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7 Jet-Powered Yachts That Bring Speed and Performance to the Water

From a 27-foot runabout to a 165-foot superyacht, these boats show the benefits of jet power: instant acceleration and an impressive top end, not to mention turn-on-a-dime maneuverability., kevin koenig, kevin koenig's most recent stories.

  • Open Space, Eco-Friendly Tech: What a Rising Class of Millennial Superyacht Owners Is Looking For
  • ‘People Don’t Want to Be Inside’: How the Outdoors Became Yachtmakers’ Most Coveted Design Element
  • Azimut’s New 72-Foot Yacht Has One of the Largest Flybridges in Its Class. We Hopped Onboard.
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Jet power delivers instant acceleration, a strong top end and good maneuverability.

Jet-propelled boats come in all shapes and sizes, carrying several advantages over more traditionally powered vessels. The propulsion units operate much like that of a personal watercraft, pairing an inboard engine to a jet pump that sends a powerful stream of water through the rear to propel and steer the vessel.

Enviable acceleration, instant maneuverability and strong top ends are the pros of jet drives. The prop-less design also benefits vessels navigating in waters with sand bars, rocky bottoms or crab pots that stop boats with propellers.

While not particularly fuel-efficient, the beauty of this specialized, niche propulsion is that it can be scaled to work on everything from jet skis to sportfishing machines to superyachts. Typically, jets appeal to owners who crave performance and perhaps the bragging rights of owning a jet-powered boat.

Our 7 favorites, from the Yamaha 27SDX to the 165-foot Mangusta REV, show the versatility of the jet drive.

Sanlorenzo SP110

power jet yacht

Despite sleeping up to eight guests, the Sanlorenzo SP110 has, as its superpower, the ability to convert into a massive dayboat. As such, it has exceptional exterior space, including a long, empty cockpit and bow lounge forward. Both can be filled with guests on sunpads. With 6,000 total horsepower pushing its jet drives, the SP110 can hit a top speed of 40 knots and cruise at 32. This yacht is widely admired for its innovative interior. The 110-footer has a split-level upper and lower salon, both located at the after end of the boat, with unfettered ocean views. One of the beauties of jet drives mated with a hull design like the SP110 is that running on just one engine at low speeds results in exceptional fuel efficiency.

Mangusta 165 REV

power jet yacht

There are very few yachts in the world that will turn heads like this beautiful, massive Mangusta. The 165-footer’s exceptionally low profile was inspired by sportscars of the 1930s, but its ridiculously powerful engines are definitely 2023. The 165 REV has four 2,600-horsepower Roll-Royce engines paired to Kongsberg-Kamewa waterjets. That propulsion package delivers a top end of 34 knots, which is extremely fast for a yacht this large. The 165’s interior includes four staterooms, large salon ahd full galley, but the exterior gives off a beachy vibe—most notably at the stern. The beach club, which is part of the opening transom, ends with a large, telescoping ladder that leads directly into the water.

Spencer Yachts ‘Wall Hanger’

power jet yacht

The jet-powered 63-foot Wall Hanger from North Carolina-based Spencer Yachts is a true rarity in the sportfishing world. The yacht’s cockpit looks like most pelagic-centered convertibles, with a fighting chair, mezzanine seating, and plenty of fishboxes and other dry stowage. But where Wall Hanger takes a left turn is in the engine compartment. The owner wanted the boat to have an under-four-foot draft to access the dock at his vacation home, so he opted for twin 1,700-horsepower Caterpillar engines matched to waterjets. The engines offer a top speed of 51 knots and a cruise of 40 knots—which make running to distant fishing canyons to hunt billfish easy work.

Seven Seas Hermes Speedster

power jet yacht

From Greek builder Seven Seas comes one of the prettiest little boats you’re likely to see anywhere—the Hermes Speedster. The 22-footer has retro styling inspired by the Porsche 356 roadster, a precursor to the 911. That includes eye-grabbing touches like a rearview mirror, a convertible top, stainless analog gauges at the dash, and supple leathers throughout the interior. With its 170-horsepower Bombardier Rotax engine, the Speedster can hit 45 knots. But the compact size, combined with jet propulsion, also means the boat can spin on a dime. Fully equipped, the Hermes Speedster sells for about $250,000.

Hinckley Talaria 57

power jet yacht

Few builders know more about jet boats than Hinckley. The Maine-based shipyard is world-famous for Down East vessels inspired by the working lobster boats that patrol the New England coastline—though Hinckley adds a lot more luxe and glam to its designs. Propless jet propulsion, Hinckley decided, would be the best power choice to ensure its Picnic Boats and Talaria could navigate Maine’s rocky coast. The flagship Talaria 57 above comes in both flybridge and coupe versions, boasting a top end of 40-plus knots and cruise speed of 35. With its two staterooms, the 57-footer makes for an excellent weekender.

AB 100 Superfast

power jet yacht

Italian builder AB didn’t mince any words naming this 100-foot-long megayacht. With triple 2,600-horsepower MTUs, the AB can top out at a nearly unheard of 60 knots, or a blistering 69 mph. The boat is not just fast, but truly high performance, with excellent acceleration and a deep-V hull that slices rough seas with ease. The four-foot draft also means it can run in shallow harbors that would be inaccessible to other boats its size. This 100-footer has multiple layout options for  accommodations, while the rest of the interior is also customizable.

Yamaha 275SDX

power jet yacht

This Yamaha flagship excels both on lakes and coastal waters. At its heart, the 275SDX is all about entertaining, which means it can be packed from the open stern to the open bow with guests. Mirroring lounges in the bow, twin lounge chairs at the transom, and more seating amidships make this a great boat for young families with friends in tow. Twin 225-horsepower engines offer not only quick acceleration but an impressive speed of 53 mph. Yamaha’s Drive Throttle control system also makes docking and maneuvering at slow speeds much easier. The system incorporates a toggle on the steering wheel that can move the boat forward or in reverse, without needing to ever let go of the wheel. This 27-footer is an example of how jet power has gone mainstream in the runabout market.

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best jet boats

Five Best Jet Boats

power jet yacht

Table of Contents

Last Updated on November 29, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

You’re looking for the best jet boats on the water today? Look no further.

If you’re searching for the best jet boats around, we’re not surprised — jet boats are a ton of fun, featuring neck-snapping acceleration and thrilling handling. Plus, on top of it all there’s no propeller spinning around under the boat to worry about. But, which are the best jet boats around? That’s not an easy call and you’ll probably want to try some boat rentals before making any final decisions of your own. Still, we can help you shorten the list of jet boats to check out by homing in on these five top picks.

Scarab 165 ID

Scarab 285 id, sea doo switch cruise 21, yamaha 255 xd, yamaha 222 fsh sport e.

Learn How to Offset the Cost of Ownership by Listing on Boatsetter

Scarab 165 ID

It would be easy to argue that the Scarab 165 ID deserves a place on the best jet boats list because it’s one of the smallest, least expensive, easiest-to-own jet boats around. But truth be told, it’s this boat’s fun-factor that just can’t be beaten. It’s so nimble in the water that steering one almost feels like steering a PWC, and the 165 ID is available with an uber-potent 300-hp ACE 1.6L engine (a 170 ECT is standard).

Though it’s small, the Scarab 165 ID has the oomph to pull water skiers and wakeboarders and comes with an included tow-eye; upgrades, including a hinged tow tower with gas-assist struts, a Bimini top, and board racks, are available. Other highlights include a two-speaker Bluetooth stereo system, courtesy lighting, a depth sounder, cruise control, and USB charge ports. The package comes with a custom-matched trailer, which includes submersible LED lights and aluminum wheels.

  • Estimated MSRP range : $45,000

Visit Scarab Boats to learn more.

Scarab 285 ID

At the far opposite end of Scarab’s model lineup lies the 285 ID, this builder’s largest and most lavish jet boat. At 28’ long and with a 9’2” beam , this is about as roomy as jet boats get, and the yacht certification means you can take out just as many people aboard as you desire. Standard power is a pair of Rotax 230 ECT engines and twin 300s are optional.

As one might guess, this boat is outfitted for maximum luxury . It has perks like an enclosed head compartment, a ski locker in the deck , a four-speaker Bluetooth stereo system, a sundeck with a convertible backrest, and a touchscreen user interface with chartplotter. Heck, it even has an integrated cell phone holder/wireless charger. Seating includes a large L-seat in the cockpit , a double-wide passenger’s seat, helm chair, and wrap-around seating in the bow cockpit. If you’re looking for large and luxurious, this one’s the pick.

  • Estimated MSRP range : $130,420

Sea Doo Switch Cruise 21

In the most unusual jet boat department, we have the Sea Doo Switch Cruise 21. This jet boat is actually a pontoon boat built out of Sea Doo’s Polytec material. Power comes via a 170- or 230-hp 1630 Rotax ACE engine, and like Sea Doo’s PWCs the Switch is steered with motorcycle-like handlebars rather than a wheel.

The Switch also offers an unusual deck layout in that you can change it from one trip to the next or add to it as time goes on. Furniture and accessories lock into place on the modular deck, so you can move seats and couches from one side to the other or add then remove a table wherever you’d like. Extra perks include a 100-watt Bluetooth stereo, a stock 7” Garmin touchscreen ECHOMAP GPS chartplotter, an aluminum-framed Bimini top, and a custom-fitted trailer.

  • Estimated MSRP range : $36,499

Visit Sea Doo to learn more.

Yamaha 255 XD

Watersports fans searching for a jet boat will head right for the Yamaha 255 XD. Designed specifically for watersports, it has Yamaha Wakebooster (a trim tab-like appendage that deploys to either side to make larger wakes for wake surfing), and a 1,600-pound ballast system to boost those wakes up even more. Even the hull is designed to be ideal for watersports, with a stern that sits low in the water. And the tower is sport-specific, too, with a sound bar adding some elevated tunes to the onboard amplifiers and subwoofer.

The 255 XD is fairly hefty for a jet boat, with 24’6” in length and an 8’6” beam. That means it has room for plenty of people, and you can take up to a dozen out at once. Power comes courtesy of a pair of 1,812cc Yamaha supercharged SVHO four-stroke jet engines, which put out a total power of around 500 horses, which will blast you over the water at speeds in excess of 50 mph. We should also note that the 255 XD gets a healthy dose of the latest in tech, with a 12.3” Connext touchscreen control display at the helm, throttle by wire, USB charging ports, cruise assist, no wake mode, electronic power steering, and a “boat wellness” function display.

  • Estimated MSRP range : $108,799

Visit Yamaha Boats to learn more.

Yamaha 222 FSH Sport E

Anglers, rejoice: one of the best jet boats is built just for you. Yamaha’s FSH line is the ticket, and their 222 FSH Sport E is among the most attractive offerings in the mix. This 22-footer has a center console design capped off with a T-top with four rocket launchers on the back. The console sides sport vertical rodracks; there’s an 18-gallon livewell in the transom , an insulated fishbox in the bow, and the leaning post houses a removable cooler underneath.

Power comes from a pair of 1.8L HO Yamaha engines pushing H2O through 1.5mm high-pressure pumps. There’s a stock 222 FSH Sport but getting one with the “E” tag means you also get premium appointments like a 9” Simrad touchscreen MFD, Yamaha Drive Control, throttle by wire, push-button start/stop, and underwater lighting.

Are there other options out there that some people might argue belong on any list of best jet boats? Sure. Might a different make or model turn out to be a better choice for you, your family, and your own personal needs? Of course. But when you put all the jet boats on the market head-to-head, there’s no doubt that these five stand out as top contenders. Take any one of them for a test drive, and the smile on your face will prove it.

  • Estimated MSRP range : $71,999

Let your boat pay for itself. List, rent, earn — Only at Boatsetter. 


With over three decades of experience in marine journalism, Lenny Rudow has contributed to dozens of boating and fishing publications and websites ranging from BoatU.S. Magazine to Rudow is currently the Angler in Chief at Rudow’s FishTalk , he is a past president of Boating Writers International (BWI), a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and has won numerous BWI and OWAA writing awards.

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power jet yacht

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Boating Beast

A Complete Guide to Jet Boats: All You Need to Know!

John Sampson

Are you looking for a high-performance boat that can take you into the flats for some shallow water fishing? The jet boat is the design patented by Sir William Hamilton in 1954. The kiwi national developed the propulsion system for boating up fast-flowing shallow rivers throughout New Zealand.

The jet propulsion system allowed for easy movement through shallows without the risk of propellers striking sunken logs or rocks. The propulsion system for the jet boat is very different from traditional outboard and inboard motors. These engines have more in common with jet skis, sucking water up through the hull, pushing it through a jet flow system providing prolusion to the watercraft.

Jet propulsion systems were inefficient and unreliable in boats until around 2003 when the industry saw rapid advancements in the technology. Today, jet boat propulsion systems are some of the most sought-after high-performance motors in boating.

Yamaha introduced a hull design with its Yamaha 4-Stroke motor in 2003, changing the game for the industry. These motors are quiet and efficient, and they are more affordable than traditional outboard motors. You have several options for manufacturing brands and models at various price points to suit any budget.

This article unpacks everything you need to know about jet boats.

Jet Boat

What Is a Jet Boat?

Most jet boats are mid-sized to smaller models reaching between 16 to 22-feet. The jet motor produces the same thrust concept as a jet ski, using water exiting from the jet at high velocity to push the vessel forward.

It’s a similar concept to holding a high-power fire hose; the hose wants to push you away from the direction of the water flow. If you were standing on a skateboard, the propulsion would drive the board forward, and it’s the same principle for the jet motor.

The jet pump pulls water into a chamber where it’s pressurized and leaves the pump at high velocity. The jet pushes the boat forward at a weight/thrust ratio determined by the weight of the vessel and the amount of thrust generated by the engine.

The hydrodynamic design of the hull and the boat’s weight determine the efficiency of the motor and the amount of thrust required to power the vessel forward. The size of the propeller in the motor determines the engine’s power capacity and the boat’s speed.

Jet Boat

Benefits of Jet Boats

Jet boats are versatile for use in a variety of freshwater and saltwater applications. These boats offer you several advantages.

Reach Shallow Water

Since there is no external propeller on a jet boat like you find on an outboard motor, the jet boat can reach very shallow water.

While models with deep v-hulls may run aground, using a Flats boat or center console jet system helps you get to shallow waters to enjoy some fishing without scaring off the fish.

There are no props hanging off the engine that can strike rocks or submerged logs. As a result, jet boats are ideal for fishing in lakes and estuaries where waters are shallow.

Speed and Handling

The jet boat offers you excellent maneuverability since there is no drag from the hull while it skims across the water. The motors are easy to reverse, allowing you to turn it back on full power to bring the boat to an abrupt stop, also known as a “crash stop.”

The jet boat can do maneuvers that prop boats can’t imagine possible. Apart from the crash stop, “the Hamilton turn” is when the driver initiates a “jet spin” by cutting the throttle and turning the wheel hard, opening the throttle in the midpoint of the turn to power out in a sharp radius.


Jet boats are typically between 16-feet and 22-feet in length, making them ideal for hauling on a trailer. Most dealers will include a trailer with your purchase. The boats are easy to launch and pull from the water without any hassle.

Plenty of Accessories for Watersports and Fishing

Jet boats usually come with electronics like fish finders, GPS, and mp3 entertainment systems with waterproof speakers. You get rod holders, gear storage facilities, and dedicated captain’s chairs, and fishing chairs. You also get T-towers for skiing, and the center console design makes it easy for the captain to spot the fallen skier on either side of the boat.

Decent Passenger Capacity

Jet boats usually feature plenty of seating in the bow and aft of the boat, with a center console design for the driver setup. You can carry anywhere from eight to twelve passengers, depending on the length of the boat and the seating configuration.

Seating area

Fishing and Watersports Capabilities

The jet boat is the ideal crossover boat for fishing and watersports. You get the advantage of sailing into shallow waters for fishing and plenty of power and maneuverability for watersports like wakeboarding. The jets also produce a big wake that’s ideal for wakeboarding and skiing.

Jet boats often come with features like fish boxes, live wells, washdowns, and fishing rod holders for all your gear. There is usually some under-seat storage, and some models feature a center console design with a cuddy for added storage or ahead.

The transom design of the boat provides a built-in swim platform and seating, and you don’t have to worry about your fishing line tangling in the props like with outboard and inboard motors. The swim platform is great for getting in and out of the water, and it doubles as a casting deck for anglers.

Good for Offshore Use

The jet boat comes in several designs, with models available for inshore and offshore fishing. The motors are typically a smaller capacity than outboard motors but offer the same level of performance.

Efficient Engines

Jet boats are efficient, and you’ll find you don’t use anywhere near the same fuel. Then run quieter than outboards, and they don’t produce as much smell.

Comfortable Seating

Most jet boats feature a lounge-style setup in the bow of the boat. These lounges come with couch-style seating or dedicated seats, with enough space for two to six people, depending on the model. They offer plush seating, and some models also include captain’s chairs.

Disadvantages of Jet Boats

While the jet boat is ideal for fishing and watersports, with powerful performance and excellent efficiency, it does come with a few drawbacks.

Limited Standing Room

The Jetboat doesn’t have much standing room on the deck, even with a center console design. Most models have seating running the length of the boat or dedicated cockpits with seats. The only real standing room is in the rear of the boat and on the swim platform casting deck at the boat’s aft. Unless you’re looking at a dedicated fishing model, casting from the swim platform is your only option.

Limited Seating

Most jet boats don’t feature much deck space, and they are more akin to speed boats focusing on seating rather than flooring. However, most models have plush, comfortable seats, and some come with dedicated fishing chairs or fishing chair ports.

Limited Storage Space

While most jet boats have sufficient storage for a day on the water, they don’t offer as much storage capacity as other options like pontoon boats , cuddy cabins, or cabin boats. Most models focus on under-seat storage facilities for your gear.

No Head or Amenities

Some jet boats may feature ahead in the center console, but most models focus on storage rather than heads in the console. While you get entertainment features like mp3 players and waterproof speakers, there are no sleeping accommodations, galley, or refrigeration. Some models may come with a dedicated cooler space or a built-in cooler under one of the seats.

Jet Boat

Top Jet Boat Brands and Models

There are dozens of manufacturing brands producing jet boats. Here are our choices for the best models available.

Scarab HO 215 Impulse

The Scarab HO 215 Impulse comes with visually striking white upholstery on the seats and a pearlescent orange interior, providing a contrasting color design that looks appealing. The overall look of the boat is classy, with clean lines and a deep cockpit for added safety.

The boat features a twin captain chair setup with stainless steel bolsters. There is also a lounger with large cutouts for plenty of legroom on board for your passengers. The boat’s bow comes with enough seating to accommodate four passengers, and you get a boarding ladder and an anchor locker.

Scarab Jet 215 ID

The Scarab HO 215 Impulse comes with a ten-seater capacity., allowing you to take the family and friends out for a day on the water. This boat has a great crossover design, and it’s ideal for cruising, fishing, and watersports like wakeboarding.

The boat comes with an overhead wakeboard tower featuring a lightweight aluminum design, and you have the option of lowering it to get out of the sun with the integrated Bimini shade . The swim platform at the aft of the boat contains wet storage for your dive gear.

This model features a wakeboard rack for storing your boards and a towrope attachment. Stay entertained out on the water with the boat’s built-in mp3 player and waterproof speaker system.

Yamaha 210 FSH Sport

Fishing-specific jet boats are somewhat harder to find than dedicated watersports boats. However, the Yamaha 210 FSH Sport brings you a specialized fishing package ideal for getting into shallow waters and flats on lakes and estuaries.

This model features dedicated casting platforms in the bow and aft of the boat, with plenty of storage for rods and rod holders positioned strategically around the boat’s perimeter for fishing from all sides. The center console design gives anglers full access to the boat’s length, with the center console making it easy for the driver to control the boat and get a 360-degree of the water.

Yamaha 210 FSH Sport

While this model has a sports-specific design for fishing, it also works as a cruiser. You get comfortable seating and a Bimini sunshade for getting out of the sun. You have options for additional wakeboard towers, and there’s plenty of performance and mobility in the boat for skiing and wakeboarding.

The dual-engine on this model features mounting under the leaning post, adding more deck space to the boat and a clean look. It’s the ideal crossover vessel, with a focus o fishing. The shallow v-hull and draft make it easy to float this boat in the flats for some shallow water fishing.

Chaparral Vortex 2430 VRX

Chaparral is a premium boating brand making some of the best crossover boats for fishing and watersports or just cruising down the river. The Chaparral Vortex 2430 VRX. This model comes with everything your need for a fun day out on the water .

The Chaparral Vortex 2430 VRX is the flagship jet boat in the range, featuring a Bimini sunshade and top, with attachments for wakeboard ropes, offering a high tow point. You get a wide variety of colors, including options in aqua, yellow, lime, green, grey, red, and blue.

Chaparral Vortex 2430 VRX

This boat comes packed with electronics, including a medallion touchscreen featuring speed-control and Rotax functions for precise control over your fuel efficiency and speed. You also get a handy power setting for easier docking of the boat at the marina.

The 2430 Vortex VRX features Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST), provided by Bombardier. You get fly-by-wire technology for superior throttle control and smooth power curves when accelerating.

The Chaparral  2430 Vortex VRX features dual 4 TEC 200 ECT 200hp Rotax  or 4 TEC 250 ECT 250hp Rotax jet engines. You can control both motors through a single throttle lever for easy driving.

Wrapping Up

Jet boats offer you a great crossover model for fishing and watersports. You get the shallow water capabilities of the bass boat or flats boat, with the maneuverability and stability of the bowrider.

The jet boat model is a top choice if you’re looking for a boat that produces next to no emissions and quiet operation that won’t scare away the fish in the flats. They are remarkably affordable and easy to maintain.

Avatar photo

John is an experienced journalist and veteran boater. He heads up the content team at BoatingBeast and aims to share his many years experience of the marine world with our readers.

A Complete Guide to Micro Skiffs: All You Need to Know!

A complete guide to narrow boats: all you need to know, a guide to aluminum fishing boats.

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When you work on the water there’s no room for failure. Fear not. Go ahead, push your boat to the limit. Our UltraJet is built with you in mind. Where reliability is paramount, efficiency at high thrust is expected, and performance with an oversized load is sublime. So push, pull, transfer or haul that payload with confidence and keep your focus on completing your mission. We make your business our business. Trust UltraJet to get it done.

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Specifications, for vessels 8m-17m.

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power jet yacht


Built by Metal Craft Marine for the United States Coast Guard is an 11-meter interceptor vessel used in drug interdiction and USA homeland security applications. Featuring MJP 305 UltraJet and capable of 45 knots top speed.


Built by Visser Den Helder a member of the Damen Shipyards group for the Royal Dutch Navy. This 16m aluminum landing craft is powered by Volvo Penta D9-575 and dual MJP 410 UltraJets, capable of 32 knots top speed.m

power jet yacht

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The Power Catamaran Compilation

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: December 21, 2018

Power Catamarans have been growing leaps and bounds in popularity, and, in lengths and widths. And for good reason. These cruise-centric yachts offer homelike livability for avid travelers, are fuel efficient and are fairly intuitive to run. Power cats are popular in the bareboat charter market too, for these very reasons.

Here, we take a look at 12 catamarans ranging from a cruising-couple-size 36-footer to a 78-footer for friends, family and some more friends. And there are myriad power options: outboards, diesel inboards, hybrid or even all-solar power.

Fountaine Pajot MY44

fountain pajot my44

The Fountaine Pajot MY44 , a creation of Italian architect Pierangelo Andreani and French designer Daniel Andrieu, has a main deck that’s open from the aft-deck seating all the way forward to the starboard helm station. The sense of spaciousness is significant, for several reasons. First, four glass panels aft can all slide to port, creating an indoor-outdoor space with the aft deck and salon. In the salon, 32-inch-high windows extend for 12 feet down the sides of the yacht, with three sections per side, bringing in natural light along with the three forward panes that comprise the windshield. Finally, 6-foot-6-inch headroom provides vertical clearance, with a 21-foot-7-inch beam that adds interior roominess while keeping the yacht stable.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY44

Silent-Yachts 55

silent 55 yacht

The ideas about which solar panels, electric motors, inverters and the like to use — and more importantly, Michael Köhler says, how to configure them — became the basis for the brand Silent-Yachts. The company offers 55-, 64- and 79-foot catamarans that run on solar-electric propulsion. The Silent 55 premiered this fall, and the 64 is sold out for the next two years, Köhler says.

Read more: Silent 55

Horizon PC74

Horizon PC74

As founder and director of The Powercat Company, a Horizon Power Catamarans distributor, Stuart Hegerstrom had long believed that catamaran builders needed to design their yachts to more stylish standards.

“The boats were very boxy,” he says, based on his years of experience with cats in the charter market. He and his partner, Richard Ford, asked Horizon to produce models that had high-end finishes and looked good inside and out.

The Horizon team brought in mega-yacht designer JC Espinosa to work with its own craftsmen. The result aboard the Horizon PC74 is a catamaran with exterior styling, layout and functionality that should appeal to private and charter owners alike.

Read more: Horizon PC74

aquila 36

The Aquila 36 is a departure from her sisterships in that she is an outboard-powered, express-cruiser-style catamaran, but she also adheres to MarineMax’s philosophies.

With a single main living level from bow to stern and a beam of 14 feet 7 inches, the Aquila 36 is like a bowrider on steroids. She has seating that can handle 20 adults for outings and barbecues, and there are two staterooms below, one in each hull, for family weekending. The staterooms have nearly queen-size berths, en suite heads, stowage and 6-foot-6-inch headroom.

Read more: Aquila 36

Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Lagoon Seventy 8

Lagoon is a division of Groupe Beneteau, the world’s largest builder of sailing yachts, and the Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat is a developmental sistership of its Seventy 7 super sailing cat. The Seventy series yachts are built at Construction Navale Bordeaux in France, which had to add a new yard to construct these catamarans because they require separate stern molds for the power and sail versions.

Read more: Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Horizon PC60

horizon pc60

To understand the Horizon PC60 power catamaran , you need to put aside preconceived notions about midsize yacht amenities. For example, main-deck master suites are the province of yachts over 100 feet length overall. Incorrect. This 60-footer has an elegant and spacious owner’s stateroom on the same level as the salon. If you want a 14-foot center console tender on a 60-foot yacht, you have to tow it. Wrong again. On the PC60, you hoist it onto the upper deck, no problem.

Read more: Horizon PC60

40 Open Sunreef Power

40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef is known for pushing the boundaries of catamaran design, incorporating four adjustable hydrofoils into a twin-hulled speedboat.

The Polish builder is one of several European builders (including Evo, Fjord, Wider and Wally) transforming the open ­day-boat category with creative designs. ­Beyond its hydrofoils, the 40 Open Sunreef Power ‘s cockpit has side “wings” along the aft gunwales that fold out at anchor, widening the beam from 17 feet to 22 feet 9 inches.

Read more: 40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

50 Amber Limited Edition

Sunreef Yachts introduced its 50 Amber Limited Edition , with plans to launch just 10 hulls of the exclusive design.

The Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition will have a carbon fiber mast and boom, four layout options and numerous amber-colored elements, including the hull.

Read more: Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Lagoon 630 motoryacht

Fitted with the optional twin 300-horsepower Volvo Penta D4 diesels, the Lagoon 630 MY burns only 1.64 gph total at 6 knots, giving a theoretical range of 2,952 nautical miles with standard tankage of 793 gallons. Hull No. 1 had an optional 502-gallon tank, giving it transatlantic range.

Luxury, stability and economy are all hallmarks of Lagoon’s return to luxury motor yachts. If you can take a ride, it will be worth your time.

Read more: Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Fountaine Pajot MY 37

Fountaine Pajot MY 37

The Fountaine Pajot MY 37 easily accommodates the seafaring family with three- and four-stateroom options. In the three-cabin version, called ­Maestro, you’ll find an owner’s suite in the portside hull with a queen-size berth and en suite head. Two double-berth cabins and one more head are available for the kids. If your brood is bigger, the Quator setup features four double cabins with two heads.

The 37 is a traveler and can be powered with twin 150 hp or 220 hp Volvo Penta diesels. Top speed with the smaller engines is 17 knots, while it’s 20 knots with the bigger power plants. Interestingly, at 7 knots, the fuel consumption is the same, with either set of motors offering voyagers a 1 ,000-nm range.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY 37

Solarwave 64

Solarwave 64

Many yachts boast eco chops because they have a handful of solar panels that power the microwave or navigation lights. The Solarwave 64 , launched last summer, has the potential to run on sunshine alone. The vessel’s 42 solar panels generate 15 kW that are stored in batteries weighing about 1,300 pounds. They connect to electric motors.

Read more: Solarwave 64

Glider SS18

SS18, Glider Yachts

This British builder says it strives for design innovation and the Glider SS18 displays that DNA, the result of 8 years of research and development. She has a head-turning, catamaran hull form constructed from aluminum and composite materials. She is 60 feet LOA with a 17-foot beam, and has a relatively shallow 1-foot draft. Powered by quad Yamaha 300 hp outboards, she can reportedly reach 50 knots, and with her Stability Control System (SCS), should give a smooth ride while doing it.

Read more: Glider SS18

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WiderCat 92

Here Comes the WiderCat 92

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Ship that toppled Baltimore bridge had lost power twice before leaving port, NTSB reports

power jet yacht

The massive container ship that toppled the Francis Scott Key Bridge had lost power twice in the hours before it left the Port of Baltimore, according to a preliminary report released Tuesday by the National Transportation Safety Board. 

The NTSB has been investigating the collision, which killed six people and destroyed critical infrastructure, since it occurred in the early morning hours of March 26. Its report offers the first official accounting of the events leading up to the disaster, as well as its immediate aftermath.

About 10 hours before leaving port, the container ship Dali experienced a blackout during maintenance when a crew member accidentally closed an inline engine exhaust damper. This blocked the engine’s exhaust from exiting the vessel and stalled the engine, the NTSB report states .

Crew members restored power by manually closing two breakers, but then a second blackout occurred due to insufficient fuel pressure in one of the ship's generators. The crew successfully restarted that generator by reopening its exhaust damper.

“While recovering from this second blackout,” the report notes, the crew switched the ship’s electrical configuration to use a different set of breakers than what it had been using for the past several months. It was these new breakers that were in use when the ship departed hours later.

What happened after the Dali left the Port of Baltimore?

The Dali left port at 12:36 a.m., assisted by two tug boats and a pair of pilots from the Association of Maryland Pilots. Nine minutes later, the senior pilot ordered the tugboats to be let go, and the Dali was navigating the channel under its own power, the report shows.

USAT investigation: How many ships hit bridges, lose power every year? Data shows jarring numbers on the rise.

Less than an hour later, at 1:25 a.m. the two electrical breakers that supplied most of the ship’s power tripped, causing the first blackout offshore and resulting in the shutdown of the main engine and steering mechanism. At that moment, the Dali was 0.6 miles away – or three ship lengths – from the bridge, the report notes. 

The voyage data recorder was also affected by the blackout and stopped recording the ship’s system data for about one minute, although it had continued to record audio.

“The Dali crew was able to restore electrical power to the vessel, but, when the ship was 0.2 miles from the bridge, a second electrical blackout occurred,” the report said, noting that the breakers that connected to two of the ship’s generators had tripped, “causing a total loss of vessel electrical power.”

By that time, one of the pilots on board had already alerted a dispatcher on shore, and the dispatcher was able to notify the Maryland Transportation Authority Police, which closed the bridge to traffic.

But seven road maintenance workers and one inspector were still on the bridge when the ship struck. The inspector was able to run to the nearest surviving span before the bridge collapsed and survived. 

Thirty-one seconds later, the crew manually closed the breakers and restored electrical power but was unable to regain propulsion. Less than one minute afterward, the Dali struck the bridge. 

All the maintenance workers, who were in their vehicles at the time, fell into the Patapsco River along with the bridge. One of the workers was able to free himself from his truck and survived with injuries. The rest died. 

A crew member on the Dali also sustained minor injuries fleeing debris when part of the span fell on top of the ship, the report said. 

Could tugboats have saved the Dali and the Key Bridge?

Absent from the report is any comment about whether the first set of power outages, or the crew’s efforts to fix them, were related to the second set of power outages once the ship was sailing.

“We have to wait for a more detailed inquiry to see if it was related at all to it,” said Ashok Pandey, a master mariner and associate professor of maritime business at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, who reviewed the NTSB report at the request of USA TODAY.

Pandey said it’s standard operating procedure to perform a thorough test of the ship’s controls and its main engine shortly before departure. Though the test isn't mentioned in the NTSB report, Pandey said the test’s findings would have been logged and any major problems communicated to both the ship’s owner and management company.

The ship’s top commanders probably “didn’t feel there was anything that would prevent the ship from sailing,” Pandey said. “So I’m not reading too much into it, unless an inquiry finds there was something amiss that was missed by all that could have contributed to the engine blackout.”

Regardless of what caused the blackout, Pandey said, he believes the disaster could have been averted, or at least minimized, had the Dali used tug escorts all the way through the channel and out to sea.

“That’s the glaring human error here,” he said, referring to the lack of mandatory tug escorts . “It’s a larger problem that the industry has to deal with here.”

The ship's owners and Baltimore officials are in court over responsibility

The NTSB account confirms what The Associated Press had reported in April – that the Dali had suffered apparent electrical issues before it left port, which was based on information from an anonymous source. The city of Baltimore repeated that information in a lawsuit it filed last month against the ship’s owner and manager for damages related to the incident.

The city also argued that neither the ship’s owner, Grace Ocean Private Ltd., nor its manager, Synergy Marine Private Ltd., should be allowed to limit their liability in the case, claiming both had failed to properly train and supervise the crew, failed to follow safe work and operational procedures, and failed to properly maintain, equip and inspect the vessel.

The filings were submitted in response to a petition by the Dali’s owner and its management company seeking to limit their financial liability for the collision; they claimed they were not at fault.

Grace Ocean and Synergy have been participating in the investigation, along with other agencies, associations and companies. The FBI separately has been investigating the incident, the agency confirmed last month. 

What did the NTSB find in drug and fuel tests?

A spokesman for Synergy Marine, Darrell Wilson, confirmed the company’s involvement in the investigation but declined further comment “out of respect for the investigations and any future legal proceedings.”

“We again extend our deepest sympathy to all of those impacted by this incident,” Wilson said in an email to USA TODAY. 

In addition to detailing the power outages leading up to the bridge collision, the NTSB report ruled out two other potential factors in the disaster – substance use and fuel problems. 

The ship’s entire crew underwent drug and alcohol testing less than an hour after the crash and again a few hours later, per U.S. Coast Guard regulations. All tested negative. 

Both pilots also were administered drug and alcohol tests once they got back ashore. Those, too, were negative, the report said.

At the time of the incident, the Dali was burning low-sulfur marine gas oil procured from Newark, New Jersey. Testing of that fuel determined that it complied with international standards and regulations and raised no concerns about its quality.

Several marine experts had speculated that dirty fuel – a common problem in commercial vessels and one that can gum up an engine – could have played a role in the ship's power outage. The report's findings say otherwise.

What's next in the NTSB's Key Bridge investigation?

The NTSB said that its work continues. For example, the report noted, its investigators are still examining the Dali’s propulsion and electrical system, analyzing and validating its voyage data recorder and have planned interviews with numerous stakeholders.

The agency also is assessing other bridges to see if they need improved pier protection. It specifically named the Gov. William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge – also called the Bay Bridge – near Annapolis, Maryland, as one such bridge.

“Planned areas of investigation,” the report said, “include oceangoing vessels’ propulsion and electrical systems; the frequency and causes of vessel contacts with bridges over navigable waters; and bridge-strike mitigation measures such as a combination of vessel-size restrictions, vessel-assist tugs, and bridge-pier protection.”

The 6 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Light-Duty Cleaning Projects

Got grime to get rid of? These powerful machines have you covered.

dewalt dwpw2100 pressure washer

Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Why Trust Us?

We rigorously tested a variety of models from trusted brands to find the best electric pressure washers for home use. Scroll down for expert advice on essentials to consider before shopping, along with reviews of our top recommendations followed by tips on best practices if you’re new to power washing.

The Best Electric Pressure Washers

  • Best Overall: Greenworks 2700 Electric Pressure Washer
  • Best Value: Sun Joe Xtream Electric Pressure Washer
  • Most Heavy-Duty: DeWalt DWPW3000 3,000-PSI Compact Pressure Washer
  • Easiest to Handle: Craftsman 2,100-PSI Electric Pressure Washer
  • Best for Home Exteriors : Hart 2,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

What to Consider

Electric pressure washers are best for light work and small jobs—figure projects that take 30 minutes max—like washing down driveways and sidewalks or gently cleaning decks, patio furniture , or aluminum siding. These handy tools can also remove debris from cars and gravel bikes as you use a light touch and a white nozzle, which has the widest spray and thus is least likely to damage delicate surfaces. (If cleaning a car is your main objective, you’re best served by a cordless pressure washer .)

Electric vs. Gas

Electric pressure washers have quieter motors and are easier to maintain than their gas counterparts, which need oil changes, filter replacements, and yearly spark plug checks. With no fuel on board, electric pressure washers can sit indoors in winter, are easier to start, and don’t produce the harmful fumes of a combustion engine. Electric models are also lighter, smaller, and easier to store when not in use (particularly cordless battery-powered versions).

The heftier, bulkier gas-powered machines offer significantly more power though, and their durability is well-suited to extended use, especially in hot weather that can overheat electrical components. As a rule, electric pressure washers tap out at about 2,700 pounds per square inch (psi), with a max flow rate from 1.2 to 2.3 gallons per minute (gpm).

Because they have less power, electric pressure washers are generally safer than gas pressure washers. That said, they can still do damage if you use them incorrectly. For personal safety and to protect your stuff, always start with a green or white nozzle, which has wide spray angles to decrease the intensity of the water stream. If one of those doesn’t do the job, use careful judgment before moving to a yellow or red nozzle, which produce narrower streams with cutting edges that may gouge more delicate surfaces.

Another no-no: Never use a pressure washer on anything electrical because it’s sure to damage components. Regardless of the type of pressure washer you use, make sure to always wear closed-toe shoes and proper eye protection like safety glasses .

How We Selected

The electric pressure washers we looked at are all from reliable brands that we’ve come to trust over the years, such as DeWalt, Greenworks, Craftsman, Sun Joe, and others. To inform our selections, we relied on the expertise of PopMech’s Senior Home Editor Roy Berendsohn , as he put every electric pressure washer here through his rigorous testing. That included comparing how each model washed cement and brick paving, vinyl fencing, and outdoor furniture, among other messy cleaning jobs.

He also carefully washed a few cars using the safest nozzle, and considered things such as ease of use and performance in real-world scenarios to glean potential flaws and deal-breakers. Our final lineup represents the best models across categories that address different needs and budgets.

Greenworks 2700 Electric Pressure Washer

2700 Electric Pressure Washer

This model from Greenworks easily came out on top during past testing as the best overall electric model for performance and price.

Berendsohn found that it delivers high pressure and volume output, which makes for fast and effective cleaning power. No doubt that’s thanks to its always-running motor, so you don’t have to constantly be pulling the spray wand trigger to work, as with most electric models. We also appreciated the pressure sensor, which automatically adjusts output for whichever nozzle you’re using.

Other highlights include fat 10-inch wheels with deep treads, an on-board soap tank, accessory storage, and five spray nozzles. This model also stores upright to save floor space, though it operates horizontally so you won’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Another bonus is that it comes with a 10-year warranty on the motor and a three-year warranty on tools. This model also includes a foam cannon—a reservoir that connects to the spray hose and generates a thick layer of cleaning suds for added power.

The only drawback of note is that the hose outlets for the spray wand and garden hose hookup are fairly close together, which isn’t ideal in terms of easy access.

Sun Joe Xtream Electric Pressure Washer

Xtream Electric Pressure Washer

We recommend the Xtream for light-duty washing and easy portability on a budget. This machine punches well above its price tag for extras and includes two removable detergent tanks, a cleaning brush specifically for automotive wheels, plus five spray tips.

Thoughtful ergonomic design was another notable attribute discovered during testing, with every outlet, switch, and handle well-located and comfortable to use.

You can expect solid cleaning power for an electric pressure washer in this price range, with 2,030 psi and a max flow rate of 1.2 gpm. We found that it’s best on pavement, since it tends to tip over on uneven surfaces.

DeWalt DWPW3000 3,000-PSI Compact Pressure Washer

DWPW3000 3,000-PSI Compact Pressure Washer

The stronger, more powerful sibling to the DeWalt 2100, this updated model packs another 900 psi and slightly beefier wheels into its sturdy frame. It still uses the same suitcase-style design that’s so convenient to carry–including a telescoping handle for wheeling around–and user-friendly onboard accessory storage.

The wand, nozzle, hose, and power cord all fit neatly into their own designated areas, including a molded storage space for the foam cannon–a feature not found on the previous version. We used this model mostly on concrete, cleaning, degreasing, and blasting loose moss and dirt. If it can handle that, it can certainly handle the more typical surfaces such as vinyl siding and a pressure-treated deck.

It’s worth noting that although its 3,000 psi provides a ton of stripping power, the 1.1 gpm flow rate is relatively low, making it less effective when it comes to rinsing away that grime when you’re finishing up.

Craftsman 2,100-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

2,100-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Craftsman’s 2,100-psi electric pressure washer handles like a dream thanks to its compact, lightweight design and large wheels. It also cleans relatively quietly and with impressive power for its size; it’s capable of tackling medium-duty jobs like blasting dirt off concrete with its turbo nozzle.

We particularly appreciated its extra-long 35-foot power cord and large, easy-to-access top-and-center detergent tank, plus its slide-on spray wand mount that makes it pretty tough to knock off.

Overall, it’s another great choice for the price, much like our value pick Sun Joe. That said, if you need enough power and reach to clean second-story siding, there are better choices.

Hart 2,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

2,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Combining an impressive psi and flow rate (just slightly less than our top overall pick), this Hart pressure washer provides an impressive amount of functionality for the price.

We tested this unit on every available surface we had access to—including vinyl fencing and lattice, concrete pavers, a stainless-steel barbecue, patio furniture, vinyl siding, painted wood, pressure-treated wood, and two types of trim (vinyl and aluminum)—all of which it handled with ease.

Although we didn’t find the soap-dispensing mode very effective when washing our pickup truck, that could be due to the type of car wash detergent we used.

Craftsman 1,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

1,500-PSI Electric Pressure Washer

If you can swing the price, this compact Craftsman model is a great investment should you need a power cleaner and electric pressure washer in one. This machine runs on two 20-volt batteries and offers three power settings, with a max flow rate of 1.2 gpm. In addition to a regular garden hose, this model can also draw from any fresh water source, thanks to its 10-foot suction hose. Like DeWalt’s portable electric pressure washer, it also has a convenient telescoping handle.

We found its 800-psi low setting to be the most useful for light-duty work and appreciated its lightweight build, easy maneuverability, and relatively quiet operation. Use it for cleaning things like gunked-up mountain bikes and dirty car floor mats .

Best Practices for Power Washing

line break

If you’re new to pressure washing, and want to ensure you don’t damage the surface you’re cleaning, take the time to better understand the machine’s capabilities before diving right in.

Choose the Right Tip

Start about 10 feet away with the widest tip available, and as you get a feel for how the spray affects the surface you’re cleaning, gradually increase pressure by switching to a more focused tip, or simply walking closer to the surface. Keep in mind that different types of surfaces react differently, and the same pressure that works on blasting grime off of a trash can could potentially strip or damage something more delicate like painted wood.

Keep Moving

The movement of an electric pressure washer’s stream also affects its cleaning effectiveness—the longer the stream is focused on the same place, the more debris it removes. In order to prevent unsightly streaks and potential damage to your surface, it’s important that you keep the nozzle moving as you go, maintaining even, consistent coverage.

When to Go Gas

For heavy-duty cleaning projects, like removing decades of grime and mold on a concrete patio or cleaning graffiti, consider a gas-powered version instead. Even if you can technically get the job done by using the most focused nozzle and bringing it right up against the surface, a gas-powered washer is much more efficient, allowing you to remove wide, even swathes of grime with each pass.

Headshot of Alex Rennie

Alex Rennie is a freelance writer who specializes in the Home Improvement, DIY, and Tool space. As a former residential and commercial carpenter, Alex uses his hands-on experience to write practical buying guides, how-to articles, and product reviews. His work has also appeared in Business Insider's Insider Picks, and before his writing career, he was a full-time carpenter living in New York City. There, he worked as part of a team designing, building, and installing large furniture pieces, as well as performing a variety of home repair and maintenance projects. Alex currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, and spends his free time exploring the beaches and mountains with his fiancé and their dog Louie.

Headshot of Rachel Klein

Rachel Klein is a Senior Commerce Editor for Popular Mechanics , where she writes about everything from garden hose reels and patio furniture to mesh wifi systems and robot vacuums. She started her career as a daily newspaper reporter and was a travel editor for more than a decade before she started testing and reviewing luggage, noise-cancelling headphones, and other travel-related products. Fast-forward another five years and her area of expertise includes home decor, appliances, tech, and outdoor adventure gear. In her spare time, you'll find her planning her next trip, reading historical fiction, and seeing as much art as she can squeeze into a weekend. 

Headshot of Roy Berendsohn

Roy Berendsohn has worked for more than 25 years at Popular Mechanics, where he has written on carpentry, masonry, painting, plumbing, electrical, woodworking, blacksmithing, welding, lawn care, chainsaw use, and outdoor power equipment. When he’s not working on his own house, he volunteers with Sovereign Grace Church doing home repair for families in rural, suburban and urban locations throughout central and southern New Jersey.

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From Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner to Elon Musk, celebrities have come under scrutiny for using private jets, which are huge emitters.

Aviation is responsible for more than 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions, and private jets are the most carbon-intensive form of air travel. A 2021 report found that some private jets emit two tons of CO2 per hour — at least five times more pollution per passenger than commercial flights. That’s 50 times worse than trains.

While some private jetsetters have turned to carbon offsets as a means to neutralize their emissions, a handful of startups are promising the world’s 23,000-plus ...

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    Jet boats listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $8,708 on the relatively moderate end to an astonishing $3,792,000 for the bigger-ticket vessels available. It is advisable to bear in mind the expenditure involved in ownership while contemplating your budget and the listed price of a yacht being offered for sale.

  2. These 7 Jet Yachts Show the Sheer Range of Possibilities for Jet Power

    With 6,000 total horsepower pushing its jet drives, the SP110 can hit a top speed of 40 knots and cruise at 32. This yacht is widely admired for its innovative interior. The 110-footer has a split ...

  3. Jet boats for sale

    These powerboats use the following propulsion options: jet propulsion. There are a wide range of Jet boats for sale from popular brands like Yamaha Boats, Scarab and Sea-Doo with 2,089 new and 1,103 used and an average price of $55,999 with boats ranging from as little as $8,540 and $640,900.

  4. Jet boats for sale

    Prices for jet boats on Boat Trader range from a reasonable $9,000 at the more affordable end to $180,110 for the most advanced boats. Models with more power can take motors up to a massive 1,440 horsepower, while the most modest utility models may have as low as 97 horsepower engines on them (although the average power size is 360 HP).

  5. Jet power boats for sale

    As the Hecate Jet is built for extensive commercial use, it is perfect for both recreational fishing or as a commercial vessel that excels as a crew boat, dive boat, and more. This large performer also boasts superior fuel efficiency of 2+ MPG thanks to the new Hamilton Jet HJX27 waterjet.

  6. Yamaha Boats

    Yamaha Boats leverage 65 years of Yamaha Marine heritage to power your boating passion. Compare All Boats. Introducing the 2024 Boat Lineup / 01. 19 Foot Sport Boats Starting at $39,299.00 ... Yamaha Boats stand alone as the only jet boat brand to receive the National Marine Manufacturers Association's prestigious Customer Satisfaction Index ...

  7. Scarab Jet Boats

    Our worldwide dealer network is here to serve you. Whether you are interested in purchasing a new Scarab or seeking service for your existing model, our dealers are ready to help. Search for the dealer nearest you by clicking the link below. Scarab Jet boats make every day on the water an adventure to play with sporty, performance, luxury boats.

  8. 5 Best Jet Boats: Compare Models & Prices

    This jet boat is actually a pontoon boat built out of Sea Doo's Polytec material. Power comes via a 170- or 230-hp 1630 Rotax ACE engine, and like Sea Doo's PWCs the Switch is steered with motorcycle-like handlebars rather than a wheel.

  9. Jet Diesel boats for sale

    Find Jet Diesel boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  10. Jet Boats

    Efficiency: Jet boats are slightly less efficient than prop-driven power systems. Apples to apples, fuel consumption is slightly higher with a jet and a prop-driven boat may enjoy anywhere from 10- to 25-percent better fuel economy. This is because less of the engine's power can be harnessed with the jet drive.

  11. Jet boats for sale

    Of the 504 jet boats currently for sale on YachtWorld, there are 251 new vessels and 253 used and custom yachts listed by professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain and Hong Kong. Over the past 30 days, 80 jet boats have been listed for sale on YachtWorld.

  12. A Complete Guide to Jet Boats: All You Need to Know!

    The jet boat is the ideal crossover boat for fishing and watersports. You get the advantage of sailing into shallow waters for fishing and plenty of power and maneuverability for watersports like wakeboarding. The jets also produce a big wake that's ideal for wakeboarding and skiing. Jet boats often come with features like fish boxes, live ...

  13. Hinckley Yachts

    Marion Stewart and Sam Belling Celebrate a Pacific Coast Boating Lifestyle Aboard two Hinckleys BY ERIN LENTZ Just a few weeks after delivery of their Hinckley Sport Boat 40X, Sam Belling found himself in six-foot swells off the coast of Baja. As the owner of two Hinckleys (the other a Talaria 48 MKII) with his […] Hinckley Yachts builds ...

  14. Williams Jet Tenders

    Williams Jet Tenders is the world's leading luxury jet tender manufacturer, focused on providing customers with customised yacht tenders. Discover the joy today. ... We've been changing the game from our very first boat to more than 10,000 tenders. Still manufacturing in the UK, we've perfected our craft to become the tender of choice and ...

  15. Marine Jet Power

    At Marine Jet Power, we aim to make propulsion that enables captains of all disciplines to achieve their daily tasks with efficiency and speed—without fear of a breakdown or high operating costs. To get the absolute most out of each voyage, our products are tailored precisely for the captain and the job at hand, in a highly engineered and ...

  16. ULTRA

    DUTCH NAVY LANDING CRAFT. Built by Visser Den Helder a member of the. Damen Shipyards group for the Royal Dutch. Navy. This 16m aluminum landing craft is. powered by Volvo Penta D9-575 and dual MJP. 410 UltraJets, capable of 32 knots top speed.m. See more references.

  17. Power boats for sale

    Power boats for sale. A powerboat is any subclass of boat that is operated by a motorized engine, either inboard or outboard. Powerboats include any number of yachts, cruisers, console boats, fishing boats, and other boat styles. Read more on Power boats. 56,915 Power.

  18. Yamaha Boats jet for sale

    Yamaha Boats jet for sale 2204 Boats Available. Currency $ - USD - US Dollar ... Class: Jet Remove Filter class:power-jet; Make: Yamaha Boats Remove Filter make:yamaha-boats; Filter Boats By. Condition All New (1564) New - Available for Order (30) New - In Stock/On Order (1534)

  19. Jet boats for sale by owner

    Find jet boats for sale near you by owner, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

  20. 12 Power Catamarans Reviewed

    The Aquila 36 is the first vessel in the builder's series with outboard power. Aquila Boats. The Aquila 36 is a departure from her sisterships in that she is an outboard-powered, express-cruiser-style catamaran, but she also adheres to MarineMax's philosophies.. With a single main living level from bow to stern and a beam of 14 feet 7 inches, the Aquila 36 is like a bowrider on steroids.

  21. Private Jets Startups Offer a Hydrogen-Powered Upgrade

    Startups are promising a future of emissions-free hydrogen power. Grounds crew assist a private jet at the Sao Paulo Catarina International Executive Airport. From Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner to ...

  22. Key Bridge report: Dali left Baltimore port after losing power twice

    0:00. 0:59. The massive container ship that toppled the Francis Scott Key Bridge had lost power twice in the hours before it left the Port of Baltimore, according to a preliminary report released ...

  23. The 6 Best Electric Pressure Washers of 2024

    The Best Electric Pressure Washers. Best Overall: Greenworks 2700 Electric Pressure Washer. Best Value: Sun Joe Xtream Electric Pressure Washer. Most Heavy-Duty: DeWalt DWPW3000 3,000-PSI Compact ...

  24. The Best Power Catamaran Boat Brands

    Photo via World Cat Boats. World Cat is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of power catamarans — in fact, according to the company they're the largest producer of power catamarans in the world. Their line is a mix of center console and dual console fishing and family boats ranging from 23' to 40'.

  25. Private Jet Travel Get Hydrogen Upgrade

    Aviation is responsible for more than 2% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, and private jets are the most carbon-intensive form of air travel. A 2021 report found that some private jets emit two tons of CO2 per hour — at least five times more pollution per passenger than commercial flights. That's 50 times worse than trains.

  26. Power Catamaran boats for sale

    Power Catamaran boats pricing. Power Catamaran boats listed for sale on YachtWorld offers a diverse price range, from $33,800 on the relatively lower-priced, classic models to an astonishing $9,220,857 for the more sophisticated yachts available. When evaluating your budget and the listed price of a yacht for sale, it is crucial to factor in ...

  27. BOAT GAMES ⛵

    In these boat games, you'll race against the clock to park your ship without any damage. In other challenges, you can race pirate ships, speedboats, and even personal rafts. There is a wide variety of courses available, giving you the choice between river rapids, lakes, and vast oceans. For an arcade challenge, race bumpers on an enclosed track!