated feature somewhat similar to Scooby-Doo . The story involves Shinbi, a 102-year-old goblin living in an apartment, and the secret cave it discovers along with two young protagonists.

The cave transports the trio to 1996 where they encounter the same apartment Shinbi inhabits in the present, leading to a harrowing backstory of an ancient village accursed with evil. While The Haunted House series can be streamed on Netflix, the film version is a bit harder to find. However, it's worth the search.

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  • Documentary/Reality
  • Amazon Prime Video


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Netflix’s ‘The House’ Is An Unsettling Stop-Motion Film With Something To Say

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  • The House (2022)
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Every so often while watching The House , a new stop-motion film on Netflix, I would remember that every single frame had been meticulously set up and photographed, and my mind would be blown all over again.

It’s an easy detail to forget, because it’s easy to get lost in the compelling narrative of the three short animated films that make up The House . Each tale—which, while animated, are dark and creepy and morbid and decidedly not for young children—centers on a different house. The houses are beacons of corruption, objects of scams, and symbols of thwarted dreams. The protagonists move into them, out of them, fix them up, tear them down, and ride them off into the sunset. And with all three houses come lessons about materialism, about deception, and about letting go.

The first tale, titled simply “Story 1,” is directed by Marc James Roels and Emma de Swaef, a Belgium stop-motion filmmaking duo. Roels and de Swaef’s gorgeous set takes viewers back to the 1800s, where a family of four (all vaguely off-putting fabric dolls) is living in a modest home. After a visit from his overly critical mother, the father of the family, Raymond (voiced by Matthew Goode ), takes a drunken midnight walk and makes a deal with a mysterious architect who offers to gift the family a new, luxurious house for free. The only catch? They have to leave all of their old belongings behind.

Raymond’s wife Penny (Claudie Blakey) is hesitant at first, but she quickly gets on board when she sees the house comes with a top-of-the-line sewing machine. Husband and wife are so enchanted by their new possessions—a magnificent fireplace, electric light bulbs, fine fabrics—they completely ignore their two children, Mabel (voiced by Mia Goth) and the baby Isobel. I won’t spoil the story’s ending, but it comes with a macabre, Edgar Allen Poe-esque twist to ensure they pay for their sins. All the while, you get caught up in the world, but you’ll be reminded of the artistic achievement with wide shots that reveal an elaborate diorama, like a scene where Raymond watches from the window while his old home is torn down. It’s moments like these where you’ll marvel at the sheer creation of it all, a story created not just with words but physical objects.

The second story, directed by Swedish animator and filmmaker Niki Lindroth von Bahr, takes things from “gothic children’s fairy tale” creepy to straight-up horror movie creepy. Set in the modern-day in a world of anthropomorphic rats, a nameless contractor (voiced by Jarvis Cocker) cuts corners by firing his construction crew for a renovation, hoping to do a quick job of it himself in order to upsell a shoddy home to a rich sucker. He’s in over his head—the place has a nasty infestation of wriggly, crawly bugs that won’t go away with simple spraying. But despite his disastrous showing, an old, unsettling rat couple is “very interested” in the house. It soon becomes clear that the couple is scamming the scammer right back. To say it doesn’t end well for the contractor is putting it mildly—the final, haunting shot is an image so viscerally disturbing, so relentlessly bleak, that I’ll be thinking about it for weeks to come. And yet, it is also an artistic triumph achieved by destroying such a meticulously-built set.

The third and final story of The House , directed by Paloma Baeza, ends, thankfully, on a more uplifting note. A landlady named Rosa (voiced by Susan Wokoma) is determined to pursue her life-long dream of fixing up a crumbling but beautiful Victorian home, despite the fact that a devastating flood has driven away almost all of her residents. The two that remain, Elias (voiced by Will Sharpe) and Jen (voiced by Helena Bonham Carter), know that they too must move on soon, as the water will fill the house within a matter of days. But Rosa refuses to see it. She blithely continues to re-paper walls and fix floorboards, stubbornly sticking her life plan, despite the fact that a catastrophe has clearly uprooted it. Though lacking the dark and gruesome imagery of the first two stories, it was this one that hit me the hardest, as I and so many of my friends have put our lives on hold indefinitely for the pandemic, again. I can only hope that, like Rosa and her beautiful home, we can find a way to sail into the flood.

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the haunted house netflix cartoon characters

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The Developer in The House

The House review – beautiful animation that speaks to your darkest terrors

Helena Bonham Carter and Jarvis Cocker voice characters in this creepy stop-motion trilogy, whose wonderful aesthetics sometimes don’t quite match up to its storytelling

W ell, here’s a funny little curio to take your mind off everything for a bit. The House , produced by UK-based Nexus Studios and streamed by Netflix, is an adult stop-motion anthology special. Three stories of roughly half an hour each are set in the same house in different eras. The first two have a spooky twist, the third is a more straightforward if dystopian tale.

In the interests of full disclosure, I am firmly in the camp of those who find stop-motion animation quite spooky enough without adding intentional frights. The slight herky-jerky nature of the movement is a constant reminder of the endless unseen positioning and repositioning that goes on. It speaks to my darkest terror – that we have no free will at all and are indeed just playthings to unseen gods, posing us here, there and everywhere for nothing more than their sport. We’re all just puppets, d’you see? Puppets with illusory notions of freedom and independence. Do you see yet? Do you see?

I’m sorry. Where was I? Ninety-minute, three-part stop-motion special The House. OK.

The first and by far the most successful of the trio is directed (using bulbous-headed felted figures that – even without my particular terrors – stand somewhere on the line between thoroughly charming and thoroughly disquieting) by Belgian auteurs Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels and set roughly around the turn of the last century. An impoverished family is persuaded to move home by architect’s emissary Mr Thomas, who is voiced by master of oddity Mark Heap (and whose presence adds a further ineffably unsettling touch for all those who recognise the reedy tones that have never once portended good). They move from their little home to a much grander, specially designed, fully furnished affair built on a nearby hilltop, where every modern convenience is supplied – lights come on automatically as it gets dark, all meals are provided. You don’t have to have recently watched the BBC’s thriller The Girl Before to get a bad feeling about this, but it helps.

Sure enough, it soon emerges that even in Edwardian-ish times there is no such thing a free breakfast, lunch or tea. The house will exact a price. The parents (voiced by Matthew Goode and Claudie Blakley) quickly become enslaved by its dark spirit (or that of its owner, whose shadowy face is occasionally superimposed over the whole – you know the drill). Their young daughter, Mabel (Mia Goth), remains unaffected, but the malevolent house transforms around her so she cannot reach her entranced parents in time to save them from the raging conflagration that finally consumes them.

There is nothing narratively innovative here, but enchanted parents, the disbelieved or unheard child and the inability to reach safety – however many corridors you run down and corners you turn – are perennially effective nightmare tropes, and to have them rendered in this way adds a novelty that refreshes them. And the design, the overall aesthetic, is wonderful.

It’s a toss-up between which of the remaining two is less rewarding. In the one directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr, the house is being renovated in the present by an embattled developer (voiced by Jarvis Cocker). We first meet him while he is trying to attract further investment and to repel an invasion of “fur beetles” (this time the characters are anthropomorphised animals – the Developer, who is given no other name, is a rat). His troubles multiply when a pair of supposed potential buyers who come to the open house event refuse to leave. They are soon joined by a host of other friends and relatives. The final scenes reveal the Developer with his spirit well and truly broken. But the story is too underbaked to deliver any real horrors or work as a fable about violation, or capitalism or any of the other themes it seems at various moments to be nodding vaguely at.

The last, directed by Paloma Baeza, finds Rosa (a cat-figure, this time voiced by Susan Wokoma) engaged in a futile battle to restore the house as the flood waters of the future inexorably rise around it.

She has tenants, played by Helena Bonham Carter and Will Sharpe, but they pay her in fish and crystals - unacceptable currencies to the plumbers and electricians she would like to employ. One by one, her tenants leave to find a safer berth elsewhere and eventually she is persuaded to leave too.

This final third is a very, very slight affair. If the content of the stories had matched the painstaking form, the anthology could have been rather a groundbreaking success. As it is, the architects need to go back to the drawing board.

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A Haunted House

A Haunted House (2013)

Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, ... Read all Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help. Malcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, then learn that a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm--determined to keep his sex life on track--turns to a priest, a psychic, and a ghostbusting team for help.

  • Michael Tiddes
  • Marlon Wayans
  • Rick Alvarez
  • Essence Atkins
  • Marlene Forte
  • 150 User reviews
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  • Trivia The character of Dan the Security Man (played by David Koechner ) talks about the movie Snakes on a Plane (2006) . Koechner actually had a supporting role in that movie.
  • Goofs (at around 24 mins) While they are making the video, the camera is moved from the tripod to the bedside cabinet. When they look at the tape the next day and see the door move, the camera is back on the tripod.

Father Williams : Tic tac toe in yo' face!

  • Crazy credits Alternative takes are shown during the end credits.
  • Alternate versions The film was presented to the MPAA in two versions, both were R rated for crude and sexual content, language and some drug use.
  • Connections Featured in Half in the Bag: The Last Stand and a Haunted House (2013)
  • Soundtracks Bad Boy Written by Taylr Renee (as Taylr Renee Smith) and Adam Longlands Performed by Taylr Renee Courtesy of Cutting Edge Music Holdings

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  • Mar 2, 2013
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  • $2,500,000 (estimated)
  • $40,041,683
  • $18,101,682
  • Jan 13, 2013
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  • Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes
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A Haunted House (2013)

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Shinbi and his ghostbusting friends come together to battle evil spirits once again to save their apartment building from a black magic curse. (NETFLIX)

Synopsis [ ]

After defeating the Underground Nation, life has been peaceful for Hari , Doori , and Shinbi . Then one day, Shinbi Apartment is filled with mysterious heavy black smoke.... Shinbi realizes that the apartment is cursed....
With the help of the upgraded Ghost Ball, Hari faces ghosts while Kang-lim struggles against supernatural dark forces. But then, a handsome yet mysterious guy named Leon appears in front of her.
Fear is stronger than ever! More powerful and scarier ghosts make a comeback! [3]

Characters [ ]

Protagonists [ ].

  • Kang-lim Choi
  • Hyun-woo Kim

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Antagonists (part 1) [ ].

  • Pink Eye Ghost
  • Singer Ghost
  • Nurse Ghost
  • Slender Man
  • Virgin Ghost

Antagonists (Part 2) [ ]

  • Puppet Ghost
  • Serpent Vampire
  • Centipede Ghost
  • Opening: Main Article: ONF - No Control [4]
  • Ending: Main Article: Lee Jin Ah - Fly Away [5]

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  • Official Tooniverse The Haunted House: The Birth of Ghost Ball X Part 1 website (Korean)
  • Official Tooniverse The Haunted House: The Birth of Ghost Ball X Part 2 website (Korean)

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Netflix’s Terrifying Horror That Took the Haunted House Movie to New Heights

"Your ghosts follow you. They live with you."

The Big Picture

  • His House is a Netflix horror film that goes beyond supernatural scares, exploring themes of grief, guilt, and the struggle to belong.
  • The ghosts in His House represent the couple's memories and guilt for surviving, haunting them no matter where they go.
  • The horror in His House is rooted in realism, with the couple facing discrimination and trauma both inside and outside their haunted house.

Haunted houses are a staple of horror movies. From The Shining to Poltergeist to The Conjuring , the world of cinema is full of films about houses, apartments, and hotels possessed by ghosts, demons, and various other manifestations of the supernatural. These stories scare us for a myriad of reasons. Sometimes, the rupture of the illusion of protection within one's home is enough to bring fear to our hearts. In other instances, it's what the ghosts represent — repressed memories, the past, the future — that really terrifies viewers. More often than not, these movies produce fright just by packing some good acting and even better scary scenes. In this scenario, Remi Weekes ' His House stands out for featuring everything that makes a haunted house movie spooky, and then some more.

Originally released in 2020, His House is a Netflix original that not only offers some great frights, but also presents us with an exploration of grief, guilt, and what it means to belong. Brilliantly acted, particularly by its stars Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku , the movie has an equally well-written and captivating story, penned by Weekes alongside Felicity Evans and Toby Venables . Perhaps more importantly for a haunted house movie, it features some legitimately terrifying moments, from incredibly tense sequences to killer jump scares . However, though all of these elements are enough to make His House a must-watch film, they are not the reason why Weekes' project stands out among others of its kind. His House is a horror movie in which the horror goes way beyond the supernatural. It is a ghost story in which the ghosts will live with the characters forever, no matter what they do.

What Is 'His House' About?

The plot of His House follows a couple of immigrants trying to carve a new life for themselves in a hostile country. Chased away from their home in Sudan by a civil war, Bol (Dirisu) and Rial Majur (Mosaku) traverse the ocean with dozens of other people in a dinghy for a chance of survival in the United Kingdom. Once there, they find themselves in a shelter until a derelict house is assigned to them by the government — a house that is filled with ghostly noises and images that they must learn to live with, for leaving the place behind might mean deportation for the couple. Dealing with the traumas of war as well as the loss of a child drowned at sea, Bol and Rial are forced to live with ghosts that they would rather have left behind, forcing themselves not to make any trouble so that they can be some of the "good ones," as the hateful social worker played by Matt Smith tells them.

Dealing with themes such as survivor's guilt and the tension between honoring your past and fitting in with your present, His House is as much an intimate drama as it is a horror story. Watching the movie, we spend most of our time exclusively with Bol and Rial, examining their different approaches to being in a new country that doesn't necessarily want them there. Rial suffers from the micro and macro aggressions of random people, from doctors to kids in the streets. Understanding that the ghost that inhabits their new home is an apeth, a night witch enacting revenge for the things they did to survive, she wishes to go back to Sudan, to either live with the pain or die alongside her loved ones. Meanwhile, Bol stumbles upon a somewhat more welcoming community and does his best to fit in, even forcing himself to abandon the habits and beliefs that he has grown up with. Refusing to face his past, he initially denies the presence of the apeth and tries to reason himself out of his situation.

Eventually, though, both Bol and Rial realize that there is no running away from the apeth, nor denying his existence. They must learn to live with this entity that carries with it the memories of everything and everyone that they lost. Rial must accept that she has survived and that there's no going back to the world that she once knew. Bol, in turn, must understand that his memory will never leave him. There's no drowning it, much like there's no use pretending to be someone you are not. As Rial puts it: "Your ghosts follow you. They never leave. They live with you. It's when I let them in, I could start to face myself."

'His House' Is Not Like Other Haunted House Movies

The ghosts are, of course, your memory. They are the people that you lose along the way, as much as they are your guilt for surviving. And these things, these feelings, will follow you from one house to the other, guaranteeing a terrifying experience no matter where you choose or are forced to live. This "wherever you go, there you are" approach is a big part of what makes His House such a particularly scary movie. In a way, it's not the house that Bol and Rial live in that is haunted, but Bol and Rial themselves. However, unlike, for instance, a movie such as Insidious , in which a personal haunting is something that can be solved through some supernatural healing, Bol and Rial have no choice but to accept the presence of their ghosts. They will never be free of them, for they will never be free of themselves.

Thus, moving from one house to another would do nothing to make their situation any better. They can never leave their haunted house behind, for the house they inhabit will forever be haunted. However, they also can't move to another place due to limitations imposed on them by the UK government. The stakes are really high for Bol and Rial. They can't leave their new home behind because that might mean being sent back to a war-torn country where their chances of having a life or even surviving are slim. It's not just a matter of being stubborn and not moving because "ghosts aren't real," or of remaining in an evidently demon-ridden home for the chance of winning some money. Bol and Rial can't leave because the world outside their new house is more terrifying than any ghost.

'His House's Horror Is Rooted in Realism

That goes, of course, for the war they might be forced to return to, but also for their London neighborhood. Between teens shouting at Rial to go back to Africa and an ominous elderly woman telling Bol that he will just be sent back anyway, so why bother trying, Rial and Bol are surrounded by flesh-and-blood monsters wherever they go. Their lives have taken a particularly terrifying turn in that there is absolutely no safe space for them, neither inside nor outside their house, neither in their home country nor in this strange new land.

Finally, but definitely not as importantly as the rest, His House also stands out as a scary movie by bringing horror to our very own daily, urban setting. It fits in with movies such as Poltergeist and Evil Dead Rise in that it doesn't rely on the strange emptiness of the rural lands or on the uneasiness of old mansions to produce fear. The house that Rial and Bol inhabit has its specificities, of course: it carries the marks of a particular era and a particular country. However, no matter where you live, it still feels real and very much known. This creates an atmosphere in which the horror feels like it could happen to any of us, even though the movie makes it quite clear that Bol and Rial's trauma arises from very distinct circumstances. In the end, this atmosphere allows us to empathize more with the main characters, helping us to fully understand all the terror that they must live with.

His House is available to stream on Netflix.

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    Plot On October 30, the day before Halloween, 12-year-old DJ Walters witnesses an elderly man, Horace Nebbercracker stealing a little girl's tricycle and scaring her away from his house. DJ has documented many similar incidents at the Nebbercracker house, which is across the street from his own.

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    Call 1-844-505-2993. With help from a 102-year-old goblin dwelling beneath their haunted apartment building, two siblings deal with ghosts and take on spooky mysteries. Watch trailers & learn more.

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    Michael Tiddes Writers Marlon Wayans Rick Alvarez Stars Marlon Wayans Essence Atkins Marlene Forte See production info at IMDbPro STREAMING RENT/BUY from $3.79 search Amazon Add to Watchlist Added by 53.3K users 150 User reviews

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    The House is a 2022 British stop-motion animated anthology film written by Enda Walsh and telling different stories forming a trilogy spanning different worlds and characters but set inside the same house. Each story deals with themes of madness, wealth, and the pursuit of true happiness. Originally announced as a television miniseries, it became an anthology film.

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    (고스트볼 X의 탄생) Season 2, entitled Birth of Ghost Ball X, premiered in Part 1 of November 9, 2017 to March 15, 2018, and then later Part 2 of November 8, 2018 to January 24, 2019 on Tooniverse. The Season was preceded by Season 1 and succeeded by Season 3. The Season 2 released on Netflix (South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan only) in December 1, 2021. Shinbi and his ghostbusting ...

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    Cho Hyun-jung, Gim Young-eun, Kim Chae-ha Watch all you want. With help from a 102-year-old goblin dwelling beneath their haunted apartment building, two siblings deal with ghosts and take on spooky mysteries. Download and watch everywhere you go. Kids' TV This show is... Cho Hyun-jungGim Young-eunKim Chae-ha More Like This Coming Soon Heeramandi

  22. Netflix's Terrifying Horror That Took the Haunted House Movie to New

    The Big Picture. His House is a Netflix horror film that goes beyond supernatural scares, exploring themes of grief, guilt, and the struggle to belong. The ghosts in His House represent the couple ...